Outsource Your Worry - Here's How - Christine Kane

Several weeks ago, I was experiencing lots of old conditioned thoughts churning around in my head. Triggers and emotions and doubts were coming up. A friend of mine told me that she would be praying for me – “holding watch.” She said, “Now, any time those negative thoughts come up, I want you to remember that I’ve got it. Remember that I’m working on it for you.” I laughed and said, “I’m outsourcing my worries, huh?”

I was. And it worked!

So, here’s an opportunity for you – if you’re going through stuff or if you just want someone to hold intent for you for a Great Big Dream that you have for yourself…

This coming weekend is the next Great Big Dreams Retreat. A group of 25 women will be gathering in the beautiful autumn mountain world of Asheville, NC. At every retreat I facilitate, there is an altar. There’s no denomination or rigidity or woo-woo stuff about the altar. It’s just a practical space for all our intentions. The retreaters can put anything on the altar – pinecones, poetry, or prayers. Whatever.

On the altar, I also put a Prayer List. On this list are the intents of anyone who has written to me – either through email or comments – to state some intention of healing or expansion or release for themselves or someone they know. Since I started doing this, I’ve gotten emails and letters from people all over the world telling me that it was a shifting point for them – that they sensed the power of our circle.

So – here’s your chance to outsource your worries and intents. Leave a comment below. Or send me an email. (christine@christinekane.com) On Friday morning, I will print out the lists, and take them with me to the retreat. You don’t have to give your real name. Nor will I publicize any of this. You will be included in the circle of our retreat, and your intentions will be a part of all the rituals of our weekend. (If you want to read more about Prayer Lists, click here.)

p.s. One space has just opened up in this retreat. If you are a last-minute kind of person and you want to come to Asheville for a gorgeous fall weekend, please send me an email. I’ll fill you in on the details.

p.p.s. If you’re a new reader and you just want some more information, click here to read about the retreats.

  • H

    My prayer is that my husband get’s a job that he deserves in a place where we can all stay together as a family. He gets a job that utilizes his skill and expertise. He is happy at the job and makes a career there. I want him to get it soon too so that we can settle down and have a regular routine. I want things to be easy for him from now. There should be no emotional and mental struggle. Thanks God for making my wishes come through.

  • Christine Kane

    Thank you to everyone. I’ll print this out now and take it with me along with the emails I received. Thanks so much for your prayers in return. They make a huge difference!

  • Michele

    I am trying to shift my business into new territory and am worried that I can’t make it happen. Please put me down for allowing the opportunities and for greater clarity about next steps to take me there. Also trust–mostly in myself, but also in the universe and the good will of others. Thank you so much.

  • pam

    Please put me down for time and willpower.
    Thanks, Pam

  • Poppy

    Hi Christine

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    I have set myself a target of earning £10,000 a month in a way I passionately enjoy. This will involve me allowing it in, opening my hear fully, 150% embracing abundance and lots of positive spiritual and personal growth to get there. I ask for the wisdom, kindness and love to both recah this target and share the abundance for the highest good of all.

    Peace, love and blessings

    x x x

  • Charity

    I am waiting to hear on a new job opportunity by the end of the month. It would be more fulfilling work, but also take a lot more time and give me less time for my side artistic pursuits, and no more real financial security than what I have in my current position.

    However, my current position tends to pull me down energy-wise and is very unfulfilling.

    I need prayers to be guided toward the right choice in my career path to the one where I will be the most happy and most able to achieve my dreams.

  • Meg

    My intent is to appreciate, embrace and experience joy in the *now*.

    Joy & blessings to all who are attending the retreat! Enjoy!

  • Megan

    Christine and retreaters,

    I would like your prayers directed towards my new intent, which is to be financially stable. Time to set segment intentions, huh?

    Have a wonderful time. You will be in my prayers as well.

  • Joy Gardner

    My intent is for healing for my cat who is very ill, (EAT little baby, EAT!) and for a healthy loving detachment from a financial raping we’ve taken that was never made right.

  • Mardougrrl

    Please add me to your list. My intent is to meet some close soul-mate friends, find the joy in my marriage again, and feel some forward motion with my writing. Also, please pray for my 2 year old daughter, that she gets the speech and behavioral help she needs.

    I just want to feel like the universe is on my side.

    Thank you!

  • Katherine

    peace – personal and for all

    Thank you so much!

  • midwestern one

    Can I ever forgive and move on? So hard, I am so tired of focusing on this intention. I feel consumed and fear that it will not ever happen. Thank you.

  • Kristina

    Thank you for this!

    I intend to live with an open heart, and to find new friends to help fill the void left when my best friend passed away.

    I intend to succeed in my freelance business and to find financial stability in creative, fulfilling work.

  • Mimi

    clarity, courage, confidence, focus, direction, persistence, perseverance, unwavering commitment, and for these 2 great desires to come to me quickly and easily: a fabulous new job that I actually love and and to fall in love again with the most extraordinarily perfect man for me at this time in my life! thank you….and so it shall be!

