When Should You Pitch to a Newbie on Your List? - Christine Kane

How can you build a RELATIONSHIP with the peeps on your list… and not feel sleazy SELLING to them? This is huge area of concern for all  entrepreneurs who want to honor their peeps. As well it should be.

Here’s the thing– you’ve got to think like a marketer. No, this doesn’t mean you need to be manipulative.

It simply means you need to be strategic.

In today’s episode of Instant Uplevel, learn when you should pitch to a newbie on your list.

If you’ve been growing your list for five years, you’re going to have new people on there, and some who have been with you from the start. So, it wouldn’t make much sense for the newbies to just immediately buy whatever it is you’re offering to your faithful, longstanding audience.

Separating the newbies out into their own email sequence is a great strategy.

Nneka asks:

Would you say, as a rule, to write to your list for 3-6 months before offering any services? Or is this just for programs? Also, should we exclude new people on the list when sending solo emails for promotion?”

Here are three things to remember when you’re thinking about pitching to a newbie on your list:

1. What is your relationship with your list?

True, there is money is having your list in the first place.

But maybe that’s the wrong way to look at it.

The key is in having a relationship with your list – this is your priority as a marketer.

In other words, spend a certain amount of time giving the peeps on your list something of value before you even think about selling to them.

Now, that amount of time is entirely up to you, but really depends on WHO’s on your list. Personally, I think you need to spend some time building a relationship before they can appreciate what you have to offer.

How do you know when? Try paying attention to the feedback you’re getting. Take an interest in what they’re doing— are they clicking through? What are they liking or not liking? Then you can decide when and what to offer them.

2. There are no hard and fast rules to marketing to your peeps!

Again, there is no definitive time frame here!

This is about YOUR LIST, who’s on that list, and who you are as a leader.  Don’t forget, this is your tribe, and YOU are the tribe leader.

So again, pay attention to your tribe! Look at your metrics.

3. Think about creating a different email sequence to cater to new people on your list.

Consider setting things up so newbies on your list don’t get the latest emails you’re sending out for your brand new launch.

So what do they get?

Bring them into your world and help them get value from it. Let them really experience you before they commit to signing up for one of your products or services. And if you don’t already have this, it may well be time to create a lower-priced product for the new people on your list.

And have fun – you’re world and your vision is amazingly unique, after all.

What’s worked or not worked for you when pitching to your peeps? Leave your question or comment below!

  • Michelle Belanger

    I would love to be able to separate my email list into several different kinds of categories to send specific emails. I’d also love to be able to have a way of auto forwarding my most recent newsletter to new sign-ups. I’m wondering which email service you all are using, and if your web master can offer me any advice about which email services offer the option of being able to tag addresses and use those tags to dived them into different groups. The one I am using now is through Reverb Nation. I can put tags on addresses only if I enter them (the new addresses) by hand myself. It won’t let me go back and add tags later. Plus, they are constantly revamping everything, which does not always work out well for me.

  • Genevieve Muwana

    Hi Christine.

    Thank you for the great info and tips on this video.
    I was thinking the same as Jill. How do we separate newbies from the rest of the list? I currently use Aweber. I will look into it and see if it allows it.
    Thank you very much.

  • Jill Lewis

    Thanks Christine – as always! I will be launching a website soon and am committed to providing free, value-added content to start and build on the relationship with people who sign up for my e-zine. What software do you use to manage your list so you are able to separate out newbies or any other group of people?

  • Teri Beckman

    Christine – As always, love your very strategic answer. I do alot of off line marketing and this is a huge reminder not to take my precious on line list for granted!! Thank you.

  • Erica

    Thanks again Christine! I really like this idea and it helps give me confidence – for the future and to look at my list differently. I think it will help me get more creative and strategic for my next launch.

  • mary beth

    Christine, great video and very timely. Really helps me to understand why I may not be getting the response I was hoping for from my list. I have been blogging and sending my ezine for 3 months while sending solo mailers. I am going to be way more strategic now!