How I Went From Freelance Graphic Designer to Successful Business Owner - Christine Kane

Jack Kinley, owner and Founder of Lab Monkey Communications talks to me about going from Freelance Graphic Designer to Successful Business Owner.

Jack started as a freelance graphic designer, but found the hours for dollars model was burning him out.

Jack leads with SOUL in his business. He’s learned to be present and of real service to his clients. And he’s used what many call the “soft” stuff to drive hard results.

Learn about how Becoming 360 can bring you in alignment with your business, and drive the hard results that give you freedom in your life.

“When I took the step from freelance graphic designer to someone who was running a company– with that, came more responsibility…and more fear! I was responsible for more than just myself. I had to learn to live with that discomfort.”

I had to change the way I worked.

It’s about managing myself. So long as I’m in a relationship with myself… managing myself, then I can be a better manager.

People noticed a big shift after our first year together. The real fun has been in staying on this path, pulling these things in, and making them a part of how I work, how I move the world – how I do things.”

Jack Kinley,

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