How to Protect Your Energy When You’re in the Spotlight - Christine Kane

My CLiCK Retreat is happening in Asheville next week, so I’m going to share something personal about being on stage. I want you to understand that the work you do – yes, even the great stuff – can occasionally come with challenges. And what to do when that happens.

Years ago, I was leading one of my Uplevel events in front of about 350 people in Atlanta.   One of the participants stepped up to the microphone and let fly.

She blasted me for “ignoring her” when she had a question earlier. She wanted the whole room to know how pissed she was. In her words, she was “expressing her truth.”

When she finished, the room was so tense, it could’ve had its own theme song.

Did I collapse or cry or freak out?

Did I fight back?

Did I kick her out of the room?

Nope to all three.

I simply experienced what could best be described as a dimmer switch in my being.  At that moment, it turned way up – as if every cell in my being began to operate at a different level in the face of someone who was clearly reacting to inner pain and doing the only thing she knew: going on the attack.  I didn’t stop to reflect on this. I didn’t think about her or all of her problems. Or seek to defend myself. I didn’t take it personally. I just noticed.

Then, without choosing to partake in a counter-attack or believing her story, I was able to compassionately and firmly coach her on her situation as she stood at the mic.

Interestingly, she became a client for two full years after that moment.  And I’ve received many notes from people who were in the room who had been inspired by what I modeled for them in that moment.

Why was this so important for these people?

Because when you’re in the spotlight – be it writing articles, teaching on stage, coaching a group of people, or leading your team – you want to be in charge of your energy and emotional responses to the many things that might otherwise – and understandably – make you totally lose your shit.

And if you own a business, all the time you throw away in those shit-losing situations is worth a lot of money.

So, how do you protect and build your personal energy? Here are a few simple starting points…

1 – Start with Awareness

First, you have to understand that you even HAVE an energy system.

Too many people focus on things like “good” energy and “bad” energy – mostly in judgment of people around them.

But the best place to start is within yourself. Be meticulously aware (in advance!) of what drains you, what feeds you, when you feel strong, and when you give your power or attention away.

During their first year with me, my Uplevel Academy mastermind clients focus just as much time on managing personal energy as a business owner as they do on making money, selling and marketing messages.  

My trainings are all designed to get students relentlessly clear about where their attention goes, how they exit their own body, and how to transform the week’s experiences by bringing awareness to each situation that caused a trigger.

One place you can begin:  At the end of your day, sit quietly for 10 minutes and rewind the day.  Observe yourself in each situation and see where you got triggered or drained. Then you “call” your energy back to you from each and every situation.

It sounds simple.  But you’ll be amazed at the changes it creates in real-time situations.

2 – Accept your Sensitivity

Many of my clients are pretty sensitive human beings. It’s what makes them excel at what they do and how they serve.

It doesn’t make them special. It doesn’t make them wimpier than you.  It doesn’t mean they are more or less set up to succeed in business.

It does mean they need to embrace this element of themselves.

If you are sensitive, do not turn into a diva drama queen type and go around telling your story to anyone who will listen.

Instead, set up your days, weeks, travel, client meetings and team to honor the fact that your personal energy is highly sensitive. Most likely, it’s what makes you excellent at what you do.

Don’t try to become someone else or fix all of your problems. Just own it and take the necessary actions.  (Also – get a great coach or be in a mastermind. Don’t go it alone.)

3 – Set Up Key Habits or Rituals

Intention and attention are key pieces of your clarity and energy. But intention is never created once and then forgotten. There are key habits that you can implement to return you to center and keep you clear.

Personally, I believe that anyone who owns a business needs to start a meditation practice, even if (like I did at first) it’s only for 5 minutes a day.  Other habits include morning pages, writing, working out, yoga, nightly reading, the Sunday Summit (a ritual I teach in all of my programs), play, and gratitude journaling.

My clients LOVE the Sunday Summit! 

4 – Eat For Your Type

Confession: I hardly ever drink wine.

There. I said it.

I have, maybe, one glass of wine every two or three weeks.

