I posted a new video over at my Uplevel LIVE blog. It’s the first in a series of trainings all about how to Uplevel Your Business, Your Success, and Your Life. Based on the feedback people have left, I think we’ve touched on something universal about how a solo-preneur can box herself in and end up burned out by self-imposed limits! Check it out – and leave a question or comment. I’m going through each person’s comments and making sure questions are addressed. Click here to watch!

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    I agree too… To what nadia say! How ever, Business depend of what strategy you will get started and a good plan you will take. ..

  • Christine Kane

    Great points, Nadia! (And quite a helpful reminder for me today! 🙂 )

    I see this as the soul of business. You are always moving, growing, changing – and though it can rock your world to see how much change is involved – the truth is what you said: stagnation is death. We THINK we want security and sameness – but we SO don’t!

  • Nadia Ballas Ruta

    Hi Christine,

    I loved the video and all the information that you shared. Thank you so much for all that you do!

    One thing that I have noticed in networking with other business owners is that many people have a static view about business. They worry so much about making sure everything is perfect yet they do not seem to realize that a business evolves as you evolve. Stagnation is death and change is good but many seem to have an opposite view. And I think that is why people put themselves into a box.

    The great thing about being a business owner is that there are no rules except for the ones that you impose on yourself. So to put oneself in a box kind of defies the whole point about being self-employed.

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