How to make a vision board in 5 easy steps

One of my most popular past blog posts is Vision Boards: A Quick Story. I wrote it months before the DVD The Secret was released. Then John Assaraf’s story of manifesting his giant mansion by using vision boards and the law of attraction (in The Secret) popularized the concept. Many of us, however, have been doing them for years. (I’ve been using them at my women’s retreats for about 5 years now.) And the value of a vision board goes way beyond just mansions and gold watches! In this post, I’ll cover how to make a vision board for future success.

Before you learn how to make a vision board read “What is a vision board“.

A vision board (also called a Treasure Map or a Visual Explorer or Creativity Collage) is typically a poster board or cork board on which you paste or collage images that you’ve cut out from various magazines. It’s simple. Really. If you don’t believe me, check out my free ebook “The Complete Guide to Vision Boards“.

The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with images of your ideal life, who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires through the power of visualization.

For instance, before I ever started performing music and I had no idea how I’d ever get a gig, write enough songs, or assemble a press kit, I drew a picture of myself in a bar with people watching me perform (I’m a terrible visual artist, so I actually had to label the people “people!”). And though it wasn’t the only factor in making it happen, I had a calendar full of bar and coffeehouse gigs by the next year.

My drawing was a kind of a goal setting vision board. Vision boards do the same thing as my drawing did. They add clarity to your desires and feeling to your visions.

For instance, at the time I did my drawing, I knew I wanted to play in bars and coffeehouses. (I have since left the that circuit, and I’m performing in theatres and at conferences. But in my early twenties, I wanted to play in bars and coffeehouses. I was pretty clear about that!) Knowing how to make a vision board that will help you achieve your dreams takes a little time and thought.  For me, taking the time to draw it out, even poorly, made it indelible in my mind. In The Complete Guide to Vision Boards, I cover all of this.

There are several methods for how to make a vision board. I’ve written about each one below. You can choose which one works best for you, depending on where you find yourself on this path of creating your life.


To get started with how to make a vision board, you’ll need these supplies:

– Poster board. (Target sells a really nice matte finish board. I highly recommend it.)

– A big stack of different magazines. (You can get them at libraries, hair salons, dentist offices, the YMCA.) Make sure you find lots of different types. If you limit your options, you’ll lose interest after a while. When I facilitate my women’s retreats, I always make sure we have plenty of Oprah, Real Simple, Natural Home, Yoga Journal, Dwell, Ode, Parenting, Money, Utne, and an assortment of nature magazines.

– Glue. Not Elmers. (It makes the pages ripple.) I like using Yes! Glue or Rubber cement. Glue sticks are my second choice because they don’t last.

Before you begin your first vision board:

No matter which method you’re choosing, how to make a vision board that is right for you should be started with a little ritual. Sit quietly and set the intent. With lots of kindness and openness, ask yourself what it is you want in which areas of your life. Maybe one word will be the answer. Maybe images will come into your head. Just take a moment to be with that. This process makes it a deeper experience. It gives a chance for your ego to step aside just a little and your subconscious mind to arise so that you can more clearly create your vision.

Put on soft music. My favorite music for activities like this is Anugama Shamanic Dream I and Shamanic Dream II. I love these CD’s for massage or any activity where you want to keep your mind quiet.

How to make a vision board in 5 steps:

Step 1: Go through your magazines and tear the images from them. No gluing yet! Just let yourself have lots of fun looking through magazines and pulling out pictures or words or headlines that strike your fancy. Have fun with it. Make a big pile of images and phrases and words.

Step 2: Go through the magazine cutouts and begin to lay your favorites on the board. Eliminate any images that no longer feel right. This step is where your intuition comes in. As you lay the pictures on the board, you’ll get a sense of how the board should be laid out. For instance, you might assign a theme to each corner of the board. Health, Job, Spirituality, Relationships, for instance. Or it may just be that the images want to go all over the place. Or you might want to fold the board into a book that tells a story. At my retreats, I’ve seen women come up with wildly creative ways to present a vision board.

Step 3: Glue everything onto the board. Add writing if you want. You can paint on it, or write words with markers.

Step 4: (optional, but powerful) Leave space in the very center of the vision board for a fantastic photo of yourself where you look radiant and happy. Paste yourself in the center of your board.

Step 5: Hang your vision board in a place where you will see it often.

Three Types of Vision Boards:

1 – The “I Know Exactly What I Want” Vision Board

Do this vision board if:

– You’re very clear about your desires or life goals.

– You want to change your environment or surroundings.

– There is a specific thing you want to manifest in your life. (i.e. a new home, or starting a business.)

How to make a vision board if you know what you want:

With your clear desire in mind, set out looking for the visual reminders which portray your vision. If you want a house by the water, then get out the Dwell magazine and start there. If you want to start your own business, find images that capture that idea for you. If you want to learn the guitar, then find that picture. I remember at the last retreat, one woman yelled out, “If anyone finds a picture of a little girl with red hair who looks happy, give it to me!” And someone else yelled out, “I’m looking for a Cadillac!” Pretty soon, a lively trading session began. Following the five steps above, create your vision board out of these images.

2 – The “Opening and Allowing” Vision Board

Do this vision board if:

– You’re not sure what exactly you want

– You’ve been in a period of depression or grief

– You have a vision of what you want but are uncertain about it in some way.

– You know you want change but don’t know how it’s possible.

How to make a vision board if you’re not quite sure what you want:

Go through each magazine. Tear out images that delight you. Don’t ask why. Just keep going through the magazines. If it’s a picture of a teddy bear that makes you smile, then pull it out. If it’s a cottage in a misty countryside, then rip it out. Just have fun and be open to whatever calls to you. Then, as you go through Step 2 above, hold that same openness, but ask yourself what this picture might mean. What is it telling you about you? Does it mean you need to take more naps? Does it mean you want to get a dog or stop hanging out with a particular person who drains you? Most likely you’ll know the answer. If you don’t, but you still love the image, then put it on your vision board anyway. It will have an answer for you soon enough. Some women at my retreats had NO idea what their board was about, and it wasn’t until two months later that they understood. The Opening and Allowing Vision Board can be a powerful guide for you. I like it better than the first model because sometimes our egos think they know what we want, and lots of times those desires aren’t in alignment with who we really are. This goes deeper than just getting what you want. It can speak to you and teach you a little bit about yourself and your passion.

3 – The “Theme” Vision Board

Do this vision board if:

– It’s your birthday or New Years Eve or some significant event that starts a new cycle.

– If you are working with one particular area of your life. For instance, Work & Career.

How to make a vision board for a theme:

The only difference between this vision board and the others is that this one has clear parameters and intent. Before you begin the vision board, take a moment to hold the intent and the theme in mind. When you choose pictures, they will be in alignment with the theme. You can do the Theme Vision Board on smaller pages, like a page in your journal.

Some things to remember about vision boards:

– You can use a combination of all three types of vision boards as you create. Sometimes you might start out doing one kind, and then your intuition takes over and shifts into a whole different mode. That’s called creativity. It doesn’t matter how you make a vision board. once the creativity is there, just roll with it.

– Your own vision board might change as you are making it. I was just talking with a friend of mine who said that she had been making a vision board for the new year. The theme was all about what she wanted this year. Then, as she pulled pictures and began to lay them out, the theme changed into a simpler one about her everyday life and the moments in each day. It surprised and delighted her to experience that evolution. You might find that you have little epiphanies from making a vision board.

Make a Vision Journal

Another option is to use these same principles in a big sketchbook. Get a large sketchbook and keep a vision journal on a regular basis. This is especially effective if you’re going through many transitions in your life.

I welcome anyone who has created a vision board to write your own experience in the comments…

  • Jill

    I had never considered making a theme vision board before, great idea!

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    Read a lot about creating a vision board but was not able to create it as things got little confusing on where to actually start and is this I really want. After reading this blog got clarity on how to exactly create my own specific and precise vision board. Thanks Christine

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    Hey there,

    I am struggling a lot when it’s about having my vision board. I am so much confused or I shall say I am not confident whether I’d be able to create it as it supposed to be.

    However, after reading this entire blog I could really visualize my vision board which I am going to have one for me.

    Thanks a lot, Christine!!

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    Thank you for the wonderful information! I’ve been thinking a lot about making a vision board and this is one of the best articles I found.
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    I told a friend had no idea what a vision board was and she told me to read this. It’s a great post, you write in a very easy to follow and clear way.

    Thanks for helping us all get our lives together and reach our true potential Christine!
    Take care

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    I was wondering if we can create vision board on our mobile as we have mobile handy with us. We can select pictures online and then capture it as collage.

  • Louise du Plessis

    Hi there.
    thanks for this fantastic article. This is probably a very strange question, but I was wondering how one would create a vision board if one was visually impaired for example?
    I am blind, and have been looking for ways to create a vision board for years. I would sometimes write things in a text document on my computer and forget about them and a few months later they would happen, but could you perhaps give some ideas on how to create a board without images?
    thanks again for the article

    • ciana

      since vision boards are images reinforced by mind focus or seeing/emotional-charge through imagery /and allowing these to motivate/propel you to instinctively, intuitively move you you to flow in them, : maybe use a recording device as you imagine. maybe you can play it back and dream and re-record, etc., just kinda linger-listen on the emotionally exciting parts, and continue to mind -paint from there for more clarity….. recording – listening. You can also use items (textured fabrics, shaped bottles, crafts, jewelry–anything you like) to touch and imagine. I’m sure someone has brought this to your attention, yet that’s thought.
      may you be visited daily with inspiration and truth that bring your dreams into being and doing. Sincerely, Ciana.

  • Mama Jo

    Hi Christine
    Just finished reading your article on creating a vision board
    You provided very clear information and instructions. I am excited about starting vision board and sharing with a ministry group.
    I would like permission to use the 5 steps to creating vision board for a group project that I am working on.

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    I have both a physical visionboard and also a digital one on my computer. I use as my browser homepage.
    Also my tip is allow the stuff on your board to create emotion, the more emotional response you get when you look at your board the better.

    Great post, thanks Christine!

  • Tina

    I am such a believer in vision boards and my life has changed because of the focus and clarity it offers me. Thanks for this article, it’s another reminder to me to keep it updated. i have a virtual vision board on and though i love having a physical board, on the website you can add intentions to the image where you can see it when you hover it and then print the vision board on a sticker… so i have both now.
    Thank you for being so amazing and empowering to all of us.

  • Q

    OMG! I read all the way down to the end of the article to the part that says make a vision journal and….it hit me! A few months ago I attepted to write all my goals in a journal book and it fell by the waist side. I think it was because I didn’t have a VISION JOURNAL. There is much to be said about the power of words but without the power of visualization, they are that….just words. I’m starting mine ASAP! Thanks for an inspiring article!

    • Stephanie

      Christine, I really enjoyed your articles. I love the way you write, I love your topics and I really like who you present yourself to be. I have been creating vision boards for about 35 years. I think I first learned about them from Shakti Gawain’s book entitled Creative Visualization. My copy is an original 1978 edition. I’ve enjoyed creating them to stimulate change or to help myself through a transitional period. I can remember being dissatisfied with my body and in one scenario in my vision board, I glued a cutout of my head on top of a model in a swimsuit. I inserted my own picture into many visual situations. Many of the scenarios on my vision boards (sometimes they were huge pieces of paper covering a whole wall) showed up in my 3 dimensional life. The vision board I have in front of me now is constructed on a three panel folding display card. I like to be able to fold it up and put it safely away if i don’t want it seen by company, for example. The pictures I chose were pictures that made me feel good when I looked at them. That was my only criteria. I don’t necessarily want to own, be or experience the subject of the picture. I’m really after the feeling I get from looking at them. A friend looked at my vision board the other day and commented how so many of the scenarios are present in my current reality. I hadn’t noticed. Yes, vision boards are fun and a useful tool for maintaining (or at least visiting) that vibration of soulful happiness. It’s good for you and sometimes it draws to you that thing that will help you keep that vibe going. Thanks again for an inspiring website. I’ve bookmarked you.


    What a great post!

    After watching The Secret I’ve been obsessed with the law of attraction
    and especially the part about vision boards. I also started using affirmations and autosuggestion in my life, which are very helpful btw…

    I even went so far and created 3 vision boards which I later attached to different places in my home, but I have to admit that this post is even more insightful than the documentary itself! I’ll definitely have to reinvent all my vision boards and follow your guides!

    I really love stuff like this! My life has completely changed after watching that documentary, so I even went so far and created several websites on this topic. Here’s one of my recent posts on this topic:

    I know what’s my next one going to be – Vision Boards! Inspired by your article of course – don’t worry, I won’t copy anything 🙂

    Thanks a lot for this amazing article!

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    I found your site researching for my latest project which is actually… illustrated portraits of visions of success, which for me were a step forward after vision boarding… so I had the opposite journey that you did!
    Here’s is the project
    Lvoed your post!

