How to Get Consistent Creative Cashflow in your Business - Christine Kane

Many years ago, I called myself “self-employed.”  That was before I realized that “self-employed” meant that all I had done was given myself a job. (And believe me, I was a bigger bastard than any boss I ever had.)

One of the biggest turning points in my work (and my cashflow!) was when I finally realized that I owned a business. I started doing things differently.

Things got better.

After that, I realized I was an entrepreneur.

And things got REALLY better.

The difference in these models is the difference between CREATIVE and REACTIVE.

See, most people think that CREATIVE means that you can paint or write or make a quilt.

Not true.

CREATIVE means being a CREATOR. Most people (even the most seemingly CREATIVE types) do not live their lives as CREATORS. They live their lives as REACTORS.

And then they start a business.  Ahey set it up REACTIVELY. (without even knowing it!)  Their business, their cashflow, and their sales is all REACTIVE, not CREATIVE.

What’s the difference?  See if you see yourself in these examples:

Waking up excited to create a new program and begin work with yet another amazing client?   [Creative!]

Biting your nails off because you’re having a “down” month and don’t know when things will get better?  [NOT creative!]

Charging higher rates and having your ideal people happily pay them without batting an eye?  [Creative!]

Looking around to see what other people in your industry charge and going just a bit lower than that and hoping someone will bargain shop?  [NOT creative!]

Building your list, attracting prospects and making passive income while you sleep? [Creative!]

Continuing to work with a really draining client (even though she makes you want to poke your eyes out) — because you’re scared to lose the income? [NOT creative!]

Get the idea?

Here’s one more:

Joining me tomorrow night for my free Training Call so you can learn how to create consistent cashflow?  [CREATIVE!]

Doing nothing different and having yet another year when your cashflow stays at the exact same level?  [NOT creative!]

(Watch the video below to see more. You NEED to be on this call! I WANT to help!)

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  • Nikki Williams

    Hi Christine, I am very much a reactive person- my business feels like I am constantly putting out fires! I definitely spend more time on all of the admin/sales/support stuff rather than focusing on the fun creative stuff. It’s a shame I missed out on the programme, but thanks for sharing the tele-seminar, it was very interesting and got me thinking.

    Hope you had a great easter 🙂

  • Becky Hunter

    Hi Christine – was this call recorded? It sounds amazing but somehow I missed the announcement. Unfortunately I sound very much like the “reactive” person, but am ready to make changes. Thanks for all the great stuff you put out there for free – I’m working towards joining your business programme, but until then, thanks.