How to Turn Even the Worst Things Around and Reclaim Control of Your Mind - Christine Kane

You’re flying tomorrow. And as you get into bed you check your itinerary one last time.

Your flight’s at 8:30am.  This will get you to Portland with 3 hours to spare before you have to be at the first networking event before your keynote in the evening.

Next morning, you wake up and look at the clock.

Holy hell!  You overslept by 35 minutes!  (You turned down the volume on your cell phone yesterday – and didn’t hear the alarm this morning. Crap!)

You fly through your morning rounds, rushing out the door with no time to shower. Your heart races as you weave through traffic.

You’ve got a digital boarding pass and no luggage to check – so you rush right to the gate.  You huff and puff your way through the terminals and make it just as the door closes.

The attendant gives you one of those looks that says she’s going to enjoy not letting you on the plane.  You argue with her briefly. But it’s clear she wants your speaking career to fail.  She didn’t like you from the minute you rounded the corner.

You’ve missed your plane.


We now interrupt this story to give you two alternate endings to this circumstance.


Because I want you to consider how you interpret each and every situation in your life and your business.  Watch carefully here.


Ending #1:

You want to cry. You start beating yourself up.

As you wait in line to get another flight, the self-judgments pile up. Words like “never” and “always” take the lead.  Add to that the occasional derision from God, Jesus, Buddha, and any other number of deities and angels.

You get a flight on another airline.  It’ll get you in to Portland in time for your talk – but you’ll miss the networking event.  You are stressed and frustrated, worried about how this is going to affect the energy of your talk.


Ending #2:

You want to cry. You start beating yourself up.

As you wait in line to get another flight, the guy behind you asks you if you, too, missed that flight to Portland.

You tell him yes.

He says, “Me too!  Traffic was awful!  But did you hear?  Our plane had a maintenance issue out on the runway – and they’re now grounded for like four hours because they can’t get the part they need and the door won’t open or something. My business partner is on there and he just texted me! Now, I’ll land in Portland before he will!”


**Brief Pause for a Deep Breath**

So…how’s your translation doing now, huh?

Looks like God thinks you’re pretty freakin’ special!

In fact, I’ll bet you think the universe started aligning yesterday, making sure you turned your cell phone volume down just so you WOULDN’T be on the plane with weird maintenance issues that grounded it for 4 hours!

And okay, yeah. I get it. In most of our circumstances, this convenient level of tidy knowledge doesn’t usually happen.

But it’s interesting to note that, in this scenario, NOTHING in your circumstances actually shifted.

The only thing that shifted was your perception of them, the meaning you gave to them.

“Well, at least I’m not on my original plane,” now makes the day a little lighter and a little more do-able.

Your waking up late is no longer a matter of self-flagellation. It’s a matter of self-congratulation.

Why does this matter?

Because – and this is really important –  the only meaning that matters is the one you choose to give your circumstance.


Past-Based Meaning vs Future-Based Meaning

I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that will not work.”-Thomas Edison

If you look at the two alternative endings in your airplane story, you’ll see something telling.

The first ending or translation, (or the first WHY), of that circumstance comes straight out of your past. It’s all the translations based on the beliefs and stories you’ve accumulated over your life. Plus, it’s stories of the recent past… the cell phone volume, the traffic, etc.

But if you look at ending #2, the translation – the WHY – is all about the future. You were meant to be pulled from that plane, and you were meant to be the keynote speaker that night.  There’s no need to worry because it’s all calling you to the right end.

You have literally made the future the CAUSE of your current challenges.

This is what people do when they’re grateful for all the bad stuff they’ve endured in order to get what they have now.  They’ve made the future become the cause of the original hardship.

We become great purveyors of “MEANING” when some time has passed and we are able to pull meaning from the circumstances we go through.  From our future.

So why not do that before the future happens?

Why not see clearly – right now – how your very soul is “circumstance-ing” you into your required expansion?

Why not recognize that every single circumstance is actually shaping you and creating the outcomes you intended at the start of this year?

