The One About Titles and Subtitles - Christine Kane

Today’s episode was sparked by a client who sent me an idea for the title and subtitle of her upcoming book. She was uncertain and wanted my input.

I knew exactly how she felt and the frustrations she’d faced. I could sense the impending hands tossed in the air with papers flying everywhere and her forehead landing on the desk as she stared at her feet, hoping clarity would suddenly strike.

So here we are, and today I’m offering up the accelerated path to writing titles and subtitles that feel good and garner your readers’ attention.

You’ll hear about the instruction my editors offered. The lessons I learned from inspecting book subtitles I admired, some from best sellers (and a few I’d never read). Hear how I turned inward along with a few of my shitty first attempts that helped lead me to the final selection.

All this effort and energy was well worth it. But my friend, you can take the express lane today. Tune in for some guidance, caveats, and considerations to take into your books, blog posts, email subject lines, and beyond. Enjoy.