Love Letter to My Body - Christine Kane

This is a guest post by Grace Scarbrough — the on site massage therapist at Christine’s Unstoppable Power of Intention Retreat.  Grace is a licensed massage therapist, well-versed in multiple forms of energy healing.  Her training and work in physiology, psychology and metaphysical studies have taken her to healing institutes across the globe. She was recently voted Best Massage Therapist in Western NC.


Dear Body,

I commit to love and to nurture you.

I promise to treat you kindly,

to pamper you, to caress you,

to tell you how beautiful you are to me. 

I promise to feed you well and give you plenty of pure clean water.

I promise to allow you to have the rest and down time that you need to enjoy the greatest amount of energy and splendor.

And, I promise and commit all of this to you —

not out of some internal dictator voice that also says

I should eat all my green beans

or because I think there’s some reward

like a tighter butt or firmer belly.

I wish to offer you, dear body, all of this wonderfulness because I love my life and I love you.

Love always,



Grace’s hope is that you, too, will write a love letter to your body this month. And as you do, feel yourself fall in love with your beautiful and precious life.

  • David Kenny

    How about accepting the body you have whatever it is.
    Good food, clean water, exercise sure but after that who cares
    Whatever you do your body is getting older and nearer death.
    Far better to spend your time and energy on loving and giving to others
    That’s where happiness resides

  • Thauna

    This is great! I’ve been thinking about how I need to love and accept my body. Appreciate it for all the little things it helps me to accomplish each day. I have a lot of weight I need/want to lose and I know that lovingly accepting my body as it is today is the first step. Thank you!!!

  • Kathy

    Really great post. We are all so hard on ourselves – especially in the beginning of a new year – to fix our bodies, to change them to some better vision of what they “should” be. But if we don’t start from a position of loving them right now – as they are – for all they do for us today then the efforts to morph them into something better will never work. So thanks for this reminder and uplift for the day.

  • Emily

    This is beautiful, Grace!

  • J

    Beautiful post! A nice affirmation to obliterate all those, “if only’s” that creep in when we look in the mirror. I said to a friend the other day: “How funny it is that it takes COURAGE to be kind to ourselves?” That one should be easy.

    Christine, I am dying to know about this “uplevel mastermind” eseminar you keep mentioning?
    You’re the best, loved the ezine letter today!

  • Sue

    Grace, thanks for this great idea!! Powerful.

  • Lillithmother

    Grace thank you….from a mom who doesn’t necessarily always have enough time to nurture my body…but need to find time to at least acknowlege it’s worth.


  • Elaine

    Hi Grace

    Thank you for this lovely poem – it’s a great reminder for us to think about our own self care.

    My poor body used to be an after thought, cuz I’d be too busy running around in my ‘busyness’ to stop, listen, love and nuture it! I used to promise ‘down time’ in the future – and of course, that time would never materialise!

    Now we’re in love with each other – and I listen to her and allow rest time and pampering – so we’re getting on really well together these days!

    …Only 20 days to my next massage!!!


  • Michelle

    That a thought! Truly LOVE YOURSELF and tell yourself that. What a refreshing way to think about your body. You can be sure that I will be writing my own letter! Thanks for the idea!!!

  • Tre

    hmmm…what a thoughtful gift to your body..a letter of love 🙂 i read this and smiled cuz tis what i’d been thinking about lately….do you know the name/artist of the painting and what she’s called? tis a lovely view too. thank you for guest posting….my journey’s taught me that as i nurture my thoughts, I express tenderness and gentle adoration of all of me…with every sense of calm…of joy….of just how can I really feel hugged up all day…;) was a treat to see this reminder..thanks muchly.