Listen to One of My Tunes - Christine Kane

Here’s one of my songs called “Right Outta Nowhere.” Hopefully you can hear it. Let me know if this doesn’t work. It’s a test. I’m putting this song up in honor of Doug at Service Untitled, who had a mild rant (Well, not really. I think he wrote, “Ugh.”) the other night during Liz Straus’s open mic for bloggers. (Go read Liz’s Creativity at Work series. It’s excellent!) Doug apparently doesn’t have RealPlayer (which you need to have if you want to listen to one of my song clips on my CDs&Lyrics page) or iTunes (which is where all my songs can be bought for 99 cents). I wasn’t aware that I was discriminating against some people. So here’s a song. Listen away. If you like it, it’s at iTunes. (Kathy Mattea recorded it too.) If you don’t have iTunes, then it’s at Click on the CD in my sidebar.

Or if you just want to send me a big fat royalty check for no reason other than you like me, then you can do that too.

I had started this song several years ago, and when I met Steve Seskin, I played the unfinished stuff for him. (I think I had the whole second verse about the guy in Key West, and half of the chorus.) He loved it, and then we finished writing it together on cell phones. I remember calling Steve from a Kinko’s in Madison, Wisconsin and interrupting a dinner party he was having. I screamed into the phone, “I’ve got it! I’ve got the first line!” And I made him leave his dinner party and get his guitar and listen.

It’s a somewhat autobiographical song. I was pretty terrified when I left the “real job” world right out of college to play music and write. In retrospect, it was the best thing I ever did. When people say things to me after shows like, “You should be famous!” I think to myself, “I’m better than famous! I’m brave!” That’s what this song is about and why it means a lot to me.

I’m not sure if every computer will be able to play this song. Let me know if you have trouble.

  • Robyn Landis

    Hi Christine, I’m a songwriter currently living in Tucson (before, Seattle and NY) and I cover Right Out of Nowhere all the time. PEOPLE LOVE IT. It’s one of my favorite songs to cover because it’s SO universal and speaks to everyone. To me it’s about following your dreams and it means a lot to me too. I’d heard the story of how this song happened from Steve Seskin at Song School. I have to tell you that, no offense to her, but I can only listen toy our version of the song. I dream of one day writing a song with someone like you and Steve Seskin and having a story like this to tell! I love your stuff because it’s about great writing and not vocal gymnastics. not that your singing isn’t great, but you know what i mean (I hope!) By the way we met once for like 20 seconds at Founders Title Folk & Bluegrass Festival in Snowbird Utah. I was walking with Cliff Eberhardt down a path and you stopped to talk to him and told me I had sounded good in the songwriter’s showcase contest. It meant a lot to me. You then said I looked like I do yoga (which i do 8) ) You probably don’t remember any of this. 8) Anyway, thanks for the inspiration.

  • Tiffany

    I first listened to this song a couple years ago when my life had hit rock bottom (or was pretty close to rock bottom). It was such a comfort to have this glimmer of light in such a dark time. A couple years later I’ve mustered up the courage and ability to move my life in the direction that I want and need it to go in. So thanks so much for this song…in fact it’s more than a song, it’s a battle cry for all those at the end of their rope. Thank you so so much.

  • andra

    Great song! Is the sheet music available for purchase?

  • sandy

    Were you writing that song for me? how did you know. Listening to my words come back at me makes me happy and makes me cry. Thank you universe for channeling through Christine and Christine for singing.

  • Addie

    Heard you for the first time listening to an American Folk CD. Song was, She Don’t like Roses.
    Great Lyrics, haunting melody. Wonderful, will look for more. And would be great if you put your chords out with your lyrics. Addie

  • Millie

    Hello! I just thought I could share with you that I have the link to this page saved on my computer and listen to this song frequently. Thank you for your beautiful song!!

  • Jake Ford

    Bush was alternative?

