Khaiim - Client Case Study - Christine Kane






ABOUT Khaiim

Khaiim was a frustrated overworked computer programmer with a big dream to be a hip-hop artist delivering a powerful message of hope. He did gigs on the side, mostly for free. And in spite of his talent and passion, he couldn’t find the time to focus on his music career, much less Uplevel it. There was too much to know and learn.


Using one simple strategy from Christine’s free download. Khaiim made $100 that same week. He was hooked. Diving into each Uplevel program, he went on to create premium priced packages, set up email and promotional sequences for selling. His biggest breakthroughs came from Upleveling his mindset around wealth, money and valuing himself.


Khaiim has quit his job. He’s now a full-time rap hip-hop artist, bringing in up to $10,000 per show.  He is regularly invited to residencies, workshops and leadership events to share his message with everyone from teens to college campuses to leadership teams.

From Computer Programmer to Full-Time Rapper and Hip-Hop Star...

When Khaiim first came to an Uplevel retreat, he was occasionally making $700 per gig - but would often discount himself, doing shows for free and barely scraping by.

What was amazing is that Christine looked me in the eye and said that I could get 2..3..$5,000--- per show.  That was like “WOW!!” This woman believes I can do this! She looked into my soul. She saw what I was capable of. ’”

Watch as Khaiim describes how he realized he could actually do his music full time...

Uplevel 1:  Every entrepreneur and artist must release a lifetime of limiting painful beliefs around money and value...

“I was the dude that was getting things for free. But it goes back to when I was growing up in the projects, on the lower east side - in this dangerous environment, in poverty - getting government cheese for free and lots of things for free. It was all that, it was common. But it became dysfunctional when I didn’t grow out of it. So as an adult - I was still trying to get things for free and I didn’t give anything value. I never thought about value.

But...everything changed. At Uplevel, I learned about congruence. So, I said I want to actually DO something. I don’t want to be the person who is doing like 10% of something. I want to be the person who does things full out.”

Khaiim’s biggest Uplevel didn’t happen overnight. It was the process of immersing himself in the many Uplevel money mindset trainings around business ownership and entrepreneurship.  He embraced something we call the Law of Congruence here at Uplevel - which means that, as a leader and business owner, you will be called to embody the very messages you teach and energetically live from that level of integrity.

Watch as Khaiim talks about the process of energy, money and how it led him to greater levels of success...

Uplevel 2:  Building a business with “Strategy and Soul”

“We all need the continual reminder that no one tactic is a strategy, and no one strategy is a business, and that when you're working on your business (in a healthy way) you're actually working on the health of your heart and soul..”

Khaiim applied the marketing content trainings and sequences modeled throughout  Uplevel Academy™ in his materials and communications. He was also deliberate about each and every action step and mindset he chose as he spoke to people in the entertainment industry.  His words: “The continual reminder that no one tactic is a strategy, and no one strategy is a business, and that when you're working on your business (in a healthy way) you're actually working on the health of your heart and soul..”

Watch how Khaiim describes what began happening in his work when he applied the Strategy & Soul methodologies…

Uplevel 3: Create packages and price your offers strategically

"I was beyond the point of knowing a lot about the music business. I knew so much that I actually was growing info-phobic! Like 'Please Lord, don't let me find out one more piece of information about being a successful artist if it still leaves me living from check to check.' But then...I applied one thing Christine taught me... and I doubled my income…”

Khaiim structured a suite of packages to offer interested promoters as they inquired. Then he learned how to actually offer those packages (instead of just dreaming about offering them!)  He also learned how to have sales conversations and follow up.

Here’s a fun Facebook post that Khaiim posted in Uplevel Academy about how his pricing has changed:


Uplevel 4 – How to honor your business by tracking numbers, metrics and having a plan...

"I wasn’t looking at numbers.  I wasn’t keeping track of what I actually was doing with my money.  As a result, most of the shows I was doing were free shows.”

Khaiim used the daily, weekly and monthly accountability combined with the trainings to keep track of numbers, set monthly targets - and actually enjoy the process.

Watch as Khaiim describes what it’s like to be an artist and have to run your own business:

Uplevel 5 – How to live into what’s truly possible when you have a dream...

One of the achievements Khaiim is proudest of is that he now pays the mortgage, and his wife no longer has to support his dream...financially or emotionally.  Watch as he describes his own inner shift as he owned his dream...

Khaiim says that support and guidance can make the difference between simply having an idea and making it happen...but that you shouldn’t rely on friends and spouses to understand your dream or your desire to succeed.  He credits the guidance and support he received in Uplevel Academy™:


"Christine's and Uplevel gave me something worth paying for, and most importantly paying attention to. I could specifically pay attention to growing my business, becoming more sustainable, and being more aligned with my purpose in life."

Need help making your idea into a reality?

As Khaiim described, the conversation you are having in your head about money has a profound impact on your business success.

Entrepreneurs (and yes, artists are entrepreneurs) must operate by a different set of rules when it comes to money and wealth. If you’re trapped in old scarcity mindsets, you’ll never even take the first steps that Khaiim took!