Get Some Good Mojo in 4 Easy Steps - Christine Kane

Step 1 – Read this blog post. (Buy hey, you’re already doing that. You’re on your way already!)

Step 2 – Think of some challenge you’re facing, some growth you’re wanting, some area of your life that could use a little energy, light, abundance, peace, or healing.

Step 3 – Write a comment below or send an email entitled, “Prayer List” to State your intention or your request.

Step 4 – Sit back, let go, and be grateful.


Here’s the deal:

This coming weekend is the first of four 2008 Great Big Dreams Retreats.

At every retreat, I open the weekend with contemplation and intent. At that time I take the names of everyone who has emailed or commented to this post – along with all of their intentions and requests – and I include them in our circle and in our own prayers and affirmations.

I call it a “Prayer List.”

It’s a powerful part of the retreats – and I’ve had many emails from people saying that lots of things changed in their lives after they did this – and that they could actually feel themselves as part of the circle.

If you want to read some of the other posts I’ve written about this, click here, and here.

Believe it. Don’t believe it. You’ve got nothing to lose. So, why not? Get some good mojo this weekend!

  • Danni

    I love this blog, love this post and I’ve been inspired to return to my girlhood roots and seek solace (from heartbreak) in a Catholic ritual, a novena…. I found what I thought was the saint (saints are blessed souls who have God’s ear) to find (blush!) a true love…. and the joy of family, but I found out he is the saint of miracles, known for them in his lifetime….

    So over these nine days of bedtime prayer I have found peace, more self understanding, gratitude and hope- I take it as a sign that one night I left a show on TV while working and it told the story of St Anthony of Padua and showed people praying at his tomb…. and as is the tradition, I am ‘publishing’ the novena here with affection for this site.

    Once a day for nine days:
    Novena to
    St. Anthony of Padua
    O Holy St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and Charity for His creatures made you worthy, when on earth, to possess miraculous powers.

    Miracles waited on your word, which you were ever ready to speak for those in trouble or anxiety. Encouraged by this thought, I implore of you to obtain for me (mention your request). The answer to my prayer may require a miracle, even so, you are the Saint of Miracles.

    O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my petition into the ears of the Sweet Infant Jesus, who loved to be folded in your arms, and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours. Amen.

  • Karen

    I need prayers to help me get rid of anger and resentment toward my “ex”. It is unhealthy for me and not good for our children, and while I know this in my heart, it is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do. I recently had someone put it in words that made me want to put all of this behind me and now I want to make a concerted effort to truly move past the bitterness for myself and my children. Thank you for your prayers as I embark on this journey.

  • jelloeater

    i’ll go from small to big i guess
    1) health…releasing those last 15-20 pounds that have been weighing me down all these years. eat healthy foods that my body wants and in the amounts it wants. respect and love my body completely.
    2) get over my writer’s block this week. find it easier to be creative, innovative, imaginative, productive with my work. be wittier/funnier/smarter in my work. to make art that makes people smile and laugh
    3) have my creative career/website take off to be respected and successful in my field
    4) have a job (or some other way) that would allow me to work for around 6 months in new york city so that i can start being bicoastal
    5) love and believe in myself on this journey so that i can love all the people who have supported me on my way

  • Gina Spadoni

    I am looking to become balanced and healthy and find a way to make a living via creative pursuits — writing, crafting, designing, collecting & selling — anything that celebrates freedom and delight. Thank you all and best wishes for you!!!

  • kathy

    I could use some help in getting “out of my own way”. I seem to be my own worst enemy in helping myself.

  • lorraine

    I just read this as well and want to offer blessings and fulfillment to all on the retreat. I have made life changing decisions in relationships of late. I am now nearing fifty and finding myself far from those I love and physically solitary. I ask for prayers of faith in my choices and belief in the inner voice that prompted my decision. So many of the prayers above mirror each other. I hope that my willingness to trust what the universe has planned for me will begin to fill me with peace. Thank you.

  • edie

    If it is not too late…. I am direly in need of elasticity and energy. I believe I keep growing and changing and adapting to the challenges of my life, and I have done and am doing things I never thought I would be capable of, and never really wanted to do, but with each evolution, yet more is required. I feel like I’m slogging through life, empty. To keep on keepin’ on is the Right Thing to Do, but I miss my dreams.

  • Marie

    Hi Christine! I just want to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying your blog. I’m not quite sure how I found it, but I’ve LOVED every post. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for putting out such fantastic stuff. Your music and writing (song/blog) is superb. Rock on sista!

  • Eleanor

    Hi! I wish I’d left this note sooner. I’m at a career crossroads, and am committed to crafting a life for myself that fulfills me on all levels. I want to quickly draw the right opportunity to me, but want to be ready for it. I also want to pursue another line of work in addition to the one I am in now (to start), and want to have the time and resources to make it a success. Please send me some light so that I can make the best moves at the best time.

  • Linda

    I turned 50 in February. I am working with my doctor to lose some weight and get my physical and mental self in peak condition to enjoy the rest of my life. I have done very well (lost 40 lbs and reduced my body fat index about 20 points), but now I have hit a plateau. I need some positive energy to lift me over this hill and jumpstart my journey again. Thank you for offering this to those of us who cannot attend.

  • rebecca

    Christine, this is so wonderful, love and peace to you and all the dreamers!

    My wish is for prayers to help me through my graduate MFA show. I’m having a lot of success with the work I’m doing and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback but have hit the proverbial wall in getting it all completed. To finish it and embrace that I AM an artist and WILL be successful is something that i’ve struggled with my whole life. I don’t want to sabotage myself yet again!

    Thank you for this lovely offer and my wish is for a wonderful weekend for everyone.


  • Pam

    I know I’m late, but I’m posting this anyway and sending it out to the universe as affirmation that my intentions are proclaimed.

    Four months ago I changed my life by having gastric bypass surgery with the intention of improving my health and making the changes in my life I wanted to see. To me this surgery is more than just a way to lose weight, it’s about finding a healthy balance in my life where I can become the person I want to be. I am actively working on all areas of my life – not just my physical health, but also my spiritual health, emotional health, relationship health, vocational health, financial health, intellectual health and more. Many days are a struggle. But I have made the commitment to focus all my energy on myself and my own well being for the next 12 months. Working on all those little flaws that annoy me, but also learning to love myself as the masterpiece that I am despite my flaws. I am a masterpiece.


