How to NOT "Bombard" People with Your Emails - Christine Kane

Today’s question comes from Marilyn and I think a lot of you can relate with it.

Do you ever feel like you’re bombarding people with emails during a launch, and frankly, so exhausted you want to stop all those other great things you do, like sending out your weekly eZine?

First things first, we need a MINDSET CHECK…

Here’s Marilyn question:

“When you are bombarding J people with emails during a launch, do you still send newsletter? Or do you hold newsletter and resume when launch is complete? I’m leaning toward holding the newsletter back a week for two reasons. One, they received an email from me yesterday and today, and I’m planning to send one tomorrow to remind that early bird ends at midnight. Two, I’m freaking exhausted. Should number two factor into my decision? Thoughts?

So, yes, Marilyn­ – I have LOTS of thoughts on that!


As your coach, I’m gonna remind you of the power of language.   You use the word bombarding, and despite that cute smiley face you inserted, this is a powerful word­­– and it’s a negative word.

One of the things I teach my team is we don’t talk in terms of blasting people. We don’t use words like “email blast”- those are very cold marketing terms that we don’t like. And you don’t want to use a term like “bombarding,” which is really an emotionally laden term.

You’re launch is a service!

The KEY here is to recognize that your ideal clients are waiting to hear from you. They’re about to work with you. This launch is a service to them.

These are called solo emails. Your eZine is called an eZine.

You’re eZine is about establishing consistency and trust. People buy from people they know and trust. Your eZine, therefore, needs to be a regular system. Which means- no straying from this system that you’ve put in place.

So, when you have a launch, here’s what you do:

You set your launch up so that you’re mailing the day before and/or the day after your eZine. And make the eZine a part of the launch by giving information about the offer within the eZine. So you can mention things like “Early Bird closes tomorrow.”

The eZine becomes a part of the launch, by using messaging from your offer, but is continuing to add value to your list.

Reacting is Exhausting!

When you say you’re “freaking exhausted,” – I totally get that, but what’s happening is that you are reacting. And you NEVER want to do anything out of reacting in your business. So here’s what to do:

1. Set your email schedule up in advance of your launch.

When you’re running a launch, set your email sequence up in advance of your launch by laying out the schedule.So if your eZine comes out on a Wednesday, your emails go out Tuesday, Thursday, and maybe Saturday. But you don’t want to for that launch start date to put something like this out there. (And of course you’re exhausted. It takes a lot of energy to put something like this out there.)

2. Write your emails in advance.

Try writing some of those emails in advance so that you’re not in that place of reaction, exhaustion and facing that temptation to not send your ezine.

3. Selling is service.

So, this is a BIG SHIFT that has to happen here. Selling is service. Understanding that a lot of people will be getting your emails, and yeah, the bulk of them are not going to sign up, but the one’s who DO, are going to be so grateful that you sent that last email, that last reminder.

It happens all the time – a lot of us wait until the last minute, we’re so busy then the deadline comes and we get that reminder email, and yes, we’re in. And that’s what you’re looking for.

You’re offering these emails as service. You’re offering them as value. It’s not a bombardment. It’s not a bajillion exclamation points. (I call that “exclamation point marketing.”) This is meant to come from a place of service. And this is exactly why you should have this done in advance, so that you can write them and deliver them from a place of service instead of a place where you’re being needy or grabby.

4. Continue to send your eZine out on schedule.

Regardless of whatever else you have going on, you need to send your eZine.  Because that is something that people are always going to look forward to.

Do you feel like you bombard people with emails?

Now it’s your turn. In the comments below, let me know- do you feel like you’re bombarding people with emails- when you’re sending them emails, when you’re doing a launch, when you’re making an offer? And how do you right your mindset around that. And, of course, ask any questions you have about it. I’ve been doing launches for years and I know how to realign into that place of total service.

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  • carolynne

    That was wonderful and incredibly helpful!

  • Sarah

    Awesome, Christine! I am just laying out my next launch, and these shifts are fabulous! I have always appreciated your own service based approach and I love getting you ezine, so it makes sense. Also Love you new “Instant Uplevel” video series. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Wendy Pitts Reeves

    Busted. I do feel this way sometimes, especially when I’m promoting a Secret Adventure on top of my weekly ezine – much less sending out solo emails about anything else. 🙁 Guess I need to a little work on that – and get better at planning, writing and calendaring in advance…

    And I, too, LOVE the new video series, Christine! They’re Quick AND Quality! :))

  • Lynne Watts

    I’ve been gradually working toward this mindshift of emails that notify people of a new product or service as a service rather than selling. It has been a hard place to get to initially, but I can truly say that I now feel very comfortable sending out email announcements, and autoresponders. I have very few unsubscribes but when I do I’m actually grateful because i feel like that was someone who was not an ideal client and was not being served by my content. Love these little instant uplevels.

  • Kelly Epperson

    Thank you for the reminder as I am in the beginning of a new launch. Being our own language police is so helpful! I sometimes feel like in my newsletter I should “apologize” for the extra emails or “warn them” Gotta let that go. Sales is service and my launch is reminding them and encouraging them. Thanks!

  • Erica

    I really used to feel like I was bombarding…I have completely shifted my mindset and I think that is the biggest piece of all. The more I realize the value I bring to people – even through a launch series I try to include little snippets of value to them – the more it feels good to have an organized, well planned out launch to send out. It feels good to capture those last people who needed the extra nudge or reminder. I have switched to sending my ezine out weekly since January 1st and see how that consistency is building trust weekly. I’m really proud of this consistency and value and creativity that comes to me each week to get that ezine out to my list and really believe that it will continue to pay off down the road. Thanks for all your teaching, coaching, & modeling Christine! Love this video format!

  • Corinne

    This is good stuff! I have to say that I always open your emails because I know that there will be useful and valuable information in them. I don’t feel “bombarded”, and I think people who feel “bombarded” will just use their delete button, so maybe it is just a wrong perception from the side sending out the emails.

  • Stacey Pruim

    These “Instant Uplevel” Videos and accompanying posts are the bom-diggity 😉
    Awesome choice with this one in particular too … I hear it ALL the time.

    I have to say again, I LOVE how you CONSISTENTLY respond to strategy AND soul.
    They are always both at play.

  • Mandi

    Christine, I love that you will be doing videos! I’ve become ok with sending emails, and more and more I am embracing that selling is service. I’m also ok with the unsubscribes, because like you say and Leanne wrote- they’re not the right audience.

    Right now I’m having trouble coming up with what to write and consistency, but I think its because I’m reacting with “oh, I need to write something today.” I will create space for writing things in advance in my calendar. Thanks for the helpful video!

  • Evie Burke

    Sometimes I more feel like I’m bombarding myself with things to do because I didn’t map things out as clearly as I could have 🙂

    So, reframing that: Sometimes I feel like I haven’t planned as well as I could have. So, now that I know that, I can plan better for next time.

    Everything is a learning experience – sometimes I need to discover a couple of ways it doesn’t work for me to find a way that does.

  • Leanne Regalla

    Love this, Christine! For me, a big switch happened when I realized that there are people out there who really need what I’m offering and I’m doing them a DISservice by not letting them know about it, and not reminding them.
    It’s never pleasant to see folks drop off our lists, but that’s okay – they’re not the right audience.
    Marketing and selling are so much easier when you come from a place of giving, creating value, and service.