Trusting Yourself and Your Truth - Christine Kane

The world, all the noise, and all the external directives have crossed our paths in so many ways we’ve lost the ability to trust ourselves, our own voice, our intention, and our life’s energy. 

We must break this crippling cycle. 

Yes, resistance will always be present. It shows up as a harsh voice that says, ‘you can’t do this’ or ‘you are not to be trusted.’ 

In the last year, I’ve been listening…deeply. In doing so, many things have been put into perspective, and I’ve found 3 trust practices I’m returning to time and time again.

These are sourced by something deeper, it’s not just a mental drive. It’s not the usual be more, do more, go-go-go. This came from silence and stillness.

We all have distractions at the click of our finger (or thumb, depending on how you roll) to keep us from the richer existence we’re craving. It’s my hope this episode highlights how you CAN trust your business to show you what lessons are next. And you CAN trust your life to get you up and out of old patterns.