  • Christine Kane

    Thank you Everyone! I’m heading over to the retreat center now. You hopefully have received an email from me about your requests! Anyone who writes a comment after this one – just know that your intention will be there too – by virtue of the fact that you wrote it down and joined in the circle!

  • Mary Miller

    What a blessing this is! So many prayers, and such an infinite loving God/Universe & posting community to hear them. I send my prayers to all who have come before me & all who post after.It is with great gratitude that I ask for your light, love and healing energy to surround me as I heal from breast cancer—shrinking,softening,and completely disolving what’s in my breast and lymph nodes under both arms. Have a blessed retreat, and embrace the Divine inspirations coming to you during this time of reflection. ENJOY!

  • Laura

    Thank you for letting us join in this retreat. I’m starting Pilates certification training today and I could use the boost of faith that I can do this and do it well.

  • annie

    My intention is to lighten up (my word for the year) and I could use some positive energy to help with letting go. thanks!

  • Michelle

    OK…I already posted! BUT!!!! LIke a gift from heaven I know what I’d like prayers for. I want to venture out to a new path on my career. Please pray for guidance as I consider the risk. I am thinking of going out on my own and beginning a Writing Center for Kids!!


  • AA

    Peace and many fulfilled blessings to you!

    It takes courage to create..that is my life this moment now..Courage to see what I have created, courage to listen to what I truly want and courage to follow Spirit into creating the peaceful, abundant loving wholesome surroundings i desire.

    Much love and appreciation for showing and sharing the Light!

  • Gene

    Great exercise! Briefly, my desire is to complete my book proposal and identify the right publishers to approach with it. This involves creativity, research and time to get it done.

  • Heather

    Wow. How powerful! Sending positive thoughts to everyone who posted ahead of me.

    I’d like to ask for prayers and healing energy for my friend Dawn who was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and support for her family too.

    For myself I’m looking for more clarity in my path and more self-confidence to be ME instead of trying to make sure I keep everyone happy through sacrificing my desires or being afraid of what they might think. I want to make a living in a way that is creatively satisfying and sustainable and nourishing to myself and others. I want to be more aware and in my body and take better care of it so it can help me!

  • Christy Bridges

    Thanks for this! I spent last year being treated for breast cancer and I’m now finished with the heavy duty treatment. I am so thankful for the treatment and support I’ve had and my new chance at life, but I’m struggling with the new me-after-cancer. Balancing needs for rest and healing with anxiety about recurrence and adding back hours at my stressful but meaningful work are a big challenge. Also, I feel a little bit lost after my treatment and face some big decisions about relocating across the country. I would appreciate prayers for finding my true inner compass and also for regaining physical energy.

  • Caralu

    My word for 2008 was discipline, but has been a less than successful choice….I don’t seem to have the courage for it. So, I think I need courage more than anything else. I’m a skeptic, and a cynic, but if it might help, it’s worth a shot…so, add me to the list and send me courage to live life fully, and not the miserly way I’ve done so far, full of fear and trepidation.

  • Patricia

    Christine -thank you for making this available to so many who need prayer power…sometimes HUGE prayers.

    My immediate prayer needs are two fold. First, it’s been now two years, since my son was murdered in Orlando, FL. The murderer is still ‘out there’-probably a teenager. Keeping my sanity comes through prayer and helping others who are going through these type tragedies. My 29 yr. old son was bringing dinner home to his new bride at 7:30 at night…these past two yrs. are a long story. I pray for justice, pray for others to have faith to come forward with information.

    Secondly, my brother in law, Eric, was diagnosed on the ‘anniversary’ of my son’s death, 2/21/08. Eric has a cancerous tumor located near the bottom of his esophagus, and being right next to his aorta, if any Dr. would be willing to do surgery, only 17% survive. Eric is an atheist, which makes it really difficult for all the rest of us. I think that may be rooted in low self esteem. At any rate, his faith lies in the Dr./scientist’s ‘findings’. Eric is nutritionally challenged. So to convince him of holistic approaches may be a daunting task.

    This is why I write to ask for a miracle, to ask for BIG PRAYERS, for faith to be strengthened, for mind and heart to open and receive cleansing and the Light of God, the healing touch of God. Our family is experiencing other major things of this magnitude, back to back, and we need and appreciate all the prayers in which we can be included.

    I hope to become a part of one of your future seminars, and thank you and all from the bottom of my heart -Patricia

  • Riikka

    Greetings from Finland, Christine! I’m trying to find a good summer job. Also, I’ve been lacking motivation with my studies (college, law and marketing) and my life in general and could really use some help in those areas too. So, if I am not too late with this request, please do count me in.

    Thank you so much!

  • Becca A-S

    Thank you for the chance to do this. My prayer is one spoken in faith. Adoption is very close to my heart, as is the country of Guatemala. Right now there is a lot of ugly press concerning Guatemalan adoptions, and there are many people and organizations in power that are stopping adoptions from Guatemala. I pray that every tear that falls from the eyes of the orphans lands on the hearts of the people who are so blatantly turning the blind eye and choosing power and money over innocent children. I pray that every laugh and hug shared between my daughter and I haunts them with the possibilities that they stole from these innocent children. And my prayer in faith is that at your retreat someone will read this and think about what role adoption might play in their life. Thank you.

  • Heather

    First, I want to say thanks! I would love a prayer that I will sell my house, so I can take my family to a better place. And I hope that the prayer will remove any obstacles that I might unconsciously be putting up. And that I will just trust the universe to bring the divine timing in. All is well. Thanks.

  • Tym

    Firstly, i think it’s wonderful that there are so many prayer requests, just yet another demonstration of how wonderful you are Christine!
    My prayer is a bit serious, i have a condition in my back and one part of it is that the spine is closing in on itself. I am asking for, well…a miracle (ie. a shift in consciousness, in my body and mind), for the knowledge to know what the body needs to be whole and without pain, and for the courage to live with the condition as the body is healing.
    Thank you!!

  • Lars

    Your blog has been a tremendous source of warmth and light. The prayer that I ask for is not really for me but it will release me. My mother passed away a number of years ago and I came home to care for Dad. He is fine now but cannot seem to take responsibility for his life. Simple things like paying taxes, bills and everyday cleaning remain undone. I would ask that Dad be given the strength, willpower and courage to conquer those tasks that Mom used to do or used to pressure him into doing. Help him to take positive control of his life. I thank you for your prayers and wish all of those at the retreat a wonderful time.

