Manifest Big Things in 6 Easy Steps. (But Hurry!) - Christine Kane

Step 1 – Read these instructions. (See?  Easy! Just like the title says!)

Step 2 – Think about what you want.

Think of the resolution to a challenge you’re facing. Or some kind of expansion you’re intending in your life. Or some area of your life that could use a little energy, light, abundance, peace, or healing.

Step 3 – Write your intention as powerfully as you can.


“I intend success and prosperity as I begin a new exciting path in my life.” = more powerful.

“I am jobless and feeling insane for quitting to start a business. Please help me not be a loser.” = less powerful.

For some, it might feel terrifying to write a powerful intention, especially if you’re scared or hurting. That’s okay.

But just try to remember this: the more of your own affirming mindset that you can conjure up, the better it is for you. If you can’t conjure that up – then read on. Cuz we’ll do it for you!

Step 4 – Comment below.

State your intention or request in the comment box below.

(Note: I can no longer take these by email. The last two times I had hundreds of emails — which makes it hard to print out and take them with me!)

Step 5 – Let go.

Waste no time wondering if you did it right. Or if this stuff even works.  Or if you look stupid.  Or if you asked for the perfect thing when you need so many things.  Or if your boss will know that’s you in the comments asking for a different job.  Or if you should have figured all this stuff out by now.

Let go means let go. Take a breath and let go.

Step 6 – Be grateful.

At some point today, write down or say out loud ten things for which you are grateful in your life. Be grateful that you are learning the lesson that this challenge is offering. Be grateful that you have friends, a roof over your head, a job. Just be grateful for as much as you can.  Gratitude is the ultimate bringer of more. It is the ultimate releaser of drama.


“You’re right. That was easy. But I don’t get it.”

Well, this coming weekend is the first sold out 2009 Unstoppable Power of Intention Retreat.

At every retreat, I open the weekend with silence and intention.  At that time I take the names of everyone who has commented to this post – along with all of their intentions and requests – and I include them in our circle and in our own prayers and affirmations.

I’m calling it our “Unstoppable Intention List.”

It’s a powerful part of the retreats.  In fact I’ve received many emails saying that lots of things changed in their lives after they did this – and that they could actually feel themselves as part of the circle.

Maybe it’s just hooey.

Maybe it’s totally real.

Who cares?

If nothing else, you’ll just get some good mojo going on!

You’ve got nothing to lose. Let us help you manifest big things!

[NOTE:  I usually do this post on the Monday prior to my retreats. But with the snow we had on Sunday, I got a little kid-like, and I forgot.  So act quickly! Our retreat starts tomorrow!]


***Extra Credit*** Step 7 – Join us.

On Friday afternoon at 2pm EST, join us. Light a candle. Say, “I’m in.” Nod to the clouds.  In what ever way works for you, join our circle with your intention. We welcome you!

  • Autumn

    I intend to find true, unconditional love and to let go of the past that no longer serves me. I also intend to find the bravery for the next chapter in my life, I’d like to go to university to be a zoo keeper and take care of animals.

  • Sarah

    I intend to secure a job in ATL that provides me fulfillment, fun, financial security, and balance in my life.

  • tshepiso

    I intend success in every aspect of ventures in my life so i would be able to help others one day.

  • Evan

    I intend to manifest whatever I wish instantly, whenever or whatever that wish might be.
    I’m grateful for my mom and dad, I’m grateful for my friends. I’m grateful for having fresh water, food when I need it, and shelter. I’m grateful that I’m in a place where I don’t need to worry about finances. I’m grateful for biannual getaways. I’m grateful that I’m alive and healthy. I’m grateful for my cats, both alive and well. I’m grateful for my memories, all good and bad.

  • Dan

    I intend to become wealthy today in order to help others.


    I will have wealth, serenity and peace in my life!
    I am grateful for for the universe and what it has to offer.

  • Dee

    I will have a peace of mind and spirit starting right now.

  • Raj

    I intend to have my cousins from India Taj and Simranjeet to live in Vancouver with Me!

  • Porcha Grandoit

    I intend to be a more enlightened being, more spiritually evolved, more independent,, strong, more determined, more ambitious,more motivated , extremely focused and disciplined and more successful all in my goals and areas of life this lifetime from now on.

    Thank you
    Blessed be <3 Porcha

    • Porcha Grandoit

      Almost forgot….
      I am grateful thankful and happy for my family, my spirit guides, guardian angels, and light beings who are always by my side, I am grateful for the good and the bad which balances our earth and I am thankful to be alive and healthy. Last but not least, I am thankful for the sweet person who wrote this article. Thank you

  • ebony carroll

    I will be successful, positive, abundant and healthy i will marry my lost love and be happy

  • A mock

    I intend to have more alpha wave state less beta wave state.
    I am grateful for Rosen method,
    My dog, Moby
    My kids and husband,
    The opportunity on my job to observe the effects of stress on my felllow humans
    Art opera literature music dance painting theater
    My peaceful oasis home
    Living as long as I have
    Wonderful friends
    nature-I was walking home from our neighborhood trattoria. It was cold
    And my coat was thin. I wanted to get home fast to get warm but for
    Some reason took in a small, un-efforted breath. I noticed the leaves on the
    Dark sidewalk glowing, glistening from the rain. They were five pointed leaves
    And looked like star fish under the street lamp. Tree branch shadows and a cats blinking eyes. Nature knocked the stress right out of me.

  • Mr. Manifesto

    I intend to gain atleast 5 thousand dollars by febuary of 2013 and to become a more loving, happy human being.

  • enlightened

    I intend to inspire 100s of Docotors this year to go through my program and sign a contract. It is to their greater good and expansion of revenue in their practice. At the same time I will have expanded my wealth and helped 1000s of patients also.

  • Jennifer

    I am raising my daughters with sole custody. We are traveling around the globe. I am teaching by example how to be a strong, caring woman. We have fun, we learn, we dance & play. I homeschool my girls via Global Village School. We are blessed & happy!

