On Not Being Your Cat - Christine Kane

Has your cat ever disappeared?

You know how it works. He goes missing for three, four, even five days – and you’re out posting signs everywhere, combing the neighborhood, up all night worried to death.

And then, one day, there he is. Sitting on the deck. Looking in at you. As if to say, “Well, don’t just stand there. Let me in!”

And in he comes. You kiss him all over. He endures your affection for a bit. And then he wanders into the bedroom, jumps up on the bed and goes to sleep. Not once does he explain where he was all this time.

So, this blog post is just my way of not being your cat.

I haven’t written a blog in just over a month. That’s the LONGEST I haven’t blogged since I began this blog five years ago. I haven’t gone anywhere in particular. But I did have a huge event here in Asheville. And I’ve hired an Operations Manager for my business, which is my first full-time on-site employee!  We’re getting an actual office. And many huge exciting transformations are going on in my life and work.  I am breathing deeply through it all.

But that’s not why I didn’t write.

I didn’t write because I was following my intuition. And so much has been changing and upleveling in my own life, that I knew it was a time to just be still and quiet. So, that’s what I did. Because one of the biggest hugest lessons I’ve gotten this year is that when I don’t listen to my intuition – everything goes wrong.

So, I have a new blog post. I will post it on Thursday. But I wanted first to re-introduce myself before I just showed up on your deck asking to be let in.

Hi, I’m Christine Kane. Thanks for coming back. Let’s begin again…

  • Kathy Troidle Jackson

    Welcome back! I missed those nuggets of wisdom and the wonderful comments from all of your amazing readers. Hi everybody!

  • Rachelle

    Thank you for being such an amazing mentor to me. Watching you grow, transform and do even more amazing work year after year both inspires me and scares the s**t out of me! Did I really just sign up for this journey?? What did you do to me 😉 Knowing that you’re deep breathing and I’m deep breathing means I’ll just be doing more of this in the future! Whew. I know the rewards are amazing and to really BE-come all that you truly are…..
    Thank you and I might just freak out now too!
    Love – Rachelle

  • Christine Kane

    Oh my goodness! So many comments! Thank you all so much for the kindness and love! I’m all teary now! Can’t wait to post the next blog!

  • Victoria Brock

    Glad you’re back Christine!

  • Frieda

    I am glad you’re back!
    many greetings, Frieda

  • Suzanne

    So glad you’re back Christine. I sneak over to your “deck” every day to see what words of inspiration you’ve left on the doorstep to share with me. Thank you for reminding us that it is okay to rest in the quiet at times, to recharge and assimilate what we have just learned.

    Sometimes I forget to breathe when I look at everything waiting on my own “deck”. Your post gave me permission to be introspective for a short time. This is the time of year to harvest, and store away the treasures we’ve planted and nourished through the year. This brief rest is our time to dream anew, planting seeds for our next year’s journey.

    Thank you, Christine for an amazing, inspirational and content-rich Uplevel Your Business experience. You are an angel of support and inspiration.


  • ML

    Welcome back!
    I’ve been thinking a lot about the word-of-the-year-posts of last year (and started re-reading them) – and I am pondering options for my word of the year for 2011

  • Sam

    Welcome back, Christine! I’ve been following my intuition and spending less time at the computer, so since I get your e-zines I knew you were still around! I’ve actually been thinking about your word of the year posts last year at this time and am already trying to find just the perfect one for next year!

  • Biz

    Ok, that was really cute – I love it, what a great analogy, one that we all understand.

    Meeting you at the retreat was a outstanding experience, and I came back home pumped and excited, but like you, many changes whirling in my head/life. So I have spent the last two weeks really slowing down, being still and listening to those inner voices about what was next.

    Ever feel like you are on the verge of something huge – not a cliff where you will fall off into never never land, but a point of clarity … you know it’s there, you can feel it, the direction you are to go next, it’s just within your grasp … it’s like you are about to break through something so gigantic, that everything the Universe has been trying to tell you for years … you are just about to understand it?

    I am there.

    Thank you Christine, for helping me get here.

    • Christine Kane

      Biz – you don’t have to fall though! When you feel like that it’s about taking very conscious forward steps while visioning the outcome as you go. You’ll do this. I know it!

      • Biz

        Oh no! This was a GOOD thing! It was so existential I didn’t even know how to describe it – but I came up with the word today, it’s like “enlightenment” – told you it was existential! I am taking those steps, visioning the outcome daily, and will get there for sure!

  • Anna

    Yay! You’re back! Is it psycho that I started looking EVERY single day to see if there was something new???

  • Lynne Cutler

    Love this, Christine! haha
    Come on in! 🙂

  • patijo

    Hi Christine,

    I, too, wondered what had happened to you. But, I had dropped out myself, so I’m glad you’re back, and I’m looking forward to your Thursday post. I love that you love your animals.



