How to Get Your Clients to Renew - Christine Kane

happy-woman-photographer-700x1120A client who has a fairly new business recently asked me about how to get someone to “re-up” and continue working with her.  She’s a coach, and this is one of her first clients to purchase a package.

Now, of course, there are lots of tips and tactics for getting anyone to re-up, to renew, or to buy anything.

And you can always find someone who’s teaching those tactics. “Here’s what to say and how to say it…”

These do work sometimes.   You can indeed get a sale using tactics and tricks.

However, even if your client does buy based on those things, here’s something I urge you to consider:

You’ll have to perform those same tricks all over again to get someone to buy again. And again after that.  And the next thing you know, you’ve built your business on a pile of tactics, which are sharp and useless when it comes to building something meaningful. Plus, your heart will start to hurt.  That’s no fun.

So, instead, let’s look at some real how-to’s.  The hard work that always works and builds a strong foundation.  I have clients who have worked with me for three, four, five and six years. This is how I’ve made that happen…

1 – Get rid of “get.” 

“How do I get more people to buy?”  “How can I get some clients?”

As business owners, we don’t need to try to GET anyone to do anything.

When you make an offer, you’re not “getting” something. You are offering something. And when you do that well, it works.   This may sound like semantics. But trust me, trying to GET things — whether you are trying to “get money” or “get laid” — has an icky energy to it.

2 – Ask yourself if it would be of value for your client to renew.

If the weight is lost, the website is complete or the copy is written… the question is:

Is there still value here for the client?  Are they asking for more?  Do they still need you?

If yes, that’s wonderful. If not, then trust that other clients will show up, especially if you’re doing your marketing.

3 – Every renewal begins at the sale.

The time to think about a client renewing their work with you isn’t right before the last session. It’s the minute they sign up.

Ask yourself: “What has to happen for my clients that they will want to work with me again and pay double if they had to?”  This question can lead you to some great ideas on delivering great value to your clients from the moment they sign on.

4 – Lead the client as you work together.

During your work with a client, it’s tempting to keep driving forward without reflection. After all, the client wants to get better. If you’re not careful, this drive will drive your work together.

Therefore, it’s important that you lead the client. Which means that you must point out the progress, the breakthroughs, the value they are receiving as you work together. Not in a condescending way. But in a way that helps their brain understand that they’re making progress.

Otherwise, the bar is always set just above their head. (And yours.) This can have a detrimental affect on you AND on them. Remember that a leader provides framework, structure and perspective.  Deliver on all three.

5 – Initiate a conversation with your client.

Get prepared for a “renewal” conversation with your client by reviewing your notes on her victories and progress.  Make note of his recurring stuck spots and how your work together has broken through these areas.  Then, simply engage in a conversation about this and be willing to suggest continued work together based on this.

This often terrifies people because of their fear of what their client will say. This is why you prepare for this conversation.  Your job is to be clear with them and to understand where they might need additional support.

Plus, if you’re in start up, and a client has some feedback that could help you become a better leader or service-provider, that’s amazing.  Yes, it sucks when you first hear it. But it serves you in the long-run.  Any objections or resistance they have will serve you in your marketing as well.  This is great information to get as you grow your business.

Having a business is a full contact sport. Be willing to have hard conversations with an open heart and you will always succeed.


Comments and questions if you have ‘em. I’m always up for additional ideas, as well as trouble-shooting on some stuck spots!

  • Rovin Hart CH.t

    Great suggestions Christine! I love the idea of reminding them of their wins. I like to ask them what they feel they have shifted in our work together, then reminding them of what I have witnessed. I haven’t figured out what to offer, but I’m thinking monthly tune ups in a package price.

    Do I offer it at a discount because they are working with me? I’m thinking it would be an incentive for them rather than they call in later asking for it. What are your thoughts? I know you offer a special to do the Uplevel your business to us in the Uplevel your life program.

  • Corey Quinn

    Thanks Christine. I totally agree with #3, above. As business owners we need to be obsessed with our client’s experience when they buy and throughout their experience with our ‘product’.

  • Natalie Boyett

    I’m going to send this article to my health club. Seriously.

  • Alle L’Eveille

    Enjoyed the post, but I really LOVE the new newsletter look! Very clean, organized and unleveled!

  • Michael Katz

    Thanks Christine. I think your #4 – the idea of “leading your clients” is terrific. Never thought of it that way. Michael

  • Deane

    Love the idea of being proactive from the start of an interaction with a client—especially thinking of the call for renewal at the beginning (and giving the client an amazing experience so that renewing is a “no-brainer”) and reminding the client throughout the relationship of goals met and challenges overcome. Great, great points, Christine. Thank you!