  • Laurie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been asking for help and here it is coming to me already. The issue I have been working on is letting go of automatic responses of resistance, opposing, dissatisfaction,and creating obstacles to nearly everything whether it is something that is in my life now, something I want or something I don’t want.

    I deeply appreciate your prayers. Many thanks to you and to all who will be attending the retreat and to all who have responded to your offer. You will be in my prayers also.

  • Alison

    At 21, I’m moving out of my parents’ home for the first time to move to the city; I need to find a job where the working environment is good, and I need to pick a major for university, or take a break because I can’t continue to go to school without direction. Major life transitions for me in the coming weeks. So any prayer toward rich opportunities for growth, development and experiences to use toward building myself into the person I’m supposed to be would be much appreciated!

  • Petra

    Thanks for this great invitation, Christine! I believe in this and I wish for all–retreat attendees and commenters here–have their prayers answered. And that includes me 🙂 I ask for committment–the committment to keep working toward the goals on my vision board. And I am also going to send some of my financial mojo to all who asked for money/wealth–I seem to be a money magnet and I’ve always had more than enough. Even found seven cents on my run today! Anyway, I know there’s more than enough to go around!

  • Dianna

    How thoughtful of you, Christine! I would love to be included in your prayer list. I am looking to break my ambivalence and live with confidence and more love. Best wishes to everyone in the Big Dreams workshop!

  • Maureen

    How wonderful to make us a part of the retreat weekend! My word is “truth” and I am trying to find the truth in my lifestyle to take better care of my aging person. I lack strength to do that. In turn, I will pray for all those who are praying for all of us at your retreat.

  • Molly

    I love this idea! I am working hard on my recovery from anorexia and bulimia. I moved this past year to a small town that doesn’t seem to have a lot of support available although I am grateful to have some wonderful support people, I wish I had a circle. I would appreciate your prayers and good energies toward embracing recovery and life full on! I want to inhabit my life and not loose any more power to this wretched disease. I will be sending love and prayers back your way, especially toward the many who struggle with eating disorders-I believe that the more we come together, the stronger we get. I just haven’t fully figured out how to find my circle. Thank you and have a wonderful retreat time together!

  • Danni

    Christine, thank you! very cool… my thoughts are that I’m grateful that I have so much stability and friendship in my life, I want to find a way to share that with my freinds and family who need solace… let me be courageous enough to reach out in person and through my creative work. Blessings to all of you!

  • Danny

    Christine, my intent is to send positive power and love to a dear friend of mine. She is a fellow singer and all around beautiful person who can relate to many of the problems you had early in your career–relationship problems, eating disorder and associated self-sabotage, ups and downs with family, and then she lost her mother a year ago.

    Her mother, a “Mama” to many in the town where we met, had come to help her through a particularly rough time, and my friend found her in her hotel room.

    My prayer is for her to have the strength to get her life on the right track, and be motivated to improve a little every day as she finds the power to be the successful, beautiful woman that I know is trapped behind her self-destructive fears.

    Thank you for all that you do and for the love that you share so joyously with all of us!


  • Megan

    Oh, and by the way, my word for this year is “investment”.

  • Megan

    I feel buoyed by reading these candid and humble requests. Like many, I am changing careers and have been out of work several months. Interviews, but only one job offer which I need to decide today if I’m going to accept. I am warring with my practical side which says “money and stability” and another, more modestly ambitious side that says “wait and see, this isn’t a job you will grow in”. I am feeling beat down today from this constant job search and feelings of rejection, but also beat down by my own lack of clarity. I pray for peace with whatever decision I make and I pray for a decision I won’t regret.

  • Julie

    I love the blog and all that you give of yourself.

    My word for this year is “discipline”. The biggest part is spending money that
    I should not that causes problems in my marriage. I am learning, I think what prompts me to do this, been really good for a while now, but I still have residual money issues from past events. Please add me to your prayer list for a total break through, so I will never have to juggle from bad decisions again.

    Have a great time!!!

  • Andi

    The word I am focusing on this year is “persistence”. I have been making so much art that is in literally in piles in my studio and I am running out of room to make more, yet have been afraid to take that first step in sending presentation packets to galleries for representation. I am asking for courage in sending the packages out and for a good reception to my work, resulting in long lasting relationships with galleries that are beneficial to both me and the gallery. Thank you so much for doing this.

  • Nikki

    Thank you for including me. I ask for clarity and wisdom and growth, for me and for my son, Harry.

  • Marla

    Best wishes to you, Christine, and the Great Big Dreamers! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!! Please include us in this weekend’s vigils as I am asking not only for myself, but our son and daughter as well: For our Daughter ELYSIA – Please pray to guide her with school (college) and to keep her healthy. She has cystic fibrosis. For our Son JUSTIN – Please pray that he finds a suitable place to rent and also guide him in his newspaper internship. For myself – Please pray for me in support of being more active to lose weight – I want my partner to be proud of my appearance again. (I know she loves me, but I want to look good for her!). thank you for including us!

  • carrie

    Oh, thank you for this timely gift!

    After more than a year of trying to conceive, I am now 8 weeks pregnant. Just today I noticed some scary signs, that could indicate a miscarriage. I have an emergency ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow, and pray that all will be alright.

    We want a baby so badly, your prayers for a healthy pregnancy would be wonderful, if not this time, then very soon.

    Thanks again for the support!

  • Joy

    Hello Christine,
    I wanted to sign up for your retreat–requested the info and then backed away when the need to send my 8 year old to a school more-caring-than-public-school arose. That need is intense now. Please add us (me and Shelby and her brother Alex) to your prayer list as we process through these changes. I’be had to pull her out of school all together to save her from some really odd adults who have misunderstood and misused her attention deficit disorder. She is healing and getting back to her peaceful self, but do pray that she’ll trust adults again and grow and learn in school in the future. I also ask that your prayers seek some additional courage for me–this road is perhaps just starting to bumpy. Many thanks. A retreat is still in my future.

  • Jenny

    Wow, this is fabulous. Thank you Christine and participants what a wonderful gift! I would love some help with connecting and integrating the LOA and trusting the Universe to help me create a better life for myself and my children with me.

