How to Stop a Recession in Its Tracks - Christine Kane

Well, it happened last week.

Totally out of the blue.

A full-throttle blindsided moment.

I got hooked.

There I was.  Minding my own business.

And I heard a news report.

That’s all it took.  I was standing in line somewhere. And words like “tumble,” “fall-out,” “shortage,” “crisis,” and “downturn” rushed at me like Talladega.

And I’ll admit it.  For a little while, I shrank. I contracted. I sucked the air into my lungs and breathed small because, after all, even air was feeling scarce.

“Be scared!” I could hear my head shrieking.  “Fire the cleaning lady!  Cancel your travel!  Get your money back on the workshop you signed up for! Hide away!  Get yours! Hold on tight!”

Luckily, my wise self knows some things.

And she stepped in pretty damn fast.

Here’s what she said.  I thought I’d share it with you as you begin the week.

You can choose to participate in a recession or not.  You are a point of power in this game.  Even if the whole world agrees that everything is in a free-fall, you can still expand.  You can still generate and regenerate.  You can still create and create again. This is wealth.

When you live consciously, then you are no longer a part of the mainstream thoughts — the caterpillar pillar.  You no longer look to anyone or anything outside of you to define your reality. You choose that for yourself now. Remember?  You define abundance. You decide whether or not to shrink or expand.  You choose whether or not to participate in this line of thinking. This is wealth.

Either way, you’re going to eat food.  Either way, you’re going to buy gas and go perform and teach and share your soul. Either way, you’re going to wake up each day, and decide that it’s going to be a great day.

So, don’t fire the cleaning lady. Pay her extra.

Don’t look at the numbers as you fill your gas tank. Decide to have more than enough. And then look at the sky and smile at the satellites.

Don’t shrink and hide your light. Shine brighter and share yourself with people.

Don’t deny yourself joy and delight. Buy a reckless bouquet of flowers for your coffee table.

Don’t lock yourself up in your house.  Invest in yourself and go to the workshop.

You create flow. You generate wealth.  Your choice to expand will always lead to greater abundance.

Be very very clear that you are the point of power in your life, and that there’s no such thing as recessions where you live.


By the time she was through talking, the recession had ended.  I stopped it in its tracks.

Won’t you join me?

  • Todd

    I really think that if President Obama called an emergency “fireside chat” and spoke to the people, AND spoke to the people in the exact same tone and manner as Christine’s original post…….

    that WOULD change things!

    A President’s job is to rally the people, to be a leader, and forge a way through chaos when all the people see that there isn’t a way. Reagan had the charisma to do it in the early 80’s, and I believe Barack Obama has the same spirit.

    GO USA!!!! And your post last September is just as true today. Kudos to you, Christine, for such a forward thinking spirit.

  • Andy

    Yes! That’s what we say over here. We do well in ALL economies because we actively choose prosperity over fear. Right on!

  • Carlton Whatley

    I’m in! You’re on it like a duck on a june-bug CK! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Lisa Rough

    thank you for the magificent reminder…. i think i was shrinking, and i didn’t even know it really! it’s always been difficult for me to shift my awareness toward expansion because money is such a messy issue in my family… but i know when i make that effort, things get really juicy. my art becomes more profound, my yoga becomes more healing, and glorious opportunities arise out of pitfalls. i’m grateful for your sparkling truths!

  • M.Valenti

    Wonderful post and so true!
    We are what keep us going or stopping.
    Think positive always.

  • Nancy MacDonald

    Thanks Christine – just today I had a conversaion with a client about how we can maintain a healthy local economy if we just do as you suggested. I too feel myself contract at times, and then I remember – there is enough!

  • Carol Chretien

    Thanks for your insight.
    As an artist that paints to help homeless animals I have to believe that we can persist, we can go forward and follow our passion and purpose and keep our eyes on the horizon.
    Be sensible, don’t be wasteful, do for others and help where you can.
    Karma is in effect. Keep a good heart.
    Paint on!

  • tre

    You hold us all accountable for our thoughts and I’m grTsful for these insights.
    Reality is spiritual, eternal” wrote Mary Baker Eddy” a gave author of mine…no doom and gloom there …. You give invaluable insight to how to prove this truth.:) congrsts on live creatively website can’t wait !!!

  • francesca

    beautiful! thank you for adding to the Light!

  • Steve Little

    NICE Christine.

    I appreciate you calling out the truth.

    Many people do not ‘get’ that they can choose.