This sends people into all kinds of drama states. They look at me like I’m anorexic, like I’m depriving myself of all the joys of life, I am a bore, and they don’t want to be around me.

And I love wine. I really do.  When I do enjoy it, I get the most expensive Montepulciano on the menu.

But you know what I enjoy even more than wine?  

Not having zero energy the next day. It’s just not worth it to me.

Often, when I coach my clients on anything diet related – they freak out. They think I am depriving them. I am demanding harsh things.

I’m really not. This is not an eating disorder. It’s a recognition of the very real fact that what you put into your body has a profound impact on how capable you are of managing your energy the next day and even the next week.

Sugar, alcohol, processed foods that include MSG, HFCS and other excitotoxins are debilitating if you have a sensitive energy system.  You probably won’t be able to master this one overnight – but with time, you will know what foods toss you into the toilet.

5 – Use The Dimmer Switch

In spite of the title of this article, I’m not a proponent of “protecting” your energy. Protection implies that things are coming at you, trying to derail you. It sets up a paradigm where you put on your Wonder Woman bracelets and make your way through a violent world.

That’s one way to look at it, of course.

But rather than putting up energy “shields” of lavender light and protecting yourself when you are in the spotlight, consider that your presence and your awareness are the only forms of “protection” that you ever need.

At my client retreats, I always open with short meditations that are designed to bring everyone back into their bodies and create a powerful flow of energy, awareness and wisdom.  Once I guide them to simply feel their bodies and be in every limb, tissue, and cell – we play with the dimmer switch.

I give them a virtual dimmer switch that they can then use to amp up their level of presence in any moment they choose.  When something gets challenging or confusing, they can, in an instant, return to their body, breathe and move the dimmer switch up to high volume.

The more present and aware you are in any situation, especially when you are tempted to flee, the more you can access your own needed wisdom.  The best form of self-protection is contained in your presence.


How do you manage your energy when you’re in the spotlight? Any tips you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Nadia

    Christine, thank you for being You. Your voice is so different and so unique. Thank you for caring and holding space for all of us ever so lightly. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us in such an invigorating manner 🙂 You touch our hearts first before you touch our minds and I love it! When I am in the spotlight and I am facing a challenge, I automatically shine my love and my light brighter and it takes me right to the words and emotions I want to express and to the response that is true me which helps me build a bridge from me to that person with poise and elegance, clarity and vigor. Much love and appreciation to you and your team.

  • Chris Fergus

    I am so stoked that I happened upon your wealth of knowledge, insight, and love! You communicate these so beautifully and “user friendly”, so to speak. I have been on a journey to wellness for some time. I am thankful to even be able to consider more, like helping others be well. What you share is helping others in a very centering way. The journey I mentioned earlier, has been a long and challenging one. A lot of it still confuses me; like, when and why I felt unwell, and why I wasted so much energy and time self sabatoging. Some of the challenges have been things I have been born with, like dyslexia , ADHD, and a genetic disposition towards alcoholism. My path has been painful and even more so amazing! For me, my transition was founded in my participation in my faith in my Higher Power. Part this is practicing many of the things you just shared;) One topic you wrote, eat for your type-I loved that you said this because I have just started clueing into this fact-lol, at 45 years old! Being naturally caffeinated (as I lovingly refer to my ADHD) I find my brain and body operate most optimal when I put healthy nourishment in. The nourishment goes beyond food into all I put in, like what I read and (most helpful for my busy mind) music as well! I love what you shared, thank you. I also have found for me, in learning how to accept my challenges has opened a door that turn them into tools when I learn to use them as such. For example, I am in the perfect profession for my spectrum of ADHD, I am a cashier in a grocery store and I love it! I know that challenges present themselves to every person’s journey, many forms; fear is what I let hold me back from turning them into tools sooner. I hope this helps anyone who wants to be well and feels a little stuck. Thank you again! I look forward to more!

  • Dorothy Husen

    Thank you for this article. I like to use your “Uplevel Your Situation” worksheet before I step into a spotlight situation. It helps me connect to my authentic intentions and be the person I want to be. It helps me stay present and grounded and real.

