How to Put a Photo with Your Blog Comment [VIDEO] - Christine Kane
  • Fran@G’day Souffle’

    Thanks Christine, I found your tutorial helpful and am checking to see if it works (I accidently rated my photo ‘R’ because I didn’t understand at first what the ratings meant!)

  • Loretta | A Finn In The Kitchen

    Way easier than the other tutorial I had seen! Thanks!

  • michael bryant

    Thank you Christine. Concise and informative. I was able to use your video and upload my photo in minutes. Now if only you could help me with me TV remote! (Just kidding) Thanks again.

  • Courtney

    Checking to see if this works and hope it does – thanks!

  • Gabriel Magie

    Very nice, thank you for posting this great tutorial. I was wanting for so long to put a picture in my comments but i didn’t know how.

  • Neo

    thank you very much…if only i had some good photos to go with my comment

  • Geoff Rogers

    Great tutorial, thank you for posting this. Now all I need to do is to find a decent photo of myself!

  • Walt Lofstrom


    This was a wonderful tutorial video … you made adding our photo to a comment so easy!
    I’m in you UpLevel Your Business Class … where you described how to use Gravatar. I recommend your course to all !



  • Amira Alvarez

    Thanks so much for this video. So simple!

    • Walt Lofstrom


      This really was simple! Good to read your comment on this!


  • Janis

    Thanks for the very informative video!

  • Kelly – Sister of another mother

    Thanks Christine!

  • Jean

    that should have been helpful explanation…

  • Jean

    I was directed here by Joanna Powell Colbert of the GaianTarotCircle. Thanks so much for the help explanation!


  • Alease Michelle

    Christine, Thanks for the great information on posting a photo with comment. I have always wondered how others did that.

    By the way love your site and your positive information.


  • Michele

    It seems a little too easy when I was expecting to be complicated. Thanks for the information!

  • Galina Z

    Great information; thank you!

  • Galina Z

    Giving my Gravatar a test…

  • Nancy

    Love this! Thanks for the tip Christine

  • Bonnie

    Testing… If it works, I’m showing my face around here for the first time, but I’ve enjoyed your blog for-evah! Thanks for all the advice and inspiration. The “Stop gathering and start making” post really had my name on it! Thanks, Christine.

  • katherineME

    that would be COWBOY Junkies…can not be so disrespectful as to misspell their name.

  • katherineME

    oooh, It worked. Yay! Gravatar took a bit longer than my quick typing fingers! How ’bout that!
    Thanks for this post Christine. I love these helpful things that make life just a little sweeter!
    Have a wonderful weekend! I know I will….Cowdoy Junkies are in town!

  • katherineME

    darn. I am doing something wrong. I will figure it out.

  • katherineME

    third times a charm! Hey Christine, how do you get your adorable logo beside each blog title? I think I cold do that with my logo if I knew how. ok crossing my fingers…

  • katherineME

    trying again

  • katherineME

    test 2

  • katherineME


  • kelli

    I’m with Jan!! Am I a face or a snowflake? Thanks, Christine!

  • Christine Walker

    Thanks Christine, just was wondering how to do this recently. Great video.

  • Lorie

    oh yay!! how fun is that?!

  • Lorie

    Ok, I did it… let’s see what happens!

  • Jan Small

    Thanks, Christine! Great tip…now, let’s see if I have a face or I’m still a snowflake…

  • Hannah

    I just discovered your site through a friend and now I can’t stop reading and listening and loving. I feel as though I know you and that someday we will meet, you are going on my vision board! You are already an inspiration and I can’t wait to see where this will go!

  • Leonie

    Ahhh, it’s linked to my WordPress account. It all makes sense to me now! (And hopefully to some other people too πŸ™‚ )

    Thanks for the instructions, Christine!

  • Leonie

    Time for a test run!

    This is really weird, though, because I am 100% sure I did not sign up to, even though my email address and usual password did the trick for logging in. I tried signing up first, but it said I already had…

    My guess is it ties in with Blogger or Google or something along those lines. Oh well, no harm done, and now there’s a partially obscured face next to my comment! πŸ™‚

  • Tonya Leigh

    Thanks Christine. So nice to see all the beautiful faces.

