My Dog is Not Allowed on the Furniture... - Christine Kane
  • Christine Kane

    karen – that may be the CUTEST dog EVER! (just don’t tell my dog i said that.)

  • Karen

    Very cute! When I brought my dog home, my only rules were: “This dog is not allowed on my bed or my white couch.” Naturally, you can imagine where her favorite places are. 😉

  • kelleyfurniture

    Hmmm, bad Christine..but your dog is sooo cute, you should permit them on your furniture..Joking man.

    Best Of Luck,

  • Heidi & Justin


    Reminds us of Justin’s parent’s dog, Tessa. She is an amazing Brittany Spaniel. Beautiful, elegant…and VERY focused on birds and bunnies!

    Any chance you will be taking your dog on tour? 😉

    ~ Heidi & Justin

  • Petra

    I like your chair!

  • Christine Kane

    Thanks Danny! Great little tales of animals taking over the house… (have you listened to my song “4 Legs Good. 2 Legs Bad.” ??

    hi mindi – yes, coming home from trips is always an interesting experience — let’s see what they did this time!

  • Mindi

    I don’t have any pictures of mine, but my husband and I went away for a few days last week and when we came back, our perfectly made-up bed was completely dishevled and there was dog hair on both pillows.

  • Danny

    Pets are people too! For anyone who doesn’t believe it, I bet you couldn’t convince any pet I have ever had of that. I have had dogs on the couch, cats on the bookshelf (they make for fascinating reading!), and I once had a horse that would take a glass of iced tea away from you and drink it.

    Another fun one: we had a cockateil that absolutely LOVED the Donnie and Marie Show. HE would dance back and forth on his perch and sing, during the whole show, and sulk if you turned it off. This same bird would also fight you for a bite of fried chicken or pizza, and sing my baby brother to sleep. The silly bird thought he was one of us kids, and had no idea how small he was.

    One other thing I have is the feeling of me kicking my own butt (in a gentle and loving way, of course) because I don’t have pictures to prove it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Christine Kane

    There’s simply just WAY too much CUTE in these comments!

  • elaine1

    Bless her!! she’s a gorgeous gal!! I actually think that she looks like it’s HER chair…to me!!

    I’m currently on line on my laptop in the lounge and I have 3 big snoozing cats laid on the back of my sofas(Charlie, Maggie and Ashley)!!!

  • NancyCz

    looking at all the pics made me go back through mine — couldn’t resist putting up another adorable shot… I’m a braggin’ mama!

  • NancyCz

    ack — I love the shot of the two snoozing together on the couch!

    Mine hate the couch at our new place, their faces in this shot prove it. It’s probably very dangerous that their human is a labor advocate — I think I saw some posterboard and markers stored under the couch — I presume an all out strike will happen soon.

  • Chickiepam

    What adorable animals you all have. (But not as adorable as mine!) My dog isn’t allowed on the furniture without specific permission. And he follows that rule…while we are home!

  • Caren

    Neither is mine! Nor my cats. Nor any stuffed animals.

  • Christine Kane

    tammy – hugo is so sweet. what a face! (and he does look adorable stuffed into the chair!) my dog is a mix of a bunch of things – i think there’s border collie in there – cuz she likes to round up the cats and she runs in circles a lot.

    hey barb! your dogs are VERY spoiled.

  • barb b

    I can’t let my dogs see this. they each have their own couch. great pix. barb b

  • Tammy Lenski

    Oh, Christine, what a sweet face your dog has! What breed(s) is the dog?

    The photo reminded me of one I took of Hugo, also in the act of breaking the “no furniture” rule. It’s a poor quality photo, but I posted it for you to take a look. That’s a 110-pound Newfoundland mix who’s crammed his body into that chair…