  • fivecats

    clarity, peace and release of worry.

    many thanks — good to have you back!

  • ChickiePam

    Hi Christine,
    My Momma always said to never pass up an opportunity….

    So count me in for allowing. Allowing love, allowing easy smooth growth, allowing gentle organization, allowing radiant health, allowing healthy habits, allowing peace, allowing joy, allowing contentment, allowing acceptance, allowing abundance in all areas of my life, allowing gratitude, allowing dancing, allowing wonderfulness to show up in my life.

    With much gratitude for you and yours,

  • Vicki

    My son, Zach has been suffering with chronic pain and anxiety for two years. Pray for healing for him and our beleaguered family.

  • Joh

    Thanks for your amazing blog and this beautiful opportunity. I hope you have a wonderful retreat.

  • Danny

    I am looking for fulfilling work, at the moment and praying for the best for all.

  • Djuro

    Thank you for doing this, Christine!

    I worry that I’m fooling myself and everybody with being self-employed. I worry that I’m “cheating” the painter in me with the designer in me, because she makes more money. (Oh, the gold digger in me!;). I worry I have to lose some relationships because I’m so different from before. I worry that I’m an emotional retard. I worry I haven’t grieved enough for my father and that’s why I have headaches. I worry that I’m working too much at the computer and that that’s why I have headaches. I worry that I’ll never be happy with my family again. I worry that something bad will always happen to one of them. I worry that if go to that hospital once again, someone will die there again. I worry that if go there to get my wisdom teeth out, something will go wrong.

    I intend to let go of my worries and awaken the fearless me! I intend to share joy, to give love and to inspire greatness in everyone I meet. I intend to continue walking my path of miracles and trust God with its destination.

    Love to all, here and in Asheville!

  • David

    One of my favorite sayings that I learned from a friend if mine is “Divert pain to the rightful owner.” I find that often the trouble I deal with has been pushed on me by someone else. Worse yet I got hooked, and took it. When I am really present to what’s going on, I can push that trouble back to the person who should really have it.

  • Deb

    My intent is to succeed in creating a write-at-home-business that pays “enough.” My worry is that time will be called before I make it.

    (That said; I do this with trepidation because after the last retreat prayer request I lost my job 3 weeks early. What will happen this time?)

  • Stephen

    Hi Christine–

    Thanks for the offer. Put me down for “clarity”! Have a terrific retreat! And Monika would like to do something in the wilderness which would serve the planet.

  • sheista

    thanks, Christine.
    I asked for prayers during your last retreat. After that weekend, I felt more “at ease” in my situation. I felt like I could just “wiggle in it.” If you could continue to pray for me and the release of my anxiety due to ptss, I would appreciate it.
    Best for a successful retreat.

  • Michelle

    Please add me to your prayer list knowing that I my intent is to be happy and content with what I have instead of struggling with how to get what I want all the time. I pray for financial stability and less debt.

  • Star

    Please include me on your list with “purpose” in mind. In return, I’ll be holding all of you in my thoughts as well.

    Thanks, Christine. 🙂

  • Joy

    please add my name & “knowing” to your prayer list.

    know that i am fully present/aware in each moment, allowing whatever shows up to be exactly as it is.


  • Katherine

    I am so glad you added what you worry might seem like a silly worry because it is my same prayer for myself!!!!
    I too have been sick with a bad cold and I have zero motivation. so, I was hoping to offer my personal intention to get better, lift the fog and feel a burst of renewal so I can live my life with even greater conviction than when I was healthy. reading Christine’s blog, an inspirational book and watching a few heart-moving movies while sick has been great but has made me see that I have been living my life sloppy and I can do so much better…if only I weren’t SICK!

  • Christi

    I intend to care for myself.
    I intend to heal.

    (I’m worrying because my husband is out of town, I’m caring for our two children, and I have a bad case of bronchitis and sinusitis that hasn’t abated after ten days of antibiotics. I feel overwhelmed and exhausted. And I’m also kind of worrying that this will seem like a silly worry, but there it is. Hoping to get back to the doctor today.)

  • K-L Masina | Be Conscious Now


    Awesome idea.

    Here’s my worry and intent for you.

    My intention is to relax and enjoy.

    That’s it.

    Have a wonderful retreat.

  • Alan!

    Nice. Reminds me of Tim Ferriss’ book _Four Hour Work Week_ where Esquire editor AJ Jacobs outsources his worry to an Indian Virtual Assistant:

    This was okay, but it didn’t seem quite enough. I decided I needed to outsource my worry. For the last few weeks I’ve been tearing my hair out because a business deal is taking far too long to close. I asked Honey if she would be interested in tearing her hair out in my stead. Just for a few minutes a day. She thought it was a wonderful idea. “I will worry about this every day,” she wrote. “Do not worry.”


  • Todd Schafer

    Send a prayer that we fill the vacancy in Cape Coral as soon as the current tenant leaves.

  • jodi

    I have no family, and I am so afraid I will be alone for the rest of my life. Otherwise, everything is going great. 🙂 Holding watch — what a wonderful service. Thank you.