What if everything that’s happening to you is a gift that’s showing you the stuff that needs to be removed, re-shaped and realigned as you steadily move toward your goals and intentions?

This is not positive thinking, by the way.

This is recognizing that you have the ability to create any meaning you want for any situation in your business or your life.

It makes the getting there much more powerful, don’t you think?

  • Roslyn Heywood

    I believe in beauty, favorite things and moving forward and in Love-the deep real love,which brings hope and light.
    Having walked with my family through the strange darkness of a sentinel event and close unexpected sentinel of two sons within the context of a very small community, life changed.
    A strange bridled strength has come out of brokenness, a deeper regard for life and its meaning and thus my interest in Vision Boards. Earth time comes but once for us all and we need to be clear of our own identity and life destiny for this time. As a wise man has said- we are like the flowers of the field, here today and gone tomorrow. Our legacies however can change the world and we can create our own worlds. Too few of us realize this or are unable to make it happen because we lack the knowledge on how to do so. Writing with visuals is a magnificent thought keeper.

  • Chelsia Berry

    I’m upset that I haven’t BLOOMED yet. I’m 44 and still haven’t found success. But pouting about it has not helped. It puts me in a tail spin of starting and stopping. Reading your post has me in a mindset to simply continue along my desired path rather than stopping. I always achieve some success, but then stop because I’m not getting it quickly enough. There’s something I need to learn from my pattern.

  • Elena

    Holy crap Christine!
    I wrote a post on this very subject last week, because I had to cancel a Vision Board event.
    I know that some of the reasons are related to my energy: in the very same weekend I hosted another seminar on a complete different topic, and actually it would have been just impossible to be focused in the same way (the upleveled way I wanted to, at least) on both of them.
    Lesson learned, I’m very grateful for it, and having your email aligned perfectly makes me just happy 🙂

  • Irene Salazar

    Hello Christine,

    My example is about a friend calling me about your Vision Board Pro Webinar. She was a participant and was so excited she called me and started giving me all of the details of how we could do one without the big picture. I was so confused and somewhat frustrated, that I just agreed with her so I could get off the phone. When I got home I just dismissed it yet about 1 week later I saw your Facebook ad for the Vision Board Pro Webinar and decided to be a participant and see what my friend was talking about for myself. After the Webinar, I was clear and I made a decision to place the order for it. Now that I have done a Workshop, I see the benefit of that call from my friend. It propelled me into an area that I had been focusing on but was uncertain of how to proceed. I had no guidance and through this experience, I have gained it and the doors have flown open to the many possibilities I can move forward to create what had been waiting from me to discover.

    • Christine Kane

      Wow Irene! Thank you for sharing this! I loved reading it – and I’m thrilled that it gave you everything you needed to make this new direction happen. (When’s your next Vision Board workshop?? 🙂 )

  • Eva

    My recent employer decided to revert back to an Au Pair.
    I was a live in nanny. I was too matured and overqualified for the post so is nice that it has been ended.
    I am very lucky to find a temporary space to bridging to my new assignment.
    I am living from my luggage now, but almost have a luxury to be on my own during week days as the owner of the flat is away at the country side. Also have time to focus on my goals, besides finding a new assignment.
    Challenging though and hopefully will understand later why I have been going trough of all these changes, and how these have served the higher purpose.
    Thank you Chrisitine to helping me!

  • Sally

    I am about to lose a coaching client. She said that we have not done anything over the past two months, And I was shocked. Then angry. Reviewed her session notes and appointments, clearly my head is in the sand. I feel defeated and not sure I should continue coaching.

    • Christine Kane

      Oh goodness Sally – that’s really hard. Maybe this will help (and be the valuable takeaway from this experience.)

      First thing is this: If this client didn’t do the word you gave her, then there is nothing you could’ve done differently. Some people want coaching to just be magic. And change takes effort and work. When i think back to my first coach – I stumbled and sweated through my first year with him.

      Second is this: Coaching results take much longer than two months. I was with my first coach for a full year – and then on and off over another year after that. (And I have continued having coaches and being in masterminds since that time 20 years ago!) Perhaps you need to include some educational materials when a client on-boards with you so they understand the time it takes.