    • Christine Kane

      Dorothy – Thank you!! The situation Upleveler is a favorite in the Uplevel world. I hear from clients after years and years that they still use that tool! (It’ll be in my book when it finally comes out too.)

  • Janet Feld

    This article was so spot on for me today, a gentle reminder to come back to center. Thank you! I meditate daily, sometimes twice during particularly hectic times. In addition to this type of simple, daily self care, I really need my close circle of people around me. My inner circle are a couple of people in my family, my husband and a few close friends. Regular in-person and phone contact with them really feeds my soul in a particular way. Even as an extrovert, I do need my down time/ quiet time but I really need time with my people. In these relationships, there isn’t much small talk, there’s mostly “let’s get down and go deep” talk about all sorts of things that is nurturing for all of us. I’ve developed a few relationships like this in Uplevel Academy which has been one of the best parts of being in it. love, Janet

  • Paula Taylor

    Hmm, I like your assessment of ‘protection’, although I do cast light around me before I go on a Reading. I am a Psychic, and recently did a Seance; I was a bit nervous but also excited, and when I got there, realized that the client/boss hadn’t prepared the room and didn’t want to. I started chatting with some of the guests, and they actually told him to do what I asked! Then, after the Seance, he asked (demanded) that I read one on one as a Medium. I had not done this before, one on one, however, already psyched from the Seance, I just sat down with each guest and was able to feel their energy and give them accurate mediumship Readings! I really didn’t have time to freak out in the moment, so I just did it! I’ve learned to be flexible and trust myself and it always works out.

  • Nikki Buckstead

    How do I find out more about your Uplevel Mastermind Academy?

    • Christine Kane

      Hi Nikki! You can write to my team at info at uplevelyou dot com. one of my coaches can reach out to you and set up a time to chat.

  • Michelle

    Dear Christine,

    This article is resonating deeply with me. I’m often told that I have a calming presence…that others feel at peace when they’re around me. I’ve learned that this gift has so much to do with managing my energy. I practice mindfulness meditation (including loving-kindness), journaling and actively reframing situations to look for the benefits within them, no matter how challenging. Many of the lessons I learned from you during my time in Uplevel Academy continue to fuel my growth and development and I am honored to pass those lessons on to my clients. Thank you for being who you are and for showing up in such powerful ways for so many.

    With appreciation,

    • Christine Kane

      Michelle – You were always that kind of presence whenever you were in the room here in Asheville too! I totally see how people feel drawn to you! And thank you for the kind words. I miss seeing you – and so glad to know you are thriving in your work and your practices.

  • Kristine Hanson

    Morning pages, meditation and yoga. I am a social introvert so I need those things to keep me whole.

  • Ashley

    Thank you for writing this article. I love the examples about what to do and what not to when dealing with attacks publicly. I love how you completely redirected that whole thing.

    We still need the reminders of what we put in is what will come out. Keep bring the goods. : )

  • Roos

    Wooow, this was such an amazing article. Just what I needed. I looooved the insight about keeping calm (which I usually do), not fighting back, observing… This was a mayor key for me. This gives so much energy back, that one would otherwise loose. I cannot think about anything to add right now but I would frase it in: observing what happens inside me and then asking myself how I can help the other? – what is their aim or goal? This is in this kind of situation of course. I could maybe add taking care of yourself in a loving way, breathing, following your own path, doing that which soothes you, listening to your own feelings and intuïtion and than you will be at the right place at the right time. Thank you very much for your articles!

  • Beth

    I meditate, journal-includes reflections and gratitudes, do a gentle yoga routine in the morning! This fills me up. 🙂 I have been working on for years when, what & who is draining my energy and is there a lesson here? Of course :), clearly stating healthy boundaries. I also have a 5 finger centering mantra with Breath that I teach to clients and use also to ground me/or to reground me back into the truth of who I am.

    Your sunday summits sound fabulous! Can’t wait to learn more!

    Keep shining your bright light Christine,
    Many Blessings and love,

  • Bob Wingate

    Hi Christine.

    I often overlook your emails, but today’s title intrigued me.