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  • Tyson Russell

    Great post, vision boards are great for focusing on what you want and making what you want come true. Creating a video of your vision board will make it even more enjoyable.

  • Ladylike Lore

    I remembered a tv show that introduced vision boards to me and I really wanna do it. Whatever helps ! The second type of board “Opening and Allowing” made me feel so much better about miself, because I always shift from one goal to another, and end up doing nothing perfect. I guess I just have to learn to balance, and prioritize. Thank you for this article !!!!

  • Tiffany

    Thanks so much! Love your simple, warm advice!

  • Jeanne

    I had been looking for magazines and books about travel and the world. Wasn’t having much luck then I found this glorious book about weddings. I found a picture in it of a Cinderella wedding and immediately knew this was the picture for me. I covered my board with zebra cloth from a blouse I cut up as well as plain black fabric and pastel plaid, very delicate fabric of various shades of pink and cream. I put my wedding photo front and center with the words: Imagine, higher calling, intuitions, destination luxury, the best of both worlds, and memories are priceless. I have a picture of a yacht, an Acura SUV, some rock formations from Africa, Australia, and Vegas. I glued silk flowers and greenery across the top in lovely shakes of pink, mauve, white, and blue. I came across stacks of Traveler magazine for 18 cents each. I am pouring over them to choose my favorite dream destinations to add to my vision. My main theme to traveling the world with my soul mate. I love looking at my vision board. It gives me great joy and happiness.

  • joseph witcher

    I need to start a vison board so that i can get my life, and buisness together

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    I want start a vision board.. is it necessary to use Magazines ? or can i print images instead??? thank you

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    wow,to me what matters in most cases is where am going.and with the VISION BOARD,
    i have made awesome achievement including a gold medal at the world of champions.
    am 27 years, but my ultimate goal is, i want to retire when am 35years. with the power of the vision board, it will come to pass.
    i started using the vision board when i was 23, i have had a fully transformed life.
    try it also, your life will never stay the same.
    thanks so much.

  • AliChan

    I think I’m going to start a vision board and a journal. I’m 14 going on 15 and I have a pretty clear idea of what I want. I want to be a chef and eventually own my own restaurant. I’m going to try to get a summer internship at a local restaurant and I think a vision board and journal could keep me inspired to try my hardest. This is an awesome article. Thanks so much. 🙂

    • Eva

      That sounds awesome AliChan!

  • nomsa ramathibela

    wow I’m so inspired by this article. i have lots of ideas and dreams but coud not know how to go about implementing. with this simple step by step to live your dreams i know i will make it. professionally, socially, financially, and personally. thank you

  • Liz

    Hi, i´m just starting a vision board because i´m sixteen and i want to figure out what i want to do with my life, like in every aspect: carreer, health… life in general, this idea came to me in three ways, first my mom once told me that if i made a vision board i could get all my goals and desires; then i saw it on ¨Two broke girls¨ where they make a vision board to get a cupcake store and make it work, and finally i´ve always wanted to make collages i didn´t knew why and now it kind of means i need to explore my creativity to organize my mind and maybe with these new vision board i get to know what i want for me in the future and organize my plans so even the craziest idea becomes reality.

    I´m also afraid to hang it on a public place, because i live with my parents and well i don´t want them to see that maybe i hang on the board a picture of a singer and they don´t even know why, maybe i just hang it because i liked the hair (?) hehe, well i´m really afraid of what they´re going to think.

    I was thinking that maybe i can make a little one for school, so i can see my goals at every single time of the day… in 2 days we´re going to start a new year, so i hope everyone gets to fulfish their wishes and acomplish every goal they have, if it was not this year, i wish that the next one will be an awesome year for everyone to reach their life goals. 😀

    Thank you for this wonderful article, it explains everything you need to know about vision boards and also helps to give you an inspiration on how to start.

    I´ll return in a half year to post the results 🙂

    FIGHTING ¡¡¡ n_n

    • Ginny

      Hi Liz. I think you have a great idea about putting your vision board in your locker @ school. I saw a YouTube video about school girls that decorate their lockers with different things like carpet and specially made wallpaper and other cool stuff. What better way to encourage yourself every school day (several times a day) than by putting your dreams up on the inside of your locker! I know that sometimes family members misunderstand even the best intentions and dreams are very fragile things when they are in their infancy. It’s hard when you think your innermost thoughts could be set up for ridicule. I’m sure that your parents want what’s best for you but sometimes it still can be hard. Maybe you can put a vision board up on the inside of your closet door or the back of the door to your room (people rarely look there). Maybe you can discuss your vision board(s) with your parents sometime in the future…when you feel more confident about the direction you see your life going. It’s not like you are trying to hide anything, just trying to grow into a better person.

      I am going to take your idea and put a vision board inside my work locker. I might as well use the space for something positive, since I have to be there anyway. Best of luck to you, sweetheart.

      • Lizi Pearl

        Hello! Your post caught my eye because I had seen my name, and it applies to me, too, wonderfully enough! I’m going to start putting a vision board in my locker now, thank you for the idea! But I was also hoping that a Vision Book might work? I have a vision wall in my room but my more private thoughts I keep in a little binder that I call a vision book? Do you think that’ll work, too? Love to you, God bless! 😊💕

  • Isabelle Denis

    You might like this. I make my vision board of images and also write positive toughs on there.

    You may see a picture of a board I gave as a gift to a friend. Click on the picture and you’ll see a description of how to do this.

  • Trina

    I am about to start my Vision Board process. I found myself attracted more to words than images (then again, I had just begun with the fashion magazines-ugh). The words ‘spoke’ to me (pun intended) and I thought I might like to scatter them among the images once I have them all. ARe words advisable? Thoughts?

  • ana

    i was having just another mornig at work untill Kenny skyped me ” Ana lets do a vision boar”,
    I had no idea what he was talking about, so i did some reading about it, and I think this project may just change my life.

  • Stuart Kaplowitz, MFT

    A wonderful tool to use in sessions as well. Thank you for this

  • Stuart Kaplowitz, MFT

    A wondeful tool. Thank for you this. Something to bring into sessions as well.

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    Hi! Thanks for teaching this.
    I’ve started to make a vision board that, by now, there are pieces of paper with writing. The first one contains the the second level of the studies I’m taking (I’m taking the first level), the second one is a printed paper of the information and a picture of a city of the US taken from wikipedia and the last ones contain the words of the English titles I want to achieve. Is it ok? Later, I will add pictures.


  • Germaine Beuviere

    I wanted to tell you how wonderful this idea was! I always made a goals list at the beginning of the year to check off as I accomplished one of the goals. However, the notebook I’d keep it in wasn’t being seen on a daily basis because I was busy doing something else. With the “Vision Board”, I was able to “see” my goals manifested into images. I designed mine online and printed it out to put on an old board I used when I was homeschooling my children. I even took it a step further and made it into a video with titles and music. That was really fun to make as was the “Vision Board”. Thank you so much! I hope to be able to go on one of your retreats to learn more.

  • Dooit

    I just learned vision board from your ebook, and I made one. Thank you, Christinekane.

  • Prairie Kittin

    I make “Bucket List” boards, as well as Vision Boards. I use Photoshop and Gnu Image Manipulation Program to create these, then print them out and keep them in my private journal. I want to go to Australia and touch Uluru (NOT climb it.. just touch it). That’s my main goal on my “Bucket List” of things I want to do before I die. So, I took a picture of me on my motorcycle and Photoshopped it into a picture of Uluru. 🙂

  • Khush Mujral

    Thanks so much for sharing your Vision Board techniques, Christine. I really enjoyed this article and as law of attraction states, like attracts like. Last year, I came across John Assaraf and as I was listening to him, I came to wonder about how to create a Vision Board. So I went ahead and started cutting out pictures from magazines, books, etc. I have made my vision board twice and the most recent one was made last year. It’s so key to be specific as you go along. Attaching a date with the pictures also helps. It’s been useful for me and I’m quite sure for many others. I’m glad you shared this magnificent idea.

  • kifle

    it nice to get some one who can teach about the vision board. …..
    christine, i feel u start the biggest thing…what i want to say is ‘shaping ones future and go for it’
    is the admirable……to do this vision board is the way

  • Alexis Richardson

    I must be the only person alive that this VB didn’t seem to work for. I creted my first one at least about 4-5 years ago and saw only ONE thing happen on it so I summed it up to be mere coincidence. I posted it in my bathroom so that I could se it everyday and me motivated but recently I fell into depression and couldn’t stand to look at it any longer. I even went ahed and created a secon one about a year ago, threw that out as well because my life doesn’t resemble any of the things I posted on my board (an for the record they weren’t far out things at all) The typical stuff most women want career, family, home, spirituality, balance, etc. I think its a waste of time, and can lead to depression if you’re not careful, sorry just my honest expereince!!!

  • Lana

    I am getting together with a couple of girls on Friday to start making vision boards. I am ready for some deep personal transitions in my life. This is one tool I am looking forward to. Thanks for this lovely resource.

  • Nikki Roberts

    Thank you for this great blog. The law of attraction really works. It has changed my life for the better in so many ways that it is impossible to list them all on here. I have used a vision board and through it I have healed my chronic depression and brought me a warm and loving family. In fact it has had such a profound effect on my life that I have started my own blog to share with others how they too can change their lives for the better! It’s at

  • jaye

    I organised and facilitated a woman’s group vision board creating workshop. The women who attended responded with numerous positives of sharing and creating their personal vision boards. Many fed back that the actioning of their boards employing affirmations, visualisations and gratitude produced positive outcomes in many areas of their lives and some got what they wanted/visioned. Many women continue to recreate/update their boards with continued positive manifestations. I work in the area of mental health counselling and support and employ vision boards with my clients alongside visualisation, meditation and breathing techniques to name a few. My own experience of creating my own unique VB allowed me to manifest major changes in my life and hence manifest personal freedom.

  • Moritz Lightman

    Christine, Christine, Christine

    I loved your article, but I feel I need to draw your attention to to 3 major points.

    1.) Your vision board is switched to ultra low power UNLESS you visualize yourself (visualize – vision board, remember?) UNLESS you visualize yourself integrated fully, becoming completely immersed, into the picture or pictures, using all 5 senses of observation (as per quantium physics). This oversight will all but bury your attempts. Forget text, it has little effect, the mind responds to images driving emotions.

    2.) I’m afraid you’ve made things so complicated. A vision board can be as simple as a photo you carry in your pocketbook, a picture you place under your pillow at night, or a image you tape onto your fridge door. If it no longer fails to resonate with you, you swap it for another. If there’s anywhere you use the K.I.S.S. principle it’s here. Please travel light my friend. A single electifying image is far more effective than a plethora of confusing, distracting collages.

    3.) Unless you get a thumbs up from life, an omen, a message, that your vision board is ‘live’ within a couple of days, you’ve made a milksop attempt. Most reasonably directed goals should be solidly forming in 7 days or so, not 1 year or more. But you’ll need to visualize intently 4+ times daily.

    So there you have it. This was so much fun. Again, relished your post, and thank you for allowing me to share. Shine like the star you are.

  • Vacation Getaways

    A vision board really does help to get organized in all areas of life. I personally use it for my business and it works very well.

  • Steve_The_Vision_Board_Guy

    Hello Christine Kane.
    I really like the way you have broken down the steps to making a vision board. I really agree with the three types of vision boards you have mentioned above. A lot of people get stumped on where and how to start making their dream boards. However, if you categorized into 3 types, this makes it easier for a person to think and know what they want inside their dream boards.
    I am going to bookmark this page of yours. I will be looking forward to more tips from you and I hope we can exchange ideas for a better vision board.

  • Jeannie Pitt

    Such excellent advice here. I’ve just become a certified vision board trainer as of today and I’m so excited that the power of this concept is getting out there. Great article. I love it!

  • Create My Mind Movie

    I think it actually helps in the creation process, when you sit down and think about what you really want and are in the process of creating your vision board.

    Firstly when do we actually sit down and think about what we really want. Secondly when do we actually spend time to visualize and get into the feeling of having all the things that we want.

    Creating a visionboard or having a vision journal solves both these problems. I know I had so much fun putting together my vision board, and the hardest part was actually figuring out what I wanted! I make sure to visualize on my board every day and pair this up with watching my digtial vision board also known as a Mind Movie. It is just that extra bit more powerful with the music, affirmations and I feel like I could have a much more comprehensive picture of my whole life (all crammed into 3.5 minutes)! Its the thing I look forward to watching the most when I wake up!

    Thanks for these great tips though, I definitely am going to start with a vision journal too!

  • merry

    i made a vision board once and all it did was make me focus on what I was lacking. once i took it down my life started turning around.

  • Neil

    Hi Christine,
    Vision boarding is a great way to keep you on track with your goals. I always get questions on how to make one so this article is really helpful. I will refer people to your blog. For those who would like a non digital version of a vision board there is this great kit available my friend just informed me about.
    Check it out at The Lifeboard

  • Dick Daidone

    I am a pretty avid hiker and will admit that I am anal about my tools. If there is one thing that I highly dislike, it’s when my tools break. That is why I always purchase quality tools to gear myself up and be prepared for just about anything the trail throws at me.