  • Diane

    Hi Christine and the Great Big Dreamers,
    Thank you so much for your marvelous prayer offer. It comes at such a good time. I’ve spent the last two years in personal reevaluation mode–about my career, about my relationship with food and my body, about my self-limiting beliefs. I feel deep in my bones where I need to go (towards healthier eating and a creative career path), but have been stalling out on making this happen. I ask you to pray for me to have the courage to act on my dreams, to actively seek and find supportive people to help me achieve them, and for me to be a support to others in their own quests.

  • dianne

    I cannot tell you how timely your prayer list offer is. I need help with commitment and perseverance. I am facing a major overhaul of my house and the impending chaos that will probably last at least 2-years and I am dragging my feet about cleaning and clearing out so the job can be done.

    I want to change this behavior. I want to get up every day and do at least one thing that will lead to the creative, peaceful, and simple life that this overhaul will lead. Specifically, I ask that your prayers lead me to a mantra to recite every morning to keep me on track and that will help me renew my resolve when it flags.

  • James Vela

    I could really use some good mojo right about now. I ask for your prayers. I am seeking the strength and the courage to forge ahead inspite of that pesky voice that says “you are nobody” Thank you for your kindness.

  • Julie

    What a lovely picture in my head…a peaceful setting, the sound of wind in the trees and water in the stream…and a group of caring women taking time away from themselves to think positively for others.

    I can’t think of anything I need or want – I am so incredibly lucky and grateful for the life I have. So I’m sending some of MY mojo on for you share, and wishing each of you peace, fulfillment and the answers to what you seek.

  • Lisa

    Prayer List

    Thanks for this! I ask for your prayers in my healing from insomnia, in increasing my ability and motivation to take care of myself and prepare well and commit to my work.

    I’ve also just applied for grad school and ask for prayers that I am accepted.


  • Pat K.

    There is a road block I’ve been trying to get through/over/under/around for years now. I experience what I call “behavioral depression” bouts. I KNOW these episodes are based on old behavior patterns, and are not true depression, because I used to suffer from severe/chronic depression. These episodes are different. They are very “old ego” based. Trying to get rid of that pesky ego and be “present” is my current main focus for personal improvement. (I listen to Oprah’s Soul Series on XM and have read Eckhart Tolle’s books and a host of others as well.)

    I believe this has a lot to do with how I communicate with my world, specifically my spouse in asking for what I want. I have never been comfortable doing that. My spouse, for the record, is totally there for me at all times, but I have trouble making requests of him. It goes way, way deeper than that, but I don’t have the time/space to explain it all here.

    Suffice it to say that as my spiritual growth grows, these episodes of “old ego” come much more frequently. As if my ego just will NOT let go. I keep a private blog outlining my experiences and the lessons learned. Every time I get a tiny bit closer to the answer/Sometimes I make quantum leaps. I feel that I am JUST at the point of getting out of this, and then I slip back just enough to not quite make it. But there just needs to be a bit bigger PUSH next time I have one of these episodes.

    I feel that I have a much larger life’s purpose being of service to the planet, and that won’t come through until this block SHIFTS. So, if you can help move mountains, or make a shift happen, go for it! And, thanks so much for the incredibly generous offer.


  • rima

    thanks for this interesting opportunity. i am not one of those people who accepts help (or anything else) readily, so even formulating a request is troublesome. i’d like to ask for patience and actual help (from above) with my health issue. doctors and needles are a new world to me. one that i hope will be temporary. but until we figure it out, i need to be patient with my body and ask for relief from pain. any little moments of inner peace would be very appreciated. i’ve forgotten what it feels like to feel good, and i want to try to not lose hope that i will get there again.
    my prayers also go out to each of you for your intentions.

  • Deb

    Reading all of these is very moving.

    @shusha I can feel your pain and it is so akin to my own. I know that “tired and sad and scared” brew and it sucks the life and desire to live completely out of a person. Hope you find a little space to detach from it today.

  • Magrethe

    Thank you for this gift. I see help in releasing anxiety and self-judgement and being more at ease with other people. Thank you for your music and your words.

  • Laurie

    I also have read everyone ahead of me and said a prayer including all of you.
    I am starting a new home based business. I have vision problems and would like to be able to work from home.
    Also I would like to ask for prayers for my mother and daughter.
    Thank you so much for what you do.
    I am a big fan

  • Mamasoon

    I already feel so grateful that you would offer such a gift. I almost blushed and checked behind me to see if you weren’t addressing someone else.

    I would be honored to participate in your circle and have been touched by the requests of many who have already posted.

    I have two intentions. The first is to become pregnant this year after many previous efforts and to give birth to a healthy child. The second is to develop a strong spiritual relationship with God.

    Have a great retreat. Peace be with you.

  • Sarah

    I’m looking for the strength to endure the uncertainties of life with grace. I want to banish the negatives which creep in to lead the life of the strong woman I know that I am.

  • Rebecca

    I’m graduating college in May, as is my loving boyfriend of 2 years. He’s applying to Law Schools all over and I’m searching for jobs near where we’re both from (NC/VA). I’m ready to say that I want to be with him forever, but he isn’t quite there. I’m so afraid of the prospect of him going far away with my future being somewhat uncertain as well. I just don’t want to be without him. I’d appreciate prayers for trust in what is to come and the peace that follows.

  • shusha

    i am conflicted–based on lifelong experience with family members who are abusive, mentally ill, and addictive, i am a very fearful and cynical person. have been given lots of reasons to NOT trust others and the universe. even when i trust other’s intentions, i don’t trust them to follow through. and then if they drop the ball, i don’t trust the universe to pick it up.

    nonetheless, i am deeply spiritual (go figure). i manage to believe that all the “ball picking-up” i have done has built my character and strength. but i am not feeling strong these days, just tired and sad and scared. need some help with that.

    thanks for your music, the work that you do and your prayers.

  • Adam Kayce

    I’ll take all the mojo I can get!

    I just launched my brand new website, changing direction from what I’ve been doing the last year… from Monk at Work to Viverati.

    Since the Great Big Dreams retreats are all about people embracing their essence and bringing in forth into the world, it seems perfect to share my venture with you all, and ask for blessings for my new direction, with prayers that it will be a great service to many people who want to make the most of their lives (and, like us, are willing to be a bit unconventional to do it!).

