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How to Start a Mastermind for Great Results“The most common weakness of all human beings is the habit of leaving their minds open to the negative influence of other people.” – Napoleon Hill

Many people attribute the idea of the mastermind to Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich.  Hill studied the wealthiest men of the early 1900’s, and wrote the book as part of his research.

And a single commonality of these people was taking part in a mastermind — solving problems and moving forward in their goals with a group.

Today, women, creatives, and entrepreneurs are in masterminds – and the results are even more powerful and holistic than ever.

I, for one, can honestly say that being in a mastermind has been the key reason my work — first as a musician, then as a coach, and then as an owner of a 7-figure business – has continued this upward trajectory.  I UPLEVEL because of my choice to invest in myself by using coaching and masterminds.

But what exactly is a mastermind? And how do you get great results when you start one?

Well, the key is to understand what makes it work – and then you can begin to tap into its power.    Here are 6 core components of masterminds that get results…

 1 – A Mastermind moves you FORWARD.

Support groups can help heal a trauma or addiction. This is crucial when that is your need.

A mastermind group, however, is not a support group.

A mastermind is about moving you forward and helping you achieve a dream or a goal. It’s about forward motion, not healing the past.

This is why many people who try to form “casual” masterminds end up disappointed.

To sustain forward movement, all members must be invested in momentum. It’s almost like betting on your success!  (And yes, financial investment is a motivating force! Casual masterminds tend to have no dollars invested, so the people tend to lose focus or drift away.)

2 – A Mastermind Group is about positive mindsets. Whining is not an option!

In our friendships, we’ve been taught to gather ‘round the drama, listen to the story, and validate the pain.

In a Mastermind, there’s little room for this old pattern of staying stuck.  Of course, there are challenges and yes, even some tears. But the focus is all about solutions, elegant ideas, and next steps.  One of the gifts of a mastermind is that it provides a structure for high-level mindsets, best practices, and ideas that WORK.

3 – A Mastermind won’t make you comfortable.

When you join a Mastermind group, you know it’s not going to be about hanging out in your comfort zone. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons people want to take part in a Mastermind!  They know that success rarely comes from within their comfort zones.

Masterminds are effective because they require you to expand beyond your old limits.  When you have a roomful of people holding you accountable, you pretty much have to drop your excuses!

4 – A Mastermind holds you accountable.

Many people think that they have a “motivation” problem, and that’s why they keep putting off their goals and dreams.

You don’t have a motivation problem.

You have an accountability problem.

Let’s put it this way:

If 25 people each paid you $1000 right now to start a 5-week coaching program for them next week, would you find a way to get it done?


The mastermind acts as that level of accountability.  You no longer are relying on your own “self-motivation” to make this level of success happen.

Accountability creates one of those end-of-year moments when you look back and say, “Dang. I made some shit happen!”

5 – A Mastermind generates ideas and resources.

When a circle of people gives their full attention to one person and her goals, all kinds ideas are generated.  Resources are offered. Connections are discovered.

But there’s a caveat.

My coach likes to say, “You can’t rub a bunch of unfocused people together and get focus.”

In other words, you want to be in a group that has the language, the awareness and the training to be able to propel you forward with their accelerating wisdom. (Rather than slamming you with their limiting beliefs and doubts.)

This means that a great mastermind also comes with training so that each person is aligning with a system or structure so that they can even BE a resource to you.

6 – A Mastermind Creates a Vortex.

Here’s how Napoleon Hill described it:

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

Here’s how I describe it:

When my masterminds meet, our intentions create what we all have come to call “The Uplevel Vortex.”

This simply means that at every mastermind retreat… stuff happens!  I mean WILD stuff.  Prospects call back, spouses get raises, unexpected income shows up. And yes, it’s all within the force-field that we create with our intentions.   I’ve come to expect it as the norm.


Share with me!  Are you in a mastermind?  Have you ever been?  What were your results?  What keeps you from joining?  Let’s talk about this! It’s good stuff!

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  • Doug

    Just wanted to share how i see/feel the power of the mastermind. I call it mastermind from the heart. I want to learn more about this business model because I know how powerful it can be. Thanks for a great article and business model.