      Third – People who see the value of coaching tend to be “forward lookers” and as such often dismiss any and all progress they’ve made. Can you incorporate a process into your phone calls with your clients where they have to open up the call by sharing at least three wins with you? (That way, they are acknowledging that they are making progress. Not just always looking forward!)

      See if that helps and keep me posted!

  • Erin

    Three years ago, my world took some of the most dramatic, unexpected turns. Since then, I have been emotionally challenged daily. I’ve had to learn so much, and adopt an entirely new lifestyle. I also participate in several fellowships of recovery. I’ve read and studied voraciously. I get to work with others.

    I have by necessity learned to adopt a daily practice of prayer, meditation and yoga, and mental self-discipline. I’ve become someone that I love. I am proud of the skills and knowledge that I’ve acquired.

    These new behaviors have shown me depths of my spirit that I hadn’t known I’d had. I have recently enjoyed breathtaking breakthroughs.

    The difference today is that I can feel love from, and trust in, a Higher Power. As your stories indicate, I can be grateful for my challenges. I can conceive that all my experiences will be shown to have served a higher purpose.

    • Christine Kane

      Erin – I feel the same way about the 10 years I struggled with bulimia. Healing that addiction taught me EVERYTHING – and i mean that for real – I needed to know in order to have a business. Too deep to explain here – but i’m totally WITH you on what you wrote here.

  • Michelle Dawnn

    I am making a HUGE life change in the next few months.

    And even though I’ve finally made peace with my decision and know it’s for the best, I’ve been beating myself up about how it will effect everyone else around me.

    I feel like I’ve failed although I know logically that everything happens in divine timing.

    Your email really spoke to me because I feel like this challenge is setting me up for something so transformational which will now allow my 10 year vision to come to light~

    • Christine Kane

      Sending you boatloads of light and encouragement Michelle. You’ve totally got this.

  • Cheryl

    I grew up in two different worlds and with my Mom violence partying and abuse was allowed. After she left my abusive stepfather we lived on welfare. So I moved away got educated and was determined not to have abuse and violence in my life. It made me a strong person with conviction and who I am today.

    My mission is to help women all over the world realize and achieve their life dreams and goals. Women set the tone for the family and they influence the world. If they are strong and healthy we all benefit. I want us to work together to achieve this.

    I am an intuitive and empath and have finally focused on providing spiritual life force energy healing through Reiki Energy Healing, Divine Life PATH Guidance Readings, Angel Card Readings, clearing negative energy from homes and now providing Vision Board workshops combined with Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope P.A.T.H.

    I am doing what I am meant to do…

  • Therese

    Hi Christine,
    This is so the way have been looking at things after we lost our business which was also our home. It took a while to uncover what that all meant but it has really made me look at how much the universe loves us so much that it brings up all our sh-t so we can move to the next level. Definitely a work in progress though, this trust thing, but I got the awareness now which I love

  • Jackie

    I took a buyout from a well paying job that I did not like and had no growth potential. When I went on several interviews, I realized I wasn’t as valuable as I thought I was and I started second guessing my choice of taking the buyout. I landed another job making less money but working with positive and grateful people that helps others. I have learned in this journey, making money is not my end goal and money is a small part of my peace of mind. Now I look forward to going to work and seeing smiling faces and helping others. My bills are being paid with money left over for some luxuries. I have realized through this journey that money is not the key to my happiness, peace of mind is.

  • Christina

    I have had a lot of loss in my life in the last 3 months
    The loss of a man I loved but who couldn’t undrstand me and the anger I felt about inequality and how men should treat women. I have blamed myself fir the break up (he wanted me to move in and I have a divorce and my own property to sort out which drove the relationship apart) but am using this opportunity to learn about my self and men and my boundaries about what I do and don’t want. I am preparing to meet my soulmate and to divorce and start my own life and to positively rewrite my PhD. These things are meant to happen to show me the path to doing the work I am meant to do with my life. I now have a space to work out my past life and a positive mindset which lets go of the past and allows me to find independence from men and my own wild woman. I would like to start a business which helps empower

  • Fiona George

    As of 8 March 2018 I am not dwelling on the past I am moving forward with my art academy, so each day I will take one step at a time whislt the universe guides me

  • Rebecca

    I went through what I felt was an undeserved abandonment by my husband of 18 years. Our relationship was very sensitive and it took me a long time to accept the fact that he left me with our children. But, looking back, I see that whatbhe thought would hurt me has helped me. My sons and I have had time to fully evolve into who we really are without threats, intimidation, bullying and negative manipulation. We are fine.

