A Morning Ritual to Realign - Christine Kane

Today’s episode is brought to you courtesy of a recent New York Times article that gave the American people yet another lame diagnosis…that we are all “languishing.” (The article went viral. Americans eat this stuff up.) 

Later that week, I got a message from a client telling me that she read the article and thought she, too, might be “languishing.” Then she asked if she thought it was a good idea to hire one of those high-performance coaches to kick her ass back into shape.

Hold. The. Phone.

Is that the answer we need right now? Do you really need judgment and military-grade bootcamps? 

Nope. Nada. Nix. 

Today I have a reframe to offer you. Thinking space and reflection. A natural way of being (shocker!). Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek into two lessons directly from a brand-spankin’ new Uplevel Café mini-coaching series called “The Soul-Sourced Mindset Intensive.”

Together we will boldly flip it around. To embody the service, progress, and beauty of your business – rather than the “never enoughs.” To see the life force of your business – and access the undeniable truth of what your work is all about. 

And my friend…you are NOT languishing. A Soul-Sourced business owner simply does not buy into this messaging. Instead, it’s about going within, accessing those deeper wells and seeing your energy for what it is, and then renewing and restoring. Give it a listen.

Episode Transcript

What I believe that we’re being called to do is explore different ways about ourselves. Explore different ways that we work, really accept certain things about out ourselves.

Welcome to the Soul-Sourced™ Podcast, unconventional business advice for the highly creative secretly sensitive and wildly ambitious entrepreneur. I’m your host. Christine Kane. Let’s do this.

Okay. It’s episode number 45 here at the Soul-Sourced™ Business Podcast, and I’m going to change things up today, and I’ll tell you why I’m doing that. A lot of you have been asking when Uplevel Cafe is going to be opened up, and we have a waiting list, and if you want to get on it, you can go to Uplevelcafe.com. You’ll be the first to know when we open the doors again. I stopped inviting people to join Uplevel Cafe, that is our community that we have here at Uplevel. I stopped last year, right before the pandemic, and we’ve been using the time that we’ve had, and we haven’t had a ton of time because I published a book and I also went into, uh, something I call extreme client care during the pandemic, because so many of our clients were, were affected by all the things that COVID brought to our lives. And then we started to rebuild and really review Uplevel Cafe and all the elements and components of it. And some point I’m going to talk about memberships and communities like this and all the lessons I’ve gotten from that.

But some people are wondering why, why isn’t this open yet? And part of it is that one of the the elements that I have included in it, is something I’m calling the Soul-Sourced™ mindset intensive. Now, those of you who have done my Uplevel Your Life program, or becoming 360 program, you’re familiar with the format that I love to do, which is a daily coaching lesson. And I’ve taken, I didn’t just repurpose stuff or anything like that, I’ve actually taken everything that I know now and everything about mindset and all the work from Soul-Sourced™ Entrepreneur, and I’ve created something called this mindset intensive. And what we’re doing here for Uplevel Cafe, is we have a little member perks section and the longer you’re in the more perks you get. And so after the first 21 days of being in Uplevel Cafe, everyone, every member of the community will have the option of starting this mindset intensive. And partly, that’s because what I have found is that when someone just begins in, in the strategy of their business and starts collecting the tactics and the email copy tips and all the other things that we have in our strategy trainings, we have a segment called strategy track in Uplevel Cafe. When they do that without having a really strong, solid foundation, I find it doesn’t go as well for them, because even though most of us associate business as being just all about strategy, what I’ve discovered is that it’s a lot more about the Soul Track, what I call the Soul Track, meaning that no matter what your strategy is, that mindset, that, that soft stuff that’s driving you, the patterns that drive you, the negative stuff, the fears, whatever, if those things have not been faced and met and worked with, then all the strategy in the world, isn’t going to help when you’re doing that thing, we call Upleveling.

And so what I wanted to do today was share a piece of that mindset intensive with you. And I’ll tell you why I’m doing that. And by the way, if you’re hearing an odd noise in the background, I will tell you what it is. I got a large box from Amazon yesterday, and it had all those little puffy plastic things in it. And it’s a long, big string of them. And Pearl and Finnegan are downstairs in the box, out of the box, in the box, out of the box. And they’re playing with the plastic puffy things and running them all over the room, jumping back in the box. And I am making this podcast anyway. And I’m hoping you can’t hear it, but you probably can, because they’re making kind of a ruckus, but what’s a Soul-Sourced™ Business Podcast episode without Finnegan or Pearl or birds Or Zoe or whatever. That’s the joy of working from home.

