How to Get Back on Track After the Laziness of Summer - Christine Kane

Here’s what a client said last week. (See if it sounds familiar.)

“Man, I was really on a roll with this project before the summer. But then the kids were home all summer, and we had vacation, and then I had to get Brian off to school and I’m just, I don’t know, not motivated anymore…”

This “project” of hers is a BIG DEAL. Maybe even something that could change her whole life and business.  It was her “thing” for the year.

But then…

Summer happened.

She “lost momentum.”

And along with it, she thinks she has lost her passion, too.

She hasn’t.

She’s just disappointed in herself for getting off track.

And that sucks.  But it happens.

The problem with MOMENTUM is that people use it as a way to beat themselves up and then never get started again.

But momentum is not a constant.

Stuff happens. Kids get home from school. Knees get wonky. Hard drives crash. You get the flu.

Any number of things can result in a loss of momentum.

But when you use “momentum” as an excuse for stopping, it simply means you’re afraid of dealing with the discomfort of getting started again.

And getting started again is one of the most valuable success skills you can develop.

So, in honor of September and getting back on track after the gluttony of your outrageous summer :)… here’s my own 7-step plan to help you get your groove back…

1 – Define the project or thing.

This one’s easy. Don’t overdo it and try to fix everything in your life. Just pick one priority right now.

2 – Schedule a time.

When you schedule an exact time, you will ensure that you don’t put the activity off because you don’t feel like it or because something comes up. It simply becomes just what I do.

3 – Go for Small.

The idea of MOMENTUM makes us set our sights huge in order to “pick up where we left off.”

Don’t play this game.

The best way to get your groove back is to experience completion on a regular basis. And the best way to experience completion on a regular basis is to set your goals small. Sixty-minutes is a perfect starting place. (Sometimes I do only twenty!)

4 – Create the space.

Get the space ready before the time comes. For instance, if your “thing” is getting back into a fitness routine, then every night before you go to bed, create the space for your 6am workout. Lay out your clothes, fill up your Sigg bottle, and charge your iPhone.

If it’s a big project, lay out your task list, clear off your desk, close your email programs every night before you stop working so that you’re not distracted when you begin in the morning.

5 – Set a timer.

When a timer is running, you won’t be as tempted to go downstairs to put the clothes in the dryer, or see if the mail has arrived. It’s a mind game that keeps your butt in the chair and your focus on the task.

6 – Just do it.

Don’t stop to pause and wonder if you really FEEL like doing this today. Cuz you know what? You won’t!

This week one of my new Uplevel Academy clients discovers how simple it is to just take action!

This week one of my new Uplevel Academy clients discovers how simple it is to just take action!

Just walk out the door, or sit down at the desk, or start going through the clutter. Taking action builds the enthusiasm. Not the other way around!

7 – (Optional) Don’t skip days.

I know. I know. We’re supposed to get weekends off. But if you’re doing small enough chunks of time, then you’ll be able to continue your groove EVEN on the weekends.

Taking a day or two off means having to start all over again on Monday. This is why you start with small chunks of time and small goals. That way, it won’t be hard to keep up your practice – even when you would normally want a day off!

  • Nancy Darling

    Perfect timing for me. I have been ill since early May and unable to work until recently. Better but now well now and with the backlog of things undone and starting from scratch again I am quite overwhelmed. This is helpful. Thanks Christine!

  • Dorothy Husen

    Thanks Christine, I really needed that. Your timing is spot-on!

  • Kathleen Wiley

    Your article is a wonderful reminder of how to gather energies for the next step. Thank you.

  • Cena Block from

    My Kingdom for “Go for Small – Pick 1 thing…” – Ha… repeat after me…

  • Kerstin Schroedter

    Dear Christine,
    Today I started with refocusing towards my goals and I just saw your article .The 7 step plan is a great help and support to get momentum back :)) Thank you !!!

  • Jen Uteda

    Thank you for the gentle nudge and all the great insight and tips. The swine flu line made me laugh about loud! You are truly amazing.

  • Frauke Moebius

    Thank you, Christine!

    This is what I needed to hear. To know it’s okay to take small steps and feel completion after doing them. (I’m in the midst of completely refocusing my brand.)
    *brandishes her timer*

  • Sarah Schwab

    This was great! I love the timer idea. I tend to schedule my days, but then start falling immediately behind, primarily because of distractions and lack of focus. Although, I didn’t have the lack of momentum after the summer issue. I was *dying* for the kids to go back to school so I could really dive back into my work and my dream. But these are great discipline techniques, whether you are feeling motivated or not. Thanks!!

  • Rachel

    You are speaking my language! This is what I needed to hear today. Thank you. (You Wild Woman, You!)

  • Stephanie L.

    This is exactly the post I needed. I lost my momentum early in the year after a program launch that didn’t produce any results. And by the end of the summer I was totally off-track, feeling like I had lost my passion for it and thinking it would just be easier to pursue full-time employment again. I realize now that I have been beating myself up for ‘abandoning’ my big goal that I have invested so much time, energy and money in. I have been trying to pick up where I left off (impossible.) So starting this week, I will schedule time to accomplish small tasks every day, get my momentum back, and rediscover my passion. Thanks CK!

  • Natalie

    Thanks Christine. Great tips that are easy to use 🙂

  • Jeanne

    Oh, do I love this! I’m the queen of the big plan, which of course gets messed up and then I’m a total failure (no matter what I DID get accomplished). So, whenever I get off track, I have a tendency to get WAY off track. This is a great plan to get restarted whenever I need it. Thanks, Christine!

  • Andrea Hiltbrunner

    Christine, you just made me laugh so much- due to the swine flue- because I really had this some years ago! Oink Oink! Anyway- I love your article very much and what I truly appreciate with your work and as your student- that you never ever judge when something gets in our way- like the swine flue, right! BECAUSE we can always choose to get that momentum back – and you are so brilliant in teaching all of this! I love you! Andrea Hiltbrunner