How to Live That Impossible Dream of Yours - Christine Kane

This week, I asked you to post your questions about my Defying Gravity training, and the winner is…drum roll please… ‪Julie Wienen! I think her question is one that will resonate with many of you.

Do you think it’s unrealistic to want it all? To dream that impossible dream of yours? Have a wildly successful business, have great relationships with family and loved ones, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs… does it all seem like it could be too good to be true?

Here’s Julie’s question:

“Is it unrealistic to want it all or think I can have it all? I want to earn a huge income, run a wildly successful biz that makes my heart sing, have an amazing marriage, experience intimacy and connectedness with my young daughter, and foster amazing relationships with other women entrepreneurs. Just writing this gets my heart pumping, but it seems too good, too much. Does something have to give?”

Ok. So Julie—first thing, I’m going to give you a little coaching as to how you posed that question. When you’re working with a coach, you don’t want to ask “yes” or “no” questions, because what you’re doing it giving away your power. That’s not coaching anymore—it’s collapsing.

My answer isn’t going to be about “should you” or “is it,” “is it unrealistic,” because those are questions YOU have to answer.

There will be SO many of those people that will tell you “yes,” (muggles, as I call them). I’ve had plenty of these people in my life too (and coincidentally, they aren’t around anymore)! The reason these people exist and talk the way they do is because they have to match their own world—their own reality of probably working away in a cubicle and never getting up and doing something else. 

Do YOU think it’s possible to live your dream?

What do you think? Is it possible?

I think you already know the answer to it.

You’re here, you’re watching someone like me, and you’ve been watching people out there achieve their dreams. It wasn’t possible for me, but I did it anyway. 

When we ask questions like this, we’re seeing the goal as something out there that will magically appear. We’re seeing the goal as being something outside of us. It’s a disempowering way of looking a something you want in your world.

It’s about who you become on your way to reaching a goal:

The perspective I want to speak to it from is that you have to BECOME the goal.

So who do you have to become in order for it to be embodied in you? What characteristics? What traits?

A lot of us look at the goal as being way outside of themselves, and in the process forget about the most important thing about creating that goal, and that’s the space. Now, I don’t like to call it a gap (though a lot of people do).

I like to call it the between space. THAT’S where it all evolves.

When you work on you, and these things that you want, when it actually arrives, you’re aren’t going to have an all of the sudden “WOW” realization, because you will have evolved into it…you became it on the way. 

What small steps can you take to achieve your goals?

You’re talking about different areas of your life—relationships in your life, business…where are you now in those areas? What small steps can you take to make progress. And that’s the real kicker! Most of us don’t want to take the small steps…

Tell me in the comments below ONE thing you big dream you have – and share ONE step you can take, starting today, to BECOMING that dream. 

And for those of you who want to go deeper, who want to take this work and implement, execute and get the results–

I’ve just opened doors on a coaching experience with me. I have created and designed a 7-week deep-dive program for you called BECOMING 360. In Becoming 360, we go deep, SOUL deep. Here, you get a 360 in-depth training into your dreams and who you are being called to become in your business and in this lifetime. If you’re ready to really do this, click here to get in!


  • Mickey

    My big dream right now? Selling my current business and focusing my energy and passion on the business my husband and I share. I AM becoming that dream. I am shifting my mindset, letting go of the fears, and stepping into my power. The one step I’ve been focusing on taking every day (begun when I started watching the Defying Gravity video series) is being conscious of my intention and focusing on reigning in my tendency toward negativity. When I get overwhelmed with all the details of selling the business, I take a break, take a deep breath, and focus on how I’m going to feel when that process is complete and I can move into the future.