So speaking of which, this podcast was inspired by a question I got from somebody who has been a client of mine and continues our, you know, we continue our relationship because I get to know my clients pretty well. And this person wrote to me and actually voice messaged me and said, have you seen the article in the New York times that got so popular? And it’s all about languishing. And I had, I had heard about it. I have had many people report to me about it and say, this is it. We’re all languishing. And then this friend of mine, this client of mine said, you know, that’s really describing where I’m at. I really think that’s where I’m at. And I’m wondering what you think of doing, like getting and hiring a high performance coach. Cause I want to get a high performance coach right now. I want to be a high performer. I want to get back into being a high performer.

Now, all well and good, but here’s, here’s a few thoughts I had on that. The first thing is that the problem have when the New York times or any major newspaper puts out an article like this, what tends to happen is as a culture, we take that label. We take that thing and we make it our thing. Now we claim it like, oh, thank God, now I know what’s wrong with me. I am languishing. And we all, you know, we get in our little clubs and groups and we talk about how each of us is languishing, and it’s not the content of the article or the, the perspective of the writer, ’cause that writer, that psychologist had a lot of great arguments for why he saw what he was seeing and that’s all well and good, but then we take it and we can’t get enough of our labels. And we like to label ourselves and our mind likes to label things. And now we have a new label and we are so excited to have a label that we can now call ourselves. And I don’t love that. I just, I think it’s really worth looking at that habit of taking on someone else’s diagnosis of you, who doesn’t really even know you. And so that’s my first thing.

,And then the second thing is that this idea of now I’m going to hire a high performance coach and I’m going to get back into high-performance again, I have no problems with high performance and productivity and all these things that we do and try to eek out of ourselves as entrepreneurs, as creatives, whatever it might be. But in general, what I tend to see when somebody approaches me with something like this is that now that they’ve given themselves the diagnosis of, um, languishing, what they tend to do is step right. You know, pull the mind right into the minds activities, we’ve got a label now, and now I’m going to fix this thing, and I’m going to get out my big wood paddle and I’m going to beat the living out of myself. And I’m going to be a high performer, damn it!

And this is where I see the challenges is like, okay, do we need you to become a high performer? Is that the answer that you need right now? And here’s my, a few of my challenges with the high performance stuff. It’s great, and I love to achieve as much as the next guy. I love a good productive day, as much as the next guy, but high performance, you got to consider the word, the second word there. And that is, you’re performing. It’s a performance. It’s a thing that you’re going to step into, you’re going to put on like the mask and you’re going to get on your power suit and you’re going to, by God perform.

And part of what I’m seeing with people and especially the ones I’m working with closely in CK On Call, is that idea that we’ve been “languishing,” could actually be reframed and it could really more be placed under the category of we’ve been given space and now we’re reviewing and we’re reflecting. And more, most of the people I’m working with now are seeing it as a way to enter a more natural way of being. And I get that. We all get triggered by wanting to get back into high-performance and back to whatever that is. But I want you to consider that maybe your work day and your work life are not about performing at all. What if this is calling you to a more natural way of working a more natural way of running your business in a way that’s more aligned with who you are to your core, as opposed to this concept of high performance. And like I said, I’m not against high performance or elite performance and all that stuff. I was a performer. I have been on stage. And I will tell you though, that my very best nights, my highest performance nights were always when I accepted who was backstage waiting to go on stage. And I didn’t try to hype myself up. If I was a little quieter, I’d start with a quieter song. If I was a little more nervous, I would just breathe and walk out on stage and accept the nervousness. And that’s where my best quote unquote performances came from.

And so with that said, what I believe that we’re being called to do is explore different ways about ourselves, explore different ways that we work, really accept certain things about ourselves. Those of you who have coached with me for a long period of time, you know, that I use the Enneagram with my clients. I also use the Colby A index that Kathy Colby created in the eighties. And it really tests your, what I’m going to call your work style.

It’s deeper than that. It’s your natural instinctual style. But those two things kind of combined with how I work with people to create a business that’s more based in authenticity, as opposed to, I’m gonna make you a high performer, no matter what. And you’re going to have to sustain that and you’re never going to have any down periods and you’re never going to shift and you’ve just gotta be really hyped up. And you’ve gotta be a certain way. Those prescriptive formulas that are often contained in the high-performance world do not work. And you will find that the very best high performance coaches are those who work with clients and really see that client.

In the back of the Soul-Sourced™ Entrepreneur, which is my book, in the very final section is called, um, embracing your funk or something like that. And in that section, I’m quoting Josh Waitzkin who, when he was on Tim Ferris’s podcast, introduced an idea called embracing your funk. When he talked about working with “high performers,” and part of what he described with that is that all of the aspects of each and every one of us, whether it’s our stuff, something we see negative, or the fact that we’re secretly sensitive, or the fact that we’re really high power and out there, all of those things are a part of our funk quote, unquote, because even things that we might see as negative can actually contribute to the authenticity of how we perform and how we show up in our business each day. And I’m more interested in that way of each of us being than I am in saying, get yourself back out there, work your ass off, become a high performer and jump up and down and, and make shit happen. Because if you are not wired that way, if you need pauses and breaks and spaces, then that is not going to serve you in the end.