  • Tonya Leigh

    Testing 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Laura Mixon, PhD

    Woo HOO. I was wunderin’ how to do this! I thought I had to set up an OpenID account. THANKS!

  • Kathy Troidle Jackson

    Look at all those pretty faces!! Love it!! I’ve been meaning to do this forever. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  • elaine

    Yay! 😎

  • elaine

    May be I’m NOT a snowflake now – though the green is a nice creative color!?

  • elaine

    Hmm! I’m still a snowflake πŸ™

  • elaine

    Hello! I followed the instructions on your awesome video – so now hoping I’m not just a snowflake! πŸ™‚

  • Becky Hunter

    Here I am. Nice to see everyone else too! V well made tutorial video.

  • MAX

    joy says you are brilliant, this is really clear
    and she’s going to try this someday.

    i, myself, prefer to help joy by
    walking all over her macbook keyboard
    as she types.


  • inge

    I think I know what I did wrong.
    but again.

  • Alison Gresik

    I just figured this out a few days ago — this is my first chance to test it out. Thanks, Christine!

  • Michelle Hastie

    OOOO I just got ishowu three days ago and love it!

  • Christine Kane

    oh yea –

    julie – this is a screen capture video – and I use a program called iShowU. for pc’s you can use camtasia. There’s a learning curve – but it’s pretty easy once you get used to it.

  • Christine Kane

    I love this. πŸ™‚ (And Jadyn – NO FAIR. you look cute even with the computer camera shooting you!)

    Inge – try again perhaps? It might be the photo size is too large – and gravatar is rejecting it? I think that happened to me once. but my technical prowess only goes so far. (And that applies to you too Susan. Not sure about that.) And Annie – yea, every now and then i’ll find an account I opened that i had NO idea existed. Go figure indeed!

    Michelle – i’ll be sure to let gravatar know they owe me money. but i’m not actually sure how they MAKE money..??

    Joy – yes, we all want your autograph!

    Thanks Janet! I’m so glad to hear that you’re taking your business to new heights in Uplevel YOur Business. I LOVE teaching that program!

  • julia

    How do you make these cool videos? Maybe with imovie on a mac?

  • inge

    whaaaaa it didn’t work!

  • inge

    #testing ; )

  • Jadyn

    Thanks so much for this! Even though I have a wordpress account, I didn’t know how to do this and had been wondering about it!

  • Susan Scofield

    I managed to get this far, but what I still can’t figure out is how to make the gravatar work with pc AND mac . . . I can get one, but not the other.

  • Joy Tanksley

    Hey! My Gravatar made the video! Anyone want my autograph? πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Christine. I’ve had several readers ask how to get their picture to show up in the comments. Now I can just send them this link. Well done!

  • Michelle Hastie

    Gravatar should give you commission! Thanks.

  • Janet

    That was fun and easy. I want to see if it works too. I’m a big fan Christine and now my husband Paul is too. (in uplevel your business) You make us feel like we can do anything!

  • Annie

    Thank you! I always wondered how to do that. Apparently I already had an account with Gravatar, but no picture. Go figure!

  • Christine Kane

    how awesome is this??? So many beautiful cool women to say hello to this Sunday morning!

  • Kira

    I am creating the mindset that despite being the internetly and technologically challenged person that I am, I can indeed follow the tutorial and succeed. And internetly is a word. I’m sure of it.

  • Tangerine Meg

    Thanks for this, Christine! Let’s see if mine works πŸ™‚
    PS I look forward to each of your blog posts!

  • M.A.

    Nice tutorial!

  • Kelly Pratt

    Woo Hoo – you’re a genius Christine! thanks.

  • Kelly Pratt

    Let’s see if this works! I’ve been trying to get this gravatar thing to work for a while…

  • Kat

    Very helpful and really cool how you keep making these infovideos for us that get better and better every time, Ms. Techy! πŸ˜‰
    Much love,