Here's Something Wonderful - Christine Kane

I think my readers will love this idea. Colorado Artist Nicole Hyde is creating Random Acts of Art. It’s an amazing project of generosity, creativity, and feel good-iveness. Click on the link to read about her idea and then the progress of her work. I am inspired by gals like this! Yay Nicole!

  • Christine Kane

    Or, better yet, kathy… you could make some art of your own and do the same thing! (We could have a world filled with circulating creativity… though I doubt anyone would covet my stick figure horses standing beneath my lollipop fruit trees!) I do that same thing with my books that you described here!

  • Kathy

    How cool is this?! I hope to find some of her tiny artwork and I will definitely pass it on. What a great idea. It’s kind of like believing that ultimately books will end up where they are supposed to be – you lend one out to a friend who puts it on her coffee table when she’s done reading it and one of her friends sees it and borrows it who leaves it in the back of an airplane seat, etc. In my world, it always ends up with the person who needs to learn something from it the most. I love the idea of the same thing happening with art!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Christine Kane

    Thanks for stopping by Nicole. Your site and your work makes me smile. I hope really cool things happen from it!

  • Nicole Hyde

    Hi Christina! Thanks so much for the mention on your blog! In the coming days, I’ll poke around here, but it looks like an interesting site. I’m so glad you like my wacky art project and I truly hope it succeeds. I’ll put a link on my site and I hope you’ll see some benefit from that.

    All the best to you!

    Cheers, Nicole