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Reba — If you go to my shopping cart – there’s a DVD called “Backstage Guitar Lesson.” On that DVD, I sit with you and play a handful of my songs and show you how to play them (including a lesson in open tunings) – She Don’t LIke Roses is one of the songs. I hope that helps!

  • Reba

    Would you be willing to share the guitar chords for “She Don’t Like Roses”? I’ve watched the only video I could find of you playing it, but the quality of the video is not so good…so I could not pick up on what you were playing. Thanks. I really like the song and would like to learn to play it too. I just received your latest CD and am excited to learn more of your songs – great writing!



  • Liseli

    The tune is inspirational and the website magnificent!

    I was looking for ways to create vision boards via Google when your blog popped up – exactly what I wanted!

    Will visit often.


  • static brain

    I am sure glad you have an alternative way to listen to your music, because I refuse to use real player, iTunes, windows media player or quicktime. They don’t stream well over satellite and they don’t sound good either. The flash based player is the best alternative I think because most people have flash installed and it works well. You sound so crystal clear here that it’s like you’re standing beside me. That song is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing it. πŸ™‚

  • Katherine

    WHY don’t you have any guitar chords anywhere? there are a few tabs floating around but I can’t read tabs. I am 43 yrs old and I still basically play like I did when I was 13. Bar chords are a barrier. Music theory…forget it. I am quite musicaly challenged, but I love to sing (not a note in tune, yeah) and I love the sound of the guitar and when I can play and sing a song I love, I am in heaven. I love many of your songs. It would be very nice to work through my music related blocks, but until then, is it possible to get chords to a few of your songs? I will make you a list if the answer is yes! And would you like to come to Maine sometime to perform… or just hike? I am reading a great book by a woman who walked the Appalacian Trail at age 60 (In Beauty May She Walk). I am not a great one for sleeping alone in the woods, but she is quite the inspiration for me to get over it and learn from walking the trail. Of course, having my ipod with all your music is part of the plan. My guess is that I would need your good company in the beginning, along with a few other outstanding female musicians (indigo girls for instance) and then be able to enjoy the company of myself, as the author had done. but I digress…Chords, please. I watched the backstage dvd. I am telling ya, I am seriously challenged when it comes to the guitar. Chords help. My music friends can modify for me.
    Oh! One more thing! My son is reading Animal Farm for his English class and he made the connection to 4 legs good, 2 legs bad. I love that! I read that book too in HS but the reference went over my head.
    Overjoyed in Maine,

  • Merlin

    Speaking as a fellow musician, omg you have such great talent. I expect to see you in the top 100 one day soon.

  • domestika

    What a voice! And such an inspiring song… yep, I can see I’m going to get hooked on your blog…

  • AuthorMomDogNut

    Wow! What a great line: “I’m better than famous, I’m brave!” You go girl!!

  • NancyCz

    I can hear it and it sounds great… I was actually watching a video of you on YouTube when I said, “Hm… I’m doing my whirlwind interview tour… maybe Christine Kane will be playing somewhere I’m going to be and I don’t have to spend yet another night in a hotel room.” Sadly, we won’t be crossing paths.

    You should put up that song you sang in Lake Placid… the new one… about the people on the train and the penny on the track. Kris and I are always singing it because we’re trying to desperately remember how it goes… but I think we’ve completely butchered it.


  • Mark

    Christine Hello,at our music forum you have apparently made a hit
    with some members and the word is spreading throughout
    although many ask for tablature to your music because they like what they hear
    I see from other postings You do not have your music tabbed out which in
    my opinion just makes for good ear training and at some point someone
    will figure it out and post the tabs that I can promise you
    meantime keep up the good music,many of our over 8800 members are enjoying it.
    There will be no copyright infringement on your tunes however
    sometime down the road questions may be asked of it
    keep it up as it is good music straight forward too – Thank You

  • christine

    hi there dallas…oops. i totally missed this post when you wrote it back in september. don’t know if you’re still reading, but thanks for your kind thoughts! And you go girl with all that performing! thanks for including my stuff in your shows. as of right now, i don’t have any guitar tab or music. but you can email me if you get stumped on a song, and i’ll try to help…

    hi benecia, and welcome to my blog! thanks for the kind words! i hope to hear from you more! (and thanks for going to iTunes, too…!)

