My Top 10 Articles from 2016 - Christine Kane

2016 was a huge year for me and Team Uplevel.

  • We hosted nine (count ‘em!) events.  And this was the very first year we did them all in Uplevel stomping grounds…Asheville, NC.  This kept my team free from so much travel – and kept the focus of the events deeper. (Asheville is the best place I know for major breakthroughs. So I ditched all the conventional “event strategy” advice, and kept things at home in spite of dire warnings that our numbers would fall.)
  • I created a brand new program teaching how to host your own Vision Board Workshops. We did a pilot launch behind the scenes to check the interest levels – and they were great. Then we launched this thing to the general public. Turned out to be our biggest program to date.
  • I went to two lengthy silent retreats, plus one two week vacation – not checking in to the office once during any of these times. (Thank you, team.)
  • I completely tore apart the whole “three-year plan” model of running a business, and kept my team flexible by focusing only on 90-days at a time. This proved to be stressful at first, especially for the “budgeting types”  – but at our end of the year team meeting, everyone loved the creativity and freedom it generated amongst us all.
  • We got so much better at meetings and communication. I will teach a lot more on this in The Circle (my new mastermind program for company owners) – and also I’ll write some posts about it as well in 2017.
  • Several of the team moved into different roles. We also hired two amazing new people onto the team.

Anyway, here are my top 10 articles of 2016 in case you are looking for something to read today.

Much more great stuff to come in 2017.  Enjoy!

1 – What to Do When You Keep Sabotaging Yourself 

2 –  The Complete Guide to Hiring a Personal Assistant  

3 –  6 Stress-Busting Travel Items I Never Leave Home Without

4 – The #1 Warning Sign It’s Time to Fire an Employee

5 – The Psychology of Selling When You Are the Product  

6 –  How to Protect Your Energy When You’re In the Spotlight

7 –  The $11,127.23 Wake Up Call: Starter Facts about Incorporating your Biz

8 – 6 Kinds of Clients that Aren’t Worth the Money

9 –  The Surprising Answer to “Should I Brand My Business?”

10 –  What to Do With Toxic Thoughts (and Vacation Crashers)

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