On Being Consistent (Even When You're Not) - Christine Kane

You know the drill. It starts with, “OMG this is genius!” and ends in self-judgment over your failure to follow through … again. But if there’s anything I’ve learned in my career, both as a musician and a coach, it’s that no matter what it is, consistently doing anything brings consistent results.

Today’s episode is inspired by someone who, from a place of self-flagellation over dropping the ball with their own ideas, asked how I was able to stay consistent with this podcast.

Thing is, because I’ve created two businesses and had great levels of success, there’s a certain perception of me and how I function as an entrepreneur. So, today, first and foremost, I’ll pull back the curtains on my own challenging ADD brain. Then I’ll tag in a few considerations to take in before we jump into the topic of consistency.

We’ll discuss how we’ve all been affected by the collective change in the way the world works these days, and I’ll give you a peek into the way I work with Enneagram and the Kolbe A™ Index to keep myself and my clients on track with their goals.

Tune in to get a clearer understanding of ways you are (and aren’t) motivated or productive on your own, plus I’ll share 3 simple, straightforward strategies I use to stay focused and moving forward … even when it’s (occasionally) the last thing I want to do.