Manifestation 101: 7 Ways to Move Through Your “Gunk” - Christine Kane

Here’s the good (and the bad) news:

Any time you set a new intention or goal, you literally begin moving into alignment with that intention by clearing out anything UNLIKE it.

Think of it this way:

When you plant a seed, the first thing that comes up is NOT a sprout. The first thing that comes up is a little dirt.

Unfortunately, this is where most people get stuck and why nothing changes.  They just want the dang sprout already!  They don’t want all that “gunk” coming up! They think it’s a BAD thing.

But it’s not!

The problem is simply that you don’t know what to do with the gunk.  Let’s take a look at some simple mindset strategies that will help you clear it out faster…

1 – Call on Your Observer

The observer is the ever-present part of you that can objectively witness your reactions in any situation and recognize when you are lost in your “stuff.”  The observer is never judgmental.  It is peaceful. It is wise.

When you consistently call on your observer, you come to know your needs intimately.  For instance, some “dirty” moments might require that you step away from your desk and take a walk in the woods and stop thinking or doing anything.  Other moments might be best served by simply choosing a better thought.

Knowing the difference is about knowing the self. Not in a narcissistic way. In an honest clear way.

2 – Feel a little bit better

You don’t have to make yourself go from feeling awful to feeling “GRRREAT!” All you need to focus on is feeling a little bit better than you do.  This releases a lot of pressure.

3 – Get Back to Basics

You may need to get back to basics with your intention.  For instance, if too much dirt is coming up – you might need to shift your intention from being a gajillionaire to being worthy at all!

Sometimes people get totally excited by the notion of “Yes! I can manifest anything!” So they begin with the BIGGEST intention ever. Then when the dirt comes up, there’s so very much of it that they don’t know where to begin.

Safety, confidence, being loved, being authentic— these are beautiful concepts for beginners – AND for moments when the dirt arises.

4 – Petri Dish Mentality

Remind yourself that your whole life can be an experiment.  When it comes to transformation and goals, put your life in a petri dish.  Have a little fun with that idea. Say things like, “Hmmmm. I wonder what would happen if I really simply focused on________.”   Make it a game. See what happens!

5 – Containerize

Containerizing is an Intention-Within-Intention process.

If you need to talk out your fears or your negativity, then create the intention to containerize for a while. This is an off-limits “no longer creating my reality” container.

Call a friend and explain that you need a listening ear. Explain that he is not allowed to feel sorry for you or give advice. He is not to give any “power” to your story. He is there to allow the container to happen. You just need to let it out. You can also do the same in your journal. Let it all out there.  Then let it go.

6 – Lose the Story

If emotions are coming up, try this.

Sit still and let the emotions be there without the story that has attached itself to them. Feel sad and allow the sadness, but make sure that the story of “how my family always said I was terrible with money!” isn’t part of the sadness. Most of the time, it will move through and out.

7 – Get help

Get a coach. Get some bodywork. Rinse and repeat.

My coaches and healers are guiding lights and objective observers – always seeing my radiance, always trusting my process. I do the same for my clients!

We have this messed-up belief in our world that we should be able to take a pill and move on with things. You miss out on SO much great stuff when you try to do that. This work takes time.  In fact, it will always be happening as long as you’re alive! (Isn’t that cool?)  Mentors, healing practitioners, coaches… they can keep you focused on your vision, not on the gunk!

In the comments below, share your take on “gunk.”  Does it still happen to you?  Does it still feel real?  And what do YOU do when it comes up?

  • Raederle

    A year later, I stumble across this again while in need. Thank you so much!

  • Kay Fudala

    I loved loved loved this post!

    I recently wrote about the 17 myths I have busted in my first year of entrepreneurship and one of them is that – there may be no immediate returns! Why? Because you have to get past that “gunk”! No one ever talks about laying the foundation. Thank you for the message and the inspiration!

  • Raederle

    Wow, lots of big realizations for me in this post! No wonder I went through such a hard 20-30 days in June/July this summer… I was busy manifesting a HUGE dream, and went through a ton of gunk over the past year trying to refine my “ultimate vision.” I’m still working on that vision, but I absolutely AM where I was envisioning myself “ultimately” a year ago! But WHAT a hard year! Now it makes so much more sense!

    FEEL the emotion WITHOUT the internal dialogue of woe… Huge message there. Thank you!

  • Kimberly Sherry

    All great stuff…love your articles.

    I love that you recognize the need for coaching and healing yourself. It sets a great example for all of us healers and coaches that there is only so much we can do on our own.

    One of the things that works for me is recognizing when I am in my head trying to figure everything out. That means I am not in my heart. When I am in my heart and in alignment energetically, I don’t need to figure everything out. Things spontaneously manifest because of the intentions I have made and plans I have set in motion and then step back and give it breathing room. Most of us are using way more effort than is necessary. It’s part of the old masculine paradigm.

