How To Hire the Right Person - Christine Kane

One of the most common limiting beliefs among business owners goes like this:

“If I get more successful, it means I have to work harder.”  This keeps many people stuck in a place where they literally AVOID success, systems and growth.

When you get clear on how you want your business to grow, what kind of help you’ll need in order to get there, and then how to hire – you’ll be stunned at how much easier your business can become.

And yes, you start small!  The very first person I hired was a virtual assistant. For a year or more, she helped my business grow by taking more and more off my plate.

So today’s Instant Uplevel is a question from a business owner who wants to know about hiring the right person for the right job. Here’s  my answer…

This is a GREAT question, because SO many of us at one point or another have had these feelings of guilt. And SO many of us are living on the struggle bus trying to do it all ourselves.

The truth is, your business will only get as BIG as the number of hours you have.

Aside from that, there are things you’re born to suck at, and that’s ok. So if you’re not a Quickbooks expert, don’t try to become one overnight—hire a bookkeeper! Hire the right people so you can be freed up to change the world in the unique way only YOU can!

So how DO you hire the right people? Here’s how.

My three steps to hiring the right person:

1. Have a pre-hiring process.

Before you do anything, get clear on what you need the most help with. What are you spending your time doing that’s sucking up your time? Or maybe you’re just not as good at?

Put these ideas to paper as to “who” this person should be and “what” they should do. Give yourself some time to do this—revisit your notes over the course of a week or so, so you’re very clear about the position you’re creating.

2. Go through the hiring process

Now that you have a framework of what this position should look like, let’s create the formal job description. Aside from the nuts and bolts of the job—I like to include MINDSET. Someone who is positive and will mesh well with your environment in that way. Be objective in the interview process—don’t hire yourself!

3. What is your engagement factor with the person you hire?

Once you hire someone, you’re now in a relationship with this person. I’d encourage you to have a set meeting every week to go over defined guidelines—get on the same page as to what you’re working towards.

Give CLEAR deadlines! What does something look like when its done? What does it look like when its done well? Get DOWN to the nitty gritty.

It also doesn’t hurt to let them know what drives you crazy! Your new hires WILL appreciate this, and it’ll grow your relationship over time.

Remember—your company has an AMAZING vision, and will have an AMAZING impact on the world. It will GROW when you have people who are congruent with your VISION.

That does it for today…leave me your thoughts and comments!

  • Mickey

    Great timing, as always. I just got home from conducting an interview for a new staff person. I went back and forth about doing it; finally just said DO IT! This is nice confirmation that I am doing the right thing.

  • Desiree

    I love this Christine, I find when I don’t address the issues prior to the project then I get irritated that things aren’t getting done the way I would like them too. It really falls back on me to make sure I am clear and that they understand what is required. I also love the mindset part, who wants to deal with a moody, drama queen when your busy, me or her!! LOL Thanks for your amazing imput, again!