  • Ali Christine

    I am an artist. I am an actress and director. I am making an oscar best picture/directing winning movie about my dad’s best selling book “Talihina Grace”. I am thankful for all the good fortune that surrounds me, the making of this film, and the lives it will touch.

  • Dawn

    I intend to forgive my husband for past hurts (7 years’ worth) and speak of him in a positive light. At the same time, I am loving myself more every day and imagining/creating my way into a beautiful relationship with the love of my life (which may or may not be my husband).

  • LLG

    I intend to make peace with my job and my co-workers before i leave very soon. I will use my effortless flow of money to buy a condo, renovate my house, and buy the home of my dreams.

  • Natalia

    I intend to become an accomplished person, mature, stable, successul and warm so that I can create more rewarding relationships with my family, my friends, colleagues and reach out to those who are in need.

  • LMM

    I intend to win a large sum of money. This way I will no longer be in debt, and I will be able to co-habitate with the love of my life and my cute little pets.

  • Sue Sullivan

    I’m really getting into this intention thing. Thanks, Christine, for making it real for me 🙂

  • Grant

    I intend a wonderful, creative, exciting and highly lucrative job at Syracuse University.

  • Barbara

    I intend to bring Brian into my life again, for us to love, honor and cherish each other thru eternity. I intend to be grateful forever for all the blessings in my life.

  • stephanie

    i will use and embrace the computer as a tool to acheive an outward expression and advertisement of the happy inner life i am creating. i will continue onward with my dreams, fearlessly, like a brave soldier in the night. and i will remember that it is not brave if you are not scared, so do it anyway. and i will keep moving, even when i am tired. i will practice patience. and i will create and recreate and recreate myself each day, learning as i go.

  • Vanessa

    I intend to leave in three weeks to meet my boyfriend with 2000$ in my bank account.

    I am grateful for:

    -My doggy, that makes me laugh and melts my heart she’s so cute.
    -Where I live, I’ve always wanted to live in the city and here I am.
    -My friends who are fantastic in every way
    -To have found the man of my dreams
    -Having the most wonderful parents in the universe
    -Coffee, I love the taste and the comforting smell
    -For my new business partnership, I feel it’s going to be a perfect match
    -For this blog it’s so inspiring
    -Being able to work from home
    -Having a car to bring me wherever I want to go

  • Sharon

    I intend to sell sign the best deal to sell my dad’s house, at a fair price, this month and use the proceeds to grow more wealth and have true financial independence

  • Jill

    I intend that my book will spark the next big life-changing, life-improving trend in America.

  • sukhamama

    I intend to be joyful, healthy, loving, grateful and prosperous.

    I intend to seek and enjoy the beauty of everyday life.

  • Diana

    I intend to fully enjoy my work and allow it to manifest financial abundance.

    I intend to enjoy my family life.

    I intend to enjoy listening to, writing and performing music.

  • Leah

    My house runs smoothly and looks beautiful, I feel energised and relaxed being in it.

  • katef

    The right things will come to us so we can start our renovations now and build the house we love into a home large enough for the children we have and the children we will have.
    I will love my family, grow and learn to take time, have grace and let go.

  • jaq

    I intend to take control of my life and be courageous, healthy, fit, financially secure & happy.

    I intend to do whatever it takes to maintain a safe, fun & loving home for my partner & children.

    I intend to accept the people I love for who they are & to be a helper to them as they work towards their dreams & aspirations.

    I intend to keep writing & taking pictures & to take every opportunity to see where they take me.

    I intend to be a photographer & writer.

  • LD in PDX

    Oh…and I intend to teach the class I needed when I was 10.

  • Nolwenn

    I intend to allow myself to make my life an everyday dream.
    I intend to follow the path that guides me on my Spiritual Way to be just ME.
    I intend to find what is the perfect job for me and how to reach it and then succeed; for me and not for the others.

  • LD in PDX

    I intend to be fulfilled (ASAP):

    Spiritually – I intend to let go of that that does not serve me well or help me grow without fear. I intend to “live beyond the F@*k it!”

    Physically – I intend to believe in me, use and respect the temple I was given to live in. I intend to exercise it, eat well, and treat it with the love and kindness that has been long overdue.

    Financially – I intend to leave my job in a good way for a situation where I enjoy, believe in and find peace in the work I do. A place were teamwork and laughter are encouraged and people genuinely are happy to be there. It exists!
    I intend to no longer have money be a limitation or a perceived enemy.

    Lovingly – I intend to love. I intend to love often and well. I intend to get through this insane time in my life with a huge smile on my face and in my heart. I intend to find someone this year who is a friend to my mind, my body and my soul.

  • Catherine

    I intend to become a permanent resident before the end of the year. I intend to have my NIW approved in the next few days.

  • Lee-Ann

    I intend to believe that I am worthy of health, happiness and success. I intend to find my way to all of these things and more! I intend to believe in myself, and find my way to success in all that I am and in all that I do.

  • Katy

    I intend to live every day like it is my last.

    I intend to love with every fiber of my being, my family.

    I intend to be grateful to my creator everyday for all of the blessings bestowed upon me.

    I intend to succeed, to be professional and to prosper.

    I intend to acquire great prosperity, to pay off my debt, and to be happy.

    I intend to be brave.

  • Eileen

    I intend to attract an ideal working environment…with meaningful work, flexible hours that allow me to work and attend my kids’ school functions, excellent pay and a dynamic, happy boss who appreciates my contributions.

    (The last time I did this…I got EXACTLY what I wrote!)

  • Nicole

    I intend to find the right job for me and I will be very successful and become very wealthy.

  • paula

    I intend to accept peace in my heart.
    I intend to allow creativity to flow through me.
    I intend to be grateful and brave.
    I intend to enjoy new experiences like travel and learning to be a yoga instructor.

  • Silvia

    I intend success and prosperity as I begin a new exciting path in my life.

  • Scarlett

    I intend to be very, very brave. Always.

  • Erin

    I intend to finish my first novel.

  • Mary Miller

    I intend to have the room at maximum capacity for my March 15 Comedy Show in Marion, Ohio.