And so with all of that said, one of the lessons that is in the mindset intensive, that I’m including in Uplevel Cafe, like I said, it’s a six week thing, I’m not blowing anything here, but it’s a daily coaching lesson that I’m sending out each day after somebody’s been in Uplevel Cafe for 20 days, it starts on day 21. But I talk about the energy you bring to your business. And this is something that last year during the pandemic, I had opened up a program called the Resilience Coaching Club, and we all met once a week and I coached people on the spot. And this is an idea that I brought to that group. And they lit up at this little lesson. I didn’t read this to them, It was just something I was coaching them on, but they loved this idea and it created a very strong foundation for the thing that they really could navigate, which was the energy that they brought each day to their business, even in the most terrifying times, even some of them who have event based businesses, in-person businesses, and I had them do this, and I’m going to read this to you. I’m going to read two lessons to you because one kind of introduces the other, and I’m going to leave you with this today. So instead of that idea of I’m languishing, and I need to be a high performer, I’m gonna really put this out there to you as a foundation that you can build and really consider where is your energy right now?

So the whole mindset intensive opens up and we start in with intention and then it moves into what I have in Soul-Sourced™ Entrepreneur, which is the managing of power. Then what that means is that once we set an intention, we are now that the intention now brings up anything unlike itself, and, and as it is being shaped and brought into fruition, we are being asked to look at our own patterns, our own mindsets, our own energies. And so by the time we get to this lesson, we’re about two weeks into the, into the mindset intensive, and I introduce first an idea called the soul of your business, and then I introduce an idea of the energy you bring to your business. So I’m going to just read these two lessons and I’m gonna let you do with this, what you will. And if you do, by the way, want to sign up for Uplevel Cafe, we are very, very, very close to opening the doors again, I promise you, but you can go to Uplevelcafe.com and you can get on the waiting list. I’m going to be sending out an email to the people who are on the waiting list first, before anybody else so that You know, what’s up, but that is coming very soon, but I’m going to leave you with this from the mindset intensive that is part of the Uplevel Cafe after day 20.

So this is called the Soul of Your Business. I want you to close your eyes right now and just sit quietly and I want you to call to mind the name of your business, whether that’s your own name or a brand name or a company name. And as you do that, I want you to see if you can feel the energy of that business, the soul of it, and see if it has a quality to it and if it evokes any thoughts or feelings within you, and I want you to consider something that you may not have considered before. I want you to open up to the possibility that your business itself has an energy, a soul, if you will. So everything we create has a life force to it, whether it’s a house or a song or a workspace or a piece of art. And the fact that there is something now where there was once not something means that we breathe our life and our creativity into that thing and we made it real. It is a being, it has an energy and okay, maybe it doesn’t have a heartbeat or a pulse, but the mere fact that it exists means that it has some kind of energy, even if it doesn’t align with our human think idea of what we believe constitutes a being.

When I lead meditations for my clients before our retreats, I always begin with a process to help them be present in their body and with their breath and to their spirit, and that way they’re less prone to negative mindsets and fears and old as we take on the deep strategy work of their business. And then before I close out that meditation, I ask them to call in the soul of their business. And I am aware that some people may not even know what the hell I’m talking about, but I do it anyway. And that’s because we’re about to spend three days working on this business, and to me, at least, it makes sense to invite in the energy of that business to be a part of the work. Yes. Even if we can’t see it with our eyes, and yes, even if our mind wants to jump in and be cynical and mock the whole idea of a business, having a soul, and please understand here that I don’t require that candles be lit, or that you have the backdrop of little fountains and fairies around you when you consider that your business has a soul. I actually see it as a pretty practical thing, like not a big deal, but a pretty powerful force field. So sit with that, be with the energy or soul of your business this week and see if it has anything to say to you or ask of you.

And that’s the end of that lesson. And I’m going to add in, by the way, that when I do lead those, um, those meditations that are retreats, I do a little exercise where as part of it, I have them sit and be with that force field that is their business and I have them see if it does have anything to say or ask or need area of focus, anything like that. And I’ve had clients tell me, they’ve gotten some really powerful directions in their business from that one exercise. So for those of you who are prone to a little bit of snark, I just offer you that. I get it. I am not here to tell you you have to be, you know, exactly okay where I am with this, but I have a feeling If you’re listening to the Soul-Sourced™ Business Podcast, you’re not going to be snarky about it.

