Confusing the “feels” with the facts - Christine Kane

In this episode, I’m speaking to two different ways we secretly sensitive entrepreneurs make bad choices when we react to non-data or false data about our business. We’ll take a direct look at the ways we sabotage ourselves when we’re rash and impulsive, and I’ll offer suggestions for how you can (and why you should) stop using “the feels” as “the facts.”

For the first time on the show, I’m going to put you in the role of the coach so you can spot the little messy language mishaps that can turn into big huge messy business mishaps. 

You’ll learn how to catch yourself using a common communication technique. It’s a socially-accepted technique that powerless and fearful people use to manipulate conversations. But sadly, some of us have learned to use it in our own internal conversations.  

To remedy this conditioned mental pattern, I’ll give you a list of questions to ask yourself that will help you stop the pattern in its tracks and take your power back.  The goal is to help you recondition the old, ineffective ways you’ve used to derail yourself in the past, help you see the huge impact your language has on your ability to navigate decisions, and give you clarity to make better choices in the future.