  • Becky Hunter

    How lovely to see that you’re back Christine! But also what a lovely metaphor to use to reintroduce yourself. Your taking care of yourself is a reminder that I must do the same. Best of wishes! Becky xo

  • Leonie

    So glad you’re back! I still saw you make the birdies Twitter in the Internet shrubs occasionally, so I wasn’t too worried as I knew you were around and OK, but I’m still so happy to see that you’re back. I can’t wait for Thursday’s post! 🙂 Good on you for taking care of yourself. Now that you mention it, a massage does sound divine!

  • Patricia

    So glad all is well. Good for you for taking care of yourself, and welcome back!

  • Noreen Campbell

    Well, I needed that! My elderly golden retriever went missing last night and I’ve posted 160 flyers in the neighborhood and called all around. I am sure he will show up. Glad you did too and wishing you all the best with your new and improved business. Cheers! 🙂

  • Elaine Bailey

    Purfect! Welcome back! 🙂 Ashley smiled as I read this one out to him!

  • juliana

    Good to see you again Christine!

    I recently quit a project halfway through because my body and mind were begging for rest. Thanks for giving me a smile and helping me let go of the guilt.

    Welcome back!

  • Disha

    Hiiii Christine..

    This is my first ever comment.. 🙂 (I am thrilled) I am from India.. I would say I found you when I need you the most.. Started reading your blogs like 6 months back..I have still so many blogs of yours to read..It is like a whole new world for me.. Your writting has always been comforting..

    Lots love & Light..:)

  • Stacey

    Whew! I thought my Google Reader feed was acting up 😉
    I’ve definately missed your presence here but one couldn’t help but be confident that you would return and that in your absence you were likely CREATING something. Had to be. There you go again modelling what you teach.

    You are an absolute inspiration! I am so blessed to have connected with you. I’ve finally made it through all of the Uplevel Your Business materials and so the timimg of your return here is perfect, imagine that? I look forward to your insight, humour, thought and heart provoking delivery of truths that challenge us all to awaken… or at least be more aware of ourselves.

    You sent us all out after Uplevel LIVE with quite the little lists of tasks … I’m already beat. Startup is way heavy in content creation, not to mention brand. Trying to write daily … excuse me, I am writing daily to get some blog fodder together for launching. Can’t return in January without something to talk about 😉 Grateful for your direction.

  • Leela

    Hey, Christine! Welcome back! .quickly hides vacuum in back closet.

    It’s good to see you again. Your post has me thinking about checking in with people–when is it important to let people know where we are and what we’re doing, and when can we just let it ride, live our lives, and trust that they trust us to take care of ourselves?

    Thanks for the brainworm!

  • julie doane roberts

    i was just asking people about you because you had no posts for a while. i’m so glad to know you were flying below the radar in response to intuition and a need for quiet.

    quiet heals. calm stillness, the finest soil, beckons flowers!

    glad you are fine. i look forward to reading your words.
    ~ julie

  • Mary Miller

    Welcome Home Christine!!! When you follow your intuition, it can entice you to discover hidden paths to some wonderful places & sacred spaces. Glad you listened to your heart, and treated yourself to some stillness & quiet time. It is in our peaceful mind where we find our sweetest retreat, and discover a garden of beautiful possibilities that aren’t visable amidst the briars of a worry littered mind . Thank goodness you are home, I’ve been carrying around a can of open tuna with me at all times since you went missing – Just in case you were up in some tree watching birds (LOL that part might just be right on 🙂 ). I’m looking forward to a lovely litter of kittens, in the form of fresh new inspirations from your time away. I am so looking forward to Thursday!!!

  • Beth

    Your blog post is one of my homepages that I check every morning. It’s been good for me to see that title “How to get big things done in small windows of time” everyday for this past month. I’m starting to get it now! I read it several times – plus all the comments (I loved the one about the Hour of Power). That post lead me to “Momentum Mania,” which in turn led me to download Brooke Castillo’s book to my kindle, which is about – guess what – listening to the wisdom of your own body. Thanks for always being a living example of what you teach – and always at precisely the right time!

    p.s. I was a little worried you wouldn’t come back. I’ve got a lot more upleveling to do!

  • Jamie Burch

    Going by the title, I was imagining a totally different post. Too funny! Good luck with all the changes. Sounds very exciting!

    Looking forward to Thursday’s post….:)

  • momzen

    Welcome back. I enjoy your blog posts and Facebook missives. You bring a smile to my day. (Rachel)

  • Sue

    There you go teaching me again. 🙂

  • Wendi Kelly-Life’s Little Inspirations,Blue Sun Media

    Hi Christine!
    Since I knew exactly where you were between Asheville, Facebook, UplevelLive, Mastermind Gold, and the newsletter, I have to tell you, I didn’t notice you were missing! I must have been one of the neighbors feeding the cat! And, if so, it was a pleasure to do so! But, yes, it will be great to have one more place to find you, so welcome back here, where it all began and where your words of wisdom feed the world.

    What you do here, on this blog changes lives every day and I don’t think we ever have any idea how far and wide these words can reach. I know what they’ve done to change MY life. I look forward to many many new posts of wisdom.