  • Saved By Love Creations

    Hi. I linked your blog post on my site in a post on vision boards. Great site you have!

  • Joe Wilner

    Thanks so much for the post! Very informative and clear directions for developing a vision board. I work with adolescents in the foster care system and was wondering if you had any ideas for setting goals with teenagers. Thanks again.

  • kathryn

    Hello Christine,

    My daugther and i are going to make a vision board, your website is very helpful thankyou soooo much.

    Cheers Australia.

  • articles

    Vision board should be seen every day en visualize for things manifest faster, Iam about to make a new vision board and visualize every day all over again 🙂

    greetings from Kansas!

  • Mikaela

    Hello Christine,
    I’m about to start a vision board for myself and wanted more information on creating them. I found your blog and have found it very helpful. I do have one question though. Before I read this I was looking online for pictures and then I saw that you suggested creating vision boards from magazines. Do you think magazines are better to use than the internet while creating a vision board?

  • shanna

    Very nice blog with some great articles!

    Visualization is a key factor in your pursuit of goals. Your board creates excitement and enthusiasm everytime you see it.

    Have clearly defined and written goals with a deadline. Then taking actions steps persistently and with determination, following the roadmap you set up for yourself, will lead you to your dreams.

    If you believe you can achieve!

  • Toki Tover


    I was searching online about vision boards and I am truly thankful that I found your site (it helped that you were ranked number one in Google) I just love the thoroughness of how to make and create a vision board.

    I made one, took me a day, and I made a video about it: … (super nervous) But I feel that it was a mind opening experience and that I am sure my board will be changing and evolving from time to time…

    Thank you!

    Toki Tover

  • Micheline

    Hi, I stumbled upon your website while looking up ideas on how to make a vision board. I felt I needed to refocus myself more strongly. Seems there are too many distractions with all this stuff happening these days around us. Usually, I am pretty good on my own. I have enough power of my own to manifest what I need. I discovered those ideas long time ago. But, anyway, I have been reading some of your articles and they are wicked. Thanks very much.

  • Jori

    I like vision board I used it once and I’m still checking on my board everytime I want to feel motivated, sometime I modify from time to time, I like your website so I will share it with my friends in my blog since it talks about the Secret book

    Rasberry girl

  • Robert Xeno

    Hi Christine!
    Always enjoy your writting. And music too.
    We have a studio here in Seattle, perhaps if you travel and are in the neighborhood we could get together and produce some recordings!.

    Bring a guitar or play one of ours. What do you think?

  • Christine Kane

    Sheri – I’ll have my team check that out. In the meantime, if you go directly to – or just enter your name and email in the space at the header of this page – that should work. Sorry bout that!

  • Sheri

    Hi. I opted in to get your vision board ebook, but I can’t get the link in the email sent to me to work. When I click on the ebook visual, as directed, all I get is a pdf of your opt-in page.
    Can you please send me a working link to the ebook?

    Thanks much.


  • Galina Z

    Thank you for the terrific Vision Board idea, Christine! I will start working on it shortly.

    Meanwhile, I put link to this page on my blog to share with others.

  • Cathy –  No_xqses

    This was a great site to help me put into perspective what it is I’m trying to do. Just being told of the 3 types of boards helped me to single out the stage I’m in…”opening and allowing.” That alone let me know it’s ok not to know everything about what I want and my passions. I made a picture framed vision “board” before, but it hangs on a wall I seldom look at. Just as a decoration. I am making another (thanks to the inspiration here) that is pure & raw and not for design but for desires… of my heart.
    Great blog. Thanks!

  • Caleb

    Christine, I want to thank you for sharing. I was a little confused with going about constructing a vision board. You made everything clear and easy. The universe has a way of leading you to the right people. Thank you so much. Peace and Blessings!

  • Randi

    I’ve been collecting images of my dream kitchen and keep them in a folder. You’ve inspired me to put them on a board and display them prominently.
    Thank you!

  • mel

    I read this blog with interest. I found it following a search as I wanted to send some info to my friend to help her focus on her dreams after a sad year.

    I did my first vision board in 2008. I found it the other day hidden away in a cupboard, where i had put it for safe keeping while we are decorating. All of the things/themes on it are now in my life – despite 2009 being a difficult year where my son was still born.

    I now have my own business, have written a book, am helping people and sharing my success (putting aside money from my earnings into a fund to help other bereaved parents). Themes that focused strongly such as nature, animals and relaxation have supported me through my grief.

    I have been reinspired and am going to collect images for a new one.

  • Secret Attraction

    The new year is a perfect time for change and self improvement. Make 2010 the year that you attract the life you deserve. Let positive thoughts lead to productive actions and then to the perfect life!

  • Shawn Ang

    Hi Christine

    Can i exchange link with you? Your website is interesting. 🙂 Thank you very much.

  • Tallulah

    Hello. I am interested in making a vision board but I don’t have any place to put one where I’m living that won’t be in others’ way, or commented on. Has anyone ever made an online vision board? I am on the computer daily and thought maybe I’d make a vision board on my computer and then use it as my desktop, so I can see it daily and be visually stimulated. If anyone has, I’d appreciate hearing how they created one. Thanks. ~ Tallulah

  • Leon

    Hi Christine

    Excellent guide on how to do vision boards! I included a link to this page on my site. Thanks for the inspiration.


  • Kimmy Squiers

    What a fabulous creative blog you have. Thank you for taking the time to teach people how to vision boards. After crying on my boyfriend’s shoulder at the stroke of midnight on my 40th birthday, I decided to change my life. I have committed to an hour of yoga a day, mediation daily and have taken on a life coach who teaches techniques to living our dream life (based on The Law of Attraction). 2 months ago, she told me to make 2 vision boards that reflect the life I want as a professional writer and the other to reflect a healthy body. ( of my goals)

    It took me 2 months to get them done because I procrastinated! Ugg. Sometimes I tend to resist change and doing what I know is good for me. I think my blog helps people understand that they are not alone in their quest and struggle in making change that they want. There are so many people who try to be “the expert”…I’m happy with being me. People relate to that.

    Anyway, I digress. I will be sending people who go to my site to yours so they can read all about HOW to make a vision board, and I will simply post mine and leave the “how tos” to you.

    Blessings and Namaste.

  • Chantel

    Hi Christine. Well, like most of the others here it seems I found you through a Google search “Creating a vision board”. Great article. I am a yoga teacher and a recently licensed massage therapist trying to figure out how to make the transition from working a 9-5 job to working for myself. It’s scary. At lunch today with a friend who owns a local studio I realized I need a vision. I look forward to creating my vision board with your instructions.

    p.s. Your name seemed so familiar and as I continued reading the comments, it finally dawned on me. I used to live in Asheville and my favorite radio station was, of course, WNCW. And one of my favorite songs was bowler song you sang. I can hear it in my head right now, but I can’t think of the actual name. I think I have it on my ipod possibly from one of the Crowd Around the Mic Cds.

    Neato. I love synchronicity! Take care.


  • harry

    You may also want to check out, it has a built-in online vision board(slideshow) to help you visualize your goals.

  • chaz

    Yes! Awesome idea. I made TWO smaller (more manageable!) vision boards – one for my office and one for home. I found that using more pictures and less words worked the best for me. I’m also going to try to ‘change the landscape’ of the boards from time-to-time to keep them fresh.

    For extra inspiration I went for some good-looking cork boards with custom frames on them that I picked out online at . I’m sure there are other places as well, but FWIW this place was pretty cheap.

  • Shawn Ang

    Hi Christine

    I had put your website link in my website blog @

    I find your blog is very interesting. So i use your blog in my blog to share with my friends. Thank you.

  • Shawn Ang

    Hi Christine

    I am glad someone like you have common interest with me, doing vision board to inspire others. Very great explosive ideas!!! I love the way you explain as such vision board to create sets of goals to achieve. 🙂 Can i have the permission to share your blog article in my blog? Wait for your reply. Thanks.

  • jadon

    Here is a application on facebook where you can make your own digital Visionboard. Its really fun and fast. here is the link…

    • Hitesh

      Hi dear !

      nice work i like it

      but this link is not available in facebook give me other link about Vision Board

  • Carlie

    I thank you. i was so depressed and worried about my family before this project.
    i sometime think the fighting will never stop.THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!!!

  • Tom Harvey


    Great post and info, have started to put my vision board together to assist with my focus and goals. Thanks


  • Christa Herzog

    Hi Christine,
    Your advice and ideas for a vision board will go greatly together with mindmovies, which is a computer software: you use photos you enjoy and affirmations you find right for yourself, make a 3 minute movie, which you than watch your monitor. The special about the software is that you can change the transparency. While you work you will put the transparency high. You will not be disturbed while you read and right, but your subconscious will take in the information which the photos and affirmations give.
    Double is always better. It will be wonderful to have a vision board and have your mindmovie run while you are on your labtop.

    Thank you,


  • sandrar

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  • Ciarán

    Hey, quick question. How would you incorporate and even show on your vision board wanting to become a famous actor????

  • srinath reddy

    i dont have that much if magazines ,but i will do my best

  • Manuel Alvarado

    Thanks a lot Cristi for your advice. I am writing to you from Quito-Ecuador. Thank you again.

  • Mariana

    I’m a 18 year old girl from Mexico and most of my friends are at party time and all seem to be smoke and drink i also like to party but not that much i care about my future and it looks like an infinite world we are young and with so many things to do and learn and some times they’re not that easy to achieve thats why the vision board idea came to me and i think its a tool that all of us can use to be better and be happy beeing the profesionist,wife or any option that we want beeing the best and changing the world and ourselves spiritualy and with our families and comunities and this site help me a lot to improve my vision board and guide me to improve my ideas and goals thank you all of us can make the diference and make a better place our world believing and with actions .
    BE HAPPY 🙂

  • Adalia John

    Intuitively, I have been doing what could be called vision boarding and have been guiding others to do the same. My favorite example – twenty one years ago- I made a list of five things I wanted and kept it on my refrigerator. I wanted to have a man in my life (I was divorced for five years at that time) I wanted to own a home for my three children and myself. I wanted a new car ( I was driving a Datsun) don’t laugh , there’s a story behind that. I wanted to be able to afford a private school for my children and I wanted to be a successful mompreneur. Within twelve months, they were all manifested.

    There is nothing new under the sun. Information that’s presented in one form may be understood by some and not others. Take the same information and change it some way, while retaining the essence and you will attract a new group of people.

    No matter what the modality is for positive change, it will not work for everyone, There is a saying from my childhood (so sorry if you are a vegetarian) “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

    We are children of the Universe and it is our birthright to have a life filled with abundance – in all areas – love, money etc. and when we are ready and we believe, we will allow ourselves to see the life changing resources that already exists.

  • Theresa Ceniccola

    Thanks for the great resource, Christine! I have created a vision board in the past during a spiritual retreat (but I didn’t know what it was called). I am very excited to create a new board in honor of my 41st birthday next week! But I have a question…have you ever used vision boards as sort of a life review for seniors? To honor the milestones, treasure certain people and events and celebrate growth in one’s life? I realize you could do a traditional scrapbook for this purpose (with actual photos from one’s life), but just wondering if the vision board concept would apply. Thanks!

  • Honoria Starbuck

    Hi Christine, Thanks for the great set of instructions. We have a team of 3 professionals to facilitate our vision board workshops at Bridging Futures in Austin: a wise and experienced business coach, a social worker/dancer and an artist/teacher. The combined facilitation experiences of these three is amazing. The full day workshop always creates both professional and personal visions composed on each board. It’s interesting to see how a vision board really illustrates our integration of many aspects of our lives, even though we may think we keep our professional and private lives in separate realms. I believe that the visual aspects of vision boarding allows people to arrange patterns. When looking at the image collection the patterns are still flexible and slowly the words come out with the glue to finalize the meanings of the picture collection. I love most to hear the stories from the participants several weeks or months after the event to see what came “true”.

  • Janel

    Oddly enough, my english teacher made us make a vision board and I didn’t realize it was one until I found this. It’s been hanging on my door for a year now and last christmas I got this red bass that was on my vision board. It was the exact one I printed out and put on my board……

  • irina

    Hi Christine!
    I have just come across your blog searching for the information about how to make a vision board. I loved the article, however had no time to read the forum.
    I would like to share an amazing story. Well, to me it is amazing.

    I needed something like a doghouse to put on my deck for my outdoor cat, yet there was no budget just to go and get one.
    One morning I took a piece of paper and a pencil, and came to my husband saying, “Honey, if you see something like this (and I started drawing a piece of furniture looking like a cabinet) inexpensive, on yard sales or a flea market- get one for the kitty, it will work perfect for him”. I had unusually strong need for this particular type of a cabinet that morning, don’t ask me why.
    One hour later I was taking my son to school, driving in our neighbourhood, and all of a sudden saw EXACTLY the SAME CABINET I HAD VISION OF AND DRAW A PICTURE OF SO RECENTLY! Someone put it outside for garbage to pick up. It was in absolutely excellent condition.
    Of course I loaded it into my car and brought home. It is a perfect house for my cat, and constant reminder of Miracles around us.