    Lately, things have bogged down for me. Since we have a business that is conducted almost totally online and by phone, it’s easy to be able to retreat at times from the “front lines” whenever things aren’t going well or energy levels are out of whack.

    Periods of challenge seem to interact with times of great success or breakthroughs. Sometimes, BOTH are equally difficult to navigate.

    I now have two associates, one who has been with me almost since the beginning five years ago, who is extremely dedicated and loyal, and another newer person who is struggling to “learn the ropes” and get out of the gate.

    Recently, my long-term associate has managed to achieve some marvellous clients and book some very successful events. This both causes me great joy for her (and us) and also sends me into a state of guilt, envy, and panic all at once.

    I almost could not believe it when you morphed into a segment on diet and nutrition. This has been on my mind, as I’ve already determined that my mental and emotional state is connected to and intertwined with my physical state. I definitely need a positive change in this area.

    I appreciate your willingness to extend and offer some pieces of advice to us who do need help but, for whatever reasons, cannot connect with you in more direct ways.

    Best Wishes,
    With sincere

    • Christine Kane

      Hi Bob – Wow, it sounds like you’re observing some deep patterns arise these days. (All the normal natural kinds of things with any movement in your business.) I would encourage you to have some kind of support or coach or mastermind. Are you and your associates in something like that or doing any kind of conscious work together? I’m not sure where your revenues are (some coaching programs have a minimum requirement) but Entrepreneurial Organization (EO) has local chapters everywhere. And Dan Sullivan/strategic coach has been amazing for me. Plus you are in the company of so many other owners who are dealing with many of the same issues. And the food/nutrition stuff started for me when I was on tour and getting so internally pummeled by road food. I had no choice if I wanted to remain sane! Thanks for your kind words!

  • Jamie

    Hi Christine, I was glad to see you speak to the food piece, which is so personal and yet so important and so often seems to get overlooked (perhaps because many don’t want to see it). I started giving intuitive readings about five months ago, and a few weeks into it, something in me suddenly said, “no more sugar – if you’re going to be doing this, no more sugar.” And I didn’t even much sugar at the time. No sugar led
    To no grains. And no grains led to very selective dairy. It’s all been surprisingly easy because it feels in service of the work. Our bodies are our vessels for our work and eating to support it – based on your own body’s needs – is so important.

    • Christine Kane

      Jamie that’s awesome. And I hear you. I haven’t had sugar (for the most part) in over three years. I went fully into the ketogenic diet – which ultimately was not the best choice for me for three full years 🙂 … but one gift it gave me was it made me not really need sugar stuff. (Though I still crave carbs…which my DNA tests show as just a part of my system!) The point you made here of being present to your body and slowly allowing the choices to unfold is key. That’s how all of this happened for me too. Just really paying attention to what works now, what is needed now. And realizing it’s not about rules or quick fixes.

  • Ranjini

    Lovely article and perfectly pointed out . These are so so much more like me . I’m sensitive , I’m also aware of my energies , I just need to be be more aware of my diet and eating habits . That’s for pointing that out & reinforcing !
    Ranjini R
    Bangalore India

  • Cheryl

    Christine, I always enjoy your emails. Sometimes they really hit home for me. I have just taken on a high profile position with a business partner. I have been in the spotlight many times for different things over my career but now I’m about to be under a spotlight and a microscope. I am super excited about it and not really scared. I have a calming confidence about this. I already know I’m not going to make everyone happy all the time. I plan to stay centered and confident and move swiftly with decisions. I will remain a loving a caring person but I plan to be more assertive. I’m always professional but I am going to bring more of a personal connection and love to the way I do business.
    Sometimes when I am in a spotlight I stop, I put what is going on around me in slow mo, I look around the room and take a moment to appreciate where I am. It’s almost like an outer body experience like watching myself in a movie. It’s my moment of appreciation that I program into my body. Later on I can access that wonderful memory when I was on a high. If I feel I need a boost I can go back to that time and it gives me energy. It reminds me of how great I can be.
    We all have our highs and lows. The tough part is how we handle those moments. And I agree that being aware is the best way to deal with it.
    I’ve always said that life is a rollercoaster. Just put your seatbelt on and enjoy the ride. : )

  • Marla Beck

    Hi Christine,

    I rarely comment on blogs, and here I am commenting on your article for a second time. That’s sayin’ something!

