Hosting your Own Retreats - Christine Kane

My first retreat was a total game-changer for me and my journey as a Soul-Sourced™ entrepreneur, and I’ll reveal the humble beginnings of how my music career naturally led me here. I even share an “out there” exercise I taught during this retreat that I still use today :) 

These smaller in-person gatherings are an amazing way to serve people and build the connections that lead to a loyal following and clients. Plus, they can serve as a foundation for your larger event once you’re back in the big room. 

You’ll hear my top 10 list of things I’ve learned in my years of hosting my own retreats and masterminds that you can use as a how-to guide for everything from finding participants and selecting the location to creating content and planning the agenda. 

Spoiler: These aren’t the usual how-to tips you hear about hosting retreats… this is all stuff that I either (unconsciously) did well in planning and hosting my retreats or lessons I picked up along the way.