  • Sonia

    Hi Christine!
    Thank you very much, I just received the Triple Pack! Both my 18-yr old daughter and I are excited to spend a whole afternoon making our vision boards. I told her about your website and your suggestions in making one.
    She went with me to buy our materials, and as we were going down the aisle in the store, I told her look for the Yes! Glue since you recommended it highly. She was so frustrated that we couldn’t find it, and asked me what’s going to happen if we didn’t use the Yes! Glue. I told her that we could use the rubber cement instead, cuz you said the glue stick doesn’t last long and that the Elmer’s causes wrinkling.
    She then heaved a huge sigh of relief and told me that she thought using the Yes! Glue was imperative, the name being “YES”, and she thought it had greater affirmative powers to make our vision boards more effective! That sent me laughing so hard.
    I just thought this was worth sharing to spread some smiles across your faces. Create a great day!

  • Raul

    HI.. I just came across your blog as became interested in vision boards after watching the secret… I had plenty of ideas to start one, even using some software to ellaborate one… you think using a computer made board is as effective?
    Well the other point is that you refer almost exclusively to women .. not much of men working on boards why?

  • Imran O Kazmi

    Hi Christine,

    Added a link to your blog on my site under SPIRITUALITY, let me know if you’re ok with my comments.

    Cheers, good work, keep singing, keep changing!

    Love, Imran

  • Mary Martin

    I have a daughter graduation from high school and I thought an awesome gift would be a link to your website along with a print out of this blog (with permission) and include some basic supplies to do a vision board. I want to also include my own story about list making as well, I got the idea from the Aladin Factor many years ago.

    Have you ever given this “gift” to a young person – if so what would you, might you include?

    Poster Board
    adhesive of some kind
    a sharpie
    and maybe a small sketch book as well for doing vision pages….
    If I’ve missed this information somewhere I apologize but with graduation coming up – maybe someone else might be interested in the same idea. thank you so much, I enjoy your gifts!

  • Barbara

    Im searching for a free Online-Vision-Board. Do You know such a Board?



  • James Britt

    Hi Christine, I signed up for your triple pack and nothing happened. Where can I go for information on how to better obtain the offer? I’m just starting to get interested in Vision Boards etc. Thanks, – James

  • Jennifer Cast

    I just have a question regarding the vision board. If there is something I want to get rid of can I put it on the board with an X or something over to try to get rid of it??

  • Art Gonzalez

    Fantatic resource. I´ve always enjoyed creating vision boards and they are in fact a key activator of the LOA but this article explains it really well.

    Many blessings,

    Art Gonzalez
    Quantum Knights

  • Rich Lomax

    For all of your efforts re: the Secret,
    There seems to be soooo much to read with a tremendous return to same old same old??

  • An

    Hi Chelynne,

    That’s really exciting, thanks for sharing that tip!

    I have a question to ask you about Kevin Costner: Did you put a picture of yourself next to him or something like that?

    Instead of cutting pictures and gluing them to vision board, I am cropping pictures, putting my face on other peoples’ faces in Photoshop lol

  • Chelynne

    Christine, several months ago I made a Vision Board. I found a picture of a lady reading a book. I put the title “Carnival Mirror” on the book with my name “Chelynne Nicole” and glued it to my Vision Board.

    I wrote the book and it is going to be published very soon!

    I am also the same woman who met Kevin Costner in the post above!

  • Teresa

    Hi, I to am one of the many people who have been going to create a vision board but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I came across your great info by a couple of links from a scrapbooking websit. A VB appeals to me, I like to touch and see and create and your ideas and those of the people who have written to you are great, Im going to start mine today! I already use the positive power of attraction everyday, through the positive thought process and know that my VB will support this and help me to grow as a more positive person. Thanks again.

  • sukey

    Well, something cool happened with the 3rd board. (I’ve made 5 to date). I read one of Christine’s other articles about choosing a word for the year. Now, that got me thinking: what word would I choose? Release was a possibility, but it didn’t seem quite right. I was on the phone with a friend discussing this dilemma while paging through magazines and ripping things out. I was going through “Food & Wine” and found the phrase “Lighten Up” right next to beautiful photos of a Hanukah celebration.

    So “Lighten Up” it is.

  • bineempamma

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

  • sukey

    Well, I’ve made two so far and am getting ready to do the third one. They’re very interesting because the two themes that showed up the most were animals, as in wanting to spend more time with them and travel to exotic places to see them, and travel. It almost ended up that the two boards were split down the middle – one was almost exclusively about animals and the other had a lot of travel – maps and pictures of places I’d like to go and adventures I’d like to have…there was less emphasis on being part of a couple than I expected (got separated a year ago). But the dumb part is I’m confused about what they MEAN and what looking at them means.

    I mean, I know I love animals and want to have more animals in my life than my four cats and I know I love to travel and want more travel in my life so…I had tried making these as the opening and allowing kind..but I’m having trouble figuring out what these things mean, except at the most obvious, superficial level…

  • Pinky

    Wow I was too excited clicked submit right away!

    I went to the supplies store yesterday and bought 4 A3 size mounting boards. Initially, I was thinking of just one huge board, but then I’m a little girl so I thought splitting up my life into several compartments would be easier 🙂 I’ll start with these 4 boards first 🙂 Thanks so so much… again 🙂

  • Pinky

    I googled “How to Make a Vision Board” and your entry came up. Thanks so much! I’ve been a huge procrastinator on this personal project of mine, using “I don’t know where to start” as an excuse. Thanks so much!!

  • Cheryl

    I have used some form of vision boards for over 15 years. My current vision is to see our ecommerce site grow. Our focus has been on the outcome and even when the economy or things seem to go against us we find people that know there is always another way to look at things. Our discussions with ad agency’s informed us that while it may be tough to get funding once we do the economy allows us to get more media space because of the economy. There is always a positive side to life and my vision board remind me of that.

  • Marsha

    I thought you might be interested in my journey in creating Touchstone words and vision boards and how I shared the experience with my middle school students. Here is my experience chronicled on my blogsite:
    My personal experience with creating a touchstone word for 2009:

    My experience with my middle school students:

    What great insight and wisdom you have to share with the rest of us on this journey! I also wanted to ask permission to link your blog from my blogsite. Thanks again for the inspiration and I am sure, if my students were able, would also thank you.

  • Chrissy

    My friend Kelly and I just finished our boards tonight. We took photos of our boards and plan to post them as our desktop images so we can see them all day at work to allow us to constantly think about what we want.

  • Elle

    Thank you for the inspiration
    and direction on ideas!

  • Dick Ingersoll

    The new computer vision boards are great but I really enjoy going through catalogs and magazines and cutting out and mounting my dreams on a mounting board.

  • Max

    I recently stole an idea I got from about an affirmation that I feel makes all the difference in the world. And also imagine having a vision board, but in a vision movie? Incredible. My New affirmation has changed from “I have 1 million dollars” to “I have 1 million happy customers right now” I feel this is much more powerful. Also This is one of the best details on creating a vision board I have seen on the net and I acknowledge your skill and creativity and thank you for making this for us. 🙂

  • Margaret Palmer

    Hey Christie,

    Wow, a vision board. I did this years ago to empower myself and never knew it had a name. I think it’s time to create another. Another suggestion, If you would rather have a book than board, use a scrapbook or photo album with plastic sleeves to put you desires into. You can decorate the pages and make them look exactly what you want. The more you put into it, the more important that dream will be engraved in you. Just a thought!

    Margaret Palmer

  • Madalyn Sklar

    Hey Christine,

    Great info!! I love vision boards. I just blogged about goal setting and recommended vision boards and linked to your site.

    Rock on!
    Madalyn Sklar, IndieMusicCoach & Social Networks for Musicians

  • lorraine

    I have made a visual board. I put my desires on it. Can I add more to it. My desires are center around the person whom I want in my life and my desires for my sone.

  • tom

    Thank you so much for sharing this great vision board idea with others.

    I have constructed one myself just now and it brings so much joy to me and so many changes have happened.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Rico

    Christine: I love your blog. I have been using vision board combined with Fren Shui practice for ten years. Most of my dreams became real for me and my family. When I look back, my dreams were based on all the necessities in our lives and not focusing on JOY of life. This time I got a new board only for myself (I have another family board.) I wrote down my dreams in the past, but this time I want to use lots of pictures on the board and focus on JOY of my life. I will let you know soon how it goes. You have a positive blog,
    thank you.

  • hi Im Toni

    I am trying to do a vision board but im wondering if im two specific for exampe. I had a book of poems that i wanted published so I mocked up the page that would be on the publishers website with isbn number and a blurb of how great the book was… Im getting published but the printer is not the same as in the vision. Now id like to envision sold copies… how do I do this? and my book with prizes? Also Im inlove with someone that I would like to be in my life. Im not sure if i should envision being with this person or be more vague to ensure that the universe provides me with love. how do I go about this??

  • Jackie

    Thanks for sharing your vision board with me. It’s a great way for our goals to be laid out in front of us…and many of us are more receptive to visual cues/reminders. It’s a great idea. Thank you!

  • wintervssummer

    I very much love summer 🙂
    Someone very much loves winter 🙁
    I Wish to know whom more 🙂
    For what you love winter?
    For what you love summer? Let’s argue 🙂

  • DDDDepressionnnn

    Depression Depression Depression aaaaaaaa
    HEEEEELP 🙁 🙁 🙁
    I hate winter! I want summer!

  • Mindful Mimi

    It’s funny. When I was in my teens and twenties I used to make such boards. But they were not necessarily of a vision, but more of the state I was presently in. They were collages of where I stood, what bothered me, what I loved. They had pictures and text. And in a way they triggered visions. Because they often made me see that where I am right now is not a nice place or that I need to get myself out of it. Sometimes these boards were quite depressive 🙂 Why is it that you usually want to make them when you feel something is wrong and you need to out it? I made two small ones recently and they are still full of questions, doubts but seem much wiser, positive. I guess they helped me put down on paper what I seemed unable to write in words.

  • Nadya

    What a sweet, clear description of how to make a Vision Board or Treasure Map! I have just begun making SoulCollage cards, a la Seena Frost, which is a similar process, but smaller – sug. size is 5×8, & a number of cards for different aspects. I’ve made ‘Treasure Maps’ several times with small groups of friends – the galfriend who intro. me to the technique does a re-vamp annually, usually at New Years.
    My grandkids have been playing with collage as well – it’s delightful to see what our conscious & subconscious minds *choose* for us to focus on. I love the intentionality of these processes.


  • maurine


    First off, thank you for the wonderful information! I’ve been thinking a lot about making a vision board. I’ve actually made a vision drawing in my journal. It was full of stick figures — ha!

    Anyway, I have a question. I want to be in a loving relationship, well marriage actually, but I don’t have a preference as far as race. I’m afraid to draw my partner one race or another. Does the color of skin or hair that I draw on my partner matter? Also, after reading this page, I’ve decided to do the “Opening and Allowing” vision board. Along the same lines as my first question/predicament, I’m worried that I won’t find women in the magazines that resemble me. I mean if I want to get a “mother and child” picture from a magazine, shouldn’t the mother resemble me? Any advice?

    Thank you & Thank you for the information!

  • Ron Towns

    I use mediation every single to relax and prepare my subconscious mind to soak in my visions of a better lifestyle. Vision boards are the best tools to achieve goals and dreams, and live a better life.

    Have any of you read John Assaraf’s book “The Complete Vision Board Kit?” He was one of the featured teachers from the movie “The Secret.” Its the most inspiring and valuable book I’ve ever read.

    You can downloaded the free chapter from the book here:

  • Lauren

    I just had to share this – I read this post a few weeks ago and although I haven’t created anything resembling a vision board yet, I did have a serious think about all the things I want in my life and all the things I want to do with my life and one of the things I clearly visualised was a book with my name on it. I’ve always wanted to write.

    About a week later I found a link to NaNoWriMo, a yearly event where everyone spends the month of November writing in an attempt to write a 50000 word draft of a novel. I had heard of it before but I’d never timed it right. With two weeks to go before it started I signed up and now I’m busy imagining characters and plots and I can’t wait to start writing! Last night I connected the two events and got lots of warm-n-fuzzies so I just wanted to share and say thanks! Wish me luck 🙂

  • Diana

    I’m gonna make a vision board tomorrow, I thought about making a journal but the problem is that i won’t be looking at the things in it everyday which might mean that i’m not really attracting the things that i want…
    also this might sound silly, but i really miss my ex and i wanna put our picture together on the board, what do you think??
    Thanks alot for the interesting information!

  • Tonya

    Also… I have my vision board copied on photo paper and framed in my kitchen, study, and bedroom… these are the rooms I am in most often. I even have a copy in my car and in my calendar at work.