    Thank you.


  • cynthia

    I started to go down the constricting path myself when all the news started flooding print, TV, radio, and all variety of internet news outlets. The “sky is falling” was impossible to escape and I found myself breathing shallowly, wondering where I could batten down the hatches.

    In the meantime, I took a full deep breath and realized how good that felt. It was a reminder to unplug for a while and to stay on my original expanding path instead. In a way this post is related to your recent one about the “5 things I wish I knew as an undergrad” – that we shouldn’t buy into the fear hype or other people’s fears. And, it’s not just about money/finances either – it’s a different mindset all together.

    I don’t doubt that there are people who are in a serious financial pickle now too – and I empathize with them immensely.

  • Rella

    I spoke of this only yesterday to a co-worker that we needed to be the collective voice and spirit that overshadows the nay sayers and doomsday speakers and talk and act in such a way that generates a powerful and positive voice out in the universe….and then I find your music and blog today. I love when that happens. I have linked your words and blog to my blog and showcased your music today as I head to purchase your music.


  • Patti

    Christine I loved your “shrinky” post! And this one too is a great reminder. Since that first post of yours I made the decision, that whenever I am down to my last two dollars I give it to the Salvo’s or visit a charity Op Shop and buy something for $2.

    Expansion works for me every time, not just financially but in all parts of my life and I have you to thank for planting such a wonderful seed x

  • m

    I had a recession moment yesterday someone emailed me and said my prices were too high and they wouldn’t take my workshop. For about 30 seconds I thought yikkes NO one is going o sign up ! I’m going to have to drop my prices ! but they are already quite low ! and then I thought hang on a minute… if something was out of my budget I wouldn’t specifically tell someone that I’d just let it go. There was a slighly whiney tone to the email as well and I suddenly thought ” Not having her in my workshop is probably a good thing. ” I’m happy to wait for just the right people to come along for what I’m offering.

  • Erin S

    My one-year-old just put this into perspective for me. He was sitting in his high chair, eating our last two slices of turkey. They were from a rather expensive trip to the organic market, and we’ve been referring to the package as “the good turkey” all week. We’ve actually been referring to all splurges around here as good turkey this week. Things like “hey, things are looking a little rough out there in the economy. We’re going to have to cut out the good turkey for a while.”

    As my son was happily munching on the last of the turkey, our two big dogs came and sat down next to him. He then started distributing the turkey bite by bite. One for him, one for the yellow dog, and then one for the black dog. He giggled every time he held out his hand.

    I had a moment of panic. I ran over to him and told him to stop wasting the good turkey. He just looked at me with big blue eyes and a toothy grin and held out a piece of turkey for me.

    It was then that the enormity of the concept of expansion really hit home for me. My son was enjoying the act of eating and giving. He didn’t think about how expensive that turkey was or how this was the last turkey he might eat for a while because the economy is making things really expensive. He just knew it made him really happy to share that turkey with us. He was expanding.

    In parenting books, they talk a lot about teaching moments. I always assumed that meant me teaching him. I was wrong.

  • Christine R.

    I read this post on the 22nd and was delighted by your reminder.
    Yesterday I forgot! I had a scaredy-cat day, hooked. Yuk.
    This morning I was still a little skitty until I got the giggles thinking about the Fear Factor, like I was going to have to start eating revolting bugs and jumping from one speeding car onto another. No wait, maybe with gas prices what they are…

  • chris zydel

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks again for a great post. It’s such an important reminder about how the power of the collective can seep into our consciousness even if we know to not buy into it. Thank the goddess for your wise self voice!! We are living in the proverbial “interesting times” full of many changes and opportunities for flexibility, innovation and growth. I agree with you that no matter what is going on in the external world, and big, big changes are certainly afoot, our only realistic choice is to continue to expand and operate out of “yes” and out of love. If there was ever a time to pull out all the stops and to exercise our full creative capabilities , that time is now!

    I have also included a quote from one of my favorite websites below. It’s another reminder to stay in a place of openness and excitement as we watch the old world and the old paradigms crumble in order to make way for new growth, new energy and new life.

    “This is one of the most exciting and inspiring times the world has seen for a very long time, perhaps ever. Let us be thrilled that change is at hand. Let us ignore our discomfort as we are forced to change horses in the middle of the stream. Let us be bold and dream big, a dream of a cooperative world where all have access to opportunity and respect, a dream where the death grip of the ruthless killing off of competition gives way to the natural cooperation seen everywhere in nature. A dream where there is uniqueness of expression like the million facets on the one and only diamond. ”

  • Christina C.

