Mindset First. Skillset Second: Why (More than Ever) Inner Work is Crucial for Your Success - Christine Kane

Many years ago, I headlined at a popular venue in a big city. It was a great night, and I felt like a rock star. After the show, I was walking toward my car with an entourage of music promoter types carrying my stuff. The conversation was lively, and everyone wore black.

As I was walking, I suddenly remembered something.

“Ohmigod,” I thought. “Deepak and Wayne are right there in the front seat of my car!”

(I had inadvertently left my collection of woo-woo audio books in my passenger seat for all the world to see.)

So I walked fast, opened the car door, and I shoved all of my friends – Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, etc – under the seat. I wasn’t yet ready for my music biz cohorts to know the truth about me:

That I wasn’t cool. 🙂

These days, I’m comfortable with my un-coolness. In fact, I openly admit that the deeper work I’ve done on mindset and healing is a huge reason for the success I had in my music career – and now as the founder of Uplevel You™. The best thing I learned from being so visible in music was that my whole being reflected in each and every element of my career. The same is true for any self-employed person.

I often tell my clients, “Mindset first. Skillset second.”

This means that your inner state of being and your outer success are irrevocably connected. In fact, the reason we set goals at all is because of who we become as we’re reaching them. The “getting” itself is often the start of yet another journey.

If you have a true calling or if you run your own business, you’ll continually be required to deal with the issues of mindset, release, intention and growth.

Why is that?

Well, it starts with why you began your journey at all. I once heard author Natalie Goldberg say, “Follow your heart, and it will take you where you need to go.” In other words, your heart’s desires will get you started. But your soul will make sure you’re getting your money’s worth along the way!

This means that you’ll have to be clear about what you want and then release any muckety-muck that’s blocking the path so you can serve at a higher level, manifest more effortlessly and live into your true purpose. It’s not always easy, but it’s SO worth it!

Many people give up on themselves at this stage of their upleveling. They call it “failure.” They go back to playing a smaller game. They believe the voices that say, “Who do you think you are?” They believe that their fears are more powerful than their intentions.

This past year, for me, has been filled with intense change and reflection as I move to a much higher (and deeper) level in my own work. The shift from being “little ol’ me” working out of her home to running a million-dollar company has brought up questions and challenges, as well as some confrontations with my inner limits.

Because I know the importance of being congruent in my business, I gave myself time and space to experience the voices of my fears, while staying aligned with my intentions and fiercely committed to my own positive mindset. I used to think that one had to “fall apart” in times like these. Now, I know this isn’t true.

These days, we’re in the midst of massive changes in how business runs in this world – a time where authenticity and transparency are more important than ever. Your commitment to stay connected to your inner core is a requirement for your sales, your marketing – everything! Boundaries are being redefined. Marketing is all about connection and authenticity. And businesses that don’t understand that are falling to pieces.

So, what can you do?

Remember is that the only way out is THROUGH. When you are out of balance, disconnected and frantic on the inside, it reflects into your outer world. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill for releasing an old ugly pattern that has blocked you for years! But you CAN move through it and use your intention to let it go.

Don’t be hypnotized by your fear of taking action. Inner work doesn’t mean that you just sit back, get some energy healing, think good thoughts and success is yours. Strategy, planning and action are crucial to any business success!

Create empowering habits and rituals. Daily habits – like exercise, writing, meditation, gratitude – will keep you centered and connected to your power and your purpose.

Learn to see tough situations as something to be grateful for. Learn to say, “Yay! I’m getting the opportunity to let go of this old crappy mindset! Finally!” This brings meaning to even the hardest situations. It also dulls the sharp edges of fear.

  • Marie

    Chirstine Kane YOU ROCK!!!!! I am always uplifted and empowered by your words of wisdom. Thank you for being you and helping those of us on a mission, do it with someone like you to coach us along. I look forward to someday taking your UpLevel training.

    Blessing to you my friend!

  • Joy

    I love this blog post, Christine, which I’ve read in other iterations from you. Yes, yes, yes!
    Mindsets are HUGE in moving forward! You are masterful in person, in your writings, in your calls, videos….