    Much love to you, Christine, for all you do to be a beacon for us all…

  • Neets

    My prayer is for clarity in my path towards an aspect of my work. I’m in the beginning stages of an herbal elixer adventure and am looking inward and outward for ideas, inspiration and guidance. My intent at this moment is to recognize what should happen and to allow it, without fear. All that makes sense to me, anyways. Thank you for the opportunity to put it out there with the great energy I know you’ll have at your retreat.

  • Melissa Fryckman

    I am stepping from my comfort zone and will ask for a prayer. I could use a prayer to help me feel worthy enough to receive a prayer and to help me let go of the fear and take a step towards my life’s purpose. Thanks so much and many blessings to all!

  • Joanne

    HI and thank you Christine!
    Today I woke up knowing I needed to move back to my house (out of my friends home that has been so generous to me) and my prayer is that there will be peace there as I work towards divorce (he still lives there) and that packing and sorting will be easy, painless and that he will stay out of my way. Thank your for all of your help and the e-seminar, I gained so much from it. Your prayers are very powerful.

  • joanna

    Wow! I WILL be at one of the retreats this year, but am so happy to be there in spirit/intention because of your open heart! You must know what a profound impact you have had on me (and millions of others who have felt you were speaking directly to us!) really since you moved to Asheville and started this whole phase of your life…your music has been there at my most healing times, and now your voice seems to consistently resonate with mine. Thank you! I’m coming around to the other side of a devastating break-up and big job shift, and am asking for energy toward remaining open and willing to receive and give the Universe’s love. Just be with me as I re-connect to my most essential and authentic Soul.

  • Karis

    I love every one of you. My prayer is that all of your prayers come true and you know you’re taken care of, loved, safe…

  • embryo

    Thanks Christine for this opportunity for prayers. For the ability to trust God and the universe in their infinite giving, for faith and courage to take the actions needed for empowerment, and for a joyful wind blowing away the burdens for my daughter Suzanna. For a clearing of worries that so often block the good that is coming. And for remaining OPEN (my word for the year) to all that is mine and all that is coming to me.

    I will be praying for you and the retreaters for releasing and finding and committing, and for a beautiful breeze and boundless joyful laughter.

  • Mindy

    I’m been having a hard time lately and ask for prayers for integration and balance and the ability to trust my own knowing, truth, and voice. I ask for self-forgiveness. I ask for prosperity and abundance and the belief that I/we (my husband and family) deserve it. I pray for you Christine, that your life be 100% blessed in this moment and the next. And I thank you with a full, loving, open heart.

  • Roxanne

    My prayer for you all is that you find exactly what you need to make the world a more loving peaceful place. My prayer for me (and I hope you will join me in it) is exactly the same. I know it’s there, i just want to experience it more.

  • Alison Lee

    Hi Christine,
    How appropriate that I’m am working on the show we did together today. I pray for the courage to communicate authentically. I ask for prayers for the launching of my master class concept.
    Thank you Christine, and have a fabulous workshop weekend!

  • Jackie Garwood

    What a wonderful, beautiful idea!

    Can I ask for TWO? I am trying to get a new job with my employer (the government) so that I can move closer to my son. I’m ready for a move – fresh start, new friends, new challenges and opportunities. Getting interviews but not getting offers. Just had an interview last week and I’d like to ask for your prayers that this job or something better will flow into my life soon. And that I relax and go with the flow until it does. Second, I’d like to ask for prayers that I will be able to attend my son’s wedding in Cuba this summer.
    Thank you so much!


  • Regina

    Last year I discovered the Law of Attraction and Reiki Energy work. I pray that I can continue to grow in this very spiritual way. I pray for direction into a field working for the benefit of animals, that is also financially secure. I pray for the courage to be myself and to have love in my life and to be happy. I am grateful for all the blessings & comforts I have.

  • lois

    Thank you, Christine for this gift of prayer. As I have read through the previous prayer requests it has been enlightening to see just how many people are embarking on journeys of growth and healing – spiritual, personal, work-related, etc. and what a large community of seekers there are.

    I, too, am seeking my place in this universe. I have a gift/talent that I am trying to use and expand so that I may be able to support myself/family financially through my artwork as an independent artist and give meaning and purpose to this gift of creativity I was given. I am asking that the Prayer Circle and Universe/God/Consciousness support me and guide me along the path to my purpose and use me as I should be used to fulfill my obligation and purpose to humanity.

    Thank you and I am grateful for your prayers.

  • Kelly

    I was hoping for some prayers to help me with a career move I am trying to make happen to find happiness again doing something I like, thank you for your prayers & help!

  • lorax

    Thank you for this opportunity to be included in your powerful energy! I am about to start a new, very challenging and very important (to me) job. Please keep me in your thoughts so that I can meet this challenge creatively and effectively and that I will surpass all the expectations put on me by myself and others.

  • Laura E

    With gratitude I submit a prayer for peace, the freedom to seek bliss and the comfort that my spirit will be with you in earnest.

  • lori

    What a wonderful opportunity to tap into some beautiful energy, and I’m sure your circle will feel the reverb from everyone who has posted here as well, myself included – thanks in advance!

    I’m at a pivotal point in changes that have been building for a while, and the main focus and support I want right now is in finding and moving into my own property, for both living and building my business. Making things happen in the next couple of months will allow more things to blossom – more than I can even dream of right now!

    Thank you for including me, and you’ll all have my prayers as well.

  • Carose

    Your site was emailed to me this morning right after I prayed for the first time in a while… asking for help and clarity. It is the first time I have been here and feels like the Universe heard me right away and sent some hope. Thank you for being here.
    As a person who has always prided herself on being strong and being fine alone, I now find myself really alone. Alone with someone, which is the loneliest kind. I am not in a nurturing situation, not nurturing myself and stymied about how to change that. Even though I have strong belief in the laws of attraction I can’t seem to break out of the cycle I find myself in. I pray for the courage and clarity to find my center again, love myself, open and connect with the joy of the Universe, and find my way out of the web of personal despair that I have spun myself into. Thank you for including me in your prayer circle.

  • Mindful Mimi

    Hi Christine,
    What a great idea. I’d feel honoured to be part of the prayer list.
    I have recently had two sons and my job as a sales manager does not fulfill me anymore. I have for the past years been looking for a new turn, but have not found it yet. I would like to work less or work from home in a completely different area (less businesslike), where I can be creative, help others etc. I have not found the right path yet. I seem to be having all these brilliant ideas but with none I seem to be able to make a living. So I am still looking and I need a bit of light. Thanks to you all for including me in your prayer.

