The Energy Of Completion - Christine Kane

Today you’re going to meet a client of mine who believed setting big intentions would manifest the motivation she needed to make them happen. Spoiler: it didn’t. She called this a “procrastination problem” but it was actually something much more sneaky.

Big aspirations aren’t the driving factor for us from day to day. Surprisingly, it’s more about the progress we make towards a big goal. There’s more to the energy of completion than simply marking a task off your to-do list.

To demonstrate how this works, I’m sharing my 3-step method to making progress with large goals and managing expectations for yourself – because we’re not robots here, there’s something more that drives us.

You’ll hear how I trained my brain to embrace the process of songwriting, and the game-changing trick I teach all my clients that finally gets the pesky lizard brain to focus on one thing at a time.

You may be surprised how this simple approach dramatically improves your energy level as a business owner so you feel good every step of the way towards that big achievement!