    Queen Christine, has a nice ring to it…Now if you could pull it off and make a decree that all your subjects large and small should seek to expand rather than contract what an effect that would have.

    But still I would rather live my life with a glass half full rather than half empty and what I have found is that when I share from my glass half full of abundance I am never left wanting…

  • Jannie

    You breath of light and happiness, you! Thanks.

    Children are laughing, my impatiens are going through a boom, fresh-cut grass can’t be denied and my dogs are just as happy to see me as ever.

    And guess what – I finally have a (still-very-much-under-construction blog with COMMENTS now – yay!!


  • Sue

    Love this Christine! Made me laugh thinking of the way the news instills such fear in everyone. We joke here that the news always portrays the ‘great white death’ of snowfall each winter, finding only a dusting in the morning. Love your wisdom here, and have witnessed its truth. Thanks!

  • Sheri McConnell

    Two Words. YOU ROCK!

  • Christine Kane

    amylia – i’d rather be Queen if it’s all the same to you.


  • Amylia Grace

    Kane for VP!

    I loved this.

    Just what I needed,

    wealthy lady that I am!

    The best things in life

    are free.

  • Jesann

    Thank you! I needed to see this and to see all the comments! Combine all the financial news with being in the midst of a long-overdue move that isn’t working out exactly as planned (it’s just one step back and then I can take two steps forward, I keep telling myself), and I’ve been radiating fear all week. I think I’d better review your “how not to get hooked” series!!

  • Christine Kane

    Thanks for all the comments here! I’m in the studio today – so I’m a little focused on guitars. This will address just one of the comments…

    Erin –

    First off… thanks for the work you do in the world! How incredible you are.
    Second off… thanks for writing this in a way that was thoughtful and present.

    I can only speak from my experience with this kind of approach. (Expanding vs. shrinking). When I first started playing music, I was making about $500/month in a minimum wage job. And I was also working with massive health issues from 10 years of bulimia. I continued to “expand” by putting as much money as I could towards my health. It was intensely scary – and yet, I look back and I’m convinced that my decision and commitment to not shrink was the reason that I healed and also moved me into greater and greater levels of financial success.

    Now, I know that you are talking about situations where people don’t even come from a place where they have the same foundation from which to work. I understand that — and at the same time I know there are always ‘Yea But’s’ for ANY situation. “Yea, but THIS particular person has it REALLY bad. you can’t expect HER to expand!” But we all know that for every YeaBut – there are stories of people who overcame and expanded beyond. Many of them. It makes me think of the quote: “Argue for your limitations, and they are yours.”

    Finally, I’m not telling anyone that they “should” do anything. I speak from my own experience. I’ve worked with many hundreds of people at my retreats and my e-Seminar. I’ve seen this work time and time again with all types of people. I believe that there is no choice but expansion. The alternative is to contract – which is death.

    And to argue that this post is merely about “thinking positive” is just not seeing the deeper meaning. There is more to this work than positive thinking. It is an entire paradigm shift. It is defining on what plane you will live your life and hold your mind and heart.

    I hope that clarifies a little. Thanks for the “push.” 🙂

  • deb

    I’m going to have to push back a little along with Erin.

    Thinking positively, thinking abundantly, just isn’t enough. It’s not grounded advice. I completely agree with the attitude and the sentiment behind it. But there are some flaws. For one example, giving extra money to the cleaning lady *EXPECTING TO RECEIVE* isn’t really the way it works. Saying “I believe in abundance and so will take these actions”….when it’s still all self-focused….isn’t the point either. (And let’s face it, there are plenty of selfish, self-absorbed, greedy people living in quite a bit of “abundance” throughout this crisis right now. And yes, spending one’s last ten dollars on books when they really can be read for free may come back to haunt one if they’re hungry the following week.)

    Do I think we should panic and be in fear and start hoarding? Absolutely not. Do I think there is any reason to not continue being grateful and peaceful and happy in one’s life? Absolutely not. I do realize that coming from a different attitude, an attitude that’s positive, changes the way one interacts with the world and does help to change outcomes. And I agree that it’s important for people to take a step back, take a breath, and then make sound decisions based on what’s right for their current situation.

    There are tools out there that people can use to examine any possible fear and panic and help them determine if there are any actions to be taken. But thinking positive, and going on as if nothing is going on, is too simplistic.