    Congratulations on breaking through so much of your own stuff along the way, modeling for us imperfection action to serve in bigger and bigger ways.


  • Delia Marsellos-Traister

    It all felt like ‘soul-set’ . . . first 🙂 Thanks for this . . . an incredible reminder. The understanding that there may be “muckity muck” that needs to be cleared creates slower, more deliberate stepping on the stones for me. There is no fear, no hesitation, it is simply a check-in on weather the next move is simply reactive or is it an action step that makes sense. It feels good to be less frantic and come from a place of ‘stay the course’, keep taking action based in why and it’ll all be good.

    Despite some appearances (LOL) I had an AMAZING experience at Uplevel Live! Really AMAZING! I’m still feeling a little monosyllabic as I continue to integrate . . . ya know . . . some shifts occur while yer not even lookin’ – and it is almost challenging to describe
    xo – D

  • Marlene Keys

    Mindset first, skill set second. I like that!

  • Jan Schochet

    Thanks for these words of wisdom (as always). Like Biz, I totally came away from Uplevel Live! with just what I was searching for–a focus, a direction and woo-hoo–tons more friends.

    What you’re saying here about Mindset is truly invaluable. That work always needs to be done; it’s ongoing.

    I so appreciate you writing a whole blog post on how important it is. : )

  • Biz

    C – whoda thunk that at my 3rd LIVE event with you I would go home with even more breakthroughs (and breakdowns, thanks Sheri!) – thank you for all you do to help us UPLEVEL our lives and businesses!!!

    This especially: Don’t be hypnotized by your fear of taking action. has been an one of the most incredible lessons I learned this year – and by doing that consistently I have made unbelievable progress in so many different areas of my life. THANK YOU CHRISTINE!!!

    • Joy

      Woo Hoo!

      Love watching you UpLeveling Biz!!!


  • Ana Melikian

    Totally agree MINDSET FIRST!
    Thank you Christine 🙂

  • Clara Bellino

    Thank you Christine, you just helped me think of a recent event in a different light. I played a show recently, that I am still glad I did because it was in honor of a friend who got a new liver. That was the important part. But I thought the crowd was one of the rudest inconsiderate crowds I’d ever played for. It took me a couple days to shake it. But this morning when I met with my producers, I decided it was time for me to let go of my professional involvement with certain friends. And just now I realized reading your article, that that evening was both a celebration, and difficult, and the difficult part was there for me to make a decision to move forward and up. Thank you!

  • Stephanie Wellington, MD

    Thanks, Christine. Timely and very much needed today. I can feel the anxiety easing already.

  • CC

    Christine Kane!
    You have been such a light to me for years now, though I’ve yet to be able to attend a live workshop! You may, or may not, realize the influence you impart from afar; how even the very basic positive supports within your regular newsletters/casts do, in fact, enroll beginning & BIG mindset changes, (which as in my case, can take more seed/’clear the dirt time’ for some’s circumstances than others!) Know your tutorials have weekly impacts & are widely transformational. Please accept this thank you for all you’ve done & continue to inspire.

    Your loyal cohort & future coaching attendee,
    Intention: A Graduation Gift to ME: Ashland or BUST: By Year end, 2012,
    Love, Respect & Gratitude,

  • Sam Uhl

    I’ve been following your ezine and videos for many months and have been implementing bits and pieces of the program that you share to uplevel. Reading the testimonials and watching them last night on the livestream from GA taught me that I am so much like the women who jumped in with both feet to succeed.

    Like so many, I started up a couple of mastermind groups, but we lack the BIG vision, leadership, coaching and accountability that I’m so thirsty for! I have a very clear purpose and know what my future reality looks like. I meditate on it every morning with joy and gratitude that I’ve made progress…but not enough, and not fast enough. It’s time to clear my mind and life of the muckety muck that is holding me back. I am so ready to be part of your gold mastermind, I can hardly express it! I am excited, scared, but mostly READY to confront the obstacles, overcome them and let my genius take over with confidence!

    Thank you for so liberally sharing your journey and the possibilities that lie within us for greatness. I look forward to everything my immediate future holds; I can see it glitter from here.

    • Joy

      Wishing you the best in Gold, and for all the value you’re going to bring to the world, Sam!