So then that takes us to the second lesson. And this is the activity I want to introduce to you today on this podcast. And you can do this or not do this, or you can wait to be an Uplevel Cafe and do it with everybody else who’s doing it as well. But this is called The Energy You Bring to Your Business. Do you ever observe, like really witness how you talk and think about your business in that head of yours? Many of the clients I’ve worked with over the years had been creating an uphill battle every day, because they were constantly fighting the never enough mindset either they’re not enough or their clients and their client numbers aren’t quite enough. They haven’t done enough. Their business, Isn’t quite enough, not to mention that there’s never enough time or money or whatever. And by the way, I’ve done this too. I don’t want you to think that I’m here at my lofty podium talking down at you, but the bottom line is that must stop. I want you to consider the energy, I mean the whole freaking big ass energy you bring to your work and your business each day. Do you see the service, the progress, the beauty, or do you only see the never enough’s, whether it’s about you or something outside of you?

So here’s an assignment as you begin to consider your daily energy and how you manage your power. I want you to write out the following message and I want you to do it by hand. I want you to do it with a pen, and I want you to do it on an actual piece of paper, and no It’s not the eighties all over again. There will be no Meatloaf on the stereo. It’s the undeniable fact that hand connects to heart. And the action of writing makes this real more than just clicking a printer icon. As you write, you can edit this message, so it feels truly aligned with you and where your mindset has been up until this moment, you know, and I will add in whether it’s been languishing or whatever label you’ve given it to, given to it. I simply want you to create A beautiful message and posted by your desk. And then I want you to just read it aloud every single morning, during the remaining weeks of this mindset intensive. This is a letter written to you from your business. As we talked about yesterday, every business has energy, it has a soul, and it has messages for you. And if this is still too woo for you, then just roll your eyes and play with me here for a bit. If nothing else, you get to see what happens.

And here’s the message. And I’m going to read this and you can write it, slow this down, look at it, whatever you want to do with it. But this is the message that when I was coaching my Resilience Coaching Club, I gave to them word for word, and I had no idea that they would love this so much, but this is something that I started doing whenever I would catch myself after having gone through a really intense time or a setback or anything in my business. And I found that I was still waiting through old mindsets, where I had that, like waiting for the other shoe to drop vibe going on in the background. So here’s the message:

Dear, and then you put your name. When you look at your business, stop seeing a half empty glass. Focus instead on the service, the breakthroughs, the assets, the team, the happy clients, the creativity, the value, and the expansion. Consider all the work and growth you’ve done inside, and how far you’ve come. See the beauty of all that is being accomplished here. Your attitude is what brings balance to, and you’ll insert your business name here, so your attitude is what brings balance to your business name. When you’re in balance, it can’t be vulnerable to competition, unhealthy people, dysfunctional employees or clients, remember that always. Reestablish the balance and understand the power contained in thoughts and attitudes and the integral part they play in the balance of the whole. Let’s have an amazing day today, signed your business name.

And so I’m giving you that kind of, as we wrap back around and wrap up here, instead of this idea of I’m languishing, and here I will sit with that label of languishing, really consider that at any given moment, your attitude, your energy can reestablish a sense of balance and cohesion. And it’s not about you becoming a high performer or becoming anything it’s really about going back within and accessing those deeper Wells and really seeing your energy for what it is. And then restoring that in, in whatever way, you know how I just think that’s a more healthy way to approach your work day, each day, especially after we’ve been through such an intense year and a half now that continues to be, you know, dramatic and noisy and all that kind of stuff, but consider that as a way to just continue to realign.

And I will leave you with that. And I will also leave you with, we are about to launch Uplevel Cafe. I promise you that. For now, If you go get on the waiting list@uplevelcafe.com, I’m going to be sending out an email personally, when the doors open. I will obviously let people know on the podcast as well, but you’ll be the first to know if you’re on that waiting list. And like I said, the Soul-Sourced™ Mindset Intensive is going to be a little member perk that comes when you’ve been in Uplevel cafe for 20 days on day 21. And the reason I’m doing that is because I want people to not be overwhelmed. I want them to get their feet wet. I want them to get an idea of what we’re all about in Uplevel Cafe, and then we begin on some of the deeper work and that’s, as you know, the mindset intensive is a six week daily coaching lesson a lot like what you just heard here, but for now write that letter. And thanks by the way for the notes you’ve sent me on Instagram and Facebook and all the little messages I’ve gotten. I’m really glad this podcast is helping so many people. And that’s why I do what I do. That’s, that’s the value I try to bring and the asset I try to create here In this world and I am, I am not languishing, and neither are you. Consider that it is something bigger and better and Deeper and more of service to your life and your peeps in the long run.

You guys, thanks for listening. I will see you next week.