    Great sentiment though!
    All the best!

  • Fiona Purdy

    Thank you Christine, this is just what we all needed to hear!

  • Petra

    What a great post–good to remind ourselves that participation in economic fear is voluntary! I keep reminding myself that I have–and have always had–more than enough money! I’ve upped my annual contribution to one of my favorite charities BECAUSE I was feeling financially small. It’s an antidote to those fear feelings. And yesterday, as if to reinforce my feelings of abundance, there were eight perfect little pennies on the pump at the gas station, a gift from the Universe to me!

  • Lorie


    Thank you so much… perfect timing as usual!

    I normally can keep my thoughts towards the reality that I live in, but every once in awhile some of the “other stuff” seeps over and I get caught up. I can usually pull out of it farily quickly and get back to where I want to be. With everyone so focused on the “situation with the economy”, your post is giving me more of what I want to foucs on instead.

    My thoughts (and my reality) are that my life is perfect, I do have more than enough, and truly I am happier than I have ever been before.

    I’m going to go buy that reckless boquet of flowers for my desk this morning, thank you for that perfect suggestion.

  • mahi

    I agree with most of what’s een said, and thank you for sharing it. Not about the gas though. It’s precisely because people have used gas when they don’t really need to that we’ve polluted the planet so much. Not allowing fear to enter your life doesn’t mean we should be selfish with the planets resources. So many times we take the car when there’s really no need to.

    Anyway, enough about the whining. Enjoy the day!

  • m

    Erin as some one who has occasionally had to make £4 last for a few days meals and really felt on her uppers a lot I can understand where you are coming from. I also live in a country were we have free healthcare so I know that what I might say is quite different from the on the ground experiences of people who feel that they have no net at all to catch them. What has restored my sense of financial abundance is not spending money I don’t have – I was always thinking oh I’ll write a cheque the money will be in on Thursday or whatever. Once I stopped doing that my relationship with money was improved enormously. Perhaps because I respected it more. Then oddly bits of money started to flow in at ‘just the right moment’ either from booksales and stuff. I now know again that I have skills and will have enough. And I’m just getting enormous pleasure out of things that are free or nearly, sitting on my bench having a coffee, taking books out of the library, (never mind that person who mentioned Amazon when you can get FREE books !).

    Erin I wish that the US would rise up and demand free healthcare for all (we got it as a reward for being blitzed to hell during WW2) and join with the green to get a public transport system then people wouldn’t have to chose between gas and food.

  • Annie

    As the wife of a building contractor, can I just say that my heart leapt when I read Lisa Call’s response. Her contractor will be blessed with abundance due to her confidence and expansion, maybe he’ll use some of that money to take his wife away for the weekend, and guarantee some abundance for the hotel and restaurant owners he patronises. Every decision we make is a pebble in a pond and the ripples spread far and wide – it isn’t just an airy-fairy idea, it’s sound economic sense.

    This is all good advice 🙂

    And I have a great quote on my vision board from Jack Canfield: “I’ve heard there’s going to be a recession. I’ve decided not to participate!”.

  • Alison Lee

    The only way to go. So easy to cave, and yet so much more invigorating to keep a lighter and optimistic approach to life.
    Oh the daily challenges we conquer.

  • Gabrielle

    Ahhh, such wise words. At times REALLY hard to trust such words but in the end my wise Self does believe.
    Thank you for posting these insights.
    I really needed them…due to the media scare and the fact that I am seeking out a small, unsecured business loan (for expressive arts therapy center and mini art center combo). The latter hasn’t been a smooth ride BUT I must trust and believe and trust and believe and…

    by the way, can you recommend any books?

  • Arlene


    Thank you for verifying that our mindsets will overrule any “crash” or “downturn”. I lost my job this past Tuesday which is huge, considering that I am separated and my soul supporter. At first I was in shock and cried and that little voice inside of me tried to bring me down to think “what did I do wrong?” “I’m not good enough” and all of the other negative thoughts…but I immediately pushed them away and tried to concentrate on my “fabulousness” and all of my achievements…I have been reading Louise Hay and watch her movie over and over again…I am incorporating mantras into my daily life and it shows….already I have had several head hunters call me with some interesting positions and have no doubt I will be “safe”. One of my facorite mantras is “I am save and I am loved”. By the way…I just got home from the grocery store where I bought one of those reckless bouquets you mentioned 🙂

  • Tim


    I agree that it is easy to get caught up in the news hype -even if it is negative. There’s a fine line between being informed and knowing what is going on with our economy and avoiding reality. I think it is important that we know what is going on so, come election time, we can elect people that will make better decisions. At the same time, thanks to all of the law of attraction material that I have been reading lately, I will try to bring more “light” into the world in spite of what is going on.

