My Backyard this Morning - Christine Kane

Everyone should experience the joy of waking up to a morning like this at least once in their lives!

Oh yea – and I had to add this one too… πŸ™‚

  • Mike R

    I remember scenes like this from when I was growing up in Ohio. My mom would always make sure I looked out the back door to see all of the snow covering the grass and trees. Sadly, as soon as I was done looking out the back window at the beautiful snow, my day would send me out the front door with the snow shovel so I could clear off the drive way. Have a great day!! P.S. 74 degrees in Las Vegas today πŸ™‚

  • KatherineME

    yeah, snow is pretty, I live in Maine so….yeah.
    but the DOG! My goodness, what a cutie!

  • Jesann

    Christine, that’s beautiful! And even non-dog-person me has to say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! πŸ˜€

  • Diane

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! My dog is so jealous!

  • Christine Kane

    lance and kathy and other snow-regulars — you must think it’s a little strange how excited all the southerners are today! tweeting and facebooking — all we’re talking about is snow! (and yea, i used to live in boston, so I remember being totally over it by march!)

  • Lance

    Hi Christine,

    I get that all winter long!! It is very serene, I will admit (although seeing it since November, I’m ready for some green!!).

    Anyway, have some fun in the white stuff!

  • Tracy

    I think it looks really beautiful and I have a similar frosting outside my window this morning. I must say we are more than a bit snow and cold fatigued here in Chicago-we got another inch this morning. I’m ready for spring!
    BTW, I have a great dane that does the same thing with the snow; she puts her nose down as we walk and lets the snow shovel up over her head. It’s pretty funny.

  • Judy Wilder-Dalton

    Beautiful and I do love to see this……… January, but not in March, give me the spring flowers and warm days. I am so ready for spring. In Texas and we had clear skies and 25 degrees this morning, after having a 80 degree day a few days ago.

  • Kathy

    Living in update NY we get to wake up to this kind of thing quite often! And I must say, I don’t tire of it. It’s beautiful and serene and brings the winter birds to the feeder in force! Ima looks adorable!

  • Christine Kane

    lynne – my dog is part border collie – and yea – she’s a maniac when it snows. the best is watching her brush it all up to her nose and bury her whole face in it! this morning she was pretty mellow though. it was a totally quiet peaceful walk and she occasionally romped.

  • Lynne

    What a sweet puppy! Does she like the snow? If I ever need to be reminded of what pure joy looks like, all I need to do is watch my girls (a border collie rescue and a golden retriever) play and roll around in freshly fallen snow. It’s the best!

  • Laura

    WOW…what a blessing! Thanks for sharing. We didn’t get any snow in eastern NC.

  • Anna

    Ima looks cold….love the surroundings, it’s just so peaceful and clean looking.

  • Sue

    Love this scene and LOVE her eyes!! Awww!

  • Elaine

    Very pretty! I also love the sky in the background!

    Looks like you both were having lots of snow fun!

    Oh…Did you make a ‘snowdog?!’ πŸ˜‰

  • BarbV

    I see you love the snow as much as I do! Our yard looks the same. The woods are beautiful in the snow and the Swannanoa River couldn’t be much prettier. My dog Jack and I had such a fun walk this morning.

  • Andi

    Our neighborhood looked like that a month ago. When the power and water came back on it was even prettier πŸ˜‰

  • iHanna

    Beautiful back yard you’ve got. I love snow and I feel lucky that I’ve woken up to many mornings like that… πŸ™‚ Take care Christine!