Manifesting your Desires - Christine Kane

4 Simple Steps for Manifesting Your Desires

1. Manifesting Your Desires with Clarity

What do you want?

I mean what do you really, REALLY want in your life?

Getting clear on what you want is the first step towards manifesting your desires.

Now, I’m not talking about fortune and fame. (If you think that’s what you want, go deeper. Do you want to inspire people? How do you want to use your talents? How do you want to make a difference?)

When it comes to manifesting your desires, I’m talking about what’s really authentic for you. Your true, gut-level, soulful purpose for being on this planet.

Who do you want to BE in this world?

That’s WHO, not WHAT.

Here’s the thing: Manifesting your desires happens when you get clear on who you want to be—how you want to show up in your life—and what that looks like for you.

Just think about it…


2. Manifesting Your Desires with Intention

When you work on pinpointing your intention, the work of manifesting your desires will come into focus.

For me, this happened during a time when I was taking a break from singer-songwriting. I decided I wanted to be inspiring, encouraging, and healing in both my personal and professional life.

And what that meant is that I had to be inspiring, encouraging, and healing to myself, FIRST.

Your intention is your guideline for how you want to show up—for yourself, and towards others.

When you’re living from a place of your intention, you’re doing the work of manifesting your desires, because you’re taking authentic action. (More on that, and imperfect action, later.)

The basic law of attraction is that “like attracts like,” so when you’re focusing on manifesting your desires with intention, you’re actually creating an opening to attract the very thing you want to manifest.

Remember: The more of your own affirming mindset that you can conjure up, the better for getting what you want.

So, write out your intention. Keep it with you. Take it out and look at it throughout the day. Say it out loud. Remind yourself of what you really want, and who you want to be, so that you can act from your place of intention.


3. Manifesting Your Desires with a Vision Board

One of the most fun ways you can work on manifesting your desires is by creating a vision board.

A vision board is basically a visual representation of your intention—what you want, who you want to be, and what that looks like for you. You vision board will be unique to you and your objectives.

There’s lots of different ways to go about creating them and in my ebook, The Complete Guide to Vision Boards, I guide you, step-by-step, to making a vision board that will help you create your perfect life through manifesting your desires with thoughtfulness, creativity, and ease.

Go ahead and download it now to get started.

Over 22,000 people have downloaded The Complete Guide to Vision Boards, and I hear their success stories every single day.

Won’t you add your success story to the mix?

Give it a try and see how it can help you take steps towards manifesting your desires right away.


4. Manifesting your Desires with Action

When it comes to manifesting your desires, it really works when you’re clear, set an intention, and create a vision board, but it doesn’t stop there.

You need to take action.

Authentic action.

Something I like to call it “imperfect action.”

“Now, wait a minute, Christine,” you’re saying…”When you were manifesting your desires, you’re saying you did it imperfectly?”

Here’s the thing: Manifesting is not about doing it “right.” I’m talking about YOUR opportunity to manifest your desires. These belong to you. And, everyone’s different.

It’s about taking action that’s authentic to YOU. And not worrying that it’s right. Or wrong. Or perfect.

When it comes to manifesting your desires, imperfect action beats waiting for things to be “perfect” any day.

It’s not about pushing hard. It shouldn’t hurt.

Taking action, imperfect action, means being open.

It means showing up, and moving towards the things you want.

So, pay attention to your vision board. Stay open for opportunities. Take some chances. Be willing to make a few mistakes.

Manifesting your desires is an ongoing process. Do what feels right to you, and you’ll never go wrong.

  • Simone

    Hey Christine I’m blessed and inspired by your writing, thank you so much for sharing yourself with us here. I’ve clicked on the link in the above post (manifesting your desires) as I’d like to download the Vision Board Guide but it doesn’t take me to the correct page. Could you please help? Thank you again, Simone, Australia.