How to Make Your Business Plan - Christine Kane

New Year…New Business Plans.

Business plans…exciting stuff—right?! Contrary to traditional thought, this doesn’t have to be a dry, pedantic process.

That being said, what are the key areas to cover when you’re creating a new business plan for a new year? Today’s #InstantUplevel talks about just that.

1. Self Summits: Review your plans monthly and every 90 days

When I first started up, I did 90 day plans. Things were changing so rapidly that seeing anything beyond that point was impossible to me. Personal anecdotes aside, the key piece here is that even if you do a year long plan, you NEED to check in monthly and every 90 days.

2. Decide what works best for YOU and your business

Regardless if you’re in start-up mode or not, figure out what works for you. There’s no right answer here, because again—this is what works for YOU! Some things to remember though—don’t just consider your business, but how your life factors into all of this. Remember: you have a business to SUPPORT your life. NOT the other way around.

3. Show me the money! Think about how much revenue you want to make for the year

Write down that magic number of what you want your revenue to look like.  Then reverse engineer from that number, and create goals for your business that are going to make that happen in the coming year. With that, consider the products/services you’re going to offer, but also the goals you have for your clients…how would you like to see them grow?

4. Marketing and Sales: How will you market your products and services, and how will you approach sales?

Consider the products/services you’re going to offer, but also the goals you have for your clients…how would you like to see them grow? How are you going to Uplevel your clients? AND, how are you going to attract them? On the operational side, what kind of team do you need to support all of this?

Perhaps most of all, I can’t stress enough that with making all of these goals for your business plans, remember this: Sometimes SUCCESS means saying NO because you’ve gotten clear as to what your YES’s are.

So, whichever approach you take, I hope this helps you out…but tell me in the comments below—how can you make business plans in a non-traditional way?


  • Cindi B.Ruiz

    Christine, i am going to start my “Independent Sales (Service) Contractor’ business. I was getting stuck, and wanting to wait till , i “INC.” my business. My soul says, ‘go for it’. To start ‘imperfect’. I feel, this is the way to go for me. Using the tools from ‘Becoming 360, forever!. Thanks for the program. Blessings to you.

  • Kelly Ruta

    great video! Here’s my Q. I want to focus on adding a product. An online coaching course. Where do I begin????? I’ve always just offered a service 1:1.