November 2015 Gold Mastermind Retreat - Christine Kane

At my Uplevel Academy Gold Mastermind retreat in November of 2015, one of the start up entrepreneurs stood up in front of the group and shared this:

“Four months ago I was telling people that I don’t have a business because I didn’t have a website, a list, or any sales. I’m proud to announce that I can no longer say any of that! I’ve got all of those things now!”

The room of entrepreneurs (many of whom have been in her shoes) roared in excitement for her. That’s how they roll. She felt pretty damn good at that moment.

This is why we had a full house of business owners who travel to Asheville from all over the world. (We had people from England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Canada – even Guam! – as well as from all over the U.S.)

I won’t lie. It was an intense two days for these folks. I put them through A LOT of training and deep self-assessment. (People are still posting about my “The Obstacle is the Path” training on the Facebook group! I think the process I took them through got a little hairy for some. :))

But here’s the great part: When you leave this retreat, you go home with a whole new awareness of the belief patterns that have held you back (as well as new practices for breaking through), plus a personalized business-building game plan…complete with your next best action steps.

That’s why our business owners keep coming back, even if it means traveling many miles. This isn’t about magic pills. This is about being a leader and creating strategies based in soul.

I love these people.

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