When Boundaries Get Broken (Part 2) - Christine Kane

In part one of this series, I shared 3 key questions to ask when you’re having a boundary issue, and I gave you action steps to help you clear your emotions and operate from a place of integrity when addressing a colleague, client or contractor who seems to have crossed a boundary.

Of course, just knowing those steps doesn’t guarantee your conversations about boundaries will be easy, but putting them into practice makes it easier to trust yourself when you share your clarity with others. And as with all things in a Soul-SourcedTM business, the place to turn for that clarity is within.

This week, we’re doing some self-reflection to find where you stopped being clear, when you settled for less than you needed or deserved, and what you tolerated when you didn’t want to.

I’ll guide you through the patterns behind all those times you said “yes” when you meant “no”, and we’ll take a look at when you’ve trained people around you to not honor your clarity.

Spoiler: it all comes back to your ability to clearly express your needs. So I’m also digging into the five core beliefs we all have that make us avoid being clear and seemingly force us to break our own boundaries.

Note: If you missed part 1 of the series, I’d suggest you check it out first because it’s a good introduction to what we cover in this episode. But, you know, if you only downloaded this one and aren’t currently on wifi, that’s cool … just give part 1 a listen when you get a chance.