  • Benecia

    Hi Christine:

    I just found your blog for the first time and have spent all day Thanksgiving reading your posts. You are amazing and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing “you” with this world.

    I also listened to your song – Right Outa Nowhere and LOVE IT. I am going to Itunes and download and shop for some more of your music.

    I look forward to reading your blog everytime you post !

  • Dallas

    I have to tell you Christine, I am a beginner guitar player, singer/songwriter….and…..YOU ARE MY HEROOOOOOO!! Your songs have been so inspirational to me!! I love the way you incorporate life’s humorous side to some of your songs, I (and I use this term loosely) ‘perform’ a few of your songs in a program called Second Life, and of all the songs I try to play, yours are my favorite. And….I ALWAYS give credit where credit is due and make sure I tell my listeners you are the writer, where you’re from, and that they should definately check you out! This program gives singer/songwriters a chance to play gigs online for an audience all over the world, and promote themselves and new CD’s, etc. I’ve only been playing guitar for not quite 4 yrs now, so I dont do your songs justice, but nonetheless, they remain my favs!! Is there somewhere I can get the guitar chords to them? I had a friend (musician) chord a few songs for me, being a busy person, I hate to impose on his time and ask him to do more for me. Your songs, lyrics as well as melody bring me so much joy, tears and touch emotions I’ve forgotten about…… well as make me laugh out loud!! (Girls Like That, All The Relatives, 4 legs good, 2 legs bad to name a few) I wished I were closer to N.C. so that I could see your live performances. (I’m in Calif) Keep up the great work!! YOU SOOOOOO ROCK!!!

  • christine

    Hi Liz! (I forgot to respond to you here after we emailed!) Thanks for writing in. And…to everyone reading these comments, click on Liz’s blog to read her AWESOME writings about everything from blogging to writing to creativity. She’s famous. I am lucky to know HER!

  • Liz Strauss

    Okay, so I just finally couldn’t stay away. I love this song so much. More than that, I admire the write. She has bravery — some of which I’d love to borrow right about now. I think she is spectacular as a singer, but even more than that, she is a decent, charming, creative caring human being, who is more than fun to be with.

    I feel lucky that I have had a minute’s time to know her. πŸ™‚

  • christine

    Hi Stephanie! Wow. What a great comment. I got chills when I was reading it. Thanks for letting me know that. I’ve had that same kind of experiences around not watching TV. It’s a small and subtle thing. But then again, it’s NOT. Best of luck to you as you venture into guitar playing again. That’s really great! Keep me posted…

  • Stephanie

    I was listening to this on my way to work this morning… only about six times! It speaks to me so deeply where I am right now. I’m not “there,” I’m “here” and learning to be happy here.

    Yesterday I read “21 ways to be more creative,” because I’m always on the lookout of ways to become more creative. Some of them I already do… take walks… watch the sunrise… take naps…

    The first one seemed kind of silly to me, though. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but it does come on for an hour or two in the evening. So, last night I determined I would leave the TV off and see what happened.

    What happened was that my 13 (almost 14, she would say)-year-old daughter came & plopped on my bed, where she stayed for the next TWO HOURS chatting about things – from silly things to some very deep things, and she LET ME IN. We were soul mates, the two of us.

    I’m a musician also, as is Heather, my daughter. I sing, play the piano, and used to play the guitar. After the concert at Bele Chere on Sunday, my friend asked me why I had stopped playing. I don’t know… I grew up, had babies, and life just became too hectic. That really started me thinking. I loved to play the guitar. Why DID I stop?

    So, one of the things that Heather & I decided last night is that we are going to take guitar lessons!!! We are SO excited. I have a friend who is a marvelous guitar player, and I’m going to call him to see if he’ll give us lessons.