  • Erin


    I appreciate your comments but I’m going to push back on you a bit. I totally agree with the power of positive thinking and creating the world you want to live in. I totally agree that we can’t fall into the messages of fear that permeate our media and social consciousness. However, I wonder how this approach applies to those who have no money in the first place? It seems to me like this message of create the world you want to live “works” for those who have the means to do so in the first place.

    It is a very real situation in this economy that people cannot afford to both eat dinner and buy gas to get to work. I work in a local hospital as a chaplain and have many people, hospital employees, who wonder where they will get their next meal. I have one employee who sleeps in her car. How does this notion of expand apply to them?

    My purpose here is not to suggest that your ideas are not applicable, but to wonder how, when people are already on their last 10 dollars, should they expand?

  • Elaine

    Great post!

    This is so true. I’ve stopped reading the news and watching TV in the UK because it is so full of ‘doom and gloom’ of just how bad things are supposed to be. You’re so right about fear selling papers etc…

    I really do now believe that I am the point of power in my life and that I can create flow and generate wealth. The UK/world press is NOT going to deny me joy or delight in my world… thank you for reminding us of this.

  • Dee

    Loved the post, Christine. I am just reading You Can Heal Your Life and in it Louise Hay says:” PUT YOUR ATTENTION ON WHAT YOU WANT TO GROW”…. This is often hard to do but I have trialed it on minor things (like the weather ect) and it SURE does work- NOW I am focussing on getting accepted by ASU in NC- and it sure does make life easier to live with- BE WEll!!

  • Mindful Mimi

    I am broke. I have been for a few months. Before the month starts I already have spent the money. So I stopped shopping for the useless things I usually buy because I think I need them or think they make me feel good. And the fact of not buying them actually made me feel good today when I consciously chose not to hit the store 🙂
    Recession? oh crap. Who cares. I just ordered a few books on amazon. A girl has to read when I spend my time at home right?
    I agre with you though that certain messages are written to make us scared. And we should not let that happen. Woohoo!

  • Christine Kane

    i let it go – this applies to jobs, men, women, friendships, money, opportunities, clients – EVERYTHING. Either you live in scarcity or abundance. It’s always our choice! Thanks for your thoughts!

    thanks kerri – sounds like a great sermon for people to hear.

    sheista – getting sucked in is probably normal here and there. It’s how quickly you can suck yourself out that matters! 🙂

  • Christine Kane

    kl – thanks for the nomination! I can honestly say that there’s nothing I’d rather NOT do than be president!

    (But I COULD be QUEEN! 🙂 )

    Lisa – I LOVE that. Thanks for sharing – and you GO girl! Can’t wait to see the beautiful work you produce in your studio!

    another Lisa – welcome to our parade!

    joh – are you in hardship at this very moment? that’s all that matters. this moment now. “hardship” is a man made idea. (So is “irresponsible” for that matter!)

    Go m and Go Lance!

    Thanks Kay. The thing about news is that it has to “sell.” And fear sells (according to the old mindsets.) So, I doubt the NYTimes would be all that interested in what I’m saying here! 🙂

    gwen – i remember watching people who were normally quite lovely get completely bonkers when the new millennium freak-out happened. I mean – people literally were building survival structures in their houses, stocking up on cans, buying bags and bags of dried foods. On January 1 – I cracked up just imagining how disappointed all these people were when pandemonium didn’t break out!

  • sheista

    I admit that I got “sucked in” on Friday afternoon. Then I remembered you talking about expanding and contracting. Thanks for another gentle reminder today.

  • Kerri

    Great post, Christine. I preached a sermon yesterday on the manna text and used this as the refrain:

    stop your whining
    god will provide
    only take what you need
    don’t forget to rest

  • i let it go

    Great post Christine! Thanks for the reminder to not shrink, and that we create. It reminds me of something I learned earlier this year while attending a job hunter’s support group. Even then the job hunt seemed competitive a jobs seemed scarce (not true!) One of the ladies facilitating the group said something to the effect that “I don’t worry when there’s a down turn in the economy. Periodically it needs this shake out to get rid of jobs that are obsolete. So many new jobs get created that I really can’t be worried.”
    That thought has stayed with me. The way things have been going just isn’t the way that things can continue to go. Perhaps those that read your blog are among the many who will find creative ways to create new jobs and new ways to do business. Let’s not shrink, it’s time to expand–even if we have few earthly possessions, the true riches of life can be ours if we open our eyes to them!

