How to Vision Map your Future Business Success - Christine Kane

Having a business means it’s hard to find the time to create and align with (or re-create and re-align with) a vision that both excites you and drives you forward. The biggest problem here is the word “find.” Of course you won’t find the time. You’ll never find the time! You have to make the time.

And now that we’re nearing that autumn-year-end-on-ramp, this is your official call to map out and reconnect with your vision — and then instill practices that actually get you where you want to be. Here are five places to start:

1 – Make a Vision Board

Even the most hard-assed executives swear by this practice. While some people see vision boards as some sort of woowoo “gimme gimme” approach to success, I see it as a way to create space for your soul to speak to your business. The women I have coached over the years have created untold amounts of money and results from vision boards because they took the time to listen to themselves and get clear. (You can download my eBook if you want a step-by-step guide – including a clarity method that releases the ego, and connects you more fully with your soul.)

2 – Enter (Don’t Discover) Your Purpose

Your purpose is the fuel for your vision. But you shouldn’t try to “discover” it. Instead, ENTER it. If you haven’t found your purpose, it may be hiding out in an unlikely place. Click to read an article that will change the ideas you’ve had all along about finding your calling and life’s work. This illuminating change in perspective is what can get that pesky purpose to come out of hiding.

3 – Manage Yourself, Not Your Time

Once you have your big vision, you must learn how to navigate your days and weeks to make that vision come to life. That means it doesn’t serve you to tolerate a life of overwhelm and reaction. Most entrepreneurs are pretty bad when it comes to this. This article maps out 5 specific strategies for managing your time – but mostly yourself!

4 – Deal with the Negative Voices that Drain Your Energy

You know the routine. You create a big bold future vision. You’re truly inspired. And then it happens. The old negative voices show up. They start small at first. Within hours, they’re having their way with you. We all know this pattern too well. Which is why I can’t write an article on vision mapping without letting you know you’ll be fighting a few demons along the way. Click here to discover the mother of them all.

5 – Make an Authentic Business Plan [VIDEO]

How do you make your business align with your future vision? How do you map all of this out? Well, you start by being authentic and making it do-able. Hey, let’s face it. A solo business owner who understands the changing web and social media environment isn’t going to follow a lame corporate formula that allows for no flexibility. Click here to get some raw on-the-spot coaching on business plans and vision.