    This article continues to resonate with me so much. Keep investing in your meditation and energy management practices — you’re helping so many with what you teach, explicitly and through your example.


    • Christine Kane

      Thank you dear Marla! So great to see your beautiful self pop up in the comments! I’m happy to know you are doing well! And thank you for your kind words my friend!

  • Kathleen Estabrook

    Love this. Thank you!

  • Kate Dillingham


    These concepts really resonate with me. I love the practice of presense and awareness. And, it takes practice! Whether performing in the spotlight, navigating a difficult situation with other human beings, or just living day to day life, being and staying present is the key. Thanks for a timely reminder!

  • Lisa Zimmerman

    Christine, I loved everything about this article – the live coaching at the retreat and the food piece in particular. I find it curious that people would have any judgment because you don’t drink. Like this is a necessity of life? Anyway… the way you spoke about food felt reverent to me. It’s a beautiful thing to care about what you put in your body – and love yourself enough to sacrifice indulgence for well being. High level stuff. And a wonderful perspective and reminder.

  • Kriss

    Great article! I loved hearing you say that it is a matter of simply being aware of your own energy. I see so many wear stones or do shield-type protections when they really just need to understand their own boundaries and honor them.

    I found you back in 2008 and you really helped me then. I am so glad to see you still doing powerful work!

  • Waldo LaTowsky

    I remember the night when a bandleader warned us, “Be careful, the vampires are out tonight”, meaning we should guard our energy if we circulated among the crowd. This article and the concepts behind it hit me directly, but what was even more enlightening was the revelation you were also a touring musician. As a musician who used to tour and a former Director of Sales for a technology company, I’m currently working on a project to help musicians take control of their careers and also realize how their training gives them an advantage in the business world. I’d love to chat or email with you about your thoughts on your music career and the connections between that world and the experience of being an entrepreneur.

  • Wendy Pitts Reeves

    So, so, good, Christine.

    This entire post reminds me about how important it is to, yes, be present, and to let energy flow. “What you resist, persists”. So Wonder Woman deflector bracelets just bring on more things to deflect. Self awareness, breathing into the moment, releasing judgment, and simply ALLOWING is the beginning of so much good – for ourselves and for our business. Thank you!

  • Corinne

    Of course I read every one of these! I am a fact finding quick start! You are so on target every time. Looking forward to growing some more this year and spreading that growth around.

  • Shannon

    Thank you so much for this article! I think the coolest thing is when we realize we have this awesome energy or, more accurately, we ARE this awesome energy! Then the next step is honoring it and it’s awesomeness by many of the techniques you mentioned. As we learn how to do that things just feel so right. It’s great! I’ve never tried the day review and I can’t wait to do it tonight! Muchos Gracious 🙂

  • Marla

    Christine! Love this article & hope for more like it.

    I was one of those UpLevel clients who couldn’t articulate my desire for “energy management.” I saw it in the way you led UpLevel Live, in the way you called us up and out at the Gold retreats, and in the energy management habits I learned from you — but I couldn’t put a word to it at the time, and had no idea that this — not another marketing strategy — was what I needed to move my biz forward.

    I suppose this is a big ol’ “thank you!” And a request for more energy & biz articles.


    • Christine Kane

      Thanks Marla! I’m happy to hear from you and learn that this is helping you as your business grows…Such fabulous work you do!

  • Gayle Watson

    This article lit up my day. Have had a couple of events that truly tried to derail my energy and I rolled about on them like a dog rolling on something yucky!!
    I liked most your comment ” without counter attack and not believing the story”. Staying present and dealing with the behaviour – helping the person more effectively.
    Enjoy your scribblings tremendously. Thank you.

    • Christine Kane

      Thanks Gayle – And I think it’s funny how everyone wants to get all these clients, fans, readers, etc – but they don’t often realize how much more powerful you have to get at holding the space for all of these people, events and situations in your life. It’s not something anyone ever teaches or talks about really! so glad this helped!