  • Tonya

    Hi Christine!
    I love your site; I read it often, when I need a “lift.” I have an idea for people who love using technology… I made my vision board using powerpoint… I used a blank slide and put a line going straight down the middle, and labeled the left half: APPRECIATIONS and the right side: ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE. I put clip art on both sides, despending on where I thought they should go: gratitudes or wants. I often update the board, putting what I have received on my appreciations side, and new desires on the ask side.
    I hope this helps!

  • Precious

    I’m dealing with so much in my life right now. At the prime age of 22 you’d think I’m at the top of everything but that’s not quite true. I’ve recently failed my exam to qualify me to work in the u.s as a nurse and at the present time I’m jobless and away from my family. I’ve been into an emotional roller coaster these past few weeks. I’d be so depressed at times as I analyze how my life had become after finishing college. Having a vision board is what I need right now. I’m quite sure It can help me get through this rough time in my life right now. Thanks so much to your blog. God Speed!

  • Julie freeman

    Hi Christine, Just want to say thank you. I have come across your blog by accident (I have been searching for some answers and their you were) and it is has answered nearly all my questions on this topic. So thankyou for doing this blog , not only have you helped me but my dear friend who needs great inspiration I can help her as well thru you. So thank you.

    I am grateful I found your blog. Listening to others comments are helpful as well so thankyou to all your readers as well.

    Byron Bay

  • Ritesh Agrawal


    I came to know about vision board after watching “The Secret” movie. As most of the time, I am sitting infront of my laptop, I created a digital vision board. checkout more about it over here

  • Raymond

    Thank you for this inspiring post on creating vision boards.

  • lionfireinaugust

    Hi Christine – Like so many of the above writers, I found your site when I did a search just a while ago. The first few results were disappointing, though not surprising–books or programs for sale. Then I found what I wanted: your generously-shared information and ideas.

    I’m at a point in my life where I absolutely have to make changes, make some of my dreams come true. I had seen some of the references to The Secret on Oprah, but just tucked them away until I had *more time,* which I have yet to find. I rescue animals, engage in a great deal of activism, and deal with the personal and financial limitations resulting from trying to stretch an inadequate disability income to support myself and all the unadoptable animals who share my life.

    I’m aware of my potential, and feel that my *dream job* would be to earn an income writing about my experience and large knowledge base dealing with animal care, rescue, activism, holistic and alternative pet health treatments, veganism, feral cats, and so many related topics that I save on my computer, in my notes, and in my mind.

    I’ve been thinking for several months, that I should write a sample column, head it with my name and the local newspaper header, and paste it on a vision board, along with a copy of my mortgage paperwork, saying “Paid in Full” (I’m currently facing foreclosure). I also plan to add pictures of shelters/sanctuaries for unwanted animals (our high-kill shelter adds about 50 animals to our landfills on a daily basis); and come up with a way to change our city to No Kill, possibly by pasting a picture of Nathan Winograd, or his book, “Redemption,” on my board.

    And like so many singles, I want to find my soulmate. Not sure yet how to incorporate a photo of a vegan guy, but I guess I have plenty to work on for now. And it will be now! I plan to print some of your suggestions as soon as I finish writing this. I had bought some poster board several months ago; it’s still sitting behind my file cabinet… But thanks to you (and I suppose I should give myself some credit for deciding to take the first step, which was finding your wonderful site), I’m starting tonight. Now, however, I’m leaning toward the journal idea, which complements my inclination for organization–separate pages for animal work, income and career, love, etc.

    All the posts I’ve read here are so encouraging. I’m ready to begin in earnest. I also plan to look for the music you mentioned early in the blogs. Until then, I’ll probably stick with Bill Reddie, who created some wonderful music many years ago, and was a friend when I lived in Prescott, AZ. Good memories.

    Thanks again. I’m sure your women’s retreats are exhilarating, and perhaps one day I’ll be able to share in one (if I can find someone to house-sit with all my furkids). Until then, I’m bookmarking this site. Bless you for sharing your creativity, and your obvious passion for your life’s work.

  • Claire

    Yay! I just finished mine. Well, the first probably of many; actually I did 2. They’re not stupendous but I’m glad I finally DID IT! Thanks for promting me!

  • Colin

    …oops, a few typo’s there (building; vision)
    Kindly correct.

    Thanks Christine

  • Colin

    Christine, Awesome stuff here! I do Vision buiding Big! Got a ‘Dream Book’ tho’ gonna start up Vison Board today.

    Few, of the specific items I pasted in came to pass (one was a huge investment in a restuarant business)- however, it failed in the first year. Just wished to know, shall I scrap that (tear out that page or leave in?)

    Thanks for the help

    South Africa

  • Tameko

    Hi there Christine,
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!!! It was very inspiring. Just a week or so ago, I read The Secret in 2 days. And it reminded me about vision boards – I have done a vision journal before. I hadn’t done it in well over a year. I just bought a large sketch book too. So this should be fun doing this again! Thanks again for the inspiration! Blessings!

  • Michal

    Can i make this into a video, like a slide show of pictures of things i want

  • Kate

    What does one do if they have a spouse who rejects things like, vision boards, manifesting,and anything that reeks of Law of Attraction,etc.? I would love to do a vision board and I do believe that this can help anyone (in life) but hanging a vision board at my house would cause a problem. I’d have to keep my vision board in the closet! So, my question is how does that affect it’s ability to work on attracting when it’s not hanging out in the open? There are people who do not accept these ideas as anything but a little nutty. Unfortunately, my husband falls into that group.

  • Eric

    Hi Christine,

    I have found the coolest and most effective tool to help
    with the visualization process – a great vision board software called Mind Movies Creator.

    It was created by Ryan Higgins to help others visualize and manifest the life of their dreams. See a video and find out why here

    A Mind Movie allows you to create a vision of what you want, together with your Favorite song… the one that makes you feel good, the one that makes you want to dance, the one that makes you smile and sing along.

    It’s like a 3 minute slide show/movie of your perfect life.

    I’m trying it out now.

    I’m having fun making my own vision board/mind movie.

    And because it’s a software, no need to cut up magazines!

    Thanks for you blog.


  • Chelynne

    I put Kevin Costner on my vision board 18 months ago. I have always had him in my thoughts since i was a teen, I am now 49. I had thoughts of going to Aspen and looking him up for years! I told all my friends I will meet this man!! Well last October he came to my home town with his band. It was standing room only. I was 4th row from the stage. Cue the lights and screen. There I was watching a montage on the screen of all his movies. All of a sudden there was a commotion and I turned around in the room and he was coming from behind through the crowd right towards me. OMG!!! There he is. He was lit up with stage lights and bar lights. He just looked so amazing. I said Kevin, welcome to Kansas City! I put out my hand to shake his. He grabbed my hand with this other hand and we walked a few steps hand-in-hand. I almost fainted!

    If I can meet Kevin Costner in my lifetime I can do anything! It is truly amazing! Make a vision board! That was my wildest dream that no one ever thought possible that became real!

  • wildflower

    After months of working on lists and schedules and detailed goals, using the Success Principles and The Secret and books on visualization…. I finally found the smallquiet space inside me that held the whispered truth. I don’t really want to be a financial mogul, to be a famous personality, to create in huge volumes…. I just want to be surrounded by people that care for me and I for them….

    My vision board is three pages in a steno pad with very few images- of a home, a couple, children and a group of teammates….

    I am so glad to have found this simple, clear desire and tohave had the courage to embrace something I’ve rejected as ‘silly’ sinceI was a child…

    Love your blog- thank you for it.


    • wildflower

      Well, Christine, it turns out I was destined to be a little bit of a mogul. I got the teammates I wanted, and a few promotions and will earn about 400% of what I was making in 2008 when I wrote that post.

      I was in and out of couplehood, thought about adopting a child alone and in the end found friendship and being a dog mom was less hurtful and more rewarding than couplehood. I’ve come to terms with being childless.

      The ache to create never went away, live, love and learn, but now I have the financial freedom to focus on a life that makes me FEEL something worthwhile rather than HAVING STUFF.

      I’ve watched your success explode and still you have this awesome post up!! Wishing you much success, happiness and peace 🙂

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Sandy – I think it’s more about your happiness – than it is about predicting the future. this means that your family is joyful to you now – and that doesn’t mean you’re trying to avoid anything. It just represents happiness, connection and togetherness. The cool thing about the vision board is that the feeling behind the image is even more important than the image itself!

  • sandy

    Hi, I was wondering. I love my family and I put a picture of us on my VB to make sure we stay together and happy. Of course relationships change and I’m not trying to avoid that. I just want the happy ending. My VB is more like a “future board”. Has any one done this? If so, what happened?
    Thanks Sandy….

  • alex

    while i keep thinking about this, more questions come to me. Do you have to write things under the picture? like a Lamborghini or i wish to have a Lamborghini. I know ,me and my silly desires, but hey, im just a teenager. Or can you just make a collage of the things you desire? If i draw the picture, it’s better to label it, right?
    thanks for all the help.

  • alex

    i have one more question. If i draw some visions, can i put it on the vision board

  • alex

    I’m 13 and my sister just told me about a vision board yesturday. She’s 16 and learning meditation. She has a lot of good advice for me. The vision board was a great one. I just wanted to know how to make it and how it works. Your site gave me some great ideas. Does it really work because I have great desires that i really want very bad. I hope it works. I hope the vision board can turn my life around, at least a little. If i have my visions in a book so only I can read and see it, will that be a problem?

  • Alan Mokbel

    “Just Stick Stuff on It!” was the general answer when I was asking people how to make a vision board. I’m very specific and technical in my ways and most of them, I like to have instructions or guideline to follow. Thank goodness, I found your blog post.

    It gave me more than enough information to have an idea where to start. I know that vision boards are subjectives and personal and there is no “ultimate” vision board but now, I know at least where to start.

    Do you often change your vision board or simply create a new one? How often would you say that you do create a new one or change it?

  • Lisa

    I created a vision board one month ago and it’s changed my life. I separated from my husband several months ago and was feeling depressed and hopeless about the future. That’s when I decided to create the board. Looking through magazines and deciding which pictures to cut out and put on my board was like therapy as it’s really helped me put my life into perspective. It helped me define what I really want out of life and where I want to be in the future. I now feel stronger and confident about my life plan. I look at my board every day and it fills me with such hope. And believe it not, things on my board have already started to manifest themselves! I strongly encourage everyone to create one!

  • Kathy

    I found this site after listening to The Answer. I haven’t made a vision board, but years ago, I made a list of all the things I wanted from a job while I was job hunting. After 7 years on that job, I found the list when I was cleaning out my desk to leave. I had accomplished everything on the list. I made another one right away and have accomplished it, too. I was depressed and didn’t reach as high as I can now. It is time for the vision board to do it’s thing.
    Thanks for the directions.

  • Joe

    Just being thankful for having the glass is a pathway to right thinking or right mindfulness is how I actually wrote it.

  • Joe


    I just looked up vision boards today and found your site. I don’t think the idea of making a vision board is too difficult. My kids rip paper and paste it down all of the time. I think the difficulty lies in believing in the invisible without feeling like I am conning myself into self fullfilling prophesies. But that is ok too.

    I had to come to grips with the idea that I might be conning myself into believing in things that may or may not be true just because some people say a thing is so. But that is ok. We con ourselves all of the time into believing things that are not true. And sooner or later they become manefest in our lives. At least that is the case in my life.

    I am starting the practice of using VB’s so that one, I can continue to focus on the tangeble things that I desire in my life derived from a moment of clarity not greed. Secondly, I want to create a space in my life for the miraculous to happen. I think that being open to new things that are healthy and bring life to others is a good thing.

    I am a practicing Christian, which just means that I try to follow Christ’s examples and live out what I believe to be true. With the belief that we are created in the image of a Creator it only makes sense that we have the ability to create. Jesus even said, “that if you have the faith of a musterd seed that you could say to this mountain move and it would.” I think visualization is a way to build our faith in things that could be.

    Life is exciting and I don’t want to miss out on all of the fun just because…

    Here is a thought that occurred to me a few years back about thankfullness. “It doesn’t matter whether the glass is half full or half empty. Just be thankfull for having a glass is that is a gateway to right thinking.”

    We all have a glass, don’t we?

    Make it a great day!

  • Chandra

    Christine, thanks so much for all of the GREAT ideas! I heard about the vision board from a friend and I wanted to find out more about it and I started looking online and I came across your website and I must say it’s very detailed and again has wonderful ideas for me to get started. Thanks again, and I hope that you have continued success!

  • Helsinki, Finland

    Online Vision Boards – that’s what I did. I did search for all the goals in my goals list, and did a composition vision board with a graphics program out of the pictures that best represented the goals in my list.

    Then, I put that picture into the PC wallpaper, so that it is there to remind of the goals every time I turn on the computer, first thing in the morning, which I think is the optimal time to go through priorities for the day and keep them aligned with the long term goals.

