Get wealthy running your own business

How to Get Wealthy Running Your Own BusinessHow do you get wealthy running your own business?

People ask me some version of that question all the time.

And, of course, there are many ways to answer that question.

The first place I like to start is to examine the question itself…

…that’s because many people SAY they want money.   BUT they see it as some entity outside of themselves that will magically show up, and then they’ll never have to worry again. Much like the prince on the white horse of our childhood fairy tales, we will be rescued at last.

When we ask for money, but then step back, and WAIT – eyes closed, crossing our fingers, hoping for the best – we give our power away.

The belief being, I can’t do this myself

As a coach, what I’ve seen when it comes to wealth and business is that the real solution is to step IN.

That means you must examine your life, your mindset, your numbers and your business to find the answers for how to get wealthy in your business.

I call this “Aligning with Wealth.”

These are the three principles for Aligning with Wealth for Business Owners:

1 – Wealth = Worth

When it comes to anything involving money (pricing, invoicing, selling, making offers) you revert to old patterns that have ruled your life for years. You’re scared of hurting people’s feelings, of saying “no” to non-ideal clients or of checking-in with yourself to discover what’s truly driving you.

When you simply want approval, or don’t want people to judge you, you give your power away to other people. You choose the path of least resistance, not the path of clarity.

This drains you.

As a business owner – Aligning with Wealth means that you know and claim your worth. You have to learn how to price yourself and stand firmly in that pricing, to make offers, and to sell with service.

This comes from a place of self-worth. You can hope for it all you want, but wealth can’t “arrive” without you first finding your worth.

How to Get Wealthy Running Your Own Business

2 – Wealth = Being IN RELATIONSHIP with money.

You dream of the day you can hire the perfect accountant or bookkeeper and never have to deal with those pesky numbers again.

Not so fast, cupcake!

Yes, hire all the help you want to hire. I’m all for it. But you must keep your heart and body IN RELATIONSHIP with your money.

This means you can’t avoid the discomfort and fear by turning your back and hoping it will go away.

BECOMING a successful business owner means you’re willing to see all the “stuff” that’s in between you and your success and your wealth.

I speak from experience. People sometimes seem to think that just because I’m running a 7-figure business that I just sit back and drink margaritas and don’t even think about money.

Quite the opposite.

I have to check in with my heart and with the numbers as a habit. What habits do you need to create to stay in relationship with your money?

3 – Wealth = Using money as a channel.

Money is NOT an energy, as so many people like to tell you.

Money is actually a channel.

When you pay for something, you investing in yourself through the product or service you buy. The money is a channel for your COMMITMENT.

Likewise, when your clients pay you, they’re not giving you money.   They’re investing in their results through your service or your product.

When you pay someone, you’re not spending money – you are investing in YOUR results through their service or product. (Read that again.)

Start living by this principle – and you will be wealthy.

Here’s the deal. You may THINK you know this stuff, but you can’t actually KNOW it if you’re not actually USING it in your life, on the daily.

You get results when you go beyond thoughts. When you go to the root beliefs and take the actions from the Law of Aligning with Wealth. Anything less becomes chaotic vibration and that will throw money off your scent.

Aligning with wealth is just one of the 7 New Laws of Gravity I teach in my free Defying Gravity training.   If you’re struggling with your business, click here for this totally free online training and webinar.  It’s up and available for the taking. This is where I give you the “soul technologies” that teach you how to access and amplify your personal energy, performance and results.

If what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to work from your SOUL.

Which of these three principles of Aligning with Wealth is keeping you stuck, and seems near impossible for you to wrap not just your head, but your SOUL around? 



  • Kim N

    Just wondering why men aren’t having this “self worth” problem? I knew why for me and when I charged more fees that fit my talents I did not get customers and so I reduced my rates so I can survive all the while I work many hours for peanuts. Like a catch22 all over again. Some of my clients actually sent me more money than I asked … that said alot about who they are and who I am. I feel happy to have such great customers yet at the same time I feel holy smoke have I licked this low self worth already?

  • Octavia Conner

    Great article! I especially like this line. “That means you must examine your life, your mindset, your numbers and your business to find the answers for how to get wealthy in your business.”

  • Lisa

    Number 3 speaks to me most. It’s the principle I need to hold in my hands now in order to break through some chaotic vibration that interrupts my focus. This principle reminds me of my yoga practice. It’s like breathing through a pose (comitment to a result) and feeling the body respond (in wealth). Thanks for this meditation, Christine!

  • Monique Lusse

    Thanks so much for this Christine. Number 3 has been the biggest shift for me…to go from “spending” to “investing” has been huge and made all the difference in how I value myself. It is the outward manifestation of an inward state of increased self-worth.

  • Gina

    All 3 play a part in my life right now, even though I know in my head there’s a better way, I definitely need to go “beyond thoughts”. And if I had to choose, it’s absolutely #2. I’ve always said, “i’m not a numbers person”, and I’ve been sticking to that story for years. So looking forward to re-writing that story:-)

  • Miranda

    Number 2 has been my big revelation of the past month or so. I am working on reinventing my relationship with money. It just occurred to me that in one of my past jobs I was stellar at maintaining a relationship with money for an organization… maybe I should apply that to myself!

  • Andrea Whalen

    Number one has been my biggest barrier, but I am starting to overcome it – with sweaty palms and a tight chest – but I am DOING IT!!
    Thanks so much for your continued advice and insights!

  • Christine Springer

    This is a powerful blog! I relate to all 3 of these rules. Although I want the channel for money to be as big as the English Channel, sometimes I feel like it’s only the size of a straw 🙂 Developing a healthy relationship with money is an ongoing process for me. As you talked about yesterday on your livestream, there is no arrival, just continued becoming as both my business and I grow. Thank you for talking about this!

  • Alle L’Eveille

    Even though intellectually I can get behind those principles, in reality, money remains a highly charged area for me. I slip back into a lack mentality and undo the progress I have made. My wealth=worth starts to go in reverse. Looking forward to Becoming!

  • Shawntane

    Hello Christine,
    I can identify with ALL 3 blocks that you have named. I am an Attorney with a big heart because I feel uncomfortable chagrin my clients what other collegues have no problem doing. Then I become frustrated in providing the level of service that I know I should because I am dissatisfied with the compensation that I have received. I need must charge what I am worth and feel comfortable doing that. Number 2 is also a real problem for me because I recognize that I do not have the best relationship with money and I can see this. Please help!!!

  • Rachel

    I love the vision of a channel! I always have envisioned that I am a channel through which spirit works. Clearly money flows through the same way as energy. Gotta let it flow! (I used to have a mentor who said, “God gives me beautiful things because I share!) So true. Love it. 🙂

  • melissa

    The first and third elements spiral dna-style as my money shadow…I know people are investing in themselves when they pay, and I am afraid (deep in soul cells) what I have to offer is not worth their investment (though data from lived experience points in the opposite direction). The universe has been calling me to “uplevel” for years, and though I am devoted to honoring the call, my barriers persist. Grateful for any guidance. Thank you for all of your generous offerings.

  • Kelly Ruta

    Number two is HUGE for me. Everytime I hear you talk about this I literally go blank. I am yearning to know how to create a healthy relationship with money as it really holds me back. What else can I be doing (actively, passively, internally, externally) to be a leader in this area of my life. That way I can serve others better, show up bigger and also enjoy abundance!