    Guess what I’m doing tonight? Going to LIVE theatre… Jesus Christ Superstar. Guess what I’m NOT doing??? I’m NOT turning on the TV. I’m considering never turning on the TV again.

    Thanks again, Christine, for your wisdom & insight!

  • christine

    Thanks David and Marty and Brent and Doug and PTC…. I”m glad it worked. And I’m glad i have such a good web guy who takes care of me, even though every time I call him about something and say, “this should only take a minute,” it never does!

  • Service Untitled – Doug

    Thanks a lot, Christine! I actually found an alternative program that could pay .rp files and that worked fine. You are a very talented musician and I like your blog. πŸ™‚

    Could you send me an email? I couldn’t find yours and want to ask you something.

  • Marty

    ok. christine, are you sitting down? i got it to work! yes, me, marty, the one who is cell-phone, laptop, and small digital alarm clock challenged!

    web guy, you’re right, christine can sing AND IT’S MUCH MORE THAN THAT. christine is a brilliant, open-hearted, wise, funny, extremely creative and insightful poet who makes amazing music out of her poetry.

    oh, and, web guy. thanks for helping to make it possible for everyone to have a fairly easy way to listen to christine’s songs.

  • David Jackson

    It played fine for me on WinXP in Firefox. However, it did start automatically when I opened the web page. This will be a dead giveaway if someone is surfing in ‘the office’ and shouldn’t be.

  • Brent Garren

    this is “my web guy” speaking… the common denominator for those experiencing problems is iTunes. iTunes is the only program that will generate errors like the ones mentioned. apparently, at a guess, it doesn’t like the filenaming method used (it contains spaces and servers are not fond of filenames with spaces).

    thanks to all for being so thoughtful to provide which OS you were using! regretably, it just isn’t as helpful as providing the browser “make and model” – especially when combined with the OS info. but seriously, thanks for the thoughtfulness.

    i have installed a plugin that is based on Flash that should “open the doorway” to many more browsers and platforms. i expect that Christine will update the post at her discretion.

    ps: Christine can sing!

  • Palmtreechick

    i love story songs. Love the harmonica in there too πŸ™‚ Nice job!

  • christine

    Susie, Rick and Lisa… Goodie! I’m glad it worked. And thanks for the kind words and impending royalty checks…!

  • Lisa

    Absolutely beautiful! I listened to it 3 times in a row, the lyrics really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • Rick

    Hi Christine,

    Windows XP Home, Quicktime 6.5. It played and sounded good. I liked it.

  • Susie

    I hear ya loud and clear! (Seriously though, loud and clear…I didn’t realize how loud I had my computer speakers set…Whoa!).

    P.S. On a bright pink notecard I have written down, “Send Christine Kane a royalty check” It’s in my 10 year plan πŸ™‚ Perhaps I’ll send some funds for a team retreat for individuals with disabilities?

  • christine

    Thanks Ruth! Well, I guess I should’ve called this post, “DON’T Listen to One of My Tunes.” !!!

  • Ruth

    I got the error “playlist couldn’t be recognized.” running quicktime 7.1.2, mac 10.4.7…. good luck.

  • christine

    Hi Caren… I love reading lyrics too. You can read the lyrics to all my songs if you click on “CD’s and Lyrics” up above. It’s set up so you can read each song’s lyrics. Thanks for letting me know about this. You might have to have QuickTime. That’s what we’re trying to figure out! I’ll fix the kinks and get things running smoothly. (Well, actually, I won’t do a thing! My web guy will!)

  • Caren

    I can’t hear it, keep getting the message that the file name can’t be opened. I have a Mac with OSX 4.7. I have iTunes, but have committed to not spending extra money for a period of time. The first time I clicked on a link to one of your songs in the blog, I was disappointed it didn’t take me right to the lyrics – but I am a reading type of person. Reading lyrics is very meaningful for me.