    The resulting picture is also easy to print out, in A4 or A5 sizes (at a cyber cafe if you don’t have a color printer for the purpose), for example, and attach that printout into the physical vision board.

  • Hope

    Hi Christine – I, too, Googled “Vision Boards” this evening and your article came up and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Who knew there so many ways to get creative with your vision board??

    Have to share with you that I have been preparing for this night of creation for a few days now, pulling pretty pictures and meaningful phrases from magazines around the house. Work has been frustrating and I needed to do something creative to break loose from the stress. I found myself pulling pictures of the ocean, pretty flowers, leaning heavily toward nature…even a picture of thistle. I was finding that my vision was less materialistic than I had intended, much more leaning to the quiet peace and beauty of the out of doors.

    The other day I received an invitation on one of those networking websites from a wonderful work friend from three companies ago, with whom I had lost touch. Our friendship had continued well after our jobs took us in different directions, but we had lost touch. Over the years I often wondered what had happened to her and husband and if they had any children now. I was beside myself when I saw her invitation and shot a note back to her immediately, telling her how I had thought of her often and applauded her idea of using that site to reconnect. Her reply was “Yeah, this internet thing – it might catch on!” Both of our backgrounds are in IT – so that especially funny for me.

    In preparing a space to start the vision board tonight, after reading your column, I saw that picture of the thistle and caught my breath. My dear friend who reconnected lives in Scotland where the Thistle is a popular piece of flora. You’re right. Sometimes we have no idea why until later! 🙂 I haven’t even started gluing and it’s already manifesting….

    Blessings – Hope

  • Ciara

    Wow, what a thorough run down of how to make a vision board. Thanks so much. I’ve been using the law of attraction to make small changes in my life, successfully, but for the bigger changes I’m gonna need some help. The vision board will be one of those things which will definitely help me.

  • Gladys Spencer

    I just finished watching the Opra Show. I’m a Grandmother and a nurse. I enjoy reading and Reiki. The show on vision Boards was very uplifting.
    I’m off to the store to purchase the materials to start my first Vision Board.

    Things on my Vision Board
    Great health for me and my friends
    Home payed off
    Great work relationships
    Great roses


  • patricia milton

    Dear Christine: I’m a very creative person and the Vision board is an awsome ideal. I’m getting started on my vison board today. I will get back with you on how I’m doing. All your ideas answered all my question on how to get started. Thank You. I’m so excited. Thanks again. Patricia

  • G

    Thanks for a great post. I have heard about vision boards, but never thought of doing one till last week, after I saw an Oprah rerun on the Secret. I took a minute and sat and really focused on exactly what I would put on my board. Only one picture sprang to mind, a row of desks, like from a primary school. Empty, waiting for students and teachers. I spent a few moments really seeing that on my board.

    I have wanted to work more closely with students, and that picture was a reflection of that. I had done a proposal several months ago for a project with students, and was told there was no money and not too much interest at that time. I was told there was another possibility for me, but not the one I was most interested in, and that I would hear this week. Well yesterday I got an email, and my ORIGINAL proposal was accepted. The one I really wanted. I was amazed, and felt that that positive picture and the energy I brought to it, in a moment of peace, was important to it happening.

    This morning I had to read more about vision boards, and found your site. Thanks.

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Liz – Most people I know DO remove the item and leave that area blank for a while – rather than rushing to fill it up. I do a Vision Book – and I’m just about to remove several things that, as I progressed in my life, I realized I no longer want!

    Thanks Lesli! You go! I just facilitated one of my women’s retreats last weekend – and the entire afternoon on Saturday was just women hanging out on the big giant covered porch, cutting out magazines and pasting and being quiet and reflective. Quite lovely!

  • Lesli

    Hi Christine. Yesterday I was at the gym and Oprah was on–the repeat of her show that had Martha Beck and a couple of other women. I recalled when I first saw the show that I was so inspired by the stories I heard (from audience members), that I went out and got Martha’s book, Finding Your Own North Star. I also remembered wanting to do a Vision Board–but like many things in my life, never got around to doing it. So imagine my excitement yesterday in seeing that show again–at exactly the moment where they introduced a young woman that essentially said Martha’s book (the one I had gotten) and a Vision Board had changed her life. So determined to do it this time, I googled “vision boards” and came to your site; this page. I am proud to tell you that I gathered up all of the magazines and catalogs I had and brought them to my office. As I write, I’m listening to one of my favorite soothing cd’s (Indian music) and am about to commence cutting up magazines! Thank you for the inspiration and I’ll keep you posted!

  • Liz

    Hi Christine,

    I was wondering in relation to vision boards If when you receive something from them should you remove the item and replace?

    Thank you

  • Donna

    Hi Christine,

    Came across your site when I googled Vision boards! I have another suggestion for a vision board to share with your readers….I am at my computer a lot during the day so what I did was create a vision board in photoshop and then used it as a screensaver! This way I can see it periodically throughout the day. I emailed myself the file so I have it on my home computer as well.

  • Tisha


    Thanks…and in my heart of hearts I know that is the right thing…A recent “heartbreak” has clouded my mind/spirits a little…I always try to find the lesson or reason for the coming & going of relationships in my life….

    Just working thur this one….

    Again I thank you and appreciate your time….I am so very excited to have found this site.


  • Christine Kane

    Tisha — here’s my advice – don’t focus on one person in particular! 🙂 Find pictures of what feels like relationship happiness and intend that the perfect and right person FOR YOU be in your life. You never know – it could be brad pitt! 🙂 Why limit yourself??

  • Tisha


    I am so excited to be starting my vision board…I know my life is in a major state of change and I can feel myself g-r-o-w-i-n-g, though some of it feels a bit painful. My friends all tease me about just how optimistic I am most of the time and are skeptical of “the law of attraction” but I have always believed this way even before it had a name or had become so popular. I do have a question…I have a pretty good idea of the things I want on my board and have spent a lot of time thinking about it as not to put up something that I don’t “really” want…my question is about love/relationships…I realize that I want a healthy/loving relationship….but am having a very hard time NOT focusing on one person in paticular. Do you have any advice in this area?


  • Cornelis

    Hello Christine,

    I have posted a reply on this page about a year ago (wow, time flies) on creating a vision board the easy way by using vision board software. Because I understand the power of vision boards (I have been using them for years, creating an amazing life), my mission has always been to make it as easy as possible for everyone to use them.

    I just wanted to let people that read this blog know that for this reason we have recently started an online community dedicated to vision boards, Law of Attraction and visualization where people can learn everything about vision boards and connect with other like minded people about this topic (and other things). Joining the community is free of course and on the site you can also create your own (online) vision board, using either the images in the image library or your own. Please assist us in spreading the word about this so we can inspire as many people as possible to create a vision board. The website address is:



  • Linda

    A friend of mine recently sent me an invitation to a vision board party and attached a link to your website. I know a number of people that use vision boards and I understand the concept. I wanted mine to be a little different.
    Over the past 3 years I have walked through some pretty tough stuff with the help of an amazing support group of women….I had close to a hundred cards for everything from support to birthdays to get well cards to “just because” cards and I could never part with them because of what they represented to me.
    I decided to use these cards in my vision board to remind me of the love and support that surrounds me everyday. It hangs on the wall of my office and whenever I get into a funk, I’m able to bring myself back to center just by looking at all of the love around me through these cards.
    I’m now considering doing something like this with old anniversary cards and birthday cards from my husband. We’ve been together for 22 years and to have all of those thoughts and feelings in one place just seems like a good idea.
    When you think about the amount of money we spend on greeting cards, it really does make sense!

  • funyone

    Hi Christine-
    Two days ago my mom encouraged me to watch Oprah’s Feb. 6th show ‘The Secret Behind the Secret’ which she had recorded for me. She also gave me ‘The Secret’ DVD. After watching it, I then found your site on vision boards, made a list and went shopping. My life has been very difficult since my divorce. I am determined to make it better for myself and my girls. So my mom will quit worrying too. Thanks for providing great info on the boards.

  • Doris

    I love Melissa’s idea about journaling to manifest the right job. Can this work? I interviewed with a company recently, and the salary was decent; but I went with my feeling (something didn’t seem to fit for me) and didn’t pursue that opportunity. I still feel a little nervous about that. So, I’m hoping that something else will come my way.
    I did write out on my Vision Board that I hope for paying Reiki clients. A few weeks later, a friend has offered to pay for a Reiki Master class for me (as I can’t afford it) which blew my mind! So, this may be a step toward having my own Reiki Studio eventually.
    Thanks, Christine, for this blog and the vision board ideas!

  • todd

    do i have to use magazine pictures? can i print up things off the internet and cut them out? can i used a cork board instead of a poster board?

  • Yazmin G.

    Helle Christine,
    I’m gonna make a vision board myself and I was just wondering if you knew the name of the poster board thing from Target,that’d really help me a lot! Thanks already!

    Yazmin G.

  • kerri

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first time posting on this site. I’m so excited that I’ve found it. I have been searching since last week for a very informative site and could not find one. Thankfully I didn’t give up and viola I found Christine Kane.

    I started my very first vision board last night. i haven’t completed it but I’m really trying to take some time and find images that really represent what I’m trying to manifest in my life.

    Is it ture that certain things should go on certain color background (for example green-finances; pink-love/romance; blue-education/degree). Is this correct? Also should does all of the images you use have to be color photos? Any help would be appreicated. Thanks

  • Melinda

    Hello everyone ,
    i did my vision boards 2 days ago . Yesterday I just got a first sign of think moving towards my goal .
    I want to be a Fligh attendant really bad . I put that on my vision boards , I put a picture of my face on top of a picture of a flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic ( that’s the company I want to work for ) . I visualize myself for about 40 minutes and I could have stay longer because i was having fun and feeling good .
    Yesterday i didn’t get an email for a Interview with Virgin Atlantic ( evn though I applied) BUT….. I GOT EVEN BETTER !! I got an invitation email from another airline that pays better and goes to the destinations that I WANT !! In the email they asked me to phone them back , and when I did they congratulate with me and they booked me on March 11 ( 11 is my favourite number!! by the way ) for an interview !!

    do you think that the Law of attraction at the end brings you not only what you want but what is better for you ??? In my case a company instead of another ???

  • Katelyn

    Hi Christine, I’m very new to this Law of Attraction, Vision Board way of thinking. I just bought Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” and I’m preparing to make my first vision board. I have a younger brother who is having some difficulties in school and at home, I was wondering if putting some goals on my Vision Board for him could possibly manifest into some positive changes in his life.

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Justine — It’s so GREAT that you’re getting this stuff at the age of 15. I hope you will stay very very clear about the power of doing this kind of thing – and how much power you have within you! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Justine

    Today I watched a show on Oprah about Vision Boards and Love List’s and all that positive stuff. I stopped to think for a bit what kind of energy that would bring to me. I think I am a pretty negative person so anything being positively reinforced in my life would be great. After doing some web surfing, I came across your website. I really enjoyed the tips on how to make a Vision Board because I really didn’t know how to get started. I am only fifteen but I figured if something so personnal, like this, can help me then why not give it a try.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Elise

    I think if you come across someone or something that suggest that manifestation and law of attraction, all that sort of thing, is difficult, untrue, false etc, then you should ignore it, if somebody says, “this doesn’t work!” Then it’s true, it doesn’t work, for them anyway, because they believe it doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean it won’t for you, don’t let someone else’s ego, or disappointment sway you from your goal, believe and visualise often, hold true to your faith, and if what you want is you true hearts desire, it will come about, as long as you include your passion and faith, and do not let anybody stand in your way, no matter what they say, your dreams will surely come true. Just believe it!


  • Gerry

    Very interesting suggestion. I didn’t know about Vision baords but your rticle is self-explanatory.

    Thank you.

  • jes

    i love the idea of a vision board–but i hope you’re not advocating that people go to libraries to cut up the magazines. that would be a horrible, horrible thing!

  • MichelleVan

    This is a great step by step guide. I love using the process to inspire, but also to excavate some new ideas that may come up.

  • Jennifer Mannion

    Hi Christine, You DO have a beautiful voice! Thanks for this great article on vision boards. Due to Edward Mill’s from Evolving Times “Vision Board Invitational” I made one yesterday with my friends and kids. I did some research beforehand and found your article WONDERFUL on explaining vision boards and the kinds that you can make. I printed out a copy to explain it to my friends and I also will be linking to your post when I write about vision boards in the next day or so. Thank you! Your post helped a lot! Gratefully, Jenny

  • Elena

    Hello Christine, first of all you have a beautiful voice. I happened on your website by accident after searching for “how to law of attraction”. Thank goodness I did. I recently listened to the Abraham-Hicks cds and became very interested in the teachings but had no idea how to apply it. I don’t know what I want out of life so it’s hard to think about “it” to attract “it”. Then I saw your posting on the Opening & Allowing vision board. I am so excited. I feel like there is hope. I’ve been living in such a zombie-like state and I know I want to make changes. Now I feel like I have the tools to start. Thank you so much Christine and I will be reading your blog regularly. Happy New Year!