  • Susana

    Thank you Christine for this opportunity!
    I’ve been praying for many things this year, including that you would offer up another chance to be on one of your retreat prayer lists. (My primary word for this year is “prayerfulness,” the other word is “choice.”)
    I would like to have my son, Jason’s name on your prayer list. My prayer for him is that his health and insurance covereage issues be resolved in an easy, timely manner, with the best possible outcome for him.
    For myself, pray that I always know and make the best possible choice in all matters of my life.
    Also, could you pray for financial increase & abundance for both of us.

  • raya

    Hi, thank you for this!

    I have been trying for a while now to deliver(?) give birth to (?) publish (…) this book of short stories that I wrote, and though I know it is good and would make SOME people happy – and I am confident that just one break will make my writing so much better still – It is so hard where I live (Israel? the world?), so – please help? THank you so much for all your writing, it is beautiful!

  • Diane

    Thank you for this powerful opportunity. I want to believe in myself once again. I woulld like to make a career move. I feel I have lost confindence and if I could once again believe in me — thing will be different. Peace.

  • Mags

    Thank you for this opportunity, Christine.
    I feel as if I have been in a “holding pattern” lately, a necessary waiting period before taking the next step in living a purpose-filled and abundant life. I’m just not sure what that next step is yet, and so prayers for guidance and clarity would be much appreciated.
    Much love and blessing to everyone at the retreat this weekend, and also to everyone on the prayer list.

  • Lee

    My prayer is one of gratitude for having received employment. My key word this year is action. I pray for all of you to have right action in your lives. Thank you and bless you.

  • Lisa

    I am moving through a divorce and struggling financially and emotionally. I need my own space in so many ways. There’s a condo I found in an artists’ community that is perfect. Getting it depends on my ex- cooperating with selling the current house, and on some buyer showing up who wants it. I would really appreciate prayers to this end. Thank you!!

  • Juju

    My keyword for this year is ‘simplicity’ but it isn’t working so far. My mental health is deteriorating, my family is falling a part, my motivation is less than zero, my as-yet-unopened business is in boxes in my bedroom, my house is a dump and I am neglecting my physical self dreadfully. Any positive thoughts that can be spared would be very gratefully recieved as I am all out of energy to do anything more by myself.

    Thank you.

  • Tracey

    Thank you fo rthis opportunity:
    My words for this year are TRUST, HEALING, COURAGE. I would love all the love, light, and support that you can send my way. I am healing my relationship with money, my body, myself, and my dreams. I am going thorugh a financial challenge and know that I will come thorugh successful. Please send blessings for my daughter Isabella surrounding her in love,light and divne protection too. Thank you very much.

  • Dave

    Thank you!
    My intention is to start and complete more projects quickly to the benefit of those I serve, as well as to my own peace of mind. For energy and light in place of hesitation and indecision.
    And that I may remember others by, in turn, praying for those dreams at your GBD retreat.

  • Susan

    Please add me to your prayer list. I am struggling to find the courage to trust. I do not want to die an unlived life. Christine, thank you for your generosity of spirit.

  • Amy

    This is such a great thing! I am inspired reading over these comments to pray for these people and to stop worrying so much about myself.

    I would so appreciate your prayers this weekend. I am at a crossroads with a lot of major decisions in my life right now (just as I’m about ready to delivery my 2nd child). Please pray for guidance as we decide if we should stay in our current house. My gut is telling me no, but it is such a wonderful house–there are just many, many issues that need to be dealt with if we stay (financial issues, mother-in-law living with us, purging of bad memories, etc.) Also, I would so appreciate your prayers for guidance about pursuing a career this year in photography. I feel I have been gifted and am continuing to hone my craft and would SO love to be able to make a living doing this. If only I could get out of my head and stop my internal critic! Prayer for a job for my husband would be great too. Thanks!

  • Laura

    Thank you so much for including us in this way. I am attending the retreat in June and am so looking forward to it.

    My intention this year is for clarity, confidence, healing, & creativity. I want to break out of my self-confined boxes and be truly present to the magic & goodness in the universe that surrounds us.

  • Ariff

    I hope that letting go would be easier for me, and that I can accept things the way they are.

  • Kimberly

    Hi Christine! Hope you are very well. I would love some prayers for happiness, great health, and excellent work which inspires and supports me. Thank you so much for the prayers.

  • Sheri

    This is such an incredible gift, thank you for including me! I am working on having faith and trust, being able to let go of my worries. I ask for prayers for a very prosperous 2008 for my family. I also am asking for the courage I need to start an new venture that I’m holding myself back from due to fear of the unknown.
    Thank you so much. It is a great dream of mine to one day be able to attend a retreat, either in person or the online retreat. I will remember you in my prayers also.

  • Connie Rose

    Wow, I feel so blessed. My life is really beautiful and I have so many wonderful friends and supporters, and I’m living it the way I want to, as an artist. My prayer is that some of my recent artwork sells soon. I’ve been looking for high-quality buyers who want really beautiful handspun/handwoven/handdyed wearable art for themselves or other special people in their lives. This is what I really need and want right now.
    Thank you for this opportunity, and I join in holding the light for everyone above and below me on this prayer list.

  • Meg T.

    I am working on being able to more freely give and receive love….
    So I send you, and all the people who’ve left comments here, tons of love!!

  • Lisa

    I wish for prayers for two good friends. A prayer of peace for Al and Sandy. And, a prayer for Theresa that this will be a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

  • Jean

    Bless you all on your weekend of discovery. Please pray for my book to find a publisher who loves it, and for prosperity on every level for all of us! Yes indeedy!!


  • Amy

    My prayer is for compainionship. Past painful relationships have hardened my heart and soul and my belief in love. I am ready to let go and seek companionship. I am ready. I pray for courage.

  • debra

    My prayer is to continue to uncover the person i am…and to move forward no matter what others think! Blessings!

  • Marina

    I would appreciate some prayers for health. Thanks for always thinking of your readers and helping us in this way! Have a great retreat.

