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How to Keep Motivated After the Initial Spark    

Are you grappling with how to keep motivated?

Let me know if this ever happens to you:

You get really excited by an idea. Maybe it’s sparked by a conversation, or a presentation or conference, but, suddenly, you feel totally on fire with the possibilities.

You run through the idea through your head. You can’t stop thinking about it! You’re SO excited. So you think about it, and think about it…

And then…nothing.

It all sort of fades away. You lose steam. You hit a brick wall. You feel stuck. You give up. (I call this the Day 4 Syndrome.)

Then, you get down on yourself. You tell yourself that you don’t know HOW to keep motivated. And that makes you feel guilty, disappointed, and resigned.

Sound familiar?

How to Keep Motivated, Despite Your Inner Critic

Well, first of all, know that it happens to all of us.

That voice inside, the one that says you don’t know how to keep motivated, or worse, that you CAN’T stay motivated, is just your inner critic.

It’s also your free pass. To stay stuck. To feel defeated. To not even bother trying, because it won’t work out anyway.

Don’t listen to it!

Listen to me, because here’s the thing about motivation.

Motivation is created by showing up. Not the other way around.

It’s a choice, and I want to help you choose a path that says you CAN figure out how to keep motivated.

And that all starts with showing up.

How to Keep Motivated: Showing Up is Key

The problem with how to keep motivated happens when you expect to FEEL motivated before taking action. But, the thing is, you have to show up, whether or not your motivation does.

Showing up, as simple as it sounds, is your first action step for how to keep motivated.

See, when you show up, you’re acting from a place of personal power. Sure, the task at hand might be daunting or difficult or straight-up boring, but when you show up to tackle it, and break it into small, manageable baby steps, you’re acting from a place of CAN DO instead of waiting for the moment to strike when you “feel like doing it.”

I mean, if you waited until you “feel like it” to do the dishes or mow the lawn or take out the trash, would you ever got those things done?


You do these things because you have an intention to keep a happy, healthy, orderly home, and that’s a part of it. (Like it or not.)

How to Keep Motivated: Intention is Your Guide

The next time you start wondering how to keep motivated, or just feel stuck, let your intention be your lighthouse.

Your intention is created by your deeper, wiser self, so when you act in alignment with your intention, it points you in the right direction, and shows you how to keep motivated, every time. That’s because your intention gives meaning, and purpose, to your actions, even if they seem small and unimportant, or big and unwieldy.

Your intention will shed light on your true desire—the bigger picture—and make showing up that much easier.

One way to create a visual reminder about your intention is to make a vision board. Don’t know how? Well, you’re in luck! Download my free ebook, The Complete Guide to Vision Boards, to get started. It’s my gift to you, because what keeps ME motivated is helping people like you figure out how to keep motivated and achieve fabulous results.

I believe in you! And I know that with the right tools, like The Complete Guide to Vision Boards, you can tap into your life’s intention and show up in a way you never have before, to create the life you’ve always imagined.

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