  • Julie Thorner

    Hello all. I just found Christine’s site and the blog about Vision Boards. I thought I would share that my sons (ages 9 and 5 1/2 at the time) and I each created our own Vision Boards in June of this year. It was an amazing experience that the boys loved and were very excited about. I had wanted to create my vision collage (what I call it) for 2 years and never got to it. Finding private time was the hardest thing, and I solved the problem when I asked my sons if they wanted to do one too. I was surprised at how much they loved it, and they asked to do one every year from now on. It will be a wonderful treat to see how they develop over the years with their vision boards. Other parents may want to try this too. It was a wonderful thing to share with my sons. Namaste. Julie

  • Tiffany D.

    I taught high school for twelve years and most years I had each of my classes make a vision board. I called it a “wish” poster and at the time I didn’t know it would have any larger significance. Now that I know the larger possibilities, I hope it made some difference in some of their lives.

  • Fenton

    Wow, thanks god I found this article. This is the only source that I found which describe vision board in it’s fullest. Yes, I first heard it through ‘The Secret’ and from ‘The Passion’ but yet yours version is much much more complete. Thanks Christine for this wonderful share. Great day!

  • Usha

    Hai Christine,
    I am Usha and I am from Suriname, that is a country in South America. I came across the Law of Attarction some time ago. Although I haven’t achieved what I really desire, I have seen some miracles happening in my life. I looked up vision boards because I have problems with visualing and I came accross your site. The first thing that I felt was the kind way in which you are explaining how to create the vision board and your own experience. I just loved that. Most sites I came across told you their experience and at the end they ask for your creditcard before they give the relevant information. I think that the Law is one of sharing, because everyone has the right to know about it. I shared it with a lot of people and I feel great about it. Just to see their happy faces.
    I want too thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing the vision board stuff with us. I asked a collegae for some magazines and can’t wait to get home to get started.
    I am excited!
    God bless to everyone and may U achieve everything you wish for.
    Lots of Love.

  • karenlim

    Hi Marcela, For me I put my vision board on the wall in my master bedroom whereby I can see it everyday

    Great results after I put up my vision board. I got positive results after 3 weeks. You can check my blog for for story.

    I also happen to post my guidelines about creating my vision board and actually what I did was a close match to Christine’s recommendation. I conclude these guidelines do work not only for me but for others.

  • Marcela


    The idea of the vision board is to hang it on some wall (maybe in the bedroom) so I can always see it,
    or I can make a vision board on a book and keep it where nobody (except me)can see it ? If I can make
    it on a notebook or diary maybe, the idea is to see what I have put there once a day or just leave it there ?
    Thank you very much



  • Mike

    There is a cool video and case study on the vision board here:

  • Florence


    Thank you so much for the article on Vision Boards! I actually made my first board months ago without even knowing what it was..I just love scraapbooking so much it seemed like a good idea! I actually saw a segment on Oprah and didnt realize what they were showing (in the background) was a Vision board…but I was so interested in what I saw that I felt, I could do one of those, I have magazines & glue!!! LOL!!!

    Well, anyway…the first board, a small one, has pretty much served its purpose so in the last few weeks I have been creating another one -MUCH BIGGER & BRIGHTER- with so much more on it! All the hopes, dreams and desires of my heart; a loving husband, a healthy baby, a beautiful home we would share, more furry pups-only have “Bella” right now, my dream job-summers off, my personal AVON website, paper money, business logo, etc. Well, some of these have already manifested in my life (business, website, extra cash, surprise checks, career aspirations) still working on the hubby, home & kids..but I know they are coming, infact they are already waiting for me!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much again – GREAT WEBSITE =)

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Troy, If your wife is feeling luke warm about it, then why not just do one for you? It’s not a big deal. You can see how it goes, and see what happens. If it’s a good thing, then maybe you can do one for the family next! (I always recommend that we start with ourselves.)

  • troy

    i’m more interested in doing this dream board than my wife is. my question is: should we do a dream board for the family and one for ourselfes or one for just ourselfs or both. any ideas would be great.

  • Christine Kane

    melissa, i’m with caren too! Thanks for all of that. It’s GREAT stuff!

  • Caren

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your stories, Melissa! A much-needed dose of hope for me!!

  • Melissa

    Christine, Hi.. I just discovered your website when I did a search for “vision board”. Yes, it was prompted by viewing “The Secret” this afternoon, although the concept of a vision board isn’t so new to me. Jill Badonsky, an incredibly talented author and artist, introduced me to the concept of a Dream Board.

    I, along with two of my friends, made a dream board outlining dreams we wanted fulfilled in the near future. My friend, T, found herself manifesting her dreams of working closely with nature by being offered a job (with housing) across the country at an environmental camp for youth. Their eclectic home sold almost instantaneously in what was actually not a seller’s market, for exactly the amount of money they needed to make the transition happen. On top of that, the job involved her working with her best friend after years of living apart from each other. How amazing is that?

    My dream board included some specific goals, including travel and “my vacation to Hawaii in 2005,” as well as a mock registration form for creativity workshops I wanted to teach, and goal of improving my physical health and the image of a book with my name as the author. In less than a week, I was approached by a stranger and an unlikely friendship ensued. We became workout buddies, and through her, I met my current partner, who was born and raised, where else? – Hawaii. I did not go on a vacation to Hawaii in 2005, but in 2006, we MOVED here. The picture I put on the board looks quite a bit like the lush vegetation and beautiful waterfalls that grace my new residence, the Big Island. If you’re wondering, I also conducted a series of creativity workshops and am under the belief that the process of writing the book is continuing to manifest.

    One other powerful example of the law of attraction (I feel I HAVE to share it) – comes from an experience where my job was not the right fit. (This was just before doing the dream board). I realized that the only way out was to create the conditions that I did want in my life. So I did that, by writing. I journaled about the creative, flexible, warm, light hearted, positive environment that I saw myself in, describing the positive impact this job would have on my life, and in turn, on others. LESS THAN A WEEK after creating this list, I got a phone call from an acquaintance telling me of an opening for a position within their agency, which paired caring adult mentors with at risk youth. I applied, interviewed and did more visualizing. The job could offer, at it’s highest, a significant pay cut. I put trust out to the universe and came up with an amount that I could handle doing the job for. The very same day I decided the amount, I got the call, with the job offer, and a salary negotiation that matched my stated amount of need. It was amazing.

    This stuff REALLY works. and here I am, finding myself excited to create my next board. I hope you know, you have offered true inspiration through your work, energy and efforts. Shine on. 🙂 (and Thank you for sharing.)

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Cornelis, Thanks for letting readers know about your awesome site! And thanks for the thoughts…

    Jill, I try not to pay TOO much attention to the perfect alignment of the stars etc. If I try to get too perfectionistic about it, then I just won’t do it! Start now!

    Thanks Shannon! I hope you’ll stop back by. My site was down for a while due to hackers and servers and other things I don’t understand…

    Hey Doug, thanks for all the great ideas and thoughts. I’d love to hear more about those miracles… maybe they’re written in your blog? I love the Living Vision thing because (obviously) I am auditory. And writing is a powerful tool for me. Too often artists write the sad stuff, the present circumstances, and they can drown in their own emotional take on things. I like the idea of turning that around!

  • Doug Miller

    This is an awesome! Thank you for taking the time to write this all out so clearly. I have linked back to you from my blogsite. Here are some thoughts I had while reading your post:

    – Jack Canfield (chickensoup for the soul guy) talks all the time about having a vision journal (much like you mentioned) and each page is for a different area of his life ($, relationships, business, health, etc.)

    – I have used glue sticks do glue the pictures on the board in the past. Then taken the poster board to the local copy store to have the entire thing laminated. One year my wife and I created a board together as we were visioning for our home. We put that vision board in a frame and hung it in our bedroom. By the way, we are approaching our 2 year anniversary of living here (in our new home). And you would acknowledge the miracles that occurred in the process if I had time to write the story here.

    – I have also recommended to some people to do a written version of a Vision Board. I call it a “Living Vision” because it is bring the vision to live through writing. Some people who are more auditory then visual find it powerful to do this. A living vision is telling the story of the successful accomplishment of a goal in the present tense. “I am waking up in the morning in my amazing light filled home that I own. It feels so….” You get the idea.

    Until we connect again, create an amazing day,
    Doug Miller

  • Shannon

    Thank you, Christine! I just googled “vision board ideas” and came across your blog. You have some wonderful ideas and I love your writing style. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas on this. I am new to the whole vision board thing and wanted some specifics.

    Have a wonderful week,

  • Jill

    Hi, Christine

    Re Luci’s message, do we have to wait to April to start putting pics on our board? Or is that the time things will start manifesting? I don’t see why we would only be able to do this on a specific date once a year. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Cornelis Boertjens

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for your amazing article. I read your previous post about Vision Boards and left a reply to that. It is so great to see that more and more people are now taking one creating a Vision Board and visualizing what they want to achieve in life.

    Imagine how the world would look like if everyone would focus on what they already have and want to create in life (abundance) instead of focusing on what they do not have (lack). As mentioned in the reply a few weeks ago, we work on making this happen with the Vision Board software we created.

    Please have a look at our site and let me know what you think. We are attracting more and more amazing people like yourself who get behind this world changing product.

    Have a great day!

    Best regards,

    Cornelis Boertjens
    OrangePeel Vision Boards

  • Christine Kane

    Thanks Scott! I’m glad this helps!

    Hey Jill… I appreciate that clarification. I was wondering about the whole april 17th thing. That might help some of my readers get clear on when to do one of these!

  • Jill

    luci Says:

    February 1st, 2007 at 8:22 am
    I learned about Treasure Mapping about four years ago at the boards at My friend Tracy who introduced me/us to the concept learned about them from her old favorite astrologer, who said the best time for manifesting was with the Aries New Moon. (This year’s will be April 17 at 7:35 a.m. EDT, so, for maximum support of the universe, you wouldn’t want to start it before that morning and would have about three or four days to complete it. Apparently there’s always a big shift in energy with the Aries New Moon. In the meantime, since it’s always hard to wait to begin, she encourages that you declutter your home and fix or remove broken items.)

  • Scott


    Thanks! And how very timely! I’ve just been reading about Vision Boards and was pondering how to put one together. Thanks for the practical advice, and keep blogging. Your articles are always well-written.


  • Christine Kane

    Hi BarbB… thanks for sharing all of that. What a great description of how it all works for you. (for those who need to know… barb has been at my retreats, and her boards are QUITE amazing, often done in 3-D, and are always filled with natural elements. They really breathe.)

    Stacey, That’s so lovely. Thanks for sharing that process with us. It’s such a great thing when we are able to get clear about what we want, as opposed to what we THOUGHT we wanted!

    Jill, thanks for keeping that conversation going! (sometimes people forget to check back to look at responses!) I didn’t read where barb had said anything about April 17? did i miss something?

  • Jill

    Re: Barbb

    “I look at it every morning. need to get some glue, it is falling apart…”

    I wonder if certain pictures start falling off, they are no longer necessary as part of your vision board and maybe new ones should replace them.

    Also, re the April 17 date, is it necessary to wait until then or do you think I could start a vision board now?

  • stacey

    When I read your post about vision boards I got very excited and *knew* I wanted to do one with my mom. I emailed her (I was at work and couldn’t call) your post and asked her if she’d like to do it with me. I generally find my mom manifests resistance in her life (she often says “It’s impossible,” or “I’ll do that when…”, etc.) and I thought the vision board might be a helpful tool for her. I *knew* it would be fun for me. So I got the boards and some glue and showed up at my mom’s house on Sunday. She has *hundreds* of beautiful magazines and we spent hours tearing out the pages. I tore out a lot of images of travel. I love to travel, but have only made one short trip to NYC since my son was born almost 2 years ago. I’ve been wanting to visit my friend who lives in Italy. My mom does not like that I love to travel (I think she likes me to stay close and “safe”.) and voiced a lot of unhappiness every time she saw that I was tearing out images of travel. I tried to address her concern with equanimity, but it wasn’t working. Finally I said, “Yes, I am attracted to these images of travel, but I don’t know if I am *attached* to them. Let’s see what happens when I put the images I’m most drawn to on the board.” That seemed to placate her. And lo and behold, the travel stuff *did not* end up on the board – family (adopting a daughter from Latin America), home (nice furnishings), quiet time for myself (meditation), and Oprah (!), did. Completing the vision board really helped me see that *I* really am choosing not to manifest travel in my life right now. And it helped me make a contact this week with a woman I met last December who adopted her two children from Colombia. And the whole board just makes me feel very happy when I look at it. Additionally, I created another board for the book I have been wanting to write for a long time and now it seems a whole lot closer, too. Interestingly, my mom didn’t get to finish her board, but said she worked on it the next day and hopes to have it finished by the end of the week. It will be very interesting to see what happens with that. Thank you, Christine, for providing this post and inspiring some very interesting and meaningful work.