  • marilyn

    I am trying to write a book about my life, as I want to help people who are or have had similar experiences & let them know what & how i coped along the way, I am struggling with a title & how to present it?

    • Christine Kane

      Not sure I can really help you here Marilyn – but i do know that the creative process works on perfect timing. Get out of your head and let it come. 🙂

  • Jane

    Hi Christine – how serendipitous!! Whilst I have known for some time that I probably have complex post traumatic stress disorder, I didn’t properly start looking into it until the past few weeks. I am now acquainted with a whole bunch of symptoms that other people experience as well.

    I had a really unpleasant situation when my landlord came round unexpectedly today. As he harassed me, he complained that I’d been upsetting the woman upstairs (without even asking to hear my side of the story). During the incident, I went through the entire gamut of trauma related symptoms and emotional flashbacks, followed by emotional collapse (crying my eyes out having slid to the floor) and suicidal thoughts. Catastrophising into the future about him possibly asking me to move out.

    Whilst I am not impressed with his behaviour and am now very concerned about him making a habit of coming around unannounced (this is the 2nd time he’s done it in 3 weeks), I am also viewing the incident through the eyes of learning what I go through every time some situation reactivates a trauma in me. I still feel incredibly insecure, but now realise that it doesn’t have much to do with the current situation, that’s to do with my childhood. It’s just that the physical and emotional symptoms and number of triggers has grown and grown over the years, so that now I feel afraid and insecure most of the time.

    Luckily I now seem to be reading the right books and have found a community on the internet where people do make it out the other side from being traumatised, and I’m very much on the case.

    So, your message really resonated with me. Whilst I’m still concerned about this situation, and it feels terrible, I’m taking whatever learning I can from it. Hopefully developing more self-compassion for my behaviour, which is really just a set of coping strategies learnt in childhood and not the “real” me.

    PS Thanks for the “Word of the Year” workbook. Brilliant stuff 🙂

  • Marina Pro

    Dear Christine,
    I got this question by e-mail today and in a long time I have read it until the end.
    It resonated with me as I just lost my easy and stress free way to update my instagram- to promote a department store, for some reason. They said that my pictures were “tacky” and they didn’t ask me to promote them. I did it because I wanted to publish some content re: fashion but didn’t want to spend lots of money on fashion to build my instagram account.
    What if I find new ways to promote fashion on my instagram account or find a new niche to promote all together! Thank you for an inspiring e-mail!
    Kind regards,

  • Brigitte

    A similar thing happened to me the first time I took a group to Costa Rica. Our first flight from Montreal was delayed and we might miss our flight from Toronto. The lovely lady looked at us and said ‘oh dear, you may miss your other flight, and you are here so early, as well…’ My group looked at me and I grinned back and said: “gratitude for little delays”… I smiled at the ticket lady and said “thank you so much for your smile, this early in the morning, at least we can go grab a nice coffee.” As we walked away, the lady yelled after us, “wait, wait!!!” We walked back and she smiled at us, saying” do you mind terribly skipping that coffee?” We looked at her, a little confused… “I was able to book you on the flight leaving NOW, go quickly to gate 4!” And off we went into the Sunshine! Such a great beginning to a first trip to Central America and the ‘Hummingbird Capital’, Puravida, Costa Rica!!!