  • pamela

    Hello Christine and welcome back;)
    I started following your blog after reading the post ‘How to get things done in small windows of time’. That was around a month ago, just after I started my own blog. Loved your style and added you to my list of ‘these friends are going to help you get more out of your life pamela’!
    Nice to know your pussycat journey brought you home safe;)
    pamela x

  • milinda

    little rock chic entrpreneur cats returning from intense retreats with their peeps! Latest topic ‘how to uplevel when your human is stuck in C.R.A.P .mode” : )

  • Carol

    Hurray for taking time out and following your *own* inner voice!

  • Scamp

    This is so funny–I checked the website yesterday and wondered!

    I’m starting round 4 of Uplevel Your Life this week. Every time there is something new. Love it!

  • Christie @ Honoring Health

    I just recently found your music through the opening song of How She Really Does It by scouring the webs for weeks trying to figure out who you were and more of your music. Well, once I found you, I couldn’t stop listening, I felt as if your cd, Wide Awake, was written just for me. So, I shared my new found love with a group of friends and when I did, one of them said they had had something they wanted to share with me but were afraid that they were being in my business instead of there own. It was a link to your upleveling video series and holy crap, divine intervention. We both knew it was the right time and I am so thankful for you.

    Who would have known that one little podcast I enjoy on my morning walks would have led me here but it did and I am so thankful. You are a true blessing, not only for your music but for opening yourself up and sharing yourself in way. It is inspiring and I’ll be around until you kick me out for being the crazy stalker girl 😀

    • Christine Kane

      That’s so great to read Christie! (Wide Awake might be my favorite CD of mine – very different from the others. So, I’m happy it speaks to you!)

      And you sound like you’d be an awesome crazy stalker girl to have – so WELCOME! 🙂

  • Allison J

    Hi Christine – nice to hear from you again – it warms my heart.

    • Christine Kane

      Thanks Allison! And you have warmed mine! 🙂 I appreciate it.

  • v

    Welcome Back Christine!!! And as above, thank YOU for coming back, Congratulations on the further uplevelling!!! xxxxx

  • kathleen

    Hi Christine, nice to have you back! Was just thinking to myself today that you hadn’t posted for a while..! Looking forward to Thursday’s post 🙂 xox

  • Veronika

    Phew, you’re back, I can take those posters down now and stop asking my neighbors if they’ve seen you around 😀

  • Patti

    Great to have you back. Congrgats on all the changes! Consider yourself scratched behind the ear! 🙂

    • Christine Kane

      Patti – ooo, that reminds me. I’m due for a long massage! 🙂

  • Iris

    Kinda loved this post. Even when you’re just saying hello, you’re giving us advice. Last year, I made a vision board and chose my word of the year (commit) after reading your blog, and this year, I am excited to say, I am happier than I can remember being in years, almost everything on my vision board has come to pass (even those things I didn’t know I wanted; just liked the pictures) and I have rediscovered my commitment to myself and my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And welcome back.

    • Christine Kane

      Iris – LOVE reading this! Very exciting!

      btw – I haven’t yet “committed” to doing the “word of the year” guest posts for December – but I might run a few if you want to share about your experience with the word “commit,” i’d love to see it! whatdya think?

      • Iris

        Definitely… Have to make it through finals first, but I can write up a post if you’re interested. Is there a date you need it by?

  • Julie G

    I just found your blog today..I am so excited to start using some of your advice to start living the life I want and say goodbye to my old self.
    I believe that every thing happens for a reason so finding your blog has been a true blessing
    Thank you for your inspiring words

  • Leslie

    Hey Christine!
    Yes, I’ve missed you too! Glad to hear you’re following your intuition! But yes, I’ve missed hearing from you. Where have you been? [she says to the cat who just waltzed by without a word…!] See you Thursday. Looking forward to it.

    • Christine Kane

      Thanks Leslie! (I’ve been getting fed by a very nice neighbor? — that seems to be what happens to many cats!)

  • Lance

    Hi Christine!
    I’m Lance…it’s great to meet you!!!

    Oh that’s right…I’ve been around here before (and I still remember you, too…good memory huh!!)

    Good for you – listening to your intuition…that’s a pretty great built-in barometer that we have, isn’t it.

    • Christine Kane

      Thanks Lance – (i think you’re one of my oldest blog buddies!) good to meet you again! 🙂

      • Lance

        …is my grey hair showing!?!?!?!?

        Wait! You meant how long I’ve been around here in this space. Right! Right???


  • Anne Kelly

    Good. For. You.
    I’ve started listening to mine, too. More naps… less migraines. Crazy.
    I love the metaphor though! Welcome back!

    • Christine Kane

      Anne – It’s amazing how such a subtle shift in paying attention to your wisdom can bring those huge results! Congrats to you. let’s make a pact to honor our intuition from now until forever!

  • Pam

    Hi Christine, Thanks to YOU for coming back – I’ve missed you. If it wasn’t for your Wednsday “Live Creative” article I would have been worried about you but it was kinda like a cat leaving a dead mouse on the back step – we knew you were still around. See you Thursday.

    • Christine Kane

      This made me laugh out loud this morning! (My articles as dead critters!)

      Thanks Pam!

      • Pam

        To the cat it is a treasure!