  • Dorothy – Chandler Graphic Designer

    I intend to build an incredibly financially successful boutique graphic design firm.

  • Mindful Mimi

    I intend to start my own charity, which connects the corporate with charity, this year.

  • TracyWall

    I intend to have the courage and patience to cultivate a true relationship with the amazing favorite man in my life.

  • Lu

    I intend to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. To give myself the attention I need and be authentic in all that I think and do.

  • Colette

    I intend daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, ever
    increasing cash and cash flow, in my jet charter and other related, and supporting entrepreneurial

    I intend happiness, joy,
    levity and ease in all my
    financial, sales, and interpersonal relationships.

    I intend to make up for all the lost time, and lost deals, revenue and traction I’ve missed in my business.

  • Catrice

    I intend for my family to have a life filled with love, laughter, prosperity, and abundance. I intend for us to learn and grow together, to travel and marvel together. I intend for my life to be a reflection of my heart’s desire. Thank you.

  • Stacey

    I will soon find my path of service to others, and via that path I will enjoy financial abundance, blissful spirit, and personal growth. With truth, love, power, and gratitude, I will make the world a better place, and I will learn to truly love and respect myself. I will find a life partner. I will own the log cabin by the lake. I will achieve new levels of optimal health. And I will look fabulous in my skin. And I appreciate the love and support of all who are one.

  • Suzanne

    I intend a life of peace and health and a career that fulfills me spiritually and financially and the does not sacrifice my children’s childhood. I intend to add to my family. I intend a year of miracles.

  • Shannon

    I continue to heal, grow, and change exponentially.
    I attract wonderful clients and plentiful workshop gigs to me.
    My monthly income quadruples and more within the next 6 months or sooner.
    I continue to meet inspiring, uplifting, fun people and add them to my growing group of friends & contacts.
    I live in gratitude and all my good flows easily, naturally to me.

    Thank you!

  • Kat

    Love when you do this!! The energy it creates is just amazing.

    I intend to work with influential, insightful and experienced people that can help me to take my business to where I know it deserves to be! I welcome the unexpected and know that is for the good of all involved.

  • Anna

    I intend abundance in all areas of my life – a loving relationship, financial freedom and clarity and courage to see and follow my deepest desires and live CREATIVELY.

  • tania

    I intend to have a book deal by the end of 2009!!!!!!

  • LaVeda H. Mason

    I am a successful writer and marketer; my income provides a comfortable living for me and my family.

  • lara

    I intend a peaceful and joyful heart as I receive the counseling position that allows me to share my talents and abilities with others and leaves me fulfilled and content. I feel the peace and support of the work environment as we creatively work together to help others heal.

  • jr

    I intend to overcome my eating disorder, and will care for my body with gratitude and love.

  • Missy

    I intend to choose me.
    I intend to choose joy.
    I intend to just be.
    I intend to be present.
    I intend to focus on what is working and what is beautiful in my life.
    I intend to focus on what I am grateful for.
    I intend to embrace spring for the new beginning that it is for the world and for myself.

  • Stephanie

    I intend abundance, clarity and boldness in feeling and action, and personal and financial success in the coming year as I embrace my creative adult self. I turn 30 in August and I intend to enter into my thirties roaring and powerful like a real Leo!

  • Susan Atwell

    I intend a new and never before achieved level of creativity, success and prosperity as I begin the new direction in my life as a real artist.

  • Tracy

    I intend to have a life of wealth, abundance, joy and adventure with my husband. I intend 2009 to be a year of miracles.

  • Mary Miller

    I intend a miracle healing & strengthening of body & spirit and full recovery to perfect health now for Liz McGrath in Florida.

  • tiny

    i intend to enjoy my life from day to day.
    i intend to wait patiently until new endaevors show theire signs.

  • Kathy

    I intend to be fully present in my work and contribute in ways that increase my value to the team
    I intend tremendous success for our new wine and food writing/touring business
    I intend to fully appreciate the many blessings and terrific abundance in my life

  • Courtney

    I intend success, abundance and prosperity as I begin my new career path as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

  • Gayle

    I am a beautiful person with so much to offer. I release my negative beliefs and angers knowing they will return again and again. That is OK. I honor the process of concealing and revealing.

    I love being a vessel offering yoga classes to inspire and help people realize their full potential and align with a higher power whatever that may be to them.

  • Anna

    I intend to be unstoppable.

    I intend abundance in all areas of my life.

    I intend to make clear decisions about my relationships.

  • Carla White

    I intend complete financial independence so I can continue to create products that improve the lives of others, invest in my health and well being, and enjoy my time with loved ones.

  • i let it go

    I intend friendship, success and support as I continue to STRETCH my life in the directions of my dreams and goals (i.e writing, music, playing, loving, improving my health).

  • George Muller

    I feel secure at home creating ways to have money flow to me … and from me to others.

  • Matilda

    I intend a fulfilling career.

  • Dagmar

    I intend to be be happy, healthy, and prosperous.

  • Anne

    I intend to move forward in my life, letting go of the things that have been keeping me stuck

  • Rhiannon

    I intend my exhibition to be successful and enjoyable.

  • Julie

    I intend to have a wonderful relationship with my husband and amazing daughter.

    I intend to embrace and flourish during this new phase of my life.

    I intend to attend one of your retreats next year.

    With sincere gratitude to you, Christine and all fellow ‘postees’ for inspiration you have given me.

  • lisa

    I intend for the court process to end quickly and successfully for myself and my family.

  • Lindsey

    For my partner and I, I intend joy, inspired creativity and great wealth so that we may move to the west coast and be successful in our endeavors in the film industry, as well as opportunities for travel and a strong, healthy relationship.

  • Maggie

    I intend to be in relationship with a healthy man who loves me, building a life together with him and my sons in a real home.
    Thank you!

