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Ginger Meek Allen was - in her words - just a neighborhood jeweler and metalsmith raising four girls in a North Carolina suburb. Like so many brilliant artists, Ginger is a master of her craft, but she was trapped in the feast-or-famine struggle.  She loved her art but never considered herself an entrepreneur. She changed that, and her business boomed.


When Ginger started Uplevel Your Business®, she was dubious. (I mean, how does an artist think about “ideal clients”?) Still, she followed the key steps of the system – from raising her prices and setting up her business with an empire mentality to building a solid team.  After implementing each step she experienced rapid growth in her business and income, with a 57% increase in the first year alone.


Today, Ginger is a sought-after master metalsmith and studio jeweler. Her customers happily pay premium prices for her pieces. She went from charging as low as $250 for her work to getting $10,000 for a single custom project. She launched a signature line and her work has been featured throughout the U.S. including the esteemed Georgia O’Keefe museum.

Uplevel 1: How a burnt-out artist decides to change...

“Before I joined Uplevel Academy™, I’d been in business for a while. I owned an art gallery, and I made my own pieces. I was completely fried. I had no systems. I had a business model I could not sustain. And, at that point I remember thinking ‘Something has to change.’ And the only thing that wasn’t an option was doing nothing about it.”

Everyone wants to be authentic and soul-sourced™.  But artists are especially tuned in to this need. It’s tempting to think that learning to market, or sell, or create systems will destroy the creative process, the impulse and beauty of the art, or worse, the soul of the artist.

Ginger was no stranger to these fears.  Keeping this in mind, she used the Uplevel framework and set the foundation for a more successful business.  She trusted the old saying, “What got you here won’t get you there.” For Ginger, “HERE” was a heap of struggle that came from piecemeal advice delivered by random people in her life, most of whom were other struggling artists. And in order to get “THERE” - she needed to follow the steps of the Uplevel system.

Watch as Ginger shares her business challenges as an artist:

Uplevel 2:  Owning your Superpower

You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. In fact, it’s touted as TRUTH, and we all think it’s something to clamor for.  The ever-illusory “multiple streams of income.” That’s what we all want and need, right?

Well, no. Not if it burns you out.

Ginger had heard the same siren song of the financial talking heads. And she had dutifully set up her multiple streams. First, a retail shop where she sold other people’s work as well as her own. Second, a studio where she rented out benches. She ran the shop and helped the artisans with their work and setup - as she tried to work on her own pieces in the background. Plus, Ginger had a few other streams of income.

Only problem?  Ginger was, in her words, “fried.”  And guess whose work suffered? Hers! (This is the problem with standard cookie-cutter advice.  It doesn’t take into account the dreams or the soul of the entrepreneur.) An Uplevel business audit revealed that her most profitable income stream was the one she wasn’t giving her true attention to:  Her custom jewelry line. Her Superpower.

So Ginger let go.  She closed the retail store.  She stopped renting benches. And she Upleveled her pricing and systems so that all of her focus and attention went to her custom pieces and the clients who sought her out and paid top-dollar for them.

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Uplevel 3: Finding Ideal Clients who clamor for your art...


“I began to realize that when I refused a request, I stopped thinking of it as money walking out the door, but that it created space.  And it didn’t stay empty too long because my ideal clients started to come and they are still coming. ”

Before Uplevel Academy™, Ginger said yes to any customer who came through her door.

Watch as Ginger describes how saying ‘yes’ to ideal clients (and refusing projects that weren’t the best match) helped her create the space to do her most inspiring work.

Uplevel 4 – From fearfully charging $250 to confidently getting $10,000…

In order to focus on her best work, Ginger had to pull herself out of the typical artist trap: Not charging enough money.  Even though she had clients who repeatedly commissioned her to design pieces, there was always the fear that she didn’t have a right to charge more.  But in order to be successful, every artist has to step into the Abundance Mindset and own her value. Ultimately, Ginger created a premium pricing structure for her custom-design work.  And she couldn’t keep the customers away. Business boomed.

Ginger explains:

Uplevel 5 – Time freedom and the space to create...

“I gave myself a zone – a block of time where I was just making…and what that did was support me as I am… and when I did, my work was energized and renewed.”

At Uplevel, we teach our clients how to break out of the most common trap of any solo business owner: The belief that “it has to be me.”  That anyone who calls must talk to YOU. That any part of the process requires YOUR presence.

Uplevel Academy™ helped Ginger break out of this trap by teaching her how to create customer on-boarding systems that removed her from the process until the very first design meeting. (Yes, after the customer had paid in advance and committed to the work.)  It freed up Ginger’s time to create - and it let her team take the world off her shoulders.

And she learned how to create standards, and set boundaries.  Something EVERY artist or entrepreneur must do in order to scale her business.

“I’ve made a lot of changes. I created a lot of standards and boundaries where they didn’t exist before.”

Watch as Ginger describes how these changes have created outcomes she never thought possible.

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