Is It a Marketing Problem or Is Your Desperation Showing? - Christine Kane

Having a business means you have to be able to market...but you also have to spot where you are grasping in desperation.There are people who think that your success is all about your marketing.

These people will tell you that if you launched a campaign that didn’t work, then you should examine the offer, your list, your click-throughs, your subject lines, your headlines, your copy and your price points.  They will tell you, “It’s a marketing problem.”

Then there’s the other camp.

These people will tell you it’s all about your energy. That marketing is manipulative, and that you just need to get your spirit into alignment and not worry so much about marketing to get clients or customers. Just do the mindset work – the soul work – and you’ll be totally fine. The universe will then send you the customers.

I think real success is when you plant yourself in both camps.

Yes, learn how to market.

In the process, you will learn how to communicate and how to serve.   Plus, the results of any offer you make, any campaign you launch can be altered instantly by a single tweak, and it can astound you the difference one word or number can make in your results.  “Ah, it was a MARKETING problem! How interesting!”

On the other hand, no amount of tweaking, testing or tracking can fix bad juju.

And what I mean by bad juju is this:

“I am so desperately in need of your approval or your money or your power that I have come up with this campaign just so that I can get something from you… even if it’s just a comment, or a share.”

So yes, your energy matters too.

As a business owner, you are always working with your intention, and mindsets.  You always have an opportunity to clean it up. Your awareness is key.

However, if you learn marketing in an attempt to never have to manage your own motivations or energy?

Or if you try to stay all peaced-out and use your good energy as an excuse to not face the business stuff that has frightened you a bit?

Then you’ll have some ugly wake up calls someday.

In my Uplevel Academy, our clients get two trainings each month over the course of the year. One is in the STRATEGY track. The other is in the SOUL track. That’s because having a business means you have to be able to market, to understand how you communicate, make offers, sell things, put your programs and packages together.

But you also have to learn how to spot where you aren’t clear, clean or aligned.  Where you are grasping out of desperation, rather than selling out of service.

Don’t kid yourself. Both of these things are important.  And this is not about shaming yourself for not having it all perfect.

It’s simply about being relentlessly aware of how you are growing your business and making money.  And this, in and of itself, is the best reward of all.

Which camp are you in?

  • Fiona Claire

    Love these comments about balance and realising that these two tracks are equally important, also that it is a process of being aware, checking in, tweaking and not judging ourselves harshly if things turn out different from what we expect. Right now, I am sitting in a place where I know that my business message needs to change and I am figuring out in what way. Whilst I was beating myself up that it hadn’t worked, I was truly stuck. Things have only started to move after I acknowledged what I have learned, built and achieved and given myself permission to try something else. It doesn’t mean I have failed, rather that I am at the next step! The balance between the heart and the head, the letting go of another level of neediness – a continual process of growth. And through all this, your work continues to inspire Christine! Thanks, Fiona, Australia.

  • Jane Floyd

    I’m loving the Uplevel Your Business course. I thought I was signing up for a 10 steps to marketing … but it was so much more than that … it was about finding my authenticity, my goals, and – this is a biggy – my fears. Once I got clear about what I wanted to do, be and offer – I found my true north. Thank you Christine.

  • Lissa Sandler

    My favorite part of being in the Uplevel Academy – Gold is the focus, energy and lessons we learn from Christine about the “Soul Track” and “Strategy Track”. It was revolutionary to me when Christine first explained these two parts of the entrepreneurs success. Once I understood that both parts are equally important, I could start out on my path to find balance between them. I finally feel like I am able to see where I want to be in my business and then map out the steps, keeping in mind both sides, to get there. Most importantly without going to the place of fear or desperation that haunted me for most of my business career. Even though I am definitely still a work in process it feels so great to be empowered in this way. Thank you Christine.

    • Christine Kane

      Wow. Thank YOU Lissa! What an amazing thing to read. And of course, YOU are the one who is open and willing and doing the work! (I just get to cheer you on!) 🙂

  • Jessica

    What a great reminder that good marketing comes from not being afraid to fail!

  • Rachel

    I have the juju in place – finally!! It has been interesting teaching my whole team the energy piece associated with a successful company, but they have all been surprisingly receptive. We are even attracting new staff that are in alignment with who we want to be as a company. Words like ” ideal client” have become common place in our office!!!! It’s very exciting. Now I need to get back to the marketing side of things 🙂 thank you!!!

    • Christine Kane

      Wow Rachel – that’s fabulous! Sounds like you’ve been doing some great internal work in your biz.

  • Giovanna

    Very very true! Nobody cares about a needy expert, whether they need the expertise or not! Not even the philanthropists!

    • Christine Kane

      Especially the philanthropists, Giovanna! They want to give to people who are ON IT, not falling down on the job because they are buried in fear!