    I also clear my energy system regularly. I believe this invisible system is as important as our physical body if not more so…we don’t end at our skin. Some of the most successful people will be those that recognize this fact and work consciously with these energies that have such vast implications on effecting their life. If there is ANY difficulty in your life, it will show up in your energetic field and can be found and easily cleared thus making your life easier. That is why I have made so many videos showing people how to do it. If they still need help, which they will at some point, it’s time to call in an energetic healer that you resonate with.

  • Court

    Lovely thoughts…I really appreciate the talk on “dirt” coming up. It seems like that is a natural response often, because there is something to be addressed. Appreciate your perspective on this : )

  • Melissa Klein

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for the article – it really resonated – and I also enjoyed others comments.

    My work deals with mythology – and I think of life as a story. And when I’m going into the “pity party” zone – or any zone that’s not connected to my vision, a question to ask is “Is this the story that I want to hear? Is this the story that I want to be?” We are the authors of our lives and while some things happen that we can’t control, we can control our responses – as in “If I was my own hero – what would I want that hero to do?”

    I went through Uplevel Gold and Gold Elite – and had alot of gunk come up. But that journey was necessary to get to where I am today – it was hard being so uncomfortable, but it would have been worse to stay in the same place.

  • Alle L’Eveille

    I had a lot of dirt come up after the Live event. I didn’t fulfill my intension set last year to be in Gold by July of 2013. I had made and revised packages, so I was no longer attracting the bits and bobs that gave me quick cash flow. I turned away jobs that weren’t part of my unleveled business. It was hard. I knew it was dirt. I kept thinking about “pushing up dirt” and the need when you’re going through hell to keep on going. I usually have a slow month during the summer which allows me to work on the business, however, this was longer and I hadn’t met my quarterly revenue goals. But, I kept the intension and moved through it. Things are working out, new clients and opportunities are flowing again. I also did a lot of purging and “leak repair” so I’m fresh pretty good now. One part of my brain, knew this was just “stuff” coming out. Much better to be on the other side of it! Love reading the article again!

    • Christine Kane

      Hey Alle! –

      Thanks for your honesty here.

      Those patterns STILL happen to me – when, no matter how much progress I’ve made, there is something that just gets blocked. Doesn’t the breakthrough feel REALLY cool when it happens? It’s like you just have this moment of “Well, why did I make that so hard on me??” Congratulations to you!!!

  • Maia Beatty

    LOVE IT , Christine!

    This directly connects to some work I’m doing around “Power Traps” and it supports it completely.

    Thanks for all you do in the world and the inspiration that you are.

    And thanks for making it SO EASY to re-pin this…

    Sending you a WHOPPING HIGH FIVE!

    • Christine Kane

      Maia – Power traps? Hmmmm. i LIKE that. Where can people find out more on what you’re teaching here?

  • Anna Ladd

    Yes, Christine. Wonderful ideas all of them and I wanted to share another way to “lose the story”. I love that you honor the emotion and It is so true that we tell ourselves stories about our lives. Those sad stories that get repeated are can be unhelpful. Whatever we tell ourselves defines our present – and our future – until we change it. One thing that I have found helpful when I am having a strong emotional reaction is to stop and ask: “what is the story I’m telling myself about this situation?” and “what’s another story that I could choose?’ or “what is true about me?”. It opens the space and gives us so many options!

    From my personal life, I’ll share the following example. I used to say, “I was abused as a child and this left me with some painful scars and blind spots that I am working through.” The truth is that regardless of circumstances, we all end up with scars and blind spots. It’s the human condition. Today i say, “i had a challenging childhood and it made me incredibly strong and persistent as well as empathetic and compassionate.”

    Much more fun!!! Thanks so much for the great article!

    • Christine Kane

      Anna – Thank you for your additional ideas here. I LOVE changing the story. I find that in business, that is a VERY good skillset to have!

  • Jan Schochet

    Wow, Christine. This is soooo true. I have and am experiencing this on the emotional level.

    AND I just had to laugh because sometimes I don’t see things until they are right in front of my eyes. Physically. I am in the midst of not only renting out my 2nd commercial space but also making preliminary plans with the architects for renovations of upper floors into something very cool and I took a friend upstairs and realized all the stuff that’s there–well it’s a whole lot of physical stuff that needs to be dealt with sorta quick before the new tenants move in downstairs because there’s no exterior exit. And there’s a lot of it!

    So yes–I am once again the keeper and the sorter of the family detritus. This time it’s business detritus. And some of it is cool and some of it can be incorporated into the renovation. But some will need to be recycled and some just plain junked.

    Very applicable to what you’re saying about mental space, too. I’m sure that will be happening for me all along the way with thus whole larger process.

    Thanks for helping me sync up the physical with the mental/emotional work that will need to be done in making this desire and dream if mine come into being. Luv you!

    • Jan Schochet

      Oops “this” (not “thus”) and “of” (not “if”) above. IPhones!

    • Rock Eblen

      Well said Jan…glad to see how progressive you continue to be. Best wishes!

    • Christine Kane

      Jan — Very cool analogy! And what a fascinating opportunity too! A chance to release in a major way! thank you! (Hope you are thriving!)