  • kimberly

    Thank you Christine I needed to here that .It’s exactly the way I look at things. And it’s because my whole life has been like a million of those kinds of sinarios. Fourty five years of circumstances beyond my control. And what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. And going through all those things has made me who I am today . And reading what you shared today just confirmed to me that I’m looking at thing in the right way and I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be.
    I don’t have a business at the moment , I am working on getting into school right now and looking forward to life getting continuously better and reaching all my goals even in the mist of every negative forse against me. Thank you. Kimberly

  • Paulette Hamel

    Landed the job of a lifetime with great pay, great location, wonderful team and freedom to make decisions for my own department. First day, lands me in a crisis and I fly to St. Louis to negotiate with new vendor create a new brand. I become the key speaker at this meeting (my boss asks me to take over the negotiations), I don’t even recognize myself with all the great ideas, direction and concepts that seem to come from nowhere…I am on fire and loving it and we end with a 5M dollar opportunity.

    The next week I work with team, tweak structure and process and win all the way around. Team is excited and boss tells me he is impressed and very pleased. Four weeks in and I can’t believe how pumped I am and how much I love what I do. Fifth week HR tells me I need to complete on-boarding which involves working in all areas of the company. I start in the warehouse, I go out, work the assembly line, receiving docks, shipping room, import room, etc.

    Day 2 I find irregularities in packing…500,000 savings. Boom!

    Day 3 I find error in duty rates that amounts to almost 1Million in savings. Boom!

    Nope, BUST.

    VP of warehouse decides I need a talking to. I never met him, didn’t even know his position existed. Turns out he has been there only 2 weeks and my findings directly reflect on him and his area. I am in doodoo now.

    My boss calls meeting to discuss innovation strategies but there are only 3 of us….him, me and the VP who aggressively accuses me of stepping in his area. I was calm and polite and able to back up every accusation and he literally turned beet red with anger. Over an hour of him saying the same thing 10 ways when I finally said “I thought this was a meeting about innovation. I was not prepared for this discussion nor told there were any issues beforehand”. I apologized for anything I had done wrong and asked him and my boss how they would like to proceed. NO ANSWER. So, I waited literally 1 minute (maybe more). We were all silent. It was so weird.

    Then the VP said “It’s her or me” and got up and left the room.

    For some reason I wasn’t upset, I wasn’t angry and my boss and I agreed to go back to the office. I was dumbfounded. My boss came up to me the next morning asking how I felt. I told him I feel tension but that I thought it would go away in time and that this fellow was obviously upset that I found something that he wanted the credit and recognition for. My boss agreed. I told him I am A-OK and he said he was too and we agreed to just let it all be.

    The following day my boss asks me to come into the conference room. The HR guy is with him. My boss is white as a ghost and we all sit down. He looked awful. “This is the hardest decision I have had to make in my life”. I sat back in my chair. I knew what was next. I took my badge and lanyard off and placed it on the table and didn’t say a word. We just looked at eachother. My boss had no power, no say. Then I asked “why?”. He said “they feel you are not a cultural fit”. I did not even ask who “they” were. I got up and went to my office and gathered my team and told them, “I was asked to leave because I am not a cultural fit.”

    My team and the other departments were as shocked as I was and several cried and one shouted “FUCK! We finally get someone that knows their shit and they say you don’t fit!! This place is screwed up!” (young millennial team so excuse the language).

    We had bonded so fast and these people were at the heart of the why of the company. It was obvious to me how much impact you can have on your team when you operate from intregrity and truth. I remember thinking that I wanted to always be able to work in that mindset.

    In the moment, I felt violated, hurt, angry, undermined and what the hell was I going to do at 50+ looking for a job. I was lost. Felt my life was out of control. People will think I am a failure. I kept going through everything in my head and just could not make sense of it all.

    I wasn’t in my car 15 minutes when I got phone calls and texts from my team and vendors and others in the industry who just heard “the news!”. Over and over I got messages saying they couldn’t believe it and encouragement to hang in there and that something better would come of all of this.

    Well, remember that vendor? They called when I had been unemployed for less than 3o minutes and told me they wanted to work together. An unbelievable sequence of events has been happening daily as a brand new direction for my life is playing out beyond my dreams.

