How to Get Great Client Testimonials That Will Help Your Business - Christine Kane

You’re great! You’re awesome!

These are the words an entrepreneur loves to hear from their clients. And while they are great and awesome, they don’t do much as testimonials you can actually use in your business.

So how do you get genuine client testimonials that you can actually use for your business?

That’s the topic of today’s #InstantUplevel.

As crazy as this may sound, when you get a testimonial, you don’t want it to be about how great you are. You want them to be about results.

Sure, it can feel a little awkward at first to ask those questions that gets this information from your clients, so one of the first places to start is that when someone says, “You’re amazing!,” ask them, “Can you tell me a little more about that.”

Have a conversation with your client about SPECIFIC RESULTS. Get them to talk about examples, or a story, of HOW youre services are having a positive impact on their daily lives. Then, ask your client if they would be willing to share their results.

Also, think about it from the client’s perspective—there can be a lot of pressure in providing a testimonial! They may be scared to not say the right thing.

Help that conversation along by providing them with a couple of questions:

  • Where were you before we started working together?
  • What made you sign up?
  • What’s happened since we started working together?

This way, they KNOW it’s not about YOU—it’s about their results.

We’re going to go a little different in the comments below today. Which do you like better? Yoga or meditation?

  • Dave Shrein

    Christine I loved this piece. I couldn’t watch the video because of where I am right now but the text alone was fantastic.

    Having a list of questions is incredibly powerful. I do this for a lot of company discovery and value identification. One trick I’ve learned is to be intentional about how you lead into asking questions. Sometimes if you say, “can I get a testimonial,” you alter what kind of response you would receive if you, say, had just started asking those questions as like a debrief. Not vital, but sometimes it really produces neat results.

    In going to save this list in pocket so I can get to it in the next couple days as I seek out a referral from another client.