  • Kimberly

    I intend to add my positive energy to all the intentions of people above and below, to assist in their manifestation.
    I intend to have wonderful, rewarding, connective, warm, loyal, reliable, joyous friendships with people who share my values, whom I connect with spiritually and on as many levels as possible, rewarding us with mutually fulfilling bonds.
    I intend to have friends who are extreme encouragers.
    I intend to be fulfilled creatively, and to be able to discover and easily execute my creative impulses and ideas in the highest and most rewarding ways.
    I intend to be financially secure and have an abundance of funds to live a comfortable life and to be able to pursue any interest, being able to choose what I want to do with each day.
    I intend that prosperity, joy, and dream fulfillment is coming to myself and all those reading these words.
    I intend that the economy improves drastically, and for humanity to shift their mindset to one of abundance and prosperity.
    I intend that everything on my dream sheet, and more, manifests easily and joyfully.
    I intend to finish my novels beautifully, to have confidence in my writing, joy in the process, and wonderful industry assistance all along the way.
    I intend to have nurturing, wonderful work that I adore.
    I intend to have a wonderful work environment that truly supports me.
    I intend that this March retreat, my June retreat, and all retreats bring wonderful rewards to everyone.

    What a great idea! Very uplifting and positive exercise, and I love doing this type of thing for myself and others. Looking forward to June! 🙂

  • Krista

    I intend financial success, abundance and security. I intend to see the best and the beauty in all around me and to be grateful for every tiny blessing in my life.

  • Gladys

    I intend a happy, healing, loving relationship with Jon.

    I intend to work full-time in my successful virtual assistant business.

    I intend to live in a warm, sunny location on the ocean.

    I intend to be patient while these things manifest and grateful for all that I have been given.

    Many, many thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

  • nicole

    I intend to be successful at my new job and learn how to deal with the challenging personalities I’m encountering

    I intend to find a good man who loves me completely and is a supportive partner.

    I intend to grow financially and become debt free within 6 months.

  • Lisa Call

    I intend an effortless completion to my remodel project and an inspired, extremely profitable year for my art career.

  • Veronika

    I intend to fully connect with others as family, friends and, with one, as lovers. I intend to live my life wholly involved with the web of life and am open to all possibility. I intend joy and laughter and fun and sex and tears and annoyances and total frustration. I intend creativity and open-mindedness as we chart our shared journeys.

  • Kelsey

    I intend health, security, and peace in my family.

    I intend to be a smashing success in my upcoming job.

    I intend to discover exactly where I am meant to serve in the next year.

    I intend to practice conscious decision making.

  • Elisa

    I intend love, laughter, joy, fun, wealth, success, health, delight, passion, blissful sex, a life of undescribable pleasure and happiness. Thank you.

  • eva

    I intend to be my own best friend. I intend fun, joy, laughter and wealth.

  • rik

    i also intend to have a vision of a show I would like to put on this year come through so perfectly in the most wonderful and surprising on ways that i know it is what i was meant to accomplish this year.
    i intend to allow for more and more money to flow into my life through doing the writing, performing, and creative work i love with people who i not only love working with but are inspired by. i intend to continue on the path to better physical health by enjoying exercise every day and continuing this diet that makes me feel great and to continue to easily release excess weight. i intend to have the financial stability and time to allow me to adopt/rescue the perfect dog. i intend to make great strides in all areas of my work creatively and really be in joy while working and have my work be something of value and bring joy and laughter to people all over the world. i also intend for my parents work and financial situation to grow better and better with each day and for them to only know great health and happiness this year.

  • kristine

    I intend to create such a wonderful and fulfilling personal life that I don’t care what happens at work.

  • Amy Crawley

    I intend to sell my spirit messengers as the primary revenue source for my business to art collectors through wholesale and retail venues.

    I intend to use my creative and supportive spirit to coach people to enthusiastically attain their goals.

  • Pat McAnally

    I intend to be joyful and to bring joy.
    I intend to create abundance and financial prosperity.
    I intend to take the very best care of my body.

    thanks Christine

  • yvonne

    I intend to find a beautiful home to raise my children in. I intend to find a beautiful house with raised ceilings and open rooms so that everyone can participate in events no matter what they’re doing. I intend to create a beautiful home full of light and happiness. I intend to create a beautiful home that has a room all to itself — above ground & full of sunshine — just for me.

    I intend to attend one of Christine’s seminars next year.

    Thank you, Christine!

  • magrethe

    I intend success and prosperity in an easy and relaxed manner as I move into the next phase of my life as an independent contractor and business woman.

    And so it is. Thank you.

  • Kim

    I intend to get out of the financial state we’re in.
    I intend we relocate with fulfilling jobs.
    I intend to keep joy always with me and to seek clarity in all things.
    I intend to be beacon of peace.

    I will be with you tomorrow. Blessings and peace to you all.

  • Star

    I intend to allow the creative energy I have been blessed with to bring me satisfaction through my work, financial freedom to live the lifestyle I have chosen, and joy to myself and those my work affects.

  • Catherine Cantieri, Sorted

    I intend a successful organizing business that will enhance my prosperity as I enhance the prosperity and life-quality of others.

  • Julie

    I intend to continue my growth as an artist and will persevere, no matter what, in developing the talents God has gifted me.
    I intend to continue the healing process in my life.

  • Sheri

    I intend health, energy, & joy as I train for my 1st duathlon.

  • Natasha

    I intend to write a great and gratifying thesis and rejoice with my community in my success.

  • Linda

    I intend to recognize the joy in my work, to put aside fear and complete my works-in-progress, and to contribute financially and emotionally to the success of my family.

  • Nora

    I free myself from depression and anxiety, return to strong physical health, make a ton of new friends, and attract a healthy, loving, committed relationship.

  • Kim

    I intend that my marriage relationship is elevated to its highest level of love, joy, wholeness and harmony.

  • Erin

    I intend to create an inner landscape of love, comfort, acceptance, and support. I intend to cultivate gratitude, vitality, and joy. I intend to improve my energetic flow. I intend to create the life I want. I intend to paint my toenails, wear great shoes, embrace my inner goddess and have a kick-ass mentality, tinged with humor and humility.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  • Ressa

    I intend to bring order and design to my personal surroundings as I do to my work.