    I could have given up, I could have not heard the support, I could have been scared to death about no income and my age in the marketplace. But Instead, I took this as a harsh wake up call to get on with my own business and do it now. That is when I got an email from Christine Kane on how to Become a Vision Board Pro. Something I had not done in 20years. I opened that email (and that was no accident) and learned about UpLevel Your Business.

    Christine, the UpLevel Your Business Fastrack has shifted my mindset and given me the tools to become a marketer with a coaching business. Excited to see where this leads . Thank You for your work and your vision.

  • JP NZ

    I’ve been working on my goal to reach 80kgs this year. The first six weeks started off amazing and then it’s like i woke up the next day and I had lost my drive. I’ve spent the last two weeks beating myself up about giving up on myself and attempting to get back into flow. My old thought patterns of how useless I am and I’m a failure seeped in.

    With this mindset, I can see my body actually needed a rest. I was pushing myself too fast. The year has only just began and I have loads more time to keep going. Others are inspired by my results so far and they’ve started their own journey.
    This time has given me a chance to reflect on what I’ve achieved and how its impacting those around me. I’ve learned that consistent imperfect action is better than no action at all.

    • Christine Kane

      This is the truth in everything in life >>> “consistent imperfect action is better than no action at all.” (and these are your wise words! Go JP)

  • Karen Richards

    Ok – you must be a psychic or something because I was just pondering an event in my life where I reacted differently and the outcome is so much better than I expected.

    My husband and I were having an argument about schedules and things that needed to get done and the conversation was swirling down the drain. I tried a stop/change, took a deep breath and said “I want both of us to get what we want so let’s get out the calendar and map out the next 3 months.” As we did we negotiated dates and things that were important to each of us. We then ended up with so much clarity about each other’s intentions. And we “hugged it out.”

    So much better than the we handled this in the past – usually door slamming and tears!

    I attribute this shift in my thinking to the work I’m doing with you in Uplevel.

    Thanks Christine and your team!

    • Christine Kane

      Beautiful Karen! Sometimes getting to clarity takes a bit of mucking through all that is unclear!

  • Vanessa Jordan

    Ok, here lately I have been considering dropping my second business, because my first original business, that I am a Founding Consultant with
    is taking off like I expected it too.
    Ok the other Color Street has already really taking off, but I had to start
    from dead broke I lost everything, so I was able to pay my Airess site fees
    this month, and not my Color Street site fees.
    Well low and behold I get this post last night of a lady that was done
    terribly wrong in a nail salon, I reached out to her and told her I would
    like to bless her with a free set of nail strips, well got up this morning, along with her there were multiple others that had joined my group.
    At first I got a little upset, oh my what if someone orders now i won’t get paid, and I REALLY NEED THE MONEY!
    OK based on the future, I saw a lot of potential in both, I wanted to truly do both, so I believe that because I am grateful to God for everything that comes my way, that this lady didn’t drop into my life by accident
    she was already going to be there because everything happens for a reason
    and I am seeing that if I organize and keep a schedule, I can do both, and I can be successful at both come one one is makeup one is nails!

    They go hand in hand, yes pun intended, so now I am going to get that site fee, pay it and know that I can and will work both businesses, and I will be successful in both businesses!
    I am grateful for it all and your email with your story!

    Because it was all already placed in my life by my gratitude, knowing that
    God has a reason for every single thing that happens good or bad.

    I grow from both, and I will be where I saw myself at in a few months.

    Thank you Christine!!!!!!

  • Barbara Chapman

    I feel the need to act and write, thanks for the invitation. I have decided to cut back the hours of my business, I am drawing the line so to speak, marking my boundary. It is a bit “frightening” yet freeing. I am looking to the future to invite new clients to enter my “door”, even though that door isn’t always open as it once way. I am trying to think of creative ways, fun ways to create more business. I am trying to dig deep and come up with original ways that reflect my personality and drive/motivation.

    • Christine Kane

      Barbara – what are you doing to get clients and let the world know you are out there?