  • barbb

    I have been doing vision boards at christine’s retreats and found that a retreat or two back, I came up with a board that is still relevant today as it was when I made it. I look at it every morning. need to get some glue, it is falling apart. It is really interesting how the pictures you choose and the final version really speak to you. I have a BIG neon colored butterfly in the center and the word transformation glued to it. the board represents and continues to move me towards becoming more at peace with myself and the world. I have my hobby section, my work section, pets etc. I have a cardinal with california glued on it and just last year I made a trip to klamath falls.( i am an addicted birder) and a surprise for me is that I am going to a place I never thought i’d see, the galapagos islands. I think the image of the bird and the idea of a trip to where I wanted to and want to go showed up on the board. any way, collect some magazines, get some glue, play quiet music and your board will come to life, barb

  • mary katherine


    Not much need to be jealous about the snow – we had no accumulation. Still had fun though. There are a couple of pics on my blog. (It’s working fine now so no flusteration.)


  • christine

    HI heidi. Thanks for finding me! What a great thing you have done there with WECAI… congratulations!

    susie… that synchronicity thing seems to be going around with this post. Have fun on your Artist Date this weekend, and let us know how the vision board turns out!

  • Susie

    Wow, I’m having a case of synchronicity overload! Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about Vision Boards, the Law of Attraction, The Secret and other like issues but they are all abound in this one post…think the Universe is trying to tell me something?

    I am really looking forward to this weekend. I have some time to rest and have some “me” time that will be filled with a blue sky and fresh snow-powder hike in the mountains. I’ve been wondering what to do for my “Artist’s Date” this week and synchronicity gave me the answer: vision boards. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want to come in the next few months, years, etc. and a vision board will be fun and add a lot of clarity; and I just so happened to get a lot of free and wonderful magazines this week…coincidence?

    I’m also planning on seeing The Secret for the first time this weekend. After hearing about this movie for a long time from a lot of friends and positive influences, my church is showing the movie this weekend and I’m pretty excited.
    Yeap, the Law of Attraction is pretty strong here. Thanks once again for your amazing thoughts and sharing; thanks too, to all the other readers and commenters that made my day!

  • Heidi Richards

    Dear Christine,

    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi – I found your blog via “Google Alerts” and consider it fate – as I too have been using Vision Boards for years – I love how you lay it out step by step – and in fact, I am going to put your blog in my favorites and a link to your post on Vision Boards in my commentary tomorrow.

    Wishing you much success in all your endeavors… and then some.

    Keep up the great work!

    Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO – The WECAI Network™
    “Helping Women do Business on and off the WEB.”

  • christine

    Hi Caren! Thanks for sharing your own experiences with these. Excellent thoughts…

    Tammy, well, I’m so glad for your husband that he was listed before the pug and the birds! 😀 I’ll bet you, being the amazing artist that you are (everyone go visit tammy’s blog. her work is gorgeous!) that your vision boards are something to see. Thanks for sharing all of that. I, too, love the idea of “calling.”

    Krispy, I had a funny moment when I met my dear friend Grace, who is a massage therapist. We were talking about music that we liked for massages. And I mentioned Anugama, and she said, “I met Anugama’s wife!” And I yelled, “No WAY!” And she told me the story. It was like a new age/rock star moment of teen-aged squealing. It cracked us both up. Yes, those CD’s have been so healing for me.

    Hi YogaJenn, Of course there will be frenzy around the Secret stuff. AND the bottom line is that it is about persistence and healing and being present to your own stuff. My guage for ANY of the information that’s out there is “how does this make me feel?” And it sounds like the DF newsletter hooked you into something you don’t want to experience. The power is in just letting it go without obsessing about it. Kind of a “hmmm. I don’t want to go there.” and hit delete!

    Hi djuro, I actually like to re-do the boards. Then again, I find ANYTHING creative to be healing, so it’s just a great activity. But if you’re pressed for time, then by all means, just cover stuff up and keep the one board going! make it kind of an experiment, and let everyone know how it goes!

  • djuro

    Hi Christine!
    I made a bright pink vision board three months ago. I put pictures and intentions on it, also Bank receipt in which I add a few zeros on the ‘current state’ number.
    Many of the things I’ve put in the part with ‘stuff’ have manifested quickly, some of them even climbed down and under my Christmas tree. I’m putting a ‘check’ sign on them as they manifest, but few of them had to come off cuz I needed more space. Some of the things I don’t even want anymore (or want better!), so I change pictures.
    I have a question for you and your readers: do you often ‘refresh’ your vision boards, or you stick with one until it matches with the reality?

  • yogajenn

    I thought her headline was pretty melodramatic too – the wretched truth. Then, a few sentences in, I felt that nudge that I feel when someone is trying to sell me or convince me of whatever it is they are selling based on fear or something like fear. Essentially, if I don’t use her program/CD/workshop and face my shadow to deal with my stuff, the ideas in The Secret are useless to me. So in order for The Secret’s teachings to work for me, I need to purchase HER program.

    I mean that kind of marketing sure works though!! God knows I’ve fallen for it many times. Since The Secret has taken off, the sheer amount of information, teachers and programs based around all of these ideas is phenomenal. I can only imagine the frenzy once Oprah airs her segment that she just taped with Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield, James Ray, Lisa Nichols, and others.

    In some ways, it could seem like forward movement, growth, an evolution of sorts, that our society is embracing these ideas. But the sneaky thought that it is just too good to be true lingers on in the back of my brain. And of course, I freak out about this lingering thought since it sabotages all my efforts to use The Secret. 🙂

    Wow, I am all over the place. I think all my resistance stems from growing up where everyone believed that life is hard, life is a constant struggle and you will work for 40 years, hate every day of it, and end up broke and tired. BUT if you do not buy into this, you are lazy and worthless. Uh oh, teehee…I just had a great realization and breakthrough while blogging! I feel a little exposed now…:)

  • Krispy

    Hey Christine, I just reread this entry and noticed what you had put about music that you like to have on when you do this kind of exercise. Shamanic Dream 1&2 by Anugama. Love them! Bought them both about 6 years ago when I first moved to San Francisco from London and they have been constant companions ever since. I do a lot of shamanic type practices and they are just perfect…so I got a huge smile on my face when I read that!

  • tammy vitale

    years ago I made my vision”board” on a page of newspaper: pottery, travel to the SW, garden images..pretty much all I remember. I now sculpt full time, have been out to see the Redwoods, Sequoias, Petrified Forest and Saguarros, and have sculpture all over my yard. I’ve always called it “calling.” I think that putting anything down visually takes abstract and makes it concrete and that very action is creation. My son was raised with this idea of calling and, when he can get out of his own way, can manifest just about anything (which I am sure is a lesson – getting out of your own way). I learned about this through manifesting my now husband (who hates it when I say this, but it’s true…he came immediately after 2 years of work on: what I want), my first pug and 2 paraketts. I figure if I can manifest these, I can get anywhere – and/but, it’s something I regularly forget.

  • Caren

    I made a vision board a couple of years ago with a picture of about 50 djembes — I facilitate drum circles, and didn’t own enough drums of my own. Fast forward a couple of months, and I could hardly walk in my living room because of all the drums… ALL of them, except for my 2 original ones, on LOAN from different people! Long-term loans from people who had drums but didn’t play them, and didn’t want to let them go entirely. And all of them offered by various people at various times without my ever asking.

    So this summer, I made another board with a picture of lots of djembes and other drum-circle kinda instruments — with the words “drums that I own” underneath! Shortly after that, one of the places that let me use their drums when I wasn’t facilitating circles with them asked for all of their drums back. (new management, etc.) Even though it really lessened the number of instruments available, I felt really happy — I know losing those drums is part of the path of me getting more drums of my own! You never know how the manifestation is gonna look, so just enjoy the ride! I came to a place of peace and acceptance with the fact that if someone needs to share an instrument at a circle, they can — and hands and feet can always make a rhythm. 😀

    Thanks for the suggestion of making a board when you’re not sure what you want — I had a very limited view of vision boards (short vision board vision), and thought they were only for when you for sure know what you want. Opening and Allowing… aaaahhhhh….

    Some really wonderful CDs can be found at

    ~peace ~

  • christine

    MK, I’m so jealous! We were supposed to have tons of snow starting at 4am. And I, like the little kid I’ll always be, jumped up at about 5am all excited. And still there’s nothing. I need to make a snow vision board! Have fun in it…

    Hi Luci, Thanks for all of that information and links. I love the idea of Treasure Maps even more than Vision Boards! What a great network of people on the site. And I’d be honored to be on your Treasure Map this year! 😉

    MK, Are you flusterated?

  • mary katherine

    So there’s something screwy with my blog this morning – if you get an error message please try again – the error is happening like every third try. SORRY!

  • luci

    I learned about Treasure Mapping about four years ago at the boards at My friend Tracy who introduced me/us to the concept learned about them from her old favorite astrologer, who said the best time for manifesting was with the Aries New Moon. (This year’s will be April 17 at 7:35 a.m. EDT, so, for maximum support of the universe, you wouldn’t want to start it before that morning and would have about three or four days to complete it. Apparently there’s always a big shift in energy with the Aries New Moon. In the meantime, since it’s always hard to wait to begin, she encourages that you declutter your home and fix or remove broken items.)

    At MDC, there are always ongoing threads about Treasure Maps and what results people see, and the stories are amazing! We’ve also got several threads related to The Secret and the Law of Attraction, as well as threads on manifesting.

    I’m not sure that new visitors can read or post to the threads on the MDC Spirituality board, but here’s a link to the thread for 2006 Treasure Maps: –that’s LAST year’s, which is why it said March 29, but as you near the end of the pages, you can read lots of stories of how things manifested from the boards, sometimes in surprising ways.

    And thank you, Christine, for all of your supportive posts. I’m hoping for an opportunity to meet you and hear you perform in person … maybe I’ll put you onto my Treasure Map this year!

  • mary katherine

    I’m not quite sure but I think that last night I dreamed about my last vision board – the one that started out very, very green at the last retreat. So cool that you wrote about them today. If anyone is interested you can read about my first one at

    The most exciting news – it just started snowing at my house – BIG flakes and it’s my day off so I get to play in it. 🙂

  • christine

    Hi Krispy, Thanks for your kind words and thoughts. And good luck with the vision board! I love the idea of the light returning to the world and seeds flourishing. What a beautiful festival. Wrap yourself up in it and have fun being creative with your intent!

  • Krispy

    Hey Christine….I discovered your blog from Steve Pavlina’s last week and have since gone through and read every post of yours and printed off pretty much all of them for future reference. I love Steve’s blog and the amount of great info it gives but he is definitely in the much more logical/rational mould and I have come to love your blog. Much more intuitive and compassionate (and yes, I am a guy!).

    The funny thing is that I am a practicising Celtic pagan in Britain and today is the start of the festival of Imbolc which is traditionally when the “goddess” returns from the underworld, light returns to the world and seeds start to flourish. Thus it is a very good time to put in intentions into the world that you wish to grow. I had contemplated doing some kind of vision board but wasn’t sure quite what to do as I have got caught up in the different purposes that you can use them for. I woke up this morning, fired up the laptop and saw there was an article on here through RSS….I click on it and find “How to Make a Vision Board”….thank you Christine, thank you universe. I guess that is a synchronicity!

    I am off to cut up some magazines now!

  • christine

    Hi YogaJenn, Wow. That’s so funny that you brought that up. I, too, am on Debbie Ford’s email list, and I actually deleted that email because I thought she totally missed the point. And besides, I also thought she opted to use an overly dramatic approach by calling it “The Wretched Truth.” It’s not Wretched. It’s just that we’ve all got our stuff to deal with. I believe that The Secret, just like many teachings, is a great message. It’s what Louise Hay has been saying all along. I do, however, also believe that being present and peaceful is the ultimate place of attraction. And that we don’t even have to work at it from that place. AND, after having gone through eating disorders and all kinds of health issues around that, I know that we all are at different levels of healing, and that body work, yoga, eating choices dramatically effect where we are. Maybe the Law of Attraction is always at work, but some people would do better just to focus on their healing, and not on “what am I attracting now?” Cuz that will only make them feel worse. Does that help?

  • yogajenn

    Thanks for the clarity and ideas!! And actually, the first time I came across your blog was when I had googled ‘vision boards’, so this is really useful. This might be a little bold, but what’s your take on The Secret and its’ messages? I have the CD version now and it’s quite different from the DVD but sends the same message. However, Debbie Ford sent out an e-newsletter recently called ‘The Wretched Truth’ in which she basically says that it’s not that easy;

    “…if they just hold the right thought, visualize well enough, and meditate long enough, they’ll be able to bypass the whole human experience. For most people, this is not the case.”

    That really resonated with the skeptic in me. I’d just be curious to hear other thoughts on this. I still love vision boards! And I am trying damn hard to manifest a way that I can make it to your retreat! 😉