How to Have a Great Day - Christine Kane

Who doesn’t want to wake up excited about the day ahead?  Or go to bed looking forward to tomorrow?

The reality is that many people wake up with anxiety or depression.  In many cases this is simply an old habit we’ve never questioned.  We become victims to these old patterns.

As many of you know, I’m flying back and forth to New York city to record my next CD. I’m working with Ben Wisch, a Grammy award-winning producer/engineer.  On our first day, we spent lots of time talking about our lives since the last CD we made together.  One of the topics of discussion was depression.  Both of us have dealt with depression, and while we’ve each done many things to help heal that pattern – we also shared a few practical tricks that have kept us in a place of true happiness, even when things get challenging.

Ben shared a simple technique that he does every morning and night.  He said that when he wakes up each day, he tells himself, “This is gonna be a great day!”  And when he goes to bed, he says, “Wow. What a great day! I can’t wait for tomorrow cuz it’s gonna be such a great day!”   When he told me about it, he said it with his own inflection and in his own language – and he said it in such a way that I really got how well this technique works for him.

I loved it so much that I did it every morning and night this week – even when I didn’t get enough sleep, or when I had some anxiety or self-doubt about the recording  – and it always worked without fail. I imagined that inner little kid inside that used to get excited about the least little trip or summer day or the ice cream man.  And I’d let her say, “Man, this is gonna be a great day!”  And any anxiety or fear just fell away instantly.

It’s amazing what the simple act of deciding can do.

I even shared it with my husband and he started saying it to me when he called me first thing in the morning.
So, I’m offering this technique for you to try this weekend – and for the rest of your life if you choose.

And hey, it’s gonna be a great weekend!

  • Leisa

    Great Christine –

    I do something similar. I begin the day with “This is the day the Lord hath made. Rejoice and be glad in it!”

  • Peggi Habets

    So true!! I found that if I know I have a painting to work on the next morning, I can wake up with enthusiasm. On days when I’m not painting, it’s so much harder to drag myself out of bed. So, I found that if I prepare some art-related task (read an article, crop a painting, anything) the night before, it changes my whole mindset when I wake up. Now each day I wake up excited to get going.

  • Elaine

    Thanks for sharing this… trying it out this weekend! It’s working great so far! 🙂

  • Millie

    Man what a great article! It just added to my terrific day I just had!

  • theothermonkey

    Great advice, thanks Christine 🙂 I have started a gratitude journal but I think this is a great way to start your day as well as end the evening on a high note. You’re right Mark, it’s going to be a great life!

  • Christine Kane

    great comments all around! I just now read these, as I was traveling all day yesterday. (oh, and there was a slight detour to hit nordstrom’s anniversary sale – where I got some GREAT shoes. 🙂 )

  • Mindful Mimi

    Just wanted to point you to an interesting new website which you might want to join:

  • Danny

    I have used this technique, for years, and it WORKS. I choose every morning that BECAUSE I woke up, today will ROCK! 🙂

  • Sare-Bear

    This is a fantastic tip! Thank you for sharing it, it’ll go great with my practice of writing down five things I’m grateful for before I go to bed each night. It’s called a “Cheerfulness Practice” and it’s from Pema Chodron’s CDs called “Don’t Bite the Hook: Finding Freedom from Anger, Resentment, and Other Destructive Emotions.” Share and share alike!

  • Lance

    This is a wonderful (and so simple) act – everyone should at least try it! I’m going to.

    Sometimes life messes with you. But hey, we move on, right?

    Tomorrow will be a great day! Oh, and today has been fantastic as well.

    You know, when I really think about it, I do have a lot to be thankful for – I just need to remember that more often.

    thanks Christine.

  • Michelle

    I have been doing something similar for about 6 months now. Even on the days when I don’t belive myself I have found that it really does help me start the day with optimism instead of dear or anxiety.

    I can say I AM going to have a great weekend. Hope everyone else does too!

  • L.A. Linda

    I just heard this last night on a re-run of the Tavis Smiley Show; it was Louise Hay encouraging a similar practice. I do something similar, but not consistently! Thanks for the reinforcement…guess I needed it 😉
    I suppose, too, that this is a function of prayer before bed and first thing in the morning.

  • Mark

    It’s gonna be a great life!

  • Kathy

    Just what I needed today! With lots of things swirling job wise and the renovation taking every penny of our savings anxiety has crept in to our lives. I am generally a very positive person and not used to feeling apprehensive when I wake up or having sleepless worrying nights. I think this latest trick will knock it right out. I am still using my mantra from the New Year’s Word trick you shared with us – it’s “abundance” – and that helps too. I use it when I’m feeling especially nervous about selling those last few stocks or writing another check to a contractor. This coupled with actually saying out loud “this is going to be a really great day!” in the morning and a “what a great day this has been!” at night might be just what I need to tamp down these newest anxieties. And I’m going to get David on this too. We call each other every morning and night when we’re away from each other and starting the conversation out with that positive stuff is a wonderful idea!!

  • Diane

    In the past I’ve started the day off with TA DA! And I’ve ended the day with a gratitude journal but I’m not consistent. Thanks for reminding me to get back on track!

    I’ve had anixiety this week because I’m dealing with a plumbing problem and don’t know yet where the leak is. The water has been turned off the last few days. I didn’t sleep well Wed. night worrying about the cost. Last night I thought “I’m OK…I’m just dealing with some inconvenience” I slept quite well.

  • Rhiannon

    So simple and so effective. I’m going to start doing this now too…in a more conscious way.

    The “forced smile” thing I worked out as a kid too…making myself smile on the seemingly endless drive to visit the dentist.

    Your cd will be great too ! 🙂

  • Sue

    Love this! I have done half of the technique for most of my life though never labled it as such. Since a fairly young age, I’ve said to myself each morning, “This is going to be a really great day.” It was like a prayer.
    I have never done this at night though, and will add that in! Thanks for sharing this and continued good vibes your way re: your CD!

  • Mindful Mimi

    It’s always the simple things that do it.
    Sometimes you have to repeat the message during the day 🙂 But I like the idea.
    Smiling (i.e. force the edges of your mouth up) helps as well. Singing or humming too or just headbanging to a song in your car can lift your spirits – even though people look at me funny at the red light when I do this (well, they are just having a bad day).
    So smile, and have a great weekend singing!
    I’m going to eat icecream with my boys this afternoon – watching a 2year old eat a sundae is enough to put a smile on your face – hehe