  • Jacquelyn St Jacques

    This was the best blog post I’ve read this year. In fact, the timing of this message was perfect because I am currently having one of those days. I was supposed to get a background check for a job I was hired for but realized I lost my ID. Instead of going on 45 min to an hour drive I am at my local DMV replacing my license. I could see my situation as “why did this happening to me” moment but after reading post while in line at the DMV I am calm patient and I look forward to what my future day holds for me. I will save this message to read again to remind myself in moments like this. Thanks for sharing!

  • Doyin

    Thanks for sharing this. I recently shifted the way I view my circumstances and it has been the most liberating thing ever. So aspect still makes me cry and sad, but with a heart of gratitude and knowing that all things work together for my good I have great peace.

  • Bob Wingate

    Hello Christine.

    We’ve been building a new booking agency for over three years. I’ve been breaking every rule in the book as we forge ahead, slowly but deliberately.

    I love the flexibility of an open schedule, with only restraints and routines that I personally choose to implement. But I’m also learning that I’m naturally a procrastinator and negative thinker. I tend to like to choose the lazy way over the hard way, but never like the end result. I also let minor problems cause major swings in my thinking or direction.

    What I’ve decided recently is that on days that I “just don’t feel like it”, I can temporarily change gears, think about something completely different, or do something nice for myself, and it can salvage a rather meaningless day, and take me out of the doldrums.

    When I reach a standstill or brick wall, I take a long walk, read a book, call or go meet a friend, etc. Oftentimes in the middle of this seemingly oblivious detour, I’ll have a brainstorm or get an unexpected call from a client that will be a major breakthrough. So much so that I’ve almost come to expect these outcomes.

    I greatly appreciate your continuing input and encouragement to all of us entrepreneurs-in-the-making.


  • Sandra

    Hi Christine, great article as always!

    I through in the towel this week and said no more with our business that wasn’t making enough revenue to keep us sustainable year round. Our other business sustains itself and a new business that hasn’t begun yet has been delayed with regulatory process. This one is the ‘golden egg’ that will provide a sustainable revenue source year round for us and our paddle shop business. I’m so done with lack and chasing after whatever sources of income that we can attract.

    I can’t walk away as I’ll lose everything. The stakes are high. However, I’m walking in faith that our big vision of a marine community is coming together and multiple streams of income will be forthcoming. I choose to stay grounded and take steps to have our businesses and my life personal live be sustainable and at peace.

    That’s my story. 🙂


    • Christine Kane

      Faith is everything Sandra! (Well, marketing helps too!) Keep moving forward!

  • Franca Anaedum

    Thank you Christine, you have always inspired me.

    After reading this article I was determined to contact you through this to see if you can help me achieve one of my future life dreams.

    1. I love writing books and have stated some which I never concluded before I became bored or lost interest.

    2. I want to have an NGO for Vocational skills training specifically for People living with special needs. This is the most inspiring dream I have ever hard and I am willing and ready to take off immediately BUT I don’t have the financial resources. Don’t know how to raise fund for this.

    Please advise me as my Mentor even though you are not aware that you have inspired my life a lot from your write ups.

    Franca Anaedum

    • Christine Kane

      Hey Franca – I’m not a fan of getting investors for a business. (And I’ve never done it! I built both of my ventures from the ground up on my own…. same with all the clients I work with!) So I would have to advise you to map out what you offer – and then get clear on your ideal client. It doesn’t require funds – you just need to begin and start getting clients!

  • Ruby

    Not overspending to afford a car and samples of IDLIFE and share the movement with others at least once a day.

  • Kristen Wilson

    Thank you for the article. It was enlightening to hear how we “assign meaning” to events. I am learning to appreciate things, even though my heart races initially sometimes with unforeseen events! Thank you

  • Anita P. Latin

    I’m closing out a revival tonight. I took off from work so I can put final touches on my sermon and be able to drive straight to the city from home instead of extra work to get from work to the job!

    My throat is scratchy and I feel stuff in my throat. I’m home so I can drink all the liquids I need rhroughout the day and be close to the bathroom and fight this little bug off enough for me to fet through tonight!

    I’m nit freaked out I won’t have a strong enough voice or I’ll have a coughing attack! I’m confident I’ll deliver with boldness and conviction!