  • Michelle

    I read this post this morning before I left for work and it’s been with me all day. To be presented with this opportunity makes me pause with gratitude. I feel the intention I pick must be worthy of these prayers. This past year has been full. Full of excitement and sadness. I lost my dad a year ago. Today, I still miss him dearly. So, I guess I’d like for you to pray for me and my dad. Bring us peace and comfort and strength (on those days filled with fear and sorrow).

    Thank you.

    Prayers are powerful. You’ll be part of my prayers. I hope to someday be a part of the retreat. With love.

  • Imelda/GreenishLady

    Thank you and thanks to the retreat participants for taking our intentions into your hearts in this way. I would so appreciate my intention of clarity being held in your prayers. Space and clarity and healing. Blessings to you all for this.

  • Cristina

    My intention is to let go of fear and everything else that’s holding me back and to finally allow myself to be present and live life fully. I would also like to find a physical balance and maintain a healthy body.
    I’m thankful for this opportunity of being in your prayer list. My best to all.

  • Nora

    I am blessed to say that I need no good mojo right now, as life is going swimmingly. But I head for Peru at the end of the week. So for anyone who believes that there is some peace and spirituality to be found in the rainforest, I will be thinking of you, and send you what I find, that it may help with your healing.

  • Deanne

    Neat idea. Thanks. Although this seems mundane, or crass?
    I really could use some positive cash flow. My intention is to bring in new clients who are appreciative, respectful, creative types, and able to easily afford our fees. Thanks again!

  • Sandra

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lovely unexpected gift!

    My intention is to create space in my surroundings, in my body [remember to breathe, Sandra], and especially in my heart and mind.

  • Jenny

    I feel so blessed to be a part of this simply by leaving a comment, thank you! I really enjoyed reading every single comment so far. My main goal for this year is comfort. I really desire a life where I can feed my kids good, healthy foods without worrying about how far away the next paycheck is. Live healthy and happy…we’ll get there.

  • leah

    i could use some love and support around being brave and bold in my art career as i try to move into new frontiers…approaching new spaces to show, starting to teach, working on my creativity book. thank you, thank you!

  • Sandra

    oh… me again! I am traveling to New York this week and to Costa Rica the following. Please pray that my family and I will enjoy and come home safely. Thanks again, Sandra

  • Sandra

    I read your blog all the time, but have never commented before…. I truly enjoy your writing and your thoughts. Anyway, my prayer request is not for me, but for my brother Aidan who graduated nearly a year ago and has been looking for a job. He has been on several interviews, but nothing yet. He actually has an interview this Thursday and I’m praying for him to get this job and for his continued success. My best to all….

  • Melisa

    I am travelling to Jerusalem by myself next week- please pray that I will be safe!!

    Thank you~

  • Kathy

    PRAYER LIST: I have been at the same company for 20 years…several very different positions over that time but 20 years none the less. For about the last 10 years, I’ve had some amazing lateral moves and job experiences but not a promotion. The next level is an executive one and will require lots of people in high places pushing for me, lots of “politicking” on my part, and be disruptive to my work/life balance. I have been struggling with whether I even want to accept the increased responsibilities of this next level or stay right where I am as long as they let me. I’ve never been willing to settle for something less than as high as I could go before but having David in my life has opened my eyes to how beautiful a work/life balance can be. My prayer is that I have the patience to wait until more career clarity emerges and I can be receptive to whatever path opens it’s gates for me.

  • Emily

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now but have never left a post. My husband is in the army and has recently decided to file for divorce. We no longer make each other happy and we both feel that our life together is not congruent with what either of us want or need. We agree it’s time to let go of each other, but the awareness doesn’t help ease the pain, confusion, and chaos that has woven it’s way into my life. I’m 22 and trying to finish school, and now find myself broke and (yet again) living with my parents. Lots of scarcity thinking is creeping it’s way into my days! There’s so many scary things to face, not the least of which is learning how to be alone with myself after years spent hiding from those dark corners in my mind by taking care of other people. I pray for the strength and courage to do what’s right (and stop listening to all the negative talkers around me), and the trust that life does not hand you mistakes. I pray that a job that I like with people that help me grow will present itself soon. Thank you so much for your music and writing, Christine. I hope someday I can come to a retreat!

  • peggio

    I am challenging myself to move more, be more active, in both my personal exercise regime and in my profession. Your prayers for growth and movement are greatly appreciated.
    I would also respectfully request a prayer for my cousin who is serving his fourth tour in Iraq, that he, his men and all the troops have success in their mission(s) and return safely home to their families and friends.
    I wish you a wonderful retreat this weekend full of positive energy and healing for all who need it.

  • Emilie

    Wow, each one of the prayers I’ve read holds a little piece of my own…so thank you for this opportunity to be included in the prayer circle and in the ‘collective good energy’ of the retreat weekend…Peace and Good Mojo to all!

  • tristahill

    I love the idea of beautiful souls gathering together for the good of all! Thank you. I would love to continue to grow my creative life (harp performance solo and with jazz/alternative groups, painting) and believe that I can have supportive and healthy relationships while doing so. I am also facing a surgery that I am very fearful of; I am working to find courage to listen to my inner voice and trust that I have all I need to handle what life brings.

  • Mackie

    Having participated in one of your retreats last year, I know how powerful your prayer circle can be! Thank you for the opportunity to be included once again. I am faced with an issue that I am having anxiety attacks over almost daily. I know this too shall pass ( !!) but your prayers that this situation will pass soon and time will heal me are much appreciated. I am working on letting go! All the best to you, Christine, and your lucky lucky participants! My prayers are with you too.

  • Anna Garrett

    I am praying for clarity and the wisdom to listen to my heart as I consider upcoming job change possibilities.

    Wish I could be there…I hope the retreaters are impacted as powerfully as I have been during my experiences at Bend of Ivy!

  • jennifer

    for your prayer list — i would be grateful for any healing energy directed towards the return of my high functioning and healthy immune system. i seem to have misplaced it over the past few months! thank you so much.

  • Jess

    Thank you, Christine! This is a wonderful idea. I am struggling right now to accept things I don’t have control over. I’ve been trying to switch jobs to a field that will be more challenging and interesting. I’ve had a number of interviews but no offers so far, and it’s very tempting to wonder what’s wrong with me! I would love to work through the self-doubt and frustration that has accompanied this job search and find a renewed sense of purpose and peace.

    I hope everyone on this list receives what they’re most in need of.

