Earnings Disclaimer - Christine Kane

At Uplevel YOU, we don’t teach or believe in magic pills. We teach and believe in living, serving and earning at a much higher level than most people think is possible. With that said, Upleveling your Business and your Life is about your personal choice, inner growth, and taking lots of action.

So, here’s the deal. We are legally required to remind you that we do not guarantee your results, income or outcomes if you use our tools, templates, strategies or secrets. We are here to deliver high levels of training and content that will hopefully serve you for years to come. Will you get the same results as other people who have worked with us? We have no idea. (We don’t even know you!) So, it depends on you, your decisions, your actions and your level of personal accountability. Got it? Good!

Furthermore, nothing on this page or any of our websites is meant to guarantee results – and we do not offer legal, tax, financial or any other professional advice. The numbers on this page and on any of our websites are illustrative only – and should not be considered exact, actual or a guarantee of your future earnings.

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