  • Gwen

    Great post!!! Talk about synchronicity…

    I live in Middle Tennessee, and right now, we are in the midst of a fuel shortage, partly because of hurricanes. For the last several days, people have been panicking and of course, making the shortage much worse. And I kid you not, as I was leaving the office Friday, in the midst of a conversation about the bailout and economy, one of my co-workers started bragging about how she had her backpack and supplies ready, lots of canned goods stocked up, bottled water, etc, and she was prepared to hunker down and defend her property in the coming anarchy because she wasn’t “gettin’ no tattoo here, and no tattoo here…” she pointed to her forehead and arm. I felt like I had stepped into the Twilight Zone or something. Talk about fear reactions!!! I’m more afraid of people like that than the state of the economy!

    The funny thing is, after listening to people panic over all the stations being out of gas, I pulled in to a station randomly on my way home, drove up to the pump, filled the tank and drove home. No lines. No waiting. No problem. Hm.

    It’s been really difficult for me to avoid the fear reactions around me, and even more difficult to not panic myself, as I’m single, have been for a long time, live by myself, and have the sole responsibility of providing for myself now and into the foreseeable future. But lately I’ve been just overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement about some possible ways to break free from the Cubicle Land I currently occupy work days. And in spite of the tight job market, I have had two headhunters contact me recently, for job options I didn’t apply for!

    When I look back at it, I realize my life has always been like this, and I’m glad I inherited my mother’s Cockeyed Optimist gene as well as my father’s work ethic. Methinks they are both a requirement for success. 🙂

  • Kay

    I join with you. I thank you. Let’s send this post to the NY Times and all big media….get the word out. Wish I had heard this read on NPR this morning!
    This shift of focus is just what everyone needs to hear right now…..and then we need to each shift our focus in the right direction, away from fear and reaction, negative action towards expansion and positive action. Many thanks Christine. May your singing and creative endeavors this week be abundant and joyful!!

  • Lance

    I feel lucky that I have not been really affected by the economic downturn (well, except for my 401(k)…). I really try to avoid the negative news that we hear when we turn on the tv, or read the newspaper. And this helps. This helps because I’m focusing on what I can do instead of pulling myself down because of what others are saying.

    We do have a choice Christine! That’s a reminder that is worth hearing, no matter where we are in our lives. No matter if we’re truly dealing with this recession, or if we’re letting the fear of it change our lives. I love how you’ve looked at this in an abundance mindset. When we have an attitude of abundance vs. scarcity, we really do find ways to help those truly in need, to do what our heart desires. Lisa, from above, what a great example of not letting a scarcity mentality overrule your plans!

    So, for today, I will look at our world as a place filled with abundance, starting with me! And I’ll do my part to share and spread abundance!

    This is a great message for today’s times and the messages we hear daily…

  • m

    Yes I’ve planned my new life – I’ve planned how its going to fit around me not me around it and I’m not going to change !

    I’ve also started to buy The Big Issue again ( a newspaper sold by the homeless here) and notice that I feel better and more abundant by sharing what I have.

  • Joh

    Thanks Christine for this post. I totally agree, but there is that niggly, self doubting little voice that says I’m being irresponsible or foolish not preparing myself for hardship….
    Just that phrase ‘preparing myself for hardship’ seems more irresponsible though really!

  • another lisa

    YAY YOU AGAIN, Christine (and Lisa Call)!

    i salute you for choosing to fight this current economic war on terror in such wise ways – with the obvious understanding that the only weapon of mass destruction in this one is our not paying attention to what’s really important.

    yup, count me IN.

  • Lisa Call

    I think I was on that same path with you Christine. My home remodel/addition is set to start in a week. When I first heard this news I started to think I should cancel the work – how crazy would it be to put a big art studio on the back of my house and a porch (with a porch swing) on the front in the middle of all this?

    Then I thought – How crazy would it be not to do it when this is what I really want and have planned carefully for?

    So I called the builder and made the porch 2 feet wider cause it wasn’t feeling large enough.

  • kl

    Yeah! I vote Christine for President. That’s the kind of thinking we need around here.