  • Isabella

    My word for 2008 is freedom. I would like help in attaining freedom from my fear of being alone and freedom from expectations. Thanks so much. I can’t wait for the e-seminar to begin!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for this! This sounds like it will be an amazing retreat weekend and I am so blessed to be a part of it.

    Lately, the stress of work has really gotten me down. I know in my heart that I was brought here for a reason, but there are days I feel that my work here is done. Please pray for my strength in these trying times as I realign myself and focus on the good. Some days it is so hard.

    I’ll be thinking of you all this weekend. Thank you, again.

  • Katharine

    Thank you for this gift to your circle of blog readers. I wish you all an amazing and transformative retreat this weekend, and would be grateful if you would include my name in your prayer circle. My wish is for the universe to support me in learning and growing in my performance, singing, art, and writing, so that I may come to a place where I can earn my living through those talents as an independent artist.

  • Michelle

    This is so powerful and I feel honored to be involved.

    I seek to reduce my fear about trying to conceive and instead seek to have a stronger faith that things will work out as they should and I will become pregnant this year.

    Thank you to all.

  • Sonia

    I think this is such a beautiful thing that you are doing! I would love to be there at the retreat, even if for now it has to be in spirit. If I could ask for one thing right now, it would be the strength to commit to things: commit 100% to the court reporting/stenography training I am doing, to be able to commit to a proper workout and diet routine….I would ask for the strength to follow through with the things I know are good for my life and health, but can’t seem to keep willpower on.

    Thank you, and I will say a prayer for those who have posted prior and those who will be at the retreat, that their affirmations and prayers will also be reality!

  • erins

    Loving wishes to all of you attending the retreat this weekend and those of us who will be there in spirit.

    I have wanted to be a published writer since I was a child.

    Now, at 35, I have achieved many of my lifelong goals. But I have not … not even once … picked up a pen or opened a keyboard to write.

    My intention is to overcome the fear and stop talking myself out of doing what my heart knows it wants to do. I am a great writer. I have stories to tell. And the world really wants to hear them.

    Hey – that felt good. Thank you!

  • Diane

    I’ve been looking forward to this and just the thought of you all praying is healing. Please pray for more focus and direction in my life. Mostly jobwise but also need to get my house in order. Also letting go of the past and to keep moving forward. To be an even better and more patient parent…to never project my own frustrations onto my son. Please also pray for him and continued healing regarding his dad’s death. Thank you and I’ll be there in spirit!

  • amypalko

    While I would love to be at the weekend in person, I so appreciate this opportunity to be there in spirit. If you could include me in your prayers I would be extremely grateful. I am in the last 6 months of my phd and I am really struggling with my motivation to finish the thesis. Any help that you could direct my way would be wonderful!
    Wishing everyone who is attending a truly amazing retreat, and thanks again for your genorosity to include those who can’t be there.
    To all those here who’ve requested help, I hope you all achieve your dreams, whatever they may be 🙂

  • Caryn

    This is such a great idea. As I read through the previous comments, I automatically started reading for the anonymous people who had written them, hoping that they get what they desire. I’ll read through again later and do the same thing. 🙂

    As for me, I would love to be published. It’s a slow process, so for this year I would love to find an agent who supports my work and finds the right publisher for my book(s). Eventually, I would love to be able to move into this career path, because I find the use of my creativity so fulfilling.

    Thank you for your good wishes. I’m pulling for everyone else on here, too. May you find what you seek–or at least what is the very best path for you.

  • Amy W.

    My career is quite stressful, and I am struggling with how to handle that stress, and whether I should explore other options. I want my job to feel like “play”, and I want to really enjoy it, whatever it is. Any light and good vibes around that would be so helpful, as I am in great need of clarity right now.

  • Jenny

    I could use a boost in always remembering to believe in my own power. Thank you so much.

  • stacey l

    thank you for allowing me this opportunity. i am learning to be more trusting of what God has planned for me. i am trying to get pregnant, and going through IVF. my cycle of hormones begins tomorrow and i need all the love and prayer to help make sure my eggs are healthy and strong for fertilization and the hope that my husband and i will be blessed with our own biological child or children :).

  • Laure

    Thank you for including us in this kind way! I am currently seeking employment that will support me as I continue to build a creative life. Any illumination would be greatly helpful! Thanks, again!

  • sheista

    Thank you, Christine and Big Dreamers.

    I would appreciate a prayer for healing.

    I believe in what you are doing. May your retreat be full of success!

  • Michael

    I could use whatever good vibes you can send my way to help with my intention to live more consciously.

  • Janie

    My word for 2008 is “movement” — physical, spiritual, emotional, maybe even geographical. I’ve made some progress and wish for it to continue. I’ll be thinking of you & your retreaters over the weekend; all my best!

  • peggysue

    We’re in upheaval, looking for a new house to rent, making creative transitions in our work. I’m anxious and unsteady. It’s like I’m trying to land a big plane in dense fog. A beacon would be helpful. Runway lights. Whatever illumination you can send this way will be received in great gratitude. Thank you!

  • Ace

    What a gift, Thankyou! I’m learning to love more unconditionally. Somedays I forget to give that kindness to myself.

  • Antonia

    Please add me to your prayer list. I need all possible support from people like you who are loving and caring, because, despite all I read and think about being more motivated, bold and optimistic, I have been unable up to now to make the proper moves in the faith and commitment direction. I need loving support. Keep me in your prayers as I will do with you.
    Thank you.

  • Leslie

    I’ve been living in a city that’s been killing my spirit for several years. I want to break free of this cage. I want to live somewhere where I can express and connect and walk in open spaces. And I want my husband to come with me and for our relationship to benefit from this more expansive, more alive and more connected ME.

  • lilalia

    Thank you and the participants on your retreat for this opportunity. This year’s word for me is “trust”. Trust in myself (my Self). I lost it along the way. I would be grateful if you would send some light; for I feel that I am stumbling in the dark still.

  • Michelle

    Oh, I consider it a very good sign that I get to make the first post.

    I could use a little help healing an infection in my mouth. I had just started my own communications company when it started. I believe it is a clearing of old toxins so I can open the channels of communications. I think it is holding on to show me where I am holding onto my old patters of communications. I could definately use a little bit of extra help to help this energy work its way on out so I can get to helping others communicate more effectively.

    Thanks 🙂