  • Thauna

    I intend to grow my creativity and find more ways to express it joyfully and to surround myself with love.

  • Karla

    I intend hormonal healing and renewed energy so that I can take full advantage of the abundant time in my life right now.

  • Diane

    I intend to self publish the book I have been thinking about for a long time and use the confidence gained from that experience to begin a new phase of my career. I also intend that my friend Susan find peace and comfort as she continues her journey to health.

  • ann

    I will make finding my purpose in life a priority, and cut out other activities that do not refresh or fulfill me.

  • Miriam

    I intend to live my life based on love rather than fear, joy rather than misery, and faith rather than doubt.

    I intend to be more confident, self-forgiving, and productive as I follow my passion to become a published author.

  • Chloe

    I intend to find the readiness and opportunity to leave my current job. Thanks Christine!

  • Shannon

    I intend to be financially successful doing what I love.

  • Kathryn

    I intend financial abundance and a move to a new home as I start a new path in my life.

  • Janet

    I intend easy, healthy and excellent physical flexibility, strength and endurance.

  • Anne Pavlik Houston

    I will create a family life filled with good health, bountiful love, generosity and closeness for all.

  • iHanna

    I will soon find my path and it will lead me to my place.

  • Louise

    I LOVE that you do this Christine!! It’s so fun and so positive.

    Today I intend it all. I intend love.

    I intend financial abundance.

    I intend many fun and nourishing friendships.

    I intend health, vitality and a vibrant, toned, slender body.

    I intend returning to education with much success.

    I intend a rewarding job and four clients a week.

    I intend a beautiful house.

    I intend writing beautiful things.

    I intend fun, love, abundance and above all joy. Bring it on!

  • Elizabeth

    I enjoy financial abundance and creative fulfillment.

  • Jolie

    I intend to make a prosperous living as an independent working artist.

  • Barbara

    I intend to invite and accept HAPPINESS into my life.

    I’m grateful for:
    •students who make me laugh
    •my 2 cats who comfort me and mellow me out (and make me laugh!)
    •my beautiful and safe home
    •my harp
    •the joy of Irish music
    •friends who hold me in their hearts
    •the warm, sunny weather today!
    •my UU community
    •books,books, and more books

  • kristen b

    My intentions are:
    – to live fearlessly and authentically
    – to start a prosperous consultancy with a single interesting project that will lead to more projects, invitations, accolades and opportunities
    – to revel in my own beauty, light, strength and audacity
    – to say yes to love

    thanks to everyone else for sharing – here’s to all of us this year!

  • Patti

    I am healing my body through exercise and positive affirmation – I will have the freedom to live the life i intend with gusto.

  • poongodi

    thank you so much for the opportunity.

    rachel, yours was so perfect and exactly what i want, so, i am sharing yours — hope you don’t mind.

    I enjoy balance, clarity, peace, and prosperity as I follow my path. I work effortlessly and go with the flow.

  • talia_tx

    Wow, I just finished reading everyone’s intent’s. Amazing. I can’t wait to see all your awesomeness bless the world with all the amazing things eveyrone’ going to do and be.

  • Kit

    I intend success and abundance in my work and to embrace more creativity in my whole life.

  • Bonnie

    I intend to be fearless about making art and to make time for my artwork every day.

    I intend to be persistent and courageous about applying for exhibitions, grants, and other opportunities.

    I intend to increase my income from artwork and design work, so that I can reduce my day-job hours.

    I intend greater well-being through daily meditation, regular exercise, and healthy eating.

    I intend to meet the love of my life and embark upon a wonderful, lasting, romantic relationship.

    I intend to practice gratitude daily, to be generous and compassionate toward myself and others, and to view all of life’s difficulties as beneficial.

    I intend to be wildly hopeful.

  • jc

    I intend more healthy and joyful living

  • talia_tx

    I intend to have the beautiful, spunky, energetic inner image I have of myself expressed in my body; from my wonderfully helpful individual cells to the entirety of my outward appearance.

    And my 10 things I’m greatfull for:
    1-Having purple hair
    2-Seeing the sunrise as I walk to my car in the morning
    3-Having 2 wonderful cats to come home to and snuggle with
    4-for all my wonderful friends I hang with
    5-having a place all my own, so that I can walk around topless if I want to
    6-having a motorcycle license, and being able to drive 2 wheeled things
    7-the purple buds sprouting on the trees
    8-the crazy squirrels outside my window noshing on the new tree sprouts
    9-sisters I can call and talk about anything to
    10-the thrill of driving a stick shift car
    11-having a mini dance party and singing really loud while driving

  • kat

    I heal quickly following successful surgery and enjoy a fruitful & prosperous job search.
    Thank you Christine!

  • LR

    I intend to live joyfully in a comfortable house with big windows and a lush garden. I have a beautiful healthy body and energy to accomplish all I wish to do. I grow closer to my grown children and grandchildren and I am joyously included in their lives. My husband is happy and fulfilled in his new job and we have abundant wealth to be generous to those we love, and those who are in need. I am constantly remembering to be grateful for all that I have, and willingly share my time and knowledge with others as I stay on the right path.

  • Daniel

    I absolutely intend to be successful and abundant in my new, self-employed life.

  • Stacey

    I expect to see my children’s book Ravenna loved by many happy children and adults.

    I expect to support many others on their journey to create the lives they love.

    I expect to rejoice every day in all the blessings the universe has to offer.

    Ah, that feels good. 🙂

  • Charlotte

    I intend continuing this wonderful, exciting, fabulous path to becoming a triathlete.
    I intend kissing the woman of my dreams.

    Thankyou Christine and thankyou Universe!!!!

  • Xue Li

    I offer my novel to the world:
    it gets published and travels throughout the world, reaching hundred of thousands of people, touching their hearts and making them smile.

    I create abundance, health and prosperity in my life and in the world by channeling works of art and words of wisdom.

    Thank you so much Christine, for this opportunity and for the tons of inspiration I’m getting from your blog!

  • Martha C. Hall

    I intend to have my art quilts become a recognizable presence in the world.

