From Corporate Job to Business Owner: 3 Key Strategy Shifts to Get You Started - Christine Kane

For some people, breaking free from a corporate job to start their own business is the ultimate dream.  These days, more and more folks are turning this dream into a reality – and having lots of fun doing it!

However, years and years in the “corporate cage” may have created some mindsets that do not serve you as you become a successful entrepreneur.

Here are three big shifts that you may have to experience when you leave corporate to start your own business:

1 – From “Formal” to “Authentic.”

Whether it’s corporate jargon, panty hose, or a “stiff” presentation style, you might have to give yourself permission to be yourself for the first time in a long time.

That’s because many businesses these days are succeeding because of connection, not presentation. The challenge for many people after years of hiding behind the formalities of their corporate position is really about finding their voice and their style, and letting customers and clients get a glimpse of their realness.

2 – From “Lofty” to “Leverage.”

Let’s face it. These days, you can start a business with a laptop and a free wifi connection at Starbucks.

And yet, if you’ve been in corporate, you might have a limiting belief that your credibility comes from an office, business card, corporate car – and all the other lofty trappings you have come to associate with having a credible business.

Think of “leverage” as your new mantra. You can leverage the tools of the internet to create a virtual team as you grow. You can operate your business in your home, and no one has to know.  You can leverage time, money, tools, people, and automation to create a business that has almost no overhead costs so you can make money faster! (And leverage it further!)

3 – From “Slick” to “Imperfect.”

When I begin working with a client who has been in corporate, I often catch them “waiting.” Waiting to get it right. Waiting to make all their materials perfect. Waiting for things to look slick.

Waiting won’t make you money. Action will. Even if it’s imperfect action.

If you have an idea for a program or service or package, get it out there before the graphics (or other components) are slick enough for your old standards.  You can always tweak it later.

Imperfect Action is the game-changer.  In corporate, you might be so accustomed to waiting for approval, committees, chairman, supervisors, etc – that you’re probably not used to the velocity of going from idea to income in a matter of 24 hours.    But that is how fast your turnaround can be when you become an entrepreneur who takes imperfect action.  (Yes, I’ve experienced this myself and witnessed countless clients do the same.)

“Yeah, but what about…”

Now, of course, there are always some considerations in each and every business. And there are always people who will say, “Yeah but what about…”

There are three angles to consider when implementing these mindset shifts to your business.  Watch the video to find out more…

  • Doron Meir

    Great observations and valuable advice. Especially the shift from formal to authentic. Thanks!

  • Heather Hill

    I love your post. Going from the corporate world to having your own business is a crazy transition. I left an exec job in marketing to become a full-time musician. I feel I had a second chance. I think being “authentic” is possible when you love what you are doing. and that light and purpose shines for others to see (the warts and all).

  • Christine Kane

    Thanks Brooke! I love that you call it “retraining.” It’s very true. And I think even the people who have never been in corporate go through this process because the messages and methods have been so deeply ingrained in us for so long!

  • Brooke Stevens

    This was a great one Christine! I have recently escaped the “corporate” workplace and am creating my “authentic” world of business ownership. It is a challenging transition to retrain what we have been taught. Looking forward to the imperfect, unpolished, sans ego world!