It Might Be Time to Take a Chance on Yourself If… - Christine Kane

There are two kinds of people.

First, you’ve got the toe-dippers.

These are the ones who stand at the edge of the water.  The tip of their toe tells them it’s too cold. They wait to see if there might be weird fish in this lake.  They wait to see if anyone else is going to swim with them. They wait to see if they’ll feel foolish. They wait to see if they might feel more comfortable someday in the future.

And there are those who jump in.

These are the ones who go under and burst out with a shout that it’s freakin’ COLD! But then, they swim. Their body warms up. They get the hang of it. They see amazing fish. They laugh with their swimming, splashing friends.

Toe-dippers get the temporary satisfaction of being safe. True, they’ll never have to experience the paralyzing fear that happens when you’re about to step on a stage or host your first event. Or the heart-thumping vulnerability of releasing a book. Or even the heartbreak of losing a great team member or client.

But they will also miss out on the greatest reward of all… who you become when you dance out on the edges of your comfort zone.

In our lives, we’ve all been both kinds of people.  But let’s face it. Most people are scared to take even the slightest chance on themselves.  They’ve been taught – by their environment, by their families, or by their teachers – not to trust their own ideas and dreams.  They’ve been taught to play safe.

Risk is different for everyone. For some, it’s a simple action, like raising your prices. For others, it’s a big giant change, like starting a business or hiring a coach, or ending a dead-end relationship.

Sometimes it’s not really a risk. It’s just an action. But since it’s not something you’re used to doing, it feels like a risk.

So, here.

Let me do something for you.

Let me take you by the shoulders right now.

Let me look you directly in the eyes and say:

If you’ve been waiting, stop it.

You know it’s time.

You simply know it’s time to take the chance or to take some action. You might not know it consciously, but you do know it DEEPLY.


Well, there are always clues.  

So let’s do this.

It might be time to take a chance on yourself if…

•  You’ve said, “…at least I have benefits” more than once in the last month.

•  You’ve written “My job has benefits” in your gratitude journal more than 25 times in the past month.

•  You think to yourself, “I need to just learn to surrender to this place and be present and grateful.” And a few seconds later, you think, “Don’t I?”

•  You’re waiting to be discovered, rather than committing to discovering yourself.

• You check your email regularly to see if you’ve been discovered yet.

•  You’ve convinced yourself that everyone who has their own business works 12 hour days and you most certainly don’t want that.

• There are more than three empty Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream containers in your trash this week.

• You envy the cast of Glee.

• You envy your cat.

• You envy. Ever.

•  You’ve thought, “Maybe God (or the Universe) just doesn’t want me to succeed.”

•  You watched “The Notebook” more than three times in the past month.

•  You’ve used any of the following words or phrases when referring to yourself: “Stuck.” “Can’t.” “Shouldn’t.” “Should.” Or “This is just how I am.”

• You’ve used the following word when referring to anyone else: “Fault.”

• You’ve used any of the following words or phrases when referring to your situation: “Wish.” “Yeah, but” “Benefits.” Or “This is just how it is.”

• You sigh more than 8 times a day.

• You bit off your acrylic nails last week.

• You are sure that other people don’t experience fear.

• You worry about upsetting your parents.

• You worry about upsetting your friends.

• You worry about upsetting your spouse.

• You worry about upsetting the cashier at the grocery store.

• You’re waiting until you’re sure you can do it perfectly.

• You think “getting out of your comfort zone” means getting out of bed in the morning.

• You’ve said to yourself more than once, “Wow. I’d really love to work with Christine for a year in her Uplevel Academy, but…” 🙂

Hit me with your comments!  Which of these things have you ever said to yourself – and how did you or will you break it and start taking a chance on yourself by making a decision and taking action???

(And YES, I have opened up enrollment in my Uplevel Academy masterminds. We start in July.  Email my team at to find out more!)

  • L

    I literally laughed out loud: I have envied my cat! He’s got it made.

  • Fiona Claire

    Yes, yes , yes, for a long time I checked the letterbox each day hoping for…..what? Discovery? A blank cheque? What I have found is that with every risk and step I take towards a real authentic life my obsession with real estate and day dreaming is getting less and less. But….even though I have already taken many risks, on stage, as a teacher, as a writer, I still feel that I shouldn’t be so scared, am worried that I might be wrong and get pangs of envy when I see others who are successful in the way I want to be. I have many more habits to change and ways to grow but every time I read an article like yours today I am reminded that the fear never recedes in fact FEAR IS A SIGN THAT I AM ON THE RIGHT PATH!! Thank you for continuing to challenge and encourage Christine, I am learning more and more that no matter how far I have yet to go, it just takes one more step, then another and another……

    • Gina

      Fear is a sign I’m on the right path…thank you Fiona! That’s going on a bright notecard where I can see it 🙂

  • Ruth Greenwood

    Loved this–perfect timing–I have already jumped. But have to amp it up and take a bigger leap; I just got an e-mail with the subject line inviting me to “Enjoy your summer with [plastic bag brand] and [stain remover].” Me, a little baggie, and some bleach…wow, bummer summer. Sounds like a drug addict. Definitely NOT an upleveler. So, instead, I’m thinking of what big, bright, wonderful, life-changing and empowering things I’m going to stretch myself to do, be, have, give, and truly enjoy this summer. Thank you for the gifts of your insights.

  • Brenda Conner

    You forgot “at least I have a job”. That seems to be my favorite excuse. That and the fact that I have no viable ideas beyond just getting by.
    But one day at a time. I keep looking and trying to learn. Thanks for being a part of that journey.

  • Jeanette @ Smart Savvy Successful

    At my high school graduation, I was presented with the “I Dare You Award.” Someone back then saw something fearless in me. And, I was fearless then! I started my first business at age 23. Sometimes I wonder what happened to that fearless girl. She grew up. Got married. Had kids…responsibilities…disappointments….and so much more to lose.

    I miss the fearless me. I battle the sceptic, the rational mind, the wiser but less daring middle aged woman I’ve become. But, it’s brave women like Christine who remind us what is possible if we choose to believe in ourselves … and dare to take risks! Thank you, Christine.

  • Roxane Lessa

    I’m starting to like this “risky business”. It’s way more exciting living your life on the edge of what’s comfortable and seeing what happens as a result. Sometimes it’s an epic fail, but more often than not, it’s a new success.

  • Danelle

    Congrats Nneka, happy for you.

  • Deane

    Amazing how messages like this land in my inbox at PRECISELY the right time. Thank you, Christine. I needed that.

  • Nneka, Working Mystic

    “My job has benefits…” 🙂
    Holding onto that safety blanket while reaching for the net.
    BUT! I took a big step for me last week. I cut back my time. I’ll see you in July:-)

    • Christine Kane

      Go Nneka! Can’t wait to see you and give you a big “woohoo!” hug!