  • tiffany

    i intend to listen to my deep inner voice of love. i intend to fall in love.

    i intend to be who i am only and nothing less. i intend to acknowledge all that i have and all that i am, and to give thanks.

    i intend to speak out of my desires, and to walk the path of pleasure and delight. i intend to be open and generous, to be glad and confident.

    i intend to “accept limitless abundance from a limitless universe, and to claim my own power.”

    i intend to be the artist that i am, creating beautiful paintings, collages, clothing, and interiors that express deep truths and nurture my well-being and that of others’. i intend to have the studio space that i want in order to do so. i intend to work less, play more, and to get paid for it. i intend to have the equivalent or better of my beloved manhattan apartment.

    i intend to do all of these things again and again and again, knowing that there is always another chance, another opportunity.

  • Christine R.

    I intend to attract love and wealth in abundance.
    I intend to nuture myself and others.
    I intend to pay attention, to ask questions, to express gratitude, to expand.
    I intend to continue creating the life of my dreams.

    Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of something so much larger than myself.

  • The Other Laura

    Hope I’m not too late.

    I intend to be a fulfilled, productive and successful poet.

  • MJ

    I intend to be free, open and creative and produce great writing that touches and brings joy and relief to others, and I intend to do this as I continue to advance in my professional job – I intend to be fully “me” and integrate my love for creativity and responsibility to my family, finances and clients.

  • K

    Now that we have reconnected, I intend that we will be together and create the belonging, ease, peace and delight we have been searching for and not finding with others – for too long. I am so grateful for my children and for this chance to share love.

  • Gabrielle

    I intend to have a successful & phenomenal business launch as I open my doors as The Expressive Arts Coach in the next coming days!

    Christine, Thanks again for the invitation. I hope the retreat is wonderful for you and the participants:)

  • A.

    I intend to create financial abundance, personal fulfillment and true joy by writing popular and well-loved books.

  • Jenny

    I intend to finally know myself.
    I intend to never doubt which way I need to go.
    I intend to trust my instincts.
    I intend to fully love and accept myself.

  • Anita

    I intend to let joy overcome me.
    I intend to take control of my eating habits.
    I intend to heal my body.
    I intend to trust.

  • Agata

    I intend wealth and fulfilment in my life beyond my wildest imagination.
    I intend to create fulfilling and lucrative self-employed career with several strings of income working from wherever I choose to.
    I intend to own a beautiful white brick house in warm climate.
    I intend to travel to remote and exotic places with my husband.
    I intend to continue to live beautiful full of love and passion life with my husband.

  • KatherineME

    My intention is to continue creating abundnce, joy and love in my work life as it grows. I intent weight lose happening easily, effortlessly, with joy, increased energy and healthy food choices. My intention is to love my life, every step of the way and know I create it. I know I can create big dreams and desires to come true

  • Jennifer Chaky

    My business will prosper and my relationship with ,y parents will be healed. It must!

  • Pat Kelly

    I intend financial abundance,health and peace in my whole life most especially in my marriage and business and the lottery ticket will be a winner.

  • Warren

    I feel myself growing more powerful every day as I remember to let go and enjoy the bliss of living a life of love and joy!

  • Natalie

    I intend to live fully and by doing so giving the best of who I am and thus bringing love, happiness, peace, success, and prosperity as I forge a new path in life.

  • Pat Kelly

    I intend financial abundance,health,and peace in my whole life most especially in my marriage and business.

  • Sherrie

    I am spending a month this summer in Paris, France with my daughter.

    I am a successful published writer, and earn enough monthly to take care of all my obligations with enough left over for frequent travel, savings for my retirement and my daughter’s college, anything we need, and most things we want.

    I am healthy, with vibrant energy, and I sleep deeply and well every night.

  • Pidge

    I intend to create a fulfilling and lucrative self-employed career, to create new passion, romance, and open hearted love in my marriage, and to create a brilliant one woman show that is both artistically glorious and financially successful.

  • Pat

    I intend financial abundance, health, happiness and peace in my whole life and most especially in my business and in my marriage.

  • m

    I intend to have love in my life and that my creative and business life bloom under its influence !

  • Kbruns

    I Intend financial freedom and abundance to come into my life in a healthy and positive way

  • Pat D.

    I intend to be open to the next chapter of my life.

    I intend to be of clear of mind and spirit and I consciously choose the next chapter of my life.

    I intend to follow up on all my incredible creative urges and fully manifest them.

    I intend on having a quick and painless divorce as possible.

    I intend that one day in the VERY NEAR FUTURE, I will open my eyes to a new day and all of the things my ex-husband stole from me will be returned undamaged, including my pet finches.

    I intend to have the best possible home that will be in the best possible location for that perfectly suits the next chapter of my life. (I have been dreaming of a Yurt from the Colorado Yurt Company!)

    I intend that the next chapter of my life will include my dream of running an artists “learning center” where people from all walks of life and *all experience levels* can come and learn with me on activities that will enrich all of us.



  • Amy

    I intend to see my intuition thrive. I intend to enjoy this spring into summer in California, writing, loving, learning, and building strong habits that will keep me in good stead when my situation changes. I intend to find the means to pay for what I need here. I intend an interesting and well-paying job in NY come fall that allows me to nurture creativity in others and leaves me time and energy to write and travel. I intend a beautiful, surprisingly affordable Brooklyn apartment, sun-drenched, with hardwood floors, a bathtub and free heat, conveniently situated near subway and park. I intend to see this risk of taking time for myself blossom into a year of deep soul nourishment, extremely encouraging friendships, healing community presence and thriving creative work. I intend to write beautiful stories and publish them. I intend to find the voice and shape of this novel and to finish it and publish it. I intend to help people by writing and publishing beautiful, wise, truthful things for many, many years to come.

  • PC

    I intend for the new album to get amazing reviews, sell at least 10,000 copies, and attract a passionate following. I intend to joyfully create 10-12 new songs for the NEXT album over the course of the next few months (or sooner). Thank you, what a GREAT life!!

  • megan

    and well paid!

