This is mostly a repeat post from when I sent out this invitation before. (I’ve edited some of the text and added a few additional notes.)

Months ago, I was emailing with a well-known author and speaker. At the end of our exchange, she wrote that she had “added me to her prayer list.” She wrote what she would pray for, and what she was affirming for me (as well as for my dad, who had been in the hospital). I was in the lobby of a hotel when I read her email. Instantly, I was filled with a deep peace and gratitude to know that I was being included in this amazing woman’s prayers.

Prayer is powerful. It is not about magic or “making things happen.” It’s about miracles and knowing the deep truth about any situation or person. It’s not wishful thinking. (“I’ll pray you win the lottery!”) It’s a recognition of the highest and best. (“I am praying and knowing that you are always taken care of, that you always have more than enough, and that you are abundant and at peace.”)

Prayer is not woo-woo or froo-froo. It is not owned by ministers or priests. It is not owned by any religion. It is a necessity in the everydays of almost every person in my life. It is the most grounded activity of my day, besides writing. (And hiking with my dog.)

I love prayer lists. I am on the prayer list of a wild and remarkable minister here in Asheville. (She has a “powerful women” prayer list that is part of her morning routine, and I am absolutely honored to be on that list.) I think we would each be wise to start prayer lists and add people to them.

Please note: not everyone wants to be on your prayer list! And watch out for your own “stuff!” In other words, if you think your co-worker should be married and you feel so sorry for her that she’s still single at 34 — that’s your “stuff.” When you say, “God, please give Margie a good boyfriend so that she can feel happier,” what you’re really saying is, “God, please give Margie a good boyfriend so that I can feel more comfortable around her.” Maybe you should pray instead that you become more comfortable.

After all, maybe Margie wants a girlfriend!

Adding someone to your prayer list because you feel “sorry” for her brings a lower level of energy to the prayer. Prayer can realign and reconnect each of us our with own deep power, and in so doing, take us out of our victim state and propel us into our truth. We are all – every single one of us – powerful and creative beings. Knowing that truth alone can help you understand that there’s no one who benefits from you feeling sorry for them.

In all instances of prayer lists, the person who has prayed for me has asked me if they could add me, and has checked in about the language of their prayer. This is a good thing! I wouldn’t necessarily want someone to pray for me to get what they think I should get.

So, this is an invitation to you. I am facilitating another women’s retreat this weekend. We convene on Friday afternoon, June 15. At these retreats there’s always a small altar where the women place pinecones, acorns, candles, buddah statues, drawings, rocks and poems. If you would like to be on our prayer list throughout this weekend, I’ll be placing a list of names on that altar. Your spirit and presence will be a part of the weekend. And when we do pray, I will include you in that ritual. (Don’t worry. I won’t be shouting out any personal baggage to 21 women!)

Men are invited to be on the list as well. As are pets and relatives and relationships of all kinds.

You don’t have to elaborate upon every detail of what you want or don’t want. The prayers we do are pretty basic, but very powerful. They are about intent and affirmation and knowing the truth about each and every person and situation. I’ve received lots of emails from people since I started doing this prayer list at the retreats. Every one of the emails has said that the recipient “felt” the prayers and deeply knows that they helped. I love that!

If you’d like to be on our prayer list, please send me an email to I will be the only one who reads these. If you feel comfortable enough to leave your request in the comments below, I will print those out as well. And then you will be a part of this amazing group of women and you’ll get to benefit in subtle happy indescribable ways.

  • Robin D.F. White

    Thanks Christian! Please add my prayer to your prayer list.
    I am intending a healthy body and full healing from the pain in my sides.
    Christine you and your friends have blessed me and are blessed !!!

  • Angie Hartford


    I just got to this post today. While I would be honored to be on your prayer list, it’s too late to join. Instead, I’ve added you and the ladies at your retreat to my own prayers. May you all find what you’re searching for, and have a magical time doing so!

  • jack

    Please add Harold and Linda to your prayer list. Those are my parents. My dad’s facing some esoteric health issues and of course mom is under immense strense as she seeks ways to enhance his daily life and keep him from over-exerting himself.

    Prayer is something I long ago gave up. Now, in facing my dad’s situation, I’m finding that praying for him is a gift to myself, my partner, and everyone in my life – not just my dad. It releases the worry, and allows me to be present in my daily life.

    Enjoy your retreat. I’ll return the prayer favor for all involved there this weekend.

  • Christine Kane

    hi everybody, thanks so much for your wonderful requests and thoughts. (yes, elaine, even yours! :-))

    and fivecats – i thought specifically of you when i lumped the men with the pets again. that’s why i added a little more stuff to that paragraph! next time – men will get their very own paragraph!!

  • Elaine

    Oops!! scrolled down too far and posted this message on the wrong post – sorry… should have been on ’13 Bodacious Ways to be Nice to Yourself (you probably guessed this!!)

  • Elaine

    Spooky!!! I’ve just had a trampoline delivered today for my two nephews…we’re taking it around as a gift for them on Sunday – I think I’ll be bouncing!!! Great Post and hope you have a wonderful retreat… sending warm thoughts across the pond to the Ivy Lodge!

  • Vicki

    Please include my family and most especially, my son Zach, to your list. He is recovering from a mild head injury from two years ago and has had chronic migraines ever since. I know there is an answer. Thank you for your positive, loving, and life-affirming blog! May God Bless you, too.

  • Rean

    Please include my family on your prayer list, my husband has just lost his job and we need the extra prayers in the hope he finds something else soon.

    Thankyou Christine!

  • Alisa

    Hi Christine! I would like to be on your prayer list. I am new to LOA and truely want to master it because I need help in all the prime areas of my life especially financially. I am new to your blog and I thoroughly enjoy it. Thank You and May God continue to bless you!

  • yogajenn

    I would be so grateful to be included. I’ve just lost my dad (whom I had only re-connected with in the last year and a half). I need strength, courage, confidence, faith. thank you and I am determined to participate in one of your retreats someday.

  • lilalia

    Yes, please. To live, to love, to be loved, learning and laughter. In health and happiness. Thank you.

  • evie

    Please add me to your prayer list. My church is going through many changes right now and I find myself at a position of leadership. Strength, guidance, kindness and the ability to really hear things spoken and unspoken are needed.

  • Merrily

    Thank you Christine. You are an inspiration. I need help with starting my nonprofit, the mission of which is to eliminate racism by building relationships between Anglos and Latinos. I am praying for the peace of mind to start what many say is a daunting task. I pray that the powers in the universe will support this cause and lift me up as I do this work.

  • Tammy

    I would very much like to be on your prayer list. I am in need of understanding, patience and guidance while being dragged into my sister’s divorce. I guess prayer for them would seem more comprehensible, but they got themselves into this mess and I never asked for this.

    Thank you and God bless you!


  • Michelle

    I’d like to order some peace, guidance, and clarity regarding several situations I’m in the middle of. Enjoy the beauty of Bend of Ivy and the circle of women! I’ll be there in spirit.

  • chrissie b. diangelus

    God works in amazing ways…please put me on your prayer list. For strength, patience, perseverance, and all the other stuff He knows I need but I don’t yet 🙂

  • Colin

    the prayers of the Chaplain’s Department and all of the veterans here at the Asheville VA are with you, your sister, your nephew and the child. God’s peace.

  • Lisa Mischke

    Restful sleep, joyful employment, deep healing.

  • fivecats

    I’m so glad to see that we men are still lumped in with the “pets and relatives and relationships of all kinds.”

    If you’d please include my wife and i on the prayer list, I’d appreciate it. The recipient of the prayers will know why.


  • becky

    Please include me. I’ve just graduated from university and am trying to work out what to do with the rest of my life now! Thanks.

  • Jackie Gaston

    I would love to be on your prayer list and I always keep you on mine.

  • Shannon

    Boldness, alignment and guidance please. Thank you.

  • Caren

    Please add my sister, Cathy, and her son (my nephew), Jeremy White. Jeremy’s serving in Iraq, his wife here just had a baby, and he’s hit a snag trying to get home to her. I pray for his safety every day. Thanks.

  • Deborah Wolfe

    Yes, please include me in your prayer list. I affirm perfect health, financial freedom and a steady stream of qualified customers to our photography studio. Thank you.

  • Rodney


    I would be honoured to be on your list. The universe knows what I need.

    Rodney in Australia.