  • Susan

    I intend a happy healthy loving gentle relationship with Carl and the finances to purchase a house where we both fit perfectly, comfortably and abundantly.

  • megan

    I intend to be celebrated, supported, and valued for my gifts and talents.

  • Joanna Powell Colbert

    I intend great success and prosperity as I begin to work smarter, not harder!

  • Star

    * I intend love, both tender and bold, as my husband and I reconnect.

    * I intend an open heart and open arms to receive new inspiration and joy of purpose in my life.

    * I now return to my natural state of good health in all areas.

    Thank you for uplifting our intentions with your own, Christine!

  • Carole

    I intend success and prosperity as I begin a new exciting path in my life.

  • Elizabeth

    I intend the financial freedom to and success in renovating my kitchen/house.

  • Mary Miller

    I intend to call forth a new paradigm in my life.

    I intend perfect health, prosperity, financial security, fulfilling relationships, joy, laughter, love, music, balance, creativity, opportunity, trust, wisdom and CLARITY in all aspects of my life. I am filled with gratitude for these gifts and for the most precious gift of being alive to thrive.

    I am with the perfect person for me, happily married and loving my life.

    I intend for my friend, Patti R., to have complete perfect health and a complete healing and balance, love, joy, peace and clarity in her life.

    Blessings to you Christine, for helping us all to learn & grow. Blessings to all at the retreat and in our online community-may you be joyfully amazed as your intentions fully bloom in your beautiful lives. I’m in with you Friday.

  • jenny

    I intend a loving relationship with my mother, a romantic and exciting marriage with my husband, and a rewarding and fulfilling career as a coach!

  • Mackie

    I will be in Holland on Friday for a MUCH needed respite. I personally know the powerful results that come from your prayer circles. If I have to list ten things today to be thankful for, you and the discovery of you and all you have to share are at the top of my list! And the lovely, wonderful, powerful women I met at the retreat I went to are at the top too! They continue to inspire me almost every day with the things they are doing with their lives. I may lose track of the circle time (math is not my strong suit!) but I will be lifting you and all your participants up as you experience a profound shift in your lives this weekend. Hope to get back out there soon. With thanks and love and blessings, Mackie

  • Jessica

    I intend to own a brick house and start a fragrant, flourishing garden.
    I intend to attract wealth, more than enough to satisfy my needs and desires and to give away to those in need.
    I am a beautiful woman with a succulent body and a uterus in her perfect place.
    I am a vehicle for Reiki’s healing power, and I have a growing clientele that I support with healing energy.
    I am in touch with my spirit and angel guides.

  • J

    I intend my book to shoot up the NY Times Bestseller list.

  • Andi

    I intend to increase sales of my artwork and writing and to allow more blessings to come into my life.

  • Jeff

    I intend to learn and grow my new local marketing business.

  • Rebecca

    I intend to be a productive and successful studio artist in my new home/studio.

    I intend to walk every day to improve my health, stamina and outlook on life.

    I intend to be grateful every day for my family, friends and co-workers.

  • Giulietta Nardone

    I intend to help as many people as possible bust out of their cages.


    If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities. Maya Angelou

  • MC

    I bring positivity, fun, love and abundance into my life.
    I am successful and happy as I continue along my path.
    I am building a successful and abundant business.
    I am a successful published author of children’s books and self help.
    I am surrounded by love, light and fun, deep, honest friendships.

    Thanks Christine!! Have a great retreat! 🙂

  • Nicole

    I intend to pay-off medical debt this year through art sales.

  • bonni

    I intend the manifestation of superabundance in all areas of my life, starting immediately and continuing infinitely.

  • stephanie

    I intend to flourish in my bodywork and teaching practices, drawing many wonderful clients and students to me, and bringing myself back to a place of financial self-sustainability….

    I intend to work through my divorce with grace, respect, love and healing…

    I intend to keep growing as a musician/songwriter and find greater and greater joy and success with it…

    I intend to live as juicily and creatively as I can so that my whole life is an ongoing work of beautiful art, no matter where it leads me….

    I intend to choose love over fear….

  • Karen

    I intend to let in the well-being that is natural to me, including financial prosperity, and to let go of all negative and limiting beliefs. I intend to love and be loved in return.

  • Glad

    I intend to eat healthy foods in moderation and to exercise to reach my goal so that I am healthy, fit and confident.

    I intend to acknowledge all the abundance the universe provides and to open myself up to accepting the gifts it offers me.

    I intend to work toward my goal of owning my own Mediation/Law practice with my husband so that we can help people find peace and compromise.

    Thank you universe for the abundance you offer to each of us. Thank you Christine for making this blog available to so many seekers.

  • Debby

    I intend to be physically/mentally fit and at the right weight for body. I intend to attract my soul mate and have a happy, healthy relationship and marriage. I intend to be financial set so that I can visit my daughter and travel more often.

  • Nneka

    I intend that my intentions manifest with joy, ease, and grace:-)

  • Jennifer

    I intend to expand my trust in myself as I define success in my own terms. I will continue to make gratitude a part of daily life and will watch my challenges melt away as I focus on abundance and beauty in the world around me.

  • jenclair

    I intend to follow through on more of the projects I envision…beginning with a new baby quilt.

  • Kim

    I intend to bring my dreams into reality.

  • VRK



  • Cristina

    I intend to allow well-being in.
    I intend to release all negative and limiting beliefs.
    I intend to let creativity flow through me.
    I intend to thrive and go with the flow.
    I intend to live a long, healthy, joyful, prosperous life together with my husband P.

    Thank you Christine, I’ll be with you in spirit!

  • Marilyn

    I intend a joyful, prosperous, creative, and beautiful writing life in which publication comes easily and frequently.

  • Christi

    My novel is progressing easily and well.

    My relationships are fulfilling and nourishing to all concerned.

    Thank you, Christine!

  • Janene

    I have freedom in my life financially and emotionally to enjoy the things I love – spending time with my family doing the things we love and traveling to learn more about the world around us.

  • Sara

    I intend that my partner and I will have the financial resources to continue to pay off our debt while also being able to choose the best care for our son (including the possibility of my staying home for the next year). I intend to transition effortlessly from my current work in publishing to my dream work in spiritual counseling and writing (and to get paid well!).

    Thank you!

  • Ethan

    I intend to cultivate and sustain a music career initially supported through one or more online businesses which allow me the freedom to tour and travel.

  • Diane

    I intend to make my home a true haven.

  • Rachel

    I enjoy balance, clarity, peace, and prosperity as I follow my path. I work effortlessly and go with the flow.

  • Nancy

    I intend to find great joy in writing and selling a screenplay in 2009.

  • L.

    I intend to bring in at least $12,000.00 per month in my main business.

    I intend to create a way to bring in income from my other activities which are so far just volunteer (but labors of love).

    I intend to move my body and care for it.

    I intend to open my heart to love.

  • Jenn

    I will reach my potential, becoming the better me inside. I will be financially independent through my art and creativity. This in turn will give me the time to share my gifts with all who need them.

  • Nikki

    I intend to trust fully in the effortless abundance that surrounds me.

  • Rachel

    I will enjoy my life: loving myself – my mind & body, spending time with friends & relishing abundance.

  • Susie

    I intend optimal spiritual, mental, and physical health.

    I intend truth and authenticity in all areas of my life, so that I live my right life and claim the life I am meant to live.

    I intend to connect with my own magical energy so that I may change the world.

    I intend success and prosperity as I choose and perform my life’s work (work that is a true expression of my soul).

    I intend warmth, love, compassion, joy, and happiness for my husband, my children, and myself.

    I intend freedom from my limiting beliefs and/or thoughts.

    I intend amazing connections with friends who are aligned with my essential self.

    Thank you, Christine! And thank you to all the wonderful people at your retreat.

  • Dee

    I intend to take control of my life and be courageous, healthy, fit, and happy.

  • Sherrie Phillips

    I intend to live the next half of my life with inner peace and joy learning how to manifest what I need as I need it.

  • Emily

    I intend joy and prosperity as I continue on this amazing new path in my life!

  • Ilse

    I intend my daughter and I to live happy and healthy lives, have successful and fulfilling careers and live peacefully in a beautiful home and place.

  • P K

    I intend I am available to my highest good and to the healing that is happening in my life and my body right now. Thank you.

  • Antonella

    I intend to heal myself.
    I intend to heal my relationship.
    I intend to receive and give love.
    I intend to find my true calling.
    I intend peace and understanding.

    thanks a lot

  • Deb

    I intend to build on my writing career and make it a success.
    I intend to finish the house and have it become a beautiful, cozy, relaxing haven for us all.
    I intend to have a lush garden and a thriving, productive veggie patch.
    I intend to become more content and to top comparing myelf with others.
    I intend to be a more calmer, confident and organised mother.

    Ooh, lots of intentions there. Thank you!

  • Lynne

    I intend to release any and all negative or limiting beliefs that are holding me back from effortlessly creating a fulfilling and financially abundant entrepreneurial career.

  • sue

    “I intend success and prosperity as I begin a new exciting path in my life. I ‘m so grateful for whatever I’ve got in my life . I’d like to attract a loving and caring man and marry him by 9/9/2009”

  • Esme

    I intend to obtain financial independence and abundance so I can free myself from my marriage and take full custody of my kids.

  • Shazza

    Above all, I intend healing and recovery as I break free of my limiting beliefs. I intend that I am learning and accepting my worth and value as a woman and human being. I intend deep, delicious, honest friendships with amazing women.
    Thankyou so much!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  • claudia

    I intend to create a creative life, realizing my beautiful ideas and crafting wonderful things. Thank you, Christine for encouraging me.

  • Martina

    Ich beabsichtige, im März einen ganz wundervollen Aufenthalt auf Sanibel zu haben.
    Ich beabsichtige, zeichnen zu lehren und Menschen zu helfen, Freude und Erfüllung am Zeichnen zu finden.
    Ich beabsichtige sehr viel gutes Geld zu verdienen und mich daran zu erfreuen, beim Verdienen und beim Ausgeben.
    Ich beabsichtige jeden Tag mit Freude und Liebe zu verbringen.
    Ich beabsichtige fröhlich, glücklich, dankbar und inspiriert zu sein, täglich, stündlich und immer.
    Ich beabsichtige ein Licht der Freude zu sein.
    Ich beabsichtige zu zeichnen und zu schreiben jeden Tag, dass es nur so eine Freude ist.

    Thank you, Christine. Have a great time.

  • Lori

    I intend to make more than enough money selling the things I make. I intend on being one of those Etsy sellers that make a sale every day.I intend to make enough money to save what I need to move out of state and go to grad school. I intend to make enough money selling the things I make to pay off my student loans, and to be financially satisfied.
    I intend to be healthy and fit again!

  • alina

    I intend to enjoy this spring, writing my book and having wonderful relationships with great people.
    thank you:))

  • Cyndee

    My intention is to create a non-profit to support my buying a ranch. A ranch where people come to heal. But more importantly, where I begin to foster teens & work w/ teens. Helping them discover their passion…listening to their unique voice…guiding them to their gifts & talents they are meant to bring to the world…..holding them forevermore…….

  • Marilyn

    I intend to do the coaching/writing work that is calling to me, bringing us financial freedom and joy.

  • pati

    I intend to find my Miramar.

    Thank you, Christine. Enjoy the retreat. I’ll be with you in spirit on Friday.


  • Becky

    I intend to thrive under academic pressure and find new vision and direction in life in order to passionately pursue healing and beauty.

  • Jesann

    I intend success, financial freedom, and abundance in my life, in healthy, positive, happy ways.

  • Chookooloonks

    I absolutely intend to be both emotionally and financially successful and fulfilled as a writer, photographer and public speaker.

  • Amanda

    I will heal my relationship with Jan

  • Sandy

    I know I am going to figure out a way to adapt, change, and